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Protesters gathered Saturday outside a Hong Kong department store that had been prominently selling ivory products, part of an effort to publicize the city’s key role in the trade, which activists say contributes to the poaching of elephants.周六,抗议者聚集在香港一个公然销售象牙制品的百货大楼外。这场抗议活动的目的在于向公众展示香港在象牙贸易中所扮演的角色。活动人士称,象牙贸易造成了偷猎大象的行为。Over the past year, at least three Hong Kong stores have stopped selling ivory after complaints by local conservationists. Stamps and decorative items made from ivory are traditionally valued in China, but in recent years activists have worked to highlight the connection between the sale of such products and the threatened extinction of African elephants.过去一年里,在当地环保人士投诉后,香港至少三家百货公司停止售卖象牙。中国人传统上认为象牙制成的印章和装饰品很贵重,但近年来,活动人士努力强调这类产品的销售,与非洲大象濒临灭绝之间存在联系。The Chinese basketball star Yao Ming is the most visible face of that campaign. He traveled to Africa in 2012 and recently released a book and documentary on the severe risks faced by elephants and rhinos due to poaching for their tusks and horns.在这场行动中,中国篮球明星姚明是最引人注目的代表。他于2012年前往非洲,并在前不久推出了一本书和相关纪录片,介绍盗取象牙和犀牛角的偷猎活动,给大象和犀牛带来的严峻威胁。The three dozen or so protesters who gathered at the Chinese Goods Center in Hong Kong’s North Point neighborhood included a child in an elephant costume and drummers from Ghana, Togo, Cameroon and Nigeria. Tony Lui, a salesman at the store, said Saturday afternoon that the items on display were carved from mammoth tusk, which can legally be sold.聚集在香港北角地区华丰国货(Chinese Goods Center)外的三十多名抗议者中,包括一名身穿大象道具的孩子,以及多名来自加纳、多哥、喀麦隆和尼日利亚的鼓手。该百货大楼的售货员托尼·吕(Tony Lui)周六下午表示,陈列的货品都是由可合法交易的猛犸象牙雕刻而成。Alex Hofford, a Hong Kong-based wildlife campaigner for the conservation group WildAid, said the store had removed its stock of ivory from display earlier in the day. A journalist who attempted to take a photo of the store’s license to sell ivory was briefly grabbed by a man suspected of working for an ivory wholesaler, Mr. Hofford said.但环保组织野生救援(WildAid)驻香港的野生动物保护活动人士亚历克斯·霍福德(Alex Hofford)称,该百货大楼已在当天早些时候,撤下了陈列货品中的象牙。霍福德称,一名记者尝试拍下该百货大楼销售象牙制品的执照,但遭到一名男子唐突无礼的驱赶。那名男子可能供职于一家象牙批发商。Conservationists say Hong Kong is a key point for the sale of ivory to visitors from mainland China. Trade in ivory was banned in 1989 under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, but products that were commercially available before then can still be sold. Activists accuse Hong Kong retailers of using that exemption as cover for selling freshly harvested ivory products, and they are pushing for a complete ban on all ivory sales to limit the potential for illegal trade.环保人士称,在向中国内地游客销售象牙的过程中,香港是一个关键环节。1989年,按照《濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约》(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)的规定,象牙贸易受到禁止,但该公约颁布前就在商业领域流通的象牙制品依然可以销售。活动人士指责,香港的零售商以这一例外为幌子,销售新取得的象牙制品。他们正在推动一项针对所有象牙贸易的全面禁令,从而限制潜在的非法贸易。“The reason we were protesting outside that store was not to target that store in particular,” Mr. Hofford said. “They seemed to be a good target because they had ivory on display and it was easy for the public to see. What we’re actually trying to do is highlight Hong Kong’s illegal trade. We think the parallel illegal trade from poached ivory comes to Hong Kong and is laundered with existing stocks.”“我们在那座百货大楼外抗议的原因,并不是专门针对那家商店,”霍福德说。“他们似乎是个不错的对象,因为他们把象牙陈列了出来,公众容易看到。我们实际上是想强调香港的非法贸易。我们认为,暗地里进行的非法贸易,让偷猎的象牙流入了香港,并且被人用现有的库存洗白了。”In May, the Hong Kong government began destroying nearly 30 tons of confiscated ivory, which wildlife campaigners called an important step to emphasize the illegality of trafficking products made from elephant tusk.今年5月,香港政府开始销毁近30吨收缴的象牙。野生动物保护活动人士称这是重要的一步,突显出贩运象牙制品是非法的。But the Hong Kong authorities have resisted taking further action. The government has rejected a request to join the Elephant Protection Initiative, The South China Morning Post reported. Five African states that are home to elephants — Botswana, Chad, Ethiopia, Gabon and Tanzania — are part of that effort, which calls for steps to end to all ivory sales, the newspaper said.但香港当局不愿采取进一步的行动。《南华早报》(The South China Morning Post)报道,香港政府拒绝了加入大象保护计划(Elephant Protection Initiative)的请求。该报称,大象保护计划呼吁采取行动,结束所有象牙贸易。发起该计划的包括境内生活着大象的五个非洲国家,分别是茨瓦纳、乍得、埃塞俄比亚、加蓬和坦桑尼亚。 /201412/346230。

  • For many young people, India is a land of opportunity. Male or female, if you#39;re well educated and resourceful there#39;s the chance of a well-paid career. Just one problem, says Suruchi Sharma - if you#39;re a woman, you must marry by your mid-20s.;Single? Why, what#39;s your age?;;28;对许多年轻人来说,印度是一个充满机会的国度。无论男女,只要接受过高等教育,能随机应变,就有机会获得高薪工作。只有一个问题,Suruchi Sharma说,女性必须在25岁左右结婚。“没结婚?为什么?你多大了?”“28。”;Okay, that#39;s too bad. How are you managing it? Couldn#39;t find anyone?;Welcome to the conversation that a single woman in India, in her late 20s faces, almost all the time. Yes, it#39;s a big deal if you#39;re 28 and unmarried. You#39;re looked upon as a big failure. I am serious.I live in Mumbai, the biggest metro city in India. I belong to a typical urban middle-class family. My life is same as that of many young women who move away from home and pursue their dream of an independent life.How does it feel to be living in the city on my own? It#39;s awesome! I#39;m independent with a lifestyle I used to dream of. Indian women are getting the chance to grow, to prove their worth and shine. We struggle with gender bias at every step of the ladder, but we find a way out and advance.But there is one pressure that just refuses to leave us alone, a question that follows us everywhere: ;What are your marriage plans?; In India, a girl#39;s identity revolves around her marriage. As children, we are all raised to understand that we must d up with the right partner, and must go to a nice family as a daughter-in-law.Even today, arranged marriage is normal in India. Parents find you a suitable match and you get married. In some cases the bride and groom don#39;t have a say. In some cases they get to meet once or twice. In a few cases, they can take time to get to know each other and decide. In all cases, you are a part of a tradition where you have to try to like someone.“这,这可不行,怎么回事?找不到对象吗?”欢迎加入印度28岁左右女性面临的无休止的谈话。是的,28岁,未婚,这可是一桩大事,在他人眼里,你是个不折不扣的失败者,我可没开玩笑。我住在印度最大的大都市孟买,出生于一个典型的城市中产阶级家庭。我和许多年轻女性一样,搬出父母的家,过着独立的生活,追逐着自己的梦想。独自一人住在大城市是什么感觉?棒极了!我很独立,过着曾经梦想过的生活。印度的女性正获得改善自己、明自己的价值和散发光芒的机会。在抗议性别歧视的阶梯上,我们每向上爬一步都得奋力斗争,但我们找到了出路,不断地前进。可是还有一种赖着不走的压力,一个和我们如影随形的问题:“打算什么时候结婚啊?”在印度,女孩的生活围绕着结婚展开。从小到大,我们接受到的观念是我们一定得找到门当户对的另一半,找个好婆家。甚至是在现在的印度,包办婚姻还是常态。父母给你找个般配的对象,安排好婚事。有时,新娘新郎都没发言权;有时他们只见过一、两次面。他们很少有时间认识彼此,无法自己做出决定。不管怎样,你是包办婚姻传统的一部分,你必须试着喜欢上某个人。Everything we learn is taught to us bearing in mind our future role as a wife and daughter-in-law. We learn how to cook, how to do household chores, to behave ourselves and maintain the right image. The moment the ;image; part gets problematic, our prospects of getting decent grooms are affected.If you look at any matrimonial website (a common trend in India these days) you will find the terms ;family-oriented;, ;homely;, ;not too much into career; - these are the qualities in a bride people most often look for.Everyone wants a wife who will be a home-maker first and a career woman second. Every family wants a daughter-in-law who will respect elders, and give up on her career the moment other more important things like her husband#39;s transfer, children, and other emergencies pop up.To be an ideal woman in a man#39;s life, you must have the best education possible, a pretty face, and a sound career and yet be willing to put it all on the back burner.The reason I am single is quite simple - I have yet to come across my Mr Right.我们学到的一切都告诉我们要铭记我们未来的身份是妻子和儿媳。我们学会做饭、做家务,举止要得体,形象要合宜。一旦“形象”出了问题,我们找到好夫君的可能性就会降低。点开任意一个婚介网站(在印度,最近婚介网站是大势所趋),你会发现诸如“以家庭为重”、“顾家”、“对事业不太热心”等要求,人们往往希望新娘具备上述品质。大家都希望讨个把家庭放在第一位,事业放在第二位的妻子。每个男方家庭都希望有一个尊敬老人的儿媳,一旦出现其他更重要的事,如丈夫工作上的调动、孩子或其他紧急情况,儿媳会放弃自己的事业。要成为男人生活中的完美女人,你必须接受过最好的教育,相貌出众,事业有成,并且愿意把事业放在次要位置。我至今单身的原因很简单——我还没遇到我的白马王子。I might sound like a person who is against marriage. I am not. I love the idea of being married. I believe in this institution and I look forward to being married one day to the right guy. This is where the problem starts, with that phrase ;the right guy;.At 28, ideally I would have been married for a couple of years.By Indian standards, I#39;ve left it late and I am probably at the bottom of the pyramid of eligible women. But I still don#39;t find the idea of ;settling for; someone appealing.Everyone reminds me how I should make compromises and lower my expectations. As long as the man has decent looks and a respectable career and family background I shouldn#39;t complain.你看我的文章也许会觉得我反对婚姻,其实不然。我喜欢结婚这种想法,我相信婚姻制度,我渴望有一天嫁给对的人。问题就出在这——“对的人”。我今年28岁了,理想的情景是我已经结婚多年了。按照印度本地的标准,我已经是剩女了,很可能处在适婚女子金字塔的最底层;不过我并不认同“找个一起过日子的人算了”这种观点。所有的人都提醒我,我应该做出妥协,降低期望。只要对方长相得体、工作体面、家庭背景不错就行了,我不该发什么牢骚。我可不这么看,也许身边的每个人都跟我说他和我是天生一对,但我觉得做决定的人是我自己。I don#39;t see it that way. Everyone around me may tell me a man is perfect for me, but I feel it#39;s me who gets to decide.He might be earning a lot, might belong to the best of families and might be a nice person, but if I don#39;t find him compatible to talk to or to be with, I can#39;t picture being married to him. I don#39;t subscribe to the idea of striking a compromise right at the advent of my married life. The adjustments and compromises should be made in the marriage, not while finding the person you want to be with.There is a stigma associated with a woman who is single. When a woman says she is single by choice, it#39;s more or less assumed that she is not respectable.There have been many occasions when I have tried to rent an apartment in a good locality and been refused. People don#39;t like to rent apartments to single, professional women. They are afraid that someone like me will behave immorally - have loud parties, have men to stay overnight, be a bad influence on the surrounding families. No-one can imagine that I might be an ordinary person with a perfect social life and a normal, healthy lifestyle.Property owners are always looking for a chance to evict us. The slightest of errors and we are asked to leave. We can#39;t live a normal lifestyle. There are rules and regulations for everything. And if by any chance it happens that a male friend comes to drop you home one day, you#39;re immediately branded a prostitute.也许他收入高,来自上层的家庭,人也很好,可如果我和他谈不来或合不来,我就无法想象自己会嫁给他。我不认同结婚之前就做出妥协的看法,找对象这件事容不得妥协,调整和妥协应该在结婚以后。在印度,单身女人和耻辱联系在一起,一个女人如果说自己选择单身,或多或少,人们会认为她不是个值得尊敬的女人。有很多次,我想在一个风气好的居住区租一套公寓,都遭到了拒绝。人们不喜欢把公寓租给单身的职业女性。他们害怕像我这样的人会做出伤风败德的事——举办吵闹的聚会,留男人过夜,给周边有家室的邻居带来坏影响。没有人能想象我也许是个社交生活正常、生活方式健康的普通人。业主总是在寻找机会赶我们出门,稍有不慎,就叫我们走人。我们无法过上正常的生活,凡事都有条条框框。一旦有一天有男性朋友送你回公寓,你马上就会被贴上“”的标签。基本上可以说,一个单身女人若不和家人住在一起,而是独自一人生活,人们就会认为她道德沦丧。Essentially, if a single woman lives an independent life, away from her family it#39;s assumed she may have loose morals.The more I keep living this life, the less chance there is of finding a good husband from a well-respected family. At times I wonder whether I should just give in and marry the next guy who is more or less suitable, in order to spare my parents.I am lucky that my family is extremely supportive. My parents stand by me when it comes to waiting for the right guy to come along, but they too face extreme pressure from relatives and everyone in their circle. ;When is Suruchi getting married?; They get asked this question every day, and it makes them anxious. They begin to wonder if they are doing the wrong thing by letting their daughter make her own choices. They worry about my well-being. They are not sure that Indian society will allow me to live happily if I remain single.There were cases where people told my parents that educating their daughter and letting her become an independent person had been a grave mistake. Now their daughter has high expectations and getting her married has become so difficult! I can#39;t thank my parents enough for shouldering that burden. They are a great support but I keep wondering what to do to make it easier for them. I am much less worried about myself. I know that being with the wrong man would be far worse than being by myself.As long as I remain in this society, the pressure will only keep increasing. To be honest, I have thought about moving abroad if I end up being single for another year or so.Going away from society#39;s prying eyes is the only way to be left alone and allowed to live a peaceful life. People won#39;t question my marriage plans if I am in a foreign country. Surprisingly, Indians then become quite open-minded. Everything is OK if you#39;re living abroad.At the end, it#39;s not easy being single at 28. It#39;s a struggle I face 24/7. I have decided to live with it.要是继续过这种独立的生活,找到受人尊敬的婆家和好丈夫的机率会越来越小。有时我会想为了让父母少遭罪,自己是不是该做出让步,嫁给下一个和我差不多般配的男人?我很幸运,因为我的家人极力持我的做法。在“等待对的那个人”的问题上,我的父母和我站在同一战线,但他们也面临着来自亲戚和朋友圈的巨大压力。“Suruchi什么时候结婚啊?”每天都有人问他们这个问题,这让他们十分担忧。他们开始怀疑,把选择权交给女儿,是不是做错了?他们担心我会不会过得幸福。他们不确定在印度这样的社会里,单身的我会不会活得开心。有时,有人会跟我父母说,送女儿上学,让她们变独立,是个大错误。现在女儿有了高期望,结婚变得非常困难。我很感谢我的父母承担着这个负担。他们很持我,但是我不由得想着该怎样让他们的日子好过些,我倒没那么担心自己。我知道和错的人一起生活比自己一个人生活要糟糕得多。只要我留在这个社会中,压力只会越来越大。老实说,我想过要是再过一年,我还是单身的话,我就搬到国外去。逃离印度社会爱窥探的眼睛是不受人打扰、过上平静的生活的唯一方法。如果是在国外,人们不会问我对结婚的打算。出人意料的是,那时印度人也变得非常开明了。住在国外,一切都会很好。总之,28岁了,还单身,真不容易,我每时每刻都为此挣扎,我已决定要忍受下去。 /201403/279581。
  • Fewer U.S. households are stashing away cash today than during the early stages of the economic recovery.和经济复苏初期相比,现在有储蓄的美国家庭变少了。A new survey released Monday found that only 68% of all Americans are spending less than they earn and saving the difference. That#39;s down from 73% in 2010, the first full calendar year after the recession ended.周一公布的一项新调查显示,在所有美国人中,只有68%的人挣的比花的多,并将没花完的钱存起来。而在2010年(美国摆脱衰退后的第一个完整日历年),这一比例为73%。Some 64% of households have emergency funds, down from 71% in 2010. The survey found 76% are reducing their consumer debt, down from 79% in 2010.约有64%的家庭有应急基金,该比例低于2010年的71%。调查还显示,76%的家庭在减少消费债务,2010年这一比例为79%。A divide remains along incomes. More than 80% of households earning over ,000 spend less than they earn. Only about 69% of households making less than ,000 are able to save.不同的收入阶层,有储蓄家庭的占比也存在区别。在年收入超过5万美元的家庭中,有超过80%的家庭挣的比花的多。而在年收入低于5万美元的家庭中,只有69%左右的家庭能存下钱。The pattern holds for reducing consumer debt and maintaining an emergency fund. Nearly 90% of households in the top half are reducing their debt or are debt free, and more than 80% have a #39;sufficient#39; emergency fund.不同的收入阶层,减少消费债务和保持应急基金的家庭所占的比例也存在差别。年收入在5万美元以上的家庭中,近90%的家庭正在削减债务或是没有债务,超过80%的家庭拥有充裕的应急基金。Only 78% of those making less than ,000 are reducing their debt or debt free, while 63% are content with their emergency fund.而年收入在5万美元以下的家庭中,只有78%的家庭在削减债务或没有债务,63%的家庭拥有他们觉得满意的应急基金。Median household income in the ed States in 2012 was ,017, according to Census Department data.美国人口普查局(Census Department)的数据显示,2012年美国家庭收入中值为51,017美元。#39;The group hit the hardest by the Great Recession and its aftereffects have been moderate income households,#39; said Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America. The federation and the American Savings Education Council released the results Monday as part of their campaign to encourage savings.美国消费者联盟(Consumer Federation of America)的执行理事布罗贝克(Stephen Brobeck)表示,受经济大衰退及其余波打击最大的是中等收入家庭。美国消费者联盟和美国储蓄教育委员会(American Savings Education Council)周一公布了上述调查结果,以此作为鼓励美国人储蓄的举措之一。Separate data from the Commerce Department back up the survey data. The personal saving rate--savings as a share of disposable income--was only 3.9% in December 2013, down from 5.8% at the end of 2010.美国商务部(Commerce Department)公布的另一项报告也持了上述调查结果。2013年12月份美国个人储蓄率仅为3.9%,低于2010年底时的5.8%。储蓄率是储蓄占可配收入的比重。Americans have been spending more but incomes have been stagnant, leading to the lower saving rate.美国人的出在增加,但收入并没有增长,这导致储蓄率下降。 /201402/277800。
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