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青岛那个医院便宜还好青岛哪检查妇科收费合理Three years ago, I was standing about a hundred yards from Chernobyl nuclear reactor number four.三年前,我站在距离切尔诺贝利第四号核子反应炉大约一百码外。My Geiger counter dosimeter, which measures radiation, was going berserk,我的盖革放射量测定器,用来测量辐射量,指数狂飙,and the closer I got, the more frenetic it became, and frantic. My God.当我越接近,机器的反应越激烈,我的天。I was there covering the 25th anniversary of the worlds worst nuclear accident,我当时在那里播报世上最严重的核灾事故25周年报导,as you can see by the look on my face, reluctantly so, but with good reason,你可以看到我脸上的表情,不太情愿,但是我有个好理由,because the nuclear fire that burned for 11 days back in 1986因为1986年时核火灾延烧了11天,released 400 times as much radiation as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima,释放的辐射量大约是投掷在广岛的原子弹的400倍,and the sarcophagus, which is the covering over reactor number four,而用来覆盖第四号反应炉的“石棺”which was hastily built 27 years ago, now sits cracked and rusted and leaking radiation.在27年前匆促完成,现在已破裂、生锈,并且释出辐射。So I was filming.当时我在拍摄,I just wanted to get the job done and get out of there fast.只想把工作完成,赶快离开现场。But then, I looked into the distance, and I saw some smoke coming from a farmhouse,在那当下,我望向远方,看到农舍上冉冉升起的炊烟。and Im thinking, who could be living here?我想,谁会住在这里?I mean, after all, Chernobyls soil, water and air,我的意思是毕竟切尔诺贝利的泥土、水和空气are among the most highly contaminated on Earth,是世界上受到最严重污染的地方之一,and the reactor sits at the the center of a tightly regulated exclusion zone, or dead zone,而反应炉座落在严密管制禁区的中央,或者说是死亡禁区,and its a nuclear police state, complete with border guards.那是一个核能警察国家,有边防警察。You have to have dosimeter at all times, clicking away,你得时时刻刻带着放射量测定器,you have to have a government minder,你得要有政府官员陪同,and theres draconian radiation rules and constant contamination monitoring.而且还有很严格的辐射法规,以及不间断的污染监测。The point being, no human being should be living anywhere near the dead zone.重点是,没有人可以住在靠近死亡禁区的任何一个角落。But they are.但是他们却住在那里。It turns out an unlikely community of some 200 people are living inside the zone.结果是一群不太像社区的200人住在里面,Theyre called self-settlers.他们被称为自主移居者。And almost all of them are women,他们几乎全都是女性,the men having shorter lifespans in part due to overuse of alcohol, cigarettes, if not radiation.男性的寿命较短,有一部分是因为他们饮酒过量、抽烟,如果排除辐射因素的话。Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated at the time of the accident,在意外发生时有成千上万人被撤离,but not everybody accepted that fate.但不是每个人都接受这样的命运安排。The women in the zone, now in their 70s and 80s, are the last survivors of a group who defied authorities住在禁区的女性现在大概7、80岁,是最后一批违反公权力的幸存者,and, it would seem, common sense, and returned to their ancestral homes inside the zone.对他们来说这就像常识,回到他们在禁区里的故乡。They did so illegally.这么做其实是违法的。As one woman put it to a soldier who was trying to evacuate her for a second time,其中一名女性向第二次要驱离她的士兵表明:;Shoot me and dig the grave. Otherwise, Im going home.;“一毙了我,然后帮我挖个坟。否则我要回家了。”Now why would they return to such deadly soil?那么为什么他们要,回到如此致命的土地上呢?I mean, were they unaware of the risks or crazy enough to ignore them, or both?我的意思是,他们有意识到这些风险吗?或是他们疯狂到可以忽略这个事实?还是说两者都是?The thing is, they see their lives and the risks they run decidedly differently.重点是,他们肯定用很不同的方式看待自己的生命和要冒的险。201604/439694李村妇女医院体检收费标准 We communicate differently, extroverts and introverts.外向者和内向者的交流方式有所不同。Extroverts, when they interact, want to have lots of social encounter punctuated by closeness.外向者在与人互动时喜欢肢体接触,喜欢亲近对方。Theyd like to stand close for comfortable communication.他们喜欢靠近对方近距离交流。They like to have a lot of eye contact, or mutual gaze.他们喜欢眼神接触,甚至相互凝视。We found in some research that they use more diminutive terms when they meet somebody.有研究表明,外向者更喜欢使用昵称。So when an extrovert meets a Charles,比如当一个外向者遇见一个叫查尔斯的人,it rapidly becomes ;Charlie,; and then ;Chuck,; and then ;Chuckles Baby.;很快就会开始叫他“查理”,然后变成“查克”,然后变成“小查查”。Whereas for introverts, it remains ;Charles,; until hes given a pass to be more intimate by the person hes talking to.而内向者呢,会一直叫他“查理”,直到对方认为他俩的关系已经足够亲密。We speak differently. Extroverts prefer black-and-white, concrete, simple language.外向者和内向者的说话方式也不同。外向者喜欢确定、 具体、简洁的语言。Introverts prefer -- and I must again tell you that I am as extreme an introvert as you could possibly imagine -- we speak differently.而内向者喜欢——我必须再次提醒大家,我是一个十足的内向者——我们说话方式很不一样。We prefer contextually complex, contingent, weasel-word sentences我们内向者更喜欢说一些复杂难懂,模棱两可,云山雾罩的话More or less. As it were. Not to put too fine a point upon it -- like that.或多或少吧。基本是这样。不把话说死——就像刚才那样。When we talk, we sometimes talk past each other.我们在说话的时候,经常会打太极,推来推去。201608/462602Hello. My name is Gus Bilirakis. I serve as Vice-Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. And I represent the people of Floridas 12th Congressional District. Today, on behalf of my constituents and behalf of all Republicans, I would like to deliver a message directly to Americas veterans, our true American heroes: America is what she is because of you. We are free because of you. You have borne the battle, and we have vowed to take care of you and yours. I only wish that your government always lived up to this promise. It has been nearly two years since VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned amid a series of scandals. At the time, the President said – and I e – the number one priority is making sure that problems get fixed. But problems have not been fixed, and its not clear whether its a priority for this administration. Despite receiving more funding, the VA is still taking too long to process claims. Wait times are actually worse. Despite receiving more authority to clean up the bureaucracy, the VA has held almost no one accountable for manipulating wait times. Meanwhile, some of the same people responsible for these problems received bonuses as if nothing happened. Thats unacceptable as far as Im concerned. To you, these are life and death issues. But too often at the VA, it is business as usual. We cannot accept that. Thats why, in recent months, the House and Senate have been working on reforms to boost accountability and improve care. Just last week, the House passed legislation – bipartisan legislation, by the way – to address the drug addiction problem that is so prevalent among our veterans. And this week, the House passed legislation that funds the VA. In it, we have used our constitutional authority to hold the VA accountable. That means making the VA meet requirements for improving electronic health records. It means adding hundreds of new employees to tackle claims appeals. And it means prohibiting all VA Senior Executive Service Managers from receiving bonuses. Because we cant throw money at the problem all the time, ok? It wont go away just doing that. We need real and meaningful reforms at the VA. And we need President Obama to keep his word to you, and make it his top priority to fix the problems at the VA. We will not rest until he does. Thats the least we can do. Thank you for listening, and thank you for your service to this great country.201606/447469日照流产好不好

青岛堕胎价位多少乐宁外教口语天天练No.41Let's show some team spirit.team spirit意指 support for each otherLet's show some team spirit.译文:让我们展现我们的团队精神 /200610/9491青岛开发区第一人民医院顺产多少钱 英语场景口语:是不是智力有问题我的记性很差,这在班里可是出了名的。【口语要素1】I have a poor memory.比如别人刚刚说完自己的名字,我就给忘了。【口语要素2】It slipped my mind.或者在演出的时候我经常忘记台词,也是出了很多丑。【口语要素3】I can’t remember my lines.或者我很熟悉一个演员的名字,可就是一下子说不出来。【口语要素4】It is on the tip my tongue.这可怎么办呀?是不是我的智力有问题呀?【口语要素5】Do I have the mental deficiency? /200604/6675青岛市中心医院人流手术费多少钱

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