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China and the US clashed over the South China Sea at a defence forum this weekend, with a Chinese admiral warning Washington that “we have no fear of trouble中国和美国周末围绕南中国海问题在一个防务论坛上针锋相对。中国一名海军上将警告华盛顿方面称:中国“不怕事”。Tensions surrounding these contested waters have been rising amid island-building by Beijing, increased naval and air patrols by the US and the expectation that an international court will soon rule on an arbitration case brought by the Philippines against China’s expansive maritime claims.围绕南海争议海域的紧张局势不断升级,其背景是北京方面建设人工岛,美国增加海空巡逻,同时一个国际仲裁庭预计不久将对菲律宾提起的反对中国大范围声索海洋主权的仲裁案作出裁决。China has been trying to find other nations such as Russia that are willing to support its rejection of the legitimacy of the permanent court of arbitration in The Hague. Meanwhile, the US, the EU and Japan have said they support the right of the Philippines to bring the case under the provisions of the UN law of the sea, which the US itself has not ratified.中国一直在试图寻求其他国家(如俄罗斯)表态持其不承认海牙常设仲裁法院合法性的立场。与此同时,美国、欧盟和日本均已表态称,菲律宾有权利根据《联合国海洋法公约UNCLOS)的规定提起此案,尽管美国自己尚未批准《公约》。Admiral Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of the joint staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, on Sunday blamed the US for exacerbating the disputes by “openly showing its military muscleand supporting “allies that are confronting China and forcing China to accept any arbitration award中央军事委员会联合参谋部副参谋长、解放军海军上将孙建国周日指责美国“公然炫耀武力”,同时“持其盟国对抗中国,压中方接受并执行仲裁结果”,加剧了争端。“China firmly opposes such behaviour,he told an audience of defence ministers, generals and analysts at the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual security forum in Singapore. “We do not make trouble but we have no fear of trouble.”“中方对此坚决反对,”他在新加坡举行的年度安全论坛“香格里拉对话Shangri-La Dialogue)对台下的各国国防部长、将军和分析人员表示。“我们不惹事,也不怕事。”He also hit back at the claim made in Singapore a day earlier by Ashton Carter, the US secretary of defence, that China was building a “great wall of self-isolationbecause of its aggressive approach to the other claimants to these waters, including the Philippines and Vietnam.他还回击了美国国防部部长阿什#8226;卡特(Ashton Carter)前一天在新加坡作出的断言,即中国在南海对菲律宾和越南等其他声索主权的国家采取咄咄逼人的姿态,等于是在打造一座“自我孤立的长城”。“Some countries are still looking at China with a cold war prejudice,said Adm Sun. “They may build a wall in their mind and end up isolating themselves.”孙建国表示:“我倒是担心那些有冷战思维、戴着有色眼镜看中国的人和国家,在自己心中筑起一道墙,最后孤立自己。”But it was not just the US raising concerns about China’s assertive stance and its opposition to involvement of The Hague court, which is expected to rule within months on the Philippinescase against Beijing’s “nine-dash lineclaim to almost the whole South China Sea.但是,并不只是美国对中国的强硬姿态、及其反对海牙仲裁庭的管辖表示关切。预计这个仲裁庭将在几个月内就菲律宾提起的反对北京方面几乎覆盖整个南中国海的“九段线”主权声索的仲裁案做出裁决。A succession of defence ministers and senior officials from Vietnam, Japan and other Asian nations as well as outside powers such as the UK and France repeated Mr Carter’s call for China and other nations to respect the outcome of the arbitration process and act in accordance with international law.从越南、日本和其它亚洲国家,到英国和法国等域外大国,一个又一个国防部长和高级官员纷纷重复卡特的呼吁,要求中国和其他国家尊重仲裁过程的结果,依照国际法行事。“This is a matter of the utmost importance,said Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s defence minister. “If the law of the sea is not respected today in the China seas, it will be threatened tomorrow in the Arctic, the Mediterranean or elsewhere.”“这是一个极其重要的问题,”法国国防部长让-伊夫#8226;勒德里安(Jean-Yves Le Drian)表示。“如果海洋法今天在中国周边海域得不到尊重,那么明天它将在北极地区、地中海或其他地方受到威胁。”Michael Fallon, the UK defence secretary, said it would be a “mistakefor China to defy the tribunal.英国国防大臣迈克#8226;法伦(Michael Fallon)表示,中国违抗仲裁庭的裁决将是一个“错误”。“We need to keep working to show China that its position is relatively isolated,he said. “And one day, as China rises as a world power and develops ambitions for its blue-water navy, the time will come when China needs to rely on the provisions of these international conventions.”“我们需要继续努力向中国表明,它的立场是相对孤立的,”他表示。“随着中国崛起为一个世界强国,并发展其蓝水海军的雄心,有一天中国将需要依靠这些国际公约的规定。”来 /201606/448016。

A U.N. human rights working group has ruled that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been ;arbitrarily detained; at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but the group has no authority over British police seeking to arrest him.联合国一个人权工作小组判定,维基揭秘创办者阿桑奇在厄瓜多尔驻伦敦大使馆被强制拘禁,但该小组无权向寻求逮捕阿桑奇的英国警方发布指示。The working group announced its findings Friday, some three-and-a-half years after Assange took refuge in the embassy to avoid arrest and extradition to Sweden on rape charges.这个联合国工作小组星期五宣布了上述判定结果。为避免因强奸指控被逮捕并引渡到瑞典,阿桑奇在厄瓜多尔驻英大使馆避难已长年半左右。British authorities have not yet responded to the ruling.英国当局还没有对联合国工作小组的这一判定做出反应。On Thursday, Swedish prosecutors predicted the U.N. ruling and said Assanges confinement has no impact on the rape case against him in Sweden.瑞典检察官星期四预料到了联合国工作小组会做出这一判定,并表示,阿桑奇受困不会对他在瑞典被控强奸一案有任何影响。Assange, who is Australian, published on WikiLeaks a number of leaked diplomatic cables and other sensitive documents the ed States considers classified information. It was one of the largest information leaks in U.S. history.阿桑奇是澳大利亚人,他在维基解密网站上发表了很多泄露的外交密电和美国认为属于机密的其他敏感文件。这是美国历史上最大规模的泄密事件之一。来 /201602/425846。

A string of bombings ripped through Brussels Tuesday morning, claiming the lives of dozens of people and wounding hundreds.本周二上午在布鲁塞尔发生的一系列爆炸事件,造成数十人死亡、数百人受伤。The attacks, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, add to an aly deadly year of terrorism.;伊斯兰国;(ISIS)组织宣称对此次恐怖袭击负责,此次袭击事件让这个恐怖之年变得更加血腥。In the first three months of the year, terrorists shed blood across all corners of the world. There have only been nine days without a significant terror attack.今年的前3个月,恐怖分子在全球各个角落制造流血事件。只天没有出现重大恐怖袭击事件。Aggregated reports show that at least 2,200 people have aly died around the world due to terrorist activity as of March 22, 2016. So far, only 1 day in March have not been destroyed by terrorist attacks.累计报道显示,截0162日,全球各地至少200人死于恐怖主义活动。到目前为止月份只有1天没有被恐怖分子的袭击所破坏。Attacks claimed by or suspected to have been carried out by ISIS account for 20% of all terror attacks in 2016 thus far.ISIS以及疑似ISIS制造的袭击事件016年迄今为止所有恐怖袭击事件的20%。So far, the biggest casualties of the terrorist attacks have been in the Middle East and Africa.迄今为止,恐怖袭击造成的最大伤亡是在中东和非洲。来 /201603/433523。

The biggest surprise since Donald Trump’s election victory is his decision to pick a fight with China. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)赢得美国大选以来最令人震惊的地方,是他选择与中国对抗。Not once in his campaign did he mention the word Taiwan. 他在选战中一次都没提到过台湾。Yet all of a sudden there is now a threat over America’s One China policy a bedrock in today’s unstable global order. 然而,突然之间,美国的一个中One China)政策(这是当今不稳定的全球秩序的一个基石)遭到了威胁。Beijing has so far chosen to blame a wily Taiwan for the call between Mr Trump and his Taiwanese counterpart the US president-elect is as ignorant as a child, says China’s state media.到目前为止,对于特朗普和台湾总统之间的通话,中国政府选择将其归咎于狡猾的台湾方面——中国官媒表示,美国候任总统懵懂得像个小孩子。On Sunday China agreed to return an underwater drone it had seized from a US naval vessel. 周日,中国方面同意归还从一艘美国海军舰艇附近捕获的一具潜航器。Mr Trump claimed it had been stolen. 特朗普曾声称该装置是被偷走的。China accused him of overhyping the incident. 中国指责特朗普炒作这一事件。Next time, Beijing is unlikely to let him off the hook so easily.下一次,北京不太可能如此轻易地放过他。Without realising it, the US electorate appears to have opened the gates to a new cold war in which America’s hand will be far less strong than it was first time round. 美国选民似乎开启了通向新冷战的大门,他们却没有认识到这一点。而在这轮新冷战中,美国手上的牌面远没有第一次冷战时那么强。One of the reasons the US won the original one was its skill at breaking China away from the Soviet block. 美国之所以赢得第一次冷战,其中一个原因是得益于美国把中国从苏维埃阵营中分化出来的技巧。Detente between Richard Nixon’s US and Mao Zedong’s China in 1972 cemented the Sino-Soviet split and weakened Moscow’s global appeal. 1972年理查德.尼克Richard Nixon)领导的美国和毛泽东领导的中国关系缓和,强化了中苏的分裂,削弱了莫斯科在全球的号召力。Mr Trump plans to do the reverse.而特朗普打算做的事却正好相反。His strong rhetoric against China is mirrored only by his warm overtures to Vladimir Putin’s Russia. 特朗普对中国的强硬措辞,与他对弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)领导的俄罗斯的友好姿态形成反差。It remains to be seen what strategic gain Mr Trump will derive from doing deals with Russia a country that is stoking illiberal democracy in Europe and that played a role in helping Mr Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. 对于正在欧洲鼓动非自由民主体制、在帮助特朗普打败希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)方面发挥作用的俄罗斯,特朗普通过与它做交易能获得什么战略收益还有待观察。But Mr Trump’s antagonism towards China is a gamble without an upside.不过,特朗普与中国对抗将是一场全无好处的。Avoiding a US-China conflict will take Nixonian dexterity. 避免美中冲突需要尼克松式的灵活手段。Mr Trump is no Nixon. 特朗普却不是尼克松。For all his abuse of domestic law, Nixon was a devout student of global affairs who grasped the geopolitical chessboard. 尼克松尽管对国内法律有种种滥用行为,他却是位全球事务领域的专注学生,理解地缘政治大棋局。Mr Trump is a 70-year-old neophyte with no interest in rectifying the gaps in his knowledge. 而特朗普则是一位对填补自身知识空白不感兴趣0多岁的新手。He spurns the presidential daily intelligence briefings because they are too dull. 他轻蔑地拒绝听取为总统提供的每日情报简报,原因是觉得它们太无聊。Nor do any of Mr Trump’s advisers resemble Henry Kissinger, who was chief architect of the One China policy that Mr Trump is threatening to rip up. 他身边也没有一位与亨利.基辛Henry Kissinger)相似的顾问,基辛格是特朗普威胁要颠覆的一个中国政策的首席设计师。Mr Trump’s senior appointees reflect both his anti-China and pro-Russia intentions.特朗普对高级别职位的人选指定,既反映了他的反华意图,也反映了他的亲俄打算。Michael Flynn, the retired lieutenant general who will play a key role as Mr Trump’s national security adviser, 将担任特朗普国家安全顾问这一关键角色的,是退役陆军中将迈克尔.弗林(Michael Flynn)。believes China is in league with Isis and other Islamist terrorist groups to defeat the US. 弗林认为,中国与伊斯兰国(ISIS)及其他伊斯兰恐怖组织暗中勾连,意图挫败美国。It is a breathtaking fiction. 这是一种令人惊叹的虚构情节。Before he joined the Trump campaign, Mr Flynn believed Russia was part of the same anti-US axis. 在加入特朗普阵营之前,弗林还曾认为俄罗斯也是同一个反美轴心的一部分。He has since dropped his Russia hawkishness for a Trumpian admiration.而在加入特朗普阵营后,为获得特朗普的赞赏,他已放弃了对俄罗斯的鹰派立场。Conversely, Rex Tillerson, Mr Trump’s nominee as secretary of state, is an old friend of Russia Mr Putin awarded him the Russian Order of Friendship in 2013. 与弗林相反,特朗普的国务卿提名人雷克蒂勒Rex Tillerson)则是俄罗斯的老朋友——普京曾013年为他颁发过俄罗斯友谊勋Order of Friendship)。At his confirmation hearings next month, the world will learn how warmly Mr Tillerson feels towards Moscow. 在下个月针对蒂勒森的提名确认听会上,世界将会了解他对莫斯科感情有多深。Several Republican senators, including John McCain, America’s leading Russia hawk, plan to make Mr Tillerson’s declaration that Russia interfered in the US election a condition of their support for him an intelligence finding Mr Trump angrily rejects.包括美国头号对俄鹰派约翰.麦凯John McCain)在内,几位共和党参议员打算把蒂勒森宣称俄罗斯干预美国选举(这是特朗普愤怒否认的情报发现)作为持蒂勒森的前提条件。It is possible Mr Tillerson’s prospects could fall at that hurdle. 蒂勒森的任职前景有可能因这一障碍而化为乌有。More likely is that he will find a way of finessing the Russia hawks without contradicting Mr Trump.不过更有可能的情况是,他会想办法在不抵触特朗普的情况下,在对俄鹰派人士面前蒙混过关。So what will result from Mr Trump’s China gamble? The initial effect will be confusion. 那么,特朗普的对华会有什么结果?起初是让人大惑不解。Mr Trump’s Taiwan threat took China as much by surprise as it did everyone else. 特朗普在台湾问题上发出的威胁,令中国方面与其他所有人一样震惊。In its guarded response, China gave Mr Trump room to correct what it chose to interpret as a naive mistake. 为防万一,中国选择将其解释为幼稚的错误,为特朗普留下了纠正的空间。The next step will be escalating tension. 而下一步将造成紧张关系升级。Mr Trump wants to be known as the president who returns manufacturing jobs to the US, and keeps existing ones from moving overseas. 对于特朗普来说,他希望被视为一位让制造业工作岗位回流美国、并确保现有岗位不流失海外的总统。Wresting concessions from China such as the voluntary export restraint Japan adopted in the late 1980s is a key part of the story he wants to tell the American people.在他想要告诉美国人民的故事中,争取中国的让步——就像上世纪80年代末日本曾采取过自愿限制出口措施——是关键的一环。Mr Trump is using the threat to the One China policy as leverage in that quest. 特朗普正在把对一个中国政策的威胁作为满足上述诉求的手段。If he persists, which I believe he will, it will backfire. 如果他坚持下去——我相信他会这么做——事情将适得其反。China will respond by putting a further squeeze on disaffected US investors, whose complaints about thin profits and Chinese intellectual property theft are becoming louder by the day. 中国将通过进一步挤压已经心怀不满的美国投资者予以回应,这些投资者对利润微薄和中国窃取知识产权的抱怨声正变得越来越大。Far from checking Washington’s China-bashing, as US businesses have done in the past, many will be cheering Mr Trump on.与美国商界过去阻止华盛顿攻击中国的做法大不相同的是,许多人会为特朗普鼓劲加油。Once the dispute sets in, the risk of conflict will rise. 一旦出现争端,双方爆发冲突的风险将会增加。China will find a way of testing Mr Trump’s resolve early into his presidency something a little tougher than a seized naval drone. 中国会在特朗普上任之初设法试探他的决心——找一件比捕获潜航器更棘手的事情。Contrary to Mr Flynn’s view, China is a natural ally in America’s struggle against Islamist terrorism. 与弗林的看法相反,中国是美国在对伊斯兰恐怖主义斗争中的天然盟友。The scope for an accident with today’s far more assertive China whether over Taiwan, the South China Sea, or the East China Sea is considerably greater than in 2001. 与远比当初自信的中国闹出事来的几率比2001年大了许多,不管是在台湾问题上还是在南中国海或东中国海问题上。China’s military clout is far greater than it was then. 中国的军事实力也远胜当年。Just last week, new Chinese missile batteries were detected on reclaimed land in the South China Sea.就在上周,在南中国海中国填海造出的岛屿上,还发现有新部署的中国导弹发射装置。Can we trust Mr Trump’s instincts in a crisis? Will Mr Putin act as a restraint or even a mediator between a defensive US and a rising China? We cannot yet know the answer. 一旦发生危机,我们能相信特朗普的本能反应么?在防守的美国和崛起的中国之间,普京会扮演劝架者、甚至是调停者的角色么?我们现在还无法知道。What we do know is that Mr Trump’s closest adviser is a man who sees China as a mortal foe.我们知道的是,特朗普最亲信的一位顾问把中国视为死敌。来 /201612/484728。

Chinas anti-corruption campaign will include a new focus this year cracking down on the misuse and embezzlement of poverty relief funds, according to the top prosecutor.最高人民检察院检察长表示,中国今年的反腐败斗争将集中打击滥用和挪用扶贫资金的职务犯罪。The five-year drive is aimed at ensuring the poverty alleviation policy and special funding will benefit poor people in poverty-stricken areas, Cao Jianming, prosecutor-general at the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, told China Daily in an exclusive interview. This campaign has been launched by the SPP and the Poverty Relief Office under the State Council.最高人民检察院检察长曹建明在接受《中国日报》专访时表示,此次集中整治由最高人民检察院和国务院扶贫办联合部署开展,为期五年,旨在确保扶贫政策和扶贫专项资金落实到位,确实惠及贫困地区。Prosecuting departments will focus on investigating graft issues that involve exporting labor services, ecological protection, education and medical insurance, as well as minimum rural living allowances, Cao said.检察机关将集中调查劳务出口、生态保护、教育、医疗保险和农村最低生活保障等方面的贪污渎职案件。They will also become ;more aggressive; in going after officials at grassroots levels, such as those in charge of handling traffic in rural areas, hydropower, electric power infrastructure construction, and renovation of rural homes, Cao said.曹建明还表示,调查行动还将对负责农村地区贸易、水电、电力基础设施建设和农村房屋翻修等工作的基层政府官员加大调查和打击力度。The campaign comes after a keynote speech by President Xi Jinping at an anti-graft meeting in January, during which he promised to maintain the momentum at grassroots level to benefit everyone.习近平总书记在一月份的一次反腐会议上发表重要讲话,承诺要推动全面从严治党向基层延伸,维护群众切身利益。In recent years, a large amount in poverty alleviation funding has been embezzled or misused, seriously harming the public interest and peoples legitimate rights. It has also led to a series of petition cases, which has affected social harmony and stability.近几年,大量扶贫资金的非法滥用和贪污严重损害了公众利益和人民的合法权利,相关诉讼案和请愿书对社会和谐与稳定产生了影响;We will try our utmost to punish those who abuse their power to embezzle, hold back, falsely claim or squander poverty alleviation funds,; Cao said.曹建明说:“我们会全力惩治任何滥用职权挪用、隐瞒、冒领、浪费扶贫资金的违法行为。”Since November 2012, Chinas leadership has conducted a sweeping nationwide campaign to pursue both ;tigers;, or high-ranking officials, and ;flies;, or lower-ranked officials at the grassroots level.0121月起,中国领导人在全国范围内开展彻底的反腐行动,既打高级别国家干部这样的“老虎”,又打蛰伏在基层的“苍蝇”。According to the SPP, duty-related crimes involving poverty alleviation funds have occurred at all levels but most of the corrupt officials involved have been at county level or below.最高人民检察院表示,各级别官员都出现过扶贫资金的职权滥用犯罪,但职权滥用和腐败最严重的却是县级及以下官员;We will step up efforts to combat such crimes to let more people at the grassroots level share the fruits of the anti-graft campaign,; Cao said.曹建明说:“我们会加大对职权滥用和贪污的打击力度,让基层群众更多感受到反腐倡廉的实际成果。”He also said the number of corrupt officials involved in the misuse and embezzlement of poverty relief funds has risen sharply due to ;loopholes in the supervision mechanism, and the high number of anti-poverty projects and the huge funds involved;.曹建明还表示,由于“监管机制存在漏洞,扶贫项目数量极多,牵涉资金数目庞大”,涉嫌扶贫资金滥用和贪污的政府官员数目急剧增长。According to the SPP, 933 corrupt officials in charge of poverty alleviation were investigated by prosecutors last year, a year-on-year increase of 19.2 percent.最高人民检察院表示,去年共查处933名扶贫资金贪污人员,比去年增长了19.2%。In October, China set a goal of building a well-off society and lifting all poverty-stricken people in rural areas out of poverty by 2020.去年十月,党的十八届五中全会从实现全面建成小康社会奋斗目标出发,明确020年我国现行标准下农村贫困人口实现脱贫,贫困县全部摘帽;By targeting corrupt officials in the poverty relief sector, we will ensure that the targeted poverty relief strategy will really benefit poor people,; Cao said.“此次集中惩治和加强预防扶贫领域职务犯罪专项工作能够确保脱贫政策真正惠及广大贫困人口。”曹建明说。He added that prosecutors will work closely with poverty relief departments and set up a system to share information, such as the number of poor people, funding distribution, and how poverty relief programs are run.他还表示,检察机关将与扶贫机构密切合作,建立信息共享体系,保持贫困人口数量、扶贫资金分配、扶贫项目实施情况等信息的流通。China still has 200 million people living in poverty, based on the World Bank standard, which means they each live on less than .90 a day. In 2014, the central government allocated 43.3 billion yuan (.67 billion) for poverty relief, double the amount in 2010.根据世界日生活费1.9美元的贫困标准,中国仍有2亿贫困人口014年,中央财政安排扶贫资金433亿元人民币(6.7亿美元),是2010年的两倍。来 /201603/431562。