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丰台区妙桃隆胸假体多少钱延庆区玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱房山区去疤痕多少钱 Book Review;书评;Eli Broad埃利·布罗德Uncommonly unreasonable不是不讲理The Art of Being Unreasonable: Lessons in Unconventional Thinking.不讲理的艺术:想法脱俗教会我们…… Few businessmen have achieved as much as Eli Broad. Not only did he develop two Fortune 500 businesses from scratch (and launch a third), he has also been a serial entrepreneur in the arts. Mr Broad backed Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman, and founded the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MoCA). This son of the Bronx now calls the City of Angels home and has set out to give it a new heart by driving the development of a downtown area with a strong emphasis on culture. He has also been a significant and controversial philanthropist, funding scientific research and failing schools.埃利·布罗德的成就在商人中几乎无人可敌。不仅在于他从零开始创办了两家世界500强的企业(并且正在着手建立第三家),而且他还多次投资艺术类项目。布罗德先生是杰夫·昆斯和辛迪·舍曼的资助人,还建立了洛杉矶当代艺术物馆(MoCA)。出生在布朗克斯的他如今已视洛杉矶为家,并着手开发这座城市的一片闹市区,着重发展文化主题,打造一个新的城市中心。他曾一度是位举足轻重又饱受争议的慈善家,成功建立科研机构但筹建学校却差强人意。Mr Broads straight-to-the-point narrative—165 pages of text with a 12-page appendix of his “career highlights” and just the minimum colour necessary to illustrate the important lessons that life has taught him—is part of what he is trying to convey about himself. Where, say, Jack Welch spews out hundreds of pages in “Jack: Straight From the Gut” (2001) and Richard Branson spares no detail as he explains how he has spent his life trying to “Screw Business As Usual” (2011), Mr Broad has delivered a book that is as brief as he likes to keep everything else in life (“I never stay anywhere—parties, museums, meetings—longer than three hours,” he explains in a chapter entitled “How to Work 24/7 and Still Get 8 Hours of Sleep”).布罗德先生的文章开门见山,直击主题。文章正文共165页,12页的附录中列举了他的“事业亮点”,文章并不华丽,平淡地讲述了他的生活教训,但这些都只是他传达自我的冰山一角。杰克·韦尔奇在他的《杰克·韦尔奇自传》(2001)中洋洋洒洒写了几百页,同样理查德·布兰森不遗余力事无巨细地讲述了他《轻松玩商业》的故事,但布罗德的书却简洁明了,正如他在日常生活中喜欢一切从简那样。(正如他在“如何在满负荷工作中睡够8小时”这一章中说明的:“不论是聚会、物馆还是会议,我在一个地方从不会停留3小时以上。”)The brevity of his autobiography is both a strength and a weakness. Messrs Welch and Branson devote much of their books to selling themselves as heroes, whereas Mr Broads tendency to state the facts and move on often undersells how challenging a life he has led, and how hard won have been his triumphs. He writes of being amused at how films about successful people often condense the “critical ingredient to their success” into “moments overlaid with catchy music”, yet his book does that without the soundtrack.他的自传简洁明了,是优点也是缺点。韦尔奇和布兰森都在自己的书中都用很大的篇幅把自己渲染成英雄,而布罗德却倾向于平铺直叙地讲述事实,根本不足以将充满挑战的生活和艰难取胜的事迹作为卖点。他在书中写道,电影常常把成功人士的“成功必备要素”简短截拍成“悦乐相伴的瞬间”,总引他发笑,但在他的书中,他如法炮制,只是没了配乐。For instance, the controversial story of how he fell out with the board of MoCA, which he co-founded in 1980 and then rescued when it came to the brink of liquidation in 2008, is given a mere page, when it alone could have filled an entire book. And he writes nothing about how he fell out with the board at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, let alone about MoCAs more recent troubles.例如,他在1980年是洛杉矶当代艺术物馆的创建人之一,后虽与物馆的董事会几经争吵,但他还是在2008年物馆面临破产倒闭之时挽回了局面,单单这个故事就足以写作一整本书,但这个众说纷纭的故事在书中仅占据了一页篇幅。他只字未提是怎样陷入与洛杉矶艺术物馆董事会的争吵中的,读者也就更无从知道当代艺术物馆新近的麻烦了。On the other hand, distilling a lifetime into a series of practical lessons has clearly pushed Mr Broad to do some hard thinking and self-analysis, which makes his book a useful , especially for anyone engaging in entrepreneurship or philanthropy. His personality comes through clearly enough, though one can quibble over whether his choice of “unreasonable” to describe it is exactly right. Mr Broad means it in the same way George Bernard Shaw did, when he said that the unreasonable man “persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.” Mr Broad started adapting the world to himself at an early age, telling classmates to rhyme his name with “road”, rather than his immigrant fathers “rod”. But he also adapted himself to the world, not least in fighting to overcome dyslexia, which he says gave him a work ethic that infuses every part of his life (perhaps too much: he describes his six-decade marriage to Edye in glowing terms, but regrets spending too little time with his growing sons).另一方面,布罗德要将自己的一生浓缩成一系列的实践指导,就必然迫使他深入地思考,进行自我分析,也就让他的书读来十分实用,对于那些致力于企业产业和慈善事业的人则更甚。他的个性在书中展露无遗,不过人们对于到底是否应该用 “不讲道理”来形容这种个性可能还会有争议。这和乔治·萧伯纳的理解一致,他曾说过:不讲道理的人会“固执地让整个世界来适应自己。因此,世上所有的进步都来自于不讲道理的人。”布罗德年轻时就想摆脱父亲的移民姓氏“布娄德”,为了押韵让同学们叫他“布罗德”,从那时起他就开始让世界适应自己了。不过他也努力去适应这个世界,尤其是他为克阅读障碍做出的努力,他认为那让一种职业道德渗透在他生活的方方面面(或许有点过分:他觉得与易迪亚60年的婚姻仍然澎湃,但后悔没有花时间多与儿子相处,陪他一同成长)。Being a solitary child made him less prone than many people to going along with the crowd, and he likes nothing better than to challenge conventional wisdom with a “why not?”. Those are good attributes for an entrepreneur, though they are unlikely to make him loved in the world of art philanthropy, where his “candour” often “ruffled feathers”. (He claims several times not to care what people think of him, but he doth protest too much.) Still, unlike many of his peers among the current generation of American billionaire philanthropists, he does consider giving to the arts a good investment, to “bring beauty, inspiration, and the shock of the new to as many people as possible”.布罗德从小生性孤僻,与旁人相比不愿多在人群中相处,他最喜欢挑战世俗观点,说上一句:“为什么不能!”。企业家拥有这些特性再好不过,但在艺术品慈善界就不大行得通,没能让他广受欢迎,因为正直,便常常引得他人恼怒。(他多次声称不在乎别人的看法,但他实在是抱怨得太多。)尽管如此,和这一代许多与他同龄的美国亿万富翁慈善家不同,布罗德是真心考虑大力投资艺术,要“将美丽、灵感和新艺术的震撼带给更多的人”。Two of his rules of business, in particular, are rarely found in books on entrepreneurship. One is that, rather than being the pioneer, it is often better to be second with a new idea—as he was in launching KB Home, which became his first Fortune 500 firm, selling houses that were cheaper because they had no basement, a controversial idea at the time copied from a firm in another state. (“The second guy can just charge along the path the first guy has marked, avoiding the rough patches where he stumbled.”)他有两条商业规则很特别,在同类企业书籍中很少提及。一是与其做个开拓者,不如做个有新点子的后来者。他就是这样创办了他的第一家世界500强企业科比房(KB Home),出售无地下室所以便宜的房子,这个想法效仿了国外的一家公司,在当时颇受争议。(“后来者有前人之路可循,还能避免开拓者走过的弯路。”)This second rule challenges the conventional wisdom that the safest diversification is into an industry closely related to your own: after several years and a great deal of research, Mr Broad built his second Fortune 500 firm in an entirely unrelated business: financial products for retirement. He may call himself unreasonable, but in this short book, Mr Broad manages to talk a lot of sense.人们通常认为最安全的多样化转型是朝现有产业的相关领域发展,但布罗德的第二条规则就挑战了这一观点:经过大量调查,历时数年,布罗德在毫不相干的领域创办了他的第二家500强企业,涉足退休理财产品行业。布罗德也许评价自己是个不讲道理、不可理喻的人,但在这本薄薄的书中,他还是讲出了很多道理。 201208/195245Why is it that you cant put down hydrogen gas? If you had a big balloon full of hydrogen gas, like the first gondola balloons pioneered in 18th-century France, youd find that it rises in the air quite dramatically.为什么氢气总是会飘起来?如果你有一个充满氢气的大气球,就像18世纪法国飞行先去发明的吊篮热气球,你会发现热气球在空中飘得很高。You know that a piece of wood will float in water, right?你知道一块木头能浮于水上,是吧?Sure.当然。Thats because the wood is less dense than the water. When youre in a buoyant medium, having a lesser density than your surroundings means youll float. Something with greater density than water, like a stone, will sink.因为木头密度比水的密度小。当你所在的浮力介质密度小于周围,你就会飘起来。石头一类密度大于水的密度的就会下沉。Air also has the quality of buoyancy. Anything less dense than the air will rise, just like a piece of wood held underwater and then let go. Hydrogen gas is only about one fourteenth as dense as air. So up it goes!空气也有漂浮的特质。密度小于空气的就会漂浮,就像放在水下的木头会浮起来一样。氢气的密度仅仅是空气密度的1/14,所以氢气能漂浮。In fact, it rises with such force that it can even haul up a huge balloon, with a gondola and riders!事实上,氢气上升的力量足以托起载客的吊篮热气球。 /201209/199924昌平区点痣多少钱

门头沟区驼峰鼻矫正多少钱Theres nothing like a cold beer on a hot, sunny day. And in our energy conscious world, that brew is even better if it were made using fuel recycled from brewery waste. Thats exactly what a team of German scientists is up to.再没有什么比在炎热,阳光高照的一天喝杯凉爽的啤酒更过瘾了。在有节能意识的世界里,如果利用回收的啤酒厂废弃物加工成燃料来酿酒会更好。那正是一组来自德国的科学家们正在做的事情。The brewing process results in piles of used grain. Beer makers have to get rid of the waste somehow—either by selling it to farmers as feed or fertilizer, or in some cases paying a waste management company to do the job.酿酒过程中会产生成堆的废弃粮食。啤酒生产商们不得不处理这些废物——要么当做饲料或化肥卖给农民,要么承包给废物管理站处理。And that can get expensive. So the German scientists thought of a third option—recycling the spent grain and wastewater as fuel. Using bacteria to break down the material, the scientists produced methane gas and an organic sludge. Gas and sludge are then burned to boil water and make steam, which spins a turbine to create electricity—electricity used to brew more beer.不过请人是昂贵的。因此德国科学家们想到了第三种选择——回收废弃谷物和废水加工成燃料。科学家们利用细菌分解废物,产生沼气和有机污泥。再用沼气和有机污泥污泥烧水,水变成蒸汽进而推动涡轮机转动发电,用产生的电来酿更多的酒。So would this recycling process work on a large industrial scale? The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California thinks so. Theyve been converting waste into energy on a commercial scale with great success. And if one brewer saves money by being more energy efficient, others may follow. Which means that, soon, the ice cold brew you enjoy after work wouldnt just taste great—it could also be helping reduce our collective carbon footprint.那么,这种回收过程能大规模地利用在工业上吗?加利福尼亚州奇科市的内华达山酿酒公司赞同这一说法。他们在将废物转化为能量的商业模式上取得了巨大的成功。如果一家公司能通过节能而节省资金,那么其它公司会纷纷效仿。这就意味着你下班后享用的冰爽啤酒不仅味道好,而且还有助于减少碳的排放。原文译文属!201302/227348北京市公安医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱 Roger Payne罗杰·佩恩Roger Payne, alpinist and avalanche expert, died on July 12th, aged 55罗杰·佩恩,登山家,雪崩专家。7月13日遇难,年仅55岁。MOST climbers simply chafe to reach the tops of mountains. Roger Payne was different. Although he had several first ascents to his name—Mount Grosvenor in China, Khan Tengri and Pobeda in Kazakhstan, in a career spanning 30 years—his priority was to go lightly, and leave no trace. His heroes were the alpinists of the early 20th century, George Mallory, Tom Longstaff, Freddie Chapman and the rest, who had climbed the worlds greatest peaks in tweed jackets and leather boots. Like them, he went in a tiny team, often only with his wife, Julie-Ann Clyma, who was also a mountaineer. He took no oxygen, and avoided using fixed ropes. Every piece of rubbish or equipment was brought down off the mountain: not only his own, but also the tattered tents and empty cartons discarded by other people. In 1993, on K2, he also found and carried down the light, clean bones and ragged clothing of Art Gilkey, an American climber swept away by an avalanche in 1953. 大多数登山者爬到山顶的时候,身上都少不了各种绳带的勒痕。罗杰·佩恩(Roger Payne)却非如此。虽然他在30年的登山生涯中初次登过中国的格罗夫纳山,哈萨克斯坦的汗腾格里峰和托木尔峰——但他登山时优先考虑的是轻装上阵,不留踪迹。他心目中的英雄大都是20世纪初期的登山家,有乔治·马洛里(George Mallory)、汤姆·隆斯塔夫(Tom Longstaff)、弗雷迪·查普曼(Freddie Chapman)等人,他们都是仅靠一身花呢上装和一双皮靴就征了众多世界高峰的人。和他们一样,罗杰·佩恩也是以小队形式登山,而且常常是他与妻子(朱利安·克里玛(Julie-Ann Clyma),也是一名登山者)只身二人出征。他不带氧气装置,也不用固定绳,而且还会把登山路上看到的垃圾和废弃的登山用具从山上带下来:除了自己的废弃物,他还会捡拾别人扔掉的破帐篷和被遗弃的空箱子盒子什么的。在他1993年攀登乔戈里峰(K2)的时候,他还发现并带回了美国登山者阿特·吉尔凯(Art Gilkey)(于1953年,死于雪崩)的遗物,包括几块较轻且干净的尸骨和一些破旧的衣物。He went lightly and purposefully, but with great care. The mountains he loved so passionately were fickle, and demanded vigilance. Lithe and smiling, proud of his “boot-shaped” and blister-proof feet, he moved on exposed rock faces with the grace of a dancer and the fearlessness of a boy. He did things right: tents were dug in with proper snow-walls, supplies stored in well-marked snow-holes, attempts quickly abandoned if tiredness or bad weather struck. He would never push his luck on mountains, though he himself was never tired, leaping up from a schnapps-heavy evening to pull on his head-torch for a 1am start, and in booming cockney (“Are you climbing, or what?”) encouraging laggards onwards and upwards.虽然他轻装上阵,目标明确,但也十分小心谨慎。他钟爱那些天气变化莫测需要他打起十二分精神来攀登的山。靠着他引以为傲的“靴子形”长满老茧的脚,只见肢体轻盈,面带笑容的他像一名舞者在裸露的岩石上移来跳去,像个孩子一般无所畏惧。无论是用雪球把帐篷架敲入地里,把给养裹在有明细标记的雪洞里,还是在身感疲惫或遭遇恶劣天气时的快速全身而退,他总是把事情做得干净利落。他体力超人,既可以一夜之间摆脱醉醺醺的状态投入到凌晨一点攀登中去,又可以鼓励士气,激励那些来自伦敦东区的懒汉继续前行(比如会质问他们:你是来登山的,还是干什么的?)。但即便如此,他也从不对爬山心存侥幸。As he went, despite the stream of merry chatter about the relative merits of waterproof fabrics, or the perfect pH of beer, he was on the watch. For snow that was fresh and powdery, or piled into a cornice; for slopes that were too steep; for debris of fallen rocks, or the mid-morning heat of the sun. All these were omens of avalanches. He was expert on them, teaching climbers and students—especially in the Alps, where he lived later on—to recognise the warning signs, and developing a safety code that came to be used across Europe.尽管他生前开过许多关于防水织物相对优点,啤酒最佳酸碱度的玩笑,但他走后还是守望着这些大山。雪呈现粉状并且看起来像是刚下不久的样子,或者呈堆积起的雪檐状;山坡极度陡峭;有坠落的岩石碎片或者上午10时光热强烈。以上几点都是雪崩的前兆。他是这方面的专家,并且生前教登山者和学生们,尤其是住在阿尔卑斯山(他后来居住的地方)附近的人们如何识别这些前兆,并且他们的理论已经写进了欧洲登山者的安全守则。He knew avalanches at close quarters—at times, way too close. On Pumari Chhish in Pakistan in 1999 he and Julie-Ann had spent five nights trapped on an icefield, with avalanches breaking over their tent. On Nanda Devi East in 1994 they had to descend an avalanche, and just made it; but he had taken the precaution of appeasing the mountain gods with a prayer-flag planted at the summit. Like the Romantic poets (like Byrons Childe Harold, which he would e in reams, word-perfect, as he climbed), he believed that mountains were sublime. He had a special love for the compactness of Sikkim, squeezed between Tibet and India, whose elegant, shining peaks he helped open again to mountaineering. A camera went with him always, strapped tight against his sternum, to record for others the beauty he saw. But some of his favourite ations weighed up the beauty against the risk.他曾经近距离经历过雪崩——并且有几次离雪崩太近。1999年,在一次他与妻子攀登普马里基仕峰(位于巴基斯坦境内)的过程中被雪崩埋住了帐篷,夫妻二人被困在一块冰原上度过了5个夜晚。1994年在攀登楠达德维峰的时候他们不得不从一处刚经历雪崩的地方下山,最后他们死里逃生。但之前他已经采取了预防措施,就是用一幅插在山顶的祈祷旗来抚慰山神。像浪漫主义诗人(比如,他常常在登山的时候大量诵读拜伦《恰尔德·哈洛尔德游记》中的句子,并且一字不差)一样,他也认为山是庄严的。他对挤在中印边境上的锡金邦的紧致情有独钟。在他的努力下,得以让此地优雅而又闪耀着光芒的山峰重新对登山者开放。登山的时候,他习惯把相机紧紧地绑在胸前,以便分享他眼前看到的美景。但他最喜欢引用的一些句子都对美景和其背后的风险做了权衡。201207/191745李旗庄黄土庄段甲岭镇哪家绣眉好

固安县botox除皱多少钱一支Mud from the ancient riverbanks is good for building nests.古老河岸边的泥浆有利于筑巢。lt also holds more evidence that will help us to reconstruct the ice age past.很多据表明,这将帮助我们重现过去的冰河世纪。Every now and then,new clues surface, hinting at what else might lie beneath.新的线索表面有时暗示着其他可能深藏的东西。ln this dried-up pond in South Dakota, known as Hot Springs, scientists unearthed great piles of bones.在被称为温泉的南达科达州干涸的池塘边,科学家发掘了成堆的骨头。What kind of creature died here? The bones reveal it stood four metres tall and weighed more than 10 tonnes.什么生物死在这里?骨头揭示了它有四米高,重达10吨。Theres nothing fitting that description living here today.今天没有这样大小的生物存在。Heres the give-away, a pair of tusks two metres long, the trademark of a Columbian mammoth, the biggest animal to roam the ice age plains.这是赠品,一对两米长的象牙,一个哥伦比亚猛犸象的商标,冰河时代的平原上最大的动物。By comparing it to elephants in Africa today, can we shed light on how those ice age elephants lived and what they lived on?和今天的非洲象相比,我们能够解释冰河时期的大象生活和它们如何生活的吗?These are mammoth teeth, huge molars the size of bricks.这些是猛犸象的牙齿,巨大的臼齿和砖块差不多大。They have deep ridges very similar to those of modern elephants, suggesting mammoths, too, survived by grinding vast amounts of grass.它们有深深的脊,和现代大象十分相似,表明猛犸象也靠磨大量的草为生。Plant fragments trapped between the ridges can still be identified today.今天还能看见在脊骨中间的残留的植物碎片。Thousands of years after this mammoth died, we know exactly what it ate for its last meal.在猛犸象死了,几千年之后,我们很明确地知道它的最后一餐吃的是什么。Grass is a tough, abrasive food. Even with protective enamel ridges, these teeth would gradually have worn down.草是强硬和需要研磨的食物。即使是有保护釉质的脊,这些牙齿也会逐渐被磨损。But just like modern elephants, the mammoths had evolved a way to deal with this.但是如同现代象一样,猛犸象进化到可以处理这一切。As one set of teeth was eroded, another grew up to take its place.一套牙齿被侵蚀了,新的一套又出现了。The evidence suggests they had six sets in all, to last a lifetime, up to 60 years.据表明在它们60多年的人生中,有六套牙齿。The South Dakota mammoth didnt make it to old age and it was not alone.南达科他州的猛犸象没能活到晚年,它并不孤独。The site turned out to be a mammoth graveyard, hiding more than 50 skeletons, all from animals in their prime.这片遗址变成了猛犸象的墓地,有超过50具骨骼在此,都是处于它们的鼎盛时期。Theres no sign they were killed by hunters, so how did so many healthy mammoths die?没有迹象表明它们被猎人杀害,这么多健康的猛犸象是怎么死的呢?201303/232538 The response from Standard Charter has been fairly tight-lipped at the moment, of course we have to understand theres an ongoing investigation, particularly internally within the bank, and so they are limited as to what they can say. Right now, they werent even taking the questions that I wanted to ask earlier. But they did provide us with a statement that s as follows:渣打此刻的回应可以称得上是守口如瓶。当然我们必须明白,目前调查正在进行,尤其是对内部的调查,因此他们能公开发表的言论有限。目前他们甚至还在回避我早前就提到的问题。然而他们也确实做出以下声明:As reported previously, the group is conducting a review of its historical US sanctions compliance and is discussing that review with US enforcement agencies and regulators. The group cannot predict when this review and these discussions will be completed or what the outcome will be.正如之前报道所述,渣打集团正在就有史以来美国制裁的合规性进行复核,且同美国执法部门和监管机构讨论这次的复核。渣打集团未能预计这次复核和讨论何时结束,也不知道会有何结论。In terms of other response, the Treasury said that theyre looking at the allegations, they are continuing to sift through the details of it, and if anything comes to light, and they will respond next to it accordingly.至于其它的回应,财政部门表示他们正在对指控展开调查,他们会继续筛选其中的细节。如果真相大白,他们会根据事实说话。As terms of what the allegations are, they come from the financial sector of the New York state department, and it is that, Standard Chartered, a UK bank was working for various Iranian financial institutions and channeling money through its US holdings without putting the right flags on it. Because the ed States like many other countries has imposed sanctions on Iran for fear that they might use money to finance terrorism or finance a nuclear weapons program. And so if any money is channeled through Iran, it should have the right flags on it, so it can be investigated by US authorities and made sure that it is legitimate. Standard Chartered wont doing that, they were slipping under the net onto their own financial gain, it is serious allegations.至于指控的罪行是什么,这得由纽约州财政部门说了算。美国怀疑英国的渣打与多个伊朗金融公司存在交易,通过美国国债洗黑钱,这违反了美国反洗钱法。和其他国家一样,美国对伊朗实行制裁,以防伊朗用金钱资助恐怖主义或者核武器计划。而且如果资金流向伊朗,必须有正当的渠道。因此美国政府有权展开调查,确保交易的合法性。渣打没有做违法的行为,他们是自己财政收入上的漏网之鱼。这是项严重的指控。原文译文属!201208/196195北京朝阳区治疗痤疮多少钱丰台区人民医院切眼袋多少钱




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