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第一、迷你对话A: I have got rid of my cold. You can put your heart at rest.我的感冒已经好了,你可以放心了。B: My dear, I am happy that you recovered.亲爱的,我很高兴你恢复健康了。第二、对话精讲1. 地道表达:put one’s at rest(1)解词释义At rest作为习语有“安宁”的意思,put your heart at rest从字面上看就是“把你的心放安宁”。人的心什么时候放安宁呢?也就是放心的时候。因此,该与的意思是“放心”。对话中“You can put your heart at rest. ”的意思就是“你放心吧。”(2)典型范例e.g. We have taken measures to reinforce them. Please set your mind at rest.我们已经采取措施加固,请放心好了。e.g. He will be in the pink, so put your heart at rest.我不就就会身体好起来的,你放心吧。Ps: at rest有三个意思。第一个意思是“安息,长眠”。例如:He lies at rest in the Martyrs Cemetery.他在烈士陵园安息着。The poor man is now at rest.那个可怜的人现在已经安息。第二个意思是“静止不动”。 例如:The sails of the windmill are now at rest.风车的帆叶现在静止不动了。The waves of the sea are never at rest.大海的波涛永不停息。第三个意思是“平息”或“停止”。例如:We set the matter at rest.我们把问题解决了。I intend to set the matter at rest once and for all.我打算把这件事彻底搞清楚。2. 词海拾贝get rid of:摆脱,去除e.g. Youve got to get rid of your arrogant ways.你这骄傲劲儿得好好改改。e.g. The more the boss tries to get rid of her, the more she digs in.老板越是想开除她, 她就越是拼命保住自己的地位。e.g. He believed that his manager wanted to get rid of him for personal reasons.他认为经理是出于个人原因想开除他。e.g.He hoped in this way to get rid of the troublesome prisoner.他指望这样除掉这个讨厌的囚犯。3. 口语短句Sb. gets rid of his cold.【使用情景】表示某人的感冒好了,感冒被去除了。【句型操练1】Try to get rid of your nasty cold.想法除去你那讨厌的感冒。【句型操练2】She cant get rid of the cold.她伤风老是不好。 /201310/258698

Whats the movie you can watch over and over again?哪一部电影能让百看不厌呢?Crazy Stupid Love.《疯狂愚蠢的爱》。All right. What was your favorite movie as a kid?行。那你小时候最喜欢看的电影是什么?The Wizard of Oz.《绿野仙踪》。Do you have any hidden talents?你有什么隐藏的才华吗?Dont think theyre hidden anymore. Thats what you get.我认为它们都显示出来了。这就是所得到的。Ok. Can you say anything in a foreign language?那你能用外语说点什么吗?Right, right.是的,是的。Whats your go to dance move?你的招牌舞蹈动作是什么?Oh, thats the phone.噢,手机响了。Whats the biggest surprise youve ever had?你有过的最大的惊喜是什么?A romantic dinner on a rooftop.在屋顶上的浪漫晚餐。Whats the best gift that youve ever received? A jewelry box.你收过的最棒的礼物是什么?珠宝盒。Whats one thing people would be most surprised to know about you?你有什么会让人惊讶的方面吗?How much I love depressing things.我对令人沮丧的事物的喜爱。Ahn, its my mom.啊,是我妈妈来信息了。Well, she says whats your favorite thing about your mom?她说我最喜欢她的哪一方面?Her laughs.她的笑。Whats the coolest thing about your family?你的家人最酷炫的事情是什么?How good we are arguing.我们都擅长吵架。Whats the silliest nickname ever given to you?你被叫过的最傻的昵称是什么?Flaca.傻脸娜。In general, when do you feel most beautiful?总的来说,你什么时候觉得自己最美?When Im with the people I love.当我和我爱的人在一起的时候。When do you feel most creative?什么时候你觉得自己最有创造力?When Im sad.当我伤心的时候。Do you wanna listen to music? Would love to. What kind?你想要听点音乐吗?很想。什么样的?Kind of in the mood for some royalty free elevator music.想来点免版税的,安静点的背景乐。Oh my gosh. Thats what I was just listening to before you got here.天呐。你来之前我正在听相同类型的音乐呢。Chances of that.真是巧了。Okay. I think its time for a bunch of music questions. Yeah.好的。是时候来些跟音乐有关的问题了。好的。Whats your favorite song to blast in the car?你开车时最喜欢听什么歌?Thats what I like, Bruno Mars.布鲁诺·马尔斯的Thats what I like。If you record a secret song, what would your pseudonym be?如果你悄悄录制一首歌,会用什么假名?Alanis Zomeg.Alanis Zomeg。201705/509070

I remember it for the first one and ever since then,it just continue to grow and grow,and its,it really is unbelievable.我记得第一次的情况 从那以后 这种热情有增无减 真是让人很难以置信Do you worry that like,oh now its not gonna happen this one,like everyone do you kind of go你会不会担心 这次的情况不会像以前那么好 会不会这样想Oh,okay it happened the last one,but theyre not gonna go crazy like that for the next one.好吧 他们上次很疯狂 但是下一次不会这样了Yes,I do.Yeah,I think you almost dont expect it to continue to grow,cause you almost,I mean on sequels it typically goes down我会担心 是的 我觉得你不会期待它一直受欢迎 因为很多电影的续集都没有前作反响好and so its a nice surprise,its a sign,having stop worrying.Oh,if they dont camp out and turn into...所以我们很意外 但这很好 不用一直担心 喔 如果他们都不来排队了thats the things when you find the drown grads,sometimes youre like,dude,youre coming to the premiere,Ive got a ticket for you.你发现来看的人越来越少 你会抓狂 老兄 你一定要来看首映 票已经准备好了And are you,are you all pretty good at spotting like fans from a distance你们善不善于在人群中发现自己的粉丝Because when youre out in the public,I will assume it can get crazy我想你们要是出门的话 大家都会疯狂的So do you all of a sudden look around and say am I safe here,or is that person gonna come scream and jump on me?你们会不会突然左右看 然后问自己 这里安不安全 那个人会不会尖叫着扑过来There occasionally some are unexpected ones,like I was just,I think I was fine from New York to L.A.总会有意想不到的情况发生 我曾经遇到过 有一次我从纽约飞到洛杉矶And I was walking,I was at the airport,I was walking down the jet way我在走路 正在机场里走着And it was clocked up,there was a lot of people and I saw the very back of the bunch were these guys in army fatigues机场的人超级多 我看到在后边有一群穿着军装的男生I was like,its gonna be totally fine,so I went down there,and I thought I was totally safe我想这下应该安全了 我走过去 想着应该不会出什么事and I get down there and one of them turns around and looks and they start jumping like teenage girls,asking pictures我走过去 他们其中一个人回头来看了看我 突然间像小女生那样疯狂的跳起来 要跟我合影I was like,are you kidding me?So sometimes you do get those unexpected ones.我心想 有没有搞错 有时候会遇到这种意想不到的情况Just when you think youre safe,man in fatigues jumping up and down like teenage girls就在你认为自己很安全的时候 穿军装的男粉丝 表现的像小女生那样疯狂Alright,we have to take a break.And as we go to break,lets just look at something pretty as we go to break.Lets just look at Taylor,running.好的 让我们休息一下 在进广告前 让我们看一些赏心悦目的东西 一起来看Taylor跑步的短片 /201612/482321

Traveling is my form of self-education.旅行是一种自我教育形式。self-education 自我教育、自修self-defense 自我防卫self-help 自我成长公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201611/476317

迷你对话:A: The country is strong only in appearance. Don’t you think so?这个国家知识外表强大,你不这么认为吗?B: Yes. In fact there are quite a large number of people who have no food to eat and no place to live in.是的,实际上,有很多人没有饭吃,没房子住。A: You can say that again. The government must open it’s eyes to the fact.是啊,政府必须意识到这个事实。地道表达:open someone’s eyes to解词释义:此语的字面意思是“睁开某人的眼睛看某事”,引申比喻为“使某人意识到......”。该短语也可以用作open someone’s eye to。持范例:He did not open his eyes to the danger. 他没有意识到有危险。 I don’t open my eyes to having offended him. 我没有意识到得罪了他。 I has opened my eyes to my making a mistake. 我意识到自己犯了一个错误。 All the while I have been opening my eyes to her nearness acutely.我一直强烈地意识到她离我很近。词海拾贝:1. in appearance:看起来,从外表上看In appearance, he was a little like his father.他看起来有点像他的父亲。The reactionaries are fierce in appearance but feeble in reality.反动派看起来很强大,实际上十分虚弱。She resembles her sister in appearance but not in character.她外貌上像她的,性格上却不同。The landscape has remained predominantly rural in appearance.这里的风景看上去还是以田园风光为主。2. in fact:实际上,其实He pretended not to know her but in fact they were in league together.他假装不认识她,而实际上他们是串通一气的。In fact, the rules were as unrealistic as they were archaic.实际上这些规章既陈旧又不现实。In fact, his business career had distinctly unpromising beginnings.事实上,他的经商生涯从初期就明显前景暗淡。They hope, in fact, to kill two birds with one stone.他们实际上是想一举两得。3. a large number of:大量的注释:此短语后面接的是可数名词。They choose us from a large number of students.他们从大量学生中挑选了我们。There were a large number of people at the football match.有很多人看足球比赛。He transacts business with a large number of stores.他与很多商店进行交易。实用口语:You can say that again.注释:这句话表示听话者同意对方说的话,相当于I agree with you. 因此,可以翻译为“你说得对。”或者是“我同意。” /201301/218661

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