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Theres nothing like a cold beer on a hot, sunny day. And in our energy conscious world, that brew is even better if it were made using fuel recycled from brewery waste. Thats exactly what a team of German scientists is up to.再没有什么比在炎热,阳光高照的一天喝杯凉爽的啤酒更过瘾了。在有节能意识的世界里,如果利用回收的啤酒厂废弃物加工成燃料来酿酒会更好。那正是一组来自德国的科学家们正在做的事情。The brewing process results in piles of used grain. Beer makers have to get rid of the waste somehow—either by selling it to farmers as feed or fertilizer, or in some cases paying a waste management company to do the job.酿酒过程中会产生成堆的废弃粮食。啤酒生产商们不得不处理这些废物——要么当做饲料或化肥卖给农民,要么承包给废物管理站处理。And that can get expensive. So the German scientists thought of a third option—recycling the spent grain and wastewater as fuel. Using bacteria to break down the material, the scientists produced methane gas and an organic sludge. Gas and sludge are then burned to boil water and make steam, which spins a turbine to create electricity—electricity used to brew more beer.不过请人是昂贵的。因此德国科学家们想到了第三种选择——回收废弃谷物和废水加工成燃料。科学家们利用细菌分解废物,产生沼气和有机污泥。再用沼气和有机污泥污泥烧水,水变成蒸汽进而推动涡轮机转动发电,用产生的电来酿更多的酒。So would this recycling process work on a large industrial scale? The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California thinks so. Theyve been converting waste into energy on a commercial scale with great success. And if one brewer saves money by being more energy efficient, others may follow. Which means that, soon, the ice cold brew you enjoy after work wouldnt just taste great—it could also be helping reduce our collective carbon footprint.那么,这种回收过程能大规模地利用在工业上吗?加利福尼亚州奇科市的内华达山酿酒公司赞同这一说法。他们在将废物转化为能量的商业模式上取得了巨大的成功。如果一家公司能通过节能而节省资金,那么其它公司会纷纷效仿。这就意味着你下班后享用的冰爽啤酒不仅味道好,而且还有助于减少碳的排放。原文译文属!201302/227348

Is it something we should be nervous aboutthe worlds second largest economy steaming to storm?还有什么比世界第二大经济体滑向世界经济的低迷风暴,更让人感到不安吗?Well, you think so Emily. And itdefinitely, its more proved thatChinas been impacted by the globalslowdown we’ve all talked about. For example, we saw the second quarter of GDPcome at 7.6%, that was its weakest level in more than 3 years. And just today,ChinasPMI came in at that 8 months low than you’d mentioned. Now take a look at thenumbers.Chinasofficial Purchasing Managers Index for July, PMI came in as 50.1%. Last monthit came in at this: 50.2%. So we’re not talking about the big drop right. Butthis is a drop nonetheless. The good news is thatChinahas been expanding for all ofthis year at least. Take a look at these, these numbers here. The bad news isthat it’s getting to that all important 50-mark and I raised that becauseanything below 50 indicates contraction. And last summer we saw that was backhere in November. Now still HSs chief economist Qu Hongbin, he was all thatimpressed about todays numbers. This is what he thought aboutChinasJuly data. He said this: This is far from inspiring, asChinas growth slowdown has notbeen reversed meaningfully, and he also added: and downside pressures persistwith external markets continuing to deteriorate. He also added we still alsoexpect Beijingto step up a policy easing in the coming month just support growth andemployment. But of the back of todays PMI data not all, not all that greatstill growing. Beijingdid pledge to keep economic growth stable and did cheering investigators to buyinto the stocks today and has mentioned earlier. The Shanghai Composite andHang Seng did both rise while all the other markets did end in the run. 哦,艾米莉,您是这样理解的。很显然,更多据表明,中国深受被人们天天挂在嘴边的全球经济衰退的影响。举例来说,数据显示第二季度GDP增长为7.6%,这是三年多来的最低水平。如您所说,就在今天,中国采购经理指数(PMI)滑向8个月来的最低点。现在让我们看一下这些数字,官方制造业采购经理指数(PMI)7月份下滑至50.1%,上个月还是50.2%。虽然这并不是最大幅度的下降,但是它下降了。如果说有好消息,那就是中国经济今年继续扩张。再看一下这些数据。坏消息是:一个非常重要的指数,汇丰(HS)制造业采购经理指数终值低于50点(荣枯分界线),我提请大家注意这一数值,因为低于50则意味着紧缩。去年夏天,及11月都曾低于50点以下。汇丰(HS) 首席经济师曲宏斌对今天的数值也很担忧。他是这样分析中国7月份的经济数据的,“情况不容乐观,中国经济下滑的趋势并没有显著回转。”他还补充道,“伴随着外部市场持续恶化,下滑压力继续存在”。他认为,“我们还是期待北京能够加速制定持增长和就业的政策,以缓解接下来几个月的压力。但是,今天的PMI数据没有这么糟糕,经济增长幅度不大,但仍在增长。北京曾保要保持经济稳定增长,并鼓励投资者买进股票。上海综合指数和恒生指数也都有所增长,但其他股票市场没有显示增长。201210/203968

As human being,作为人类,It’s the share gigantism of Mars is amazing.能够亲身经历火星的这种景观是惊人的。The valleys marvelous is best grand canyon hollow if your ever see the grand canyon, you will never forget it.不可思议的是如果你看过大峡谷,这个最好的空心大峡谷,你将永远不会忘记。Its so colossal the Grand Canyon will be easier swallowed by the one of the smaller side branches.这么庞大的大峡谷会很容易被一个较小的侧翼吞噬。We are talking about something year with ed States with Australian across here.我们正在谈论的是澳大利亚和美国在这里的岁月。Here will be the place to go I mean you dont allege on the room you can look in.这是个必须要去的地方,我是说你不需要离开这个房间就可以看到。The attraction goes beyond sheer scenic splendid deep than canyon itself is the mysterious surrounding its formation.超越深的峡谷风景区的吸引力是围绕其形成的神秘的周围。This giant figure once failed by mighty lacks has been scowl by floods of proportions.而这一美景面临着将会被怒容满面的洪水淹没的风险。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/180508

Congress first dealt with issues of safety and health in the workplace in 1890, when legislation was passed for safety standards in coal mines. Over the next several decades, more complicated machinery and new chemicals entered the workplace yearly, posing new hazards to workers.国会第一次处理职业安全与健康的问题是在1890年,当时国会立法通过了煤矿安全标准。在接下来的几十年里,每年都有更复杂的机器和新化学物质进入工作场所,给劳动者带来了新的危害。 By the late 1960s, an estimated 14,000 workers were dying on the job each year, and over 2 million were suffering disabling injuries from work-related accidents. For years business and labor groups wrangled over the need for federal legislation.到20世纪60年代后期,据估计每年都有一万四千多名工人因工致死,还有超过两百万工人因工受伤或致残。多年来,工商界和劳动团体就联邦立法的需要一直争论不休。Opinion in Congress was deeply split over what form legislation might take, but in 1970 Congress finally approved the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which would establish the Occupational Safety and Health Agency, or ;OSHA.; OSHA quickly became one of the federal governments most disliked agencies.国会内部在确定立法形式上发生了严重分歧,但最终于1970年批准通过职业安全与健康条例,并依法成立了职业安全与健康署,即 OSHA。OSHA 很快就成为联邦政府内部最不受欢迎的部门之一。Businesses complained that they faced scores of nit-picking rules, high compliance costs, and arbitrary inspections. In response, OSHA scaled back many of its original rules, and focused its safety inspections on the most dangerous workplaces. Employment in the U.S. has more than doubled since the creation of OSHA, but during the same time period, occupational injury and illness rates declined 40 percent, and the number of workplace fatalities dropped by 60 percent.企业们抱怨他们要面对大量挑剔的规则,高昂的成本以及专制的检查。作为回应,OSHA 缩减了原有规则的数量,将安检力度集中在最危险的工作岗位上。自从 OSHA 成立以来,美国就业人数翻了一番多。与此同时,因工受伤、患病的概率下降了40%,并且因公死亡事件降低了60%。原文译文属!201211/207778

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