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贵阳肛周囊肿的治疗方法贵州省贵阳云岩区治疗急性肠炎哪家医院好排名哪里Americans may have had to enjoy Cinco de Mayo margaritas sans lime this year, but the widesp shortage of the citrus fruit may be a bit more fleeting than originally thought.今年的五月五日节,美国人民喜爱的玛格丽特酒里可能将见不到柠檬片的身影了。但是大范围的柠檬短缺持续的时间可能不会像很多人一开始想的那么久。As previously reported, the potent combination of severe weather in Mexico, the sp of the citrus-greening disease huanglongbing (HLB), and the extortion of lime farmers by drug cartels has made it pretty difficult to export the round, green fruit to the ed States. The ripple was felt across Mexico#39;s neighbor to the north as a vast majority (97%) of limes are imported from Mexico.正如最近媒体所报道的,在墨西哥的极端天气、柠檬黄龙病泛滥以及果农受贩毒集团暴力洗劫等多重因素作用下,墨西哥的柠檬已然很难出口到美国。这对墨西哥的北方邻居产生了重大影响,因为美国有97%的柠檬都是从墨西哥进口的。Prices have soared 400% over the last year, resulting in limes selling for upwards of 0 per 40-pound box, compared to the to cases just a year ago. The shortage is partly caused by heavy rain last season in central Mexico while another lime hub, Colima, experienced the sp of HLB. Florida has also reported cases of citrus greening while California is gripped by severe droughts, making it difficult to compensate on lime crops.去年美国柠檬的价格飙升了400%,一箱40磅重的柠檬的价格已经上涨到了100美元,相比之下前年美国的柠檬价格每箱只有15到20美元。柠檬短缺的原因有一部分是因为上年墨西哥中部地区的暴雨使收成损失惨重,而作为另一个柠檬主要产区的科利马州则遇到了黄龙病的肆虐。(黄龙病是影响全球柑桔类水果产量的主要病害)美国的佛罗里达州也发现了青果病的案例,而加利佛尼亚州又遭遇了严重的干旱,难以弥补进口柠檬的不足。Now, The Knights Templar, a drug cartel formerly part of the now-dismantled La Familia Michoacána, is reportedly threatening farmers in the lime-producing state of Michoacán. Turmoil and violence have swept the region as business owners, including lime farmers, rally together to fend off the drug cartel. Mexican government officials have deployed military to quell the fighting and are urging the vigilante groups to ceasefire by May 10.与此同时,在墨西哥的柠檬产区米却肯州境内,有一个叫做“圣殿骑士团”的贩毒集团对果农们形成了很大威胁。“圣殿骑士团”原来是已被捣毁的贩毒集团“米却肯家族”的一。在骚乱和暴力的逼迫下,当地的企业主包括果农纷纷走上街头对贩毒集团进行抗议示威。墨西哥政府已经部署军队镇压骚乱,并敦促民间武装在5月10日前停火。But a drug war aside, the lime crisis may not be as dire as we think. According to analysis by the data analytics group of the business software company SAP, the numbers tell a different story -- one that suggests that people are forgetting the seasonality of pricing. By crunching data from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA) Market News, SAP found that prices are historically higher in the spring due to low production in the winter, which means a price drop is on the horizon -- and aly beginning -- as production picks up this summer. 虽然毒贩和战听起来很吓人,但眼下这场柠檬危机却可能并不像我们想象的那样无解。根据企业软件公司SAP的数据分析集团的分析显示,人们可能忽略了价格的季节性波动。通过对美国食品和药品监督(USDA)发布的市场信息的分析,SAP公司发现,由于冬季产量较低,柠檬的价格历来在春季较高,这也就意味着随着产量在夏季回升,柠檬的价格不久便会下降,而且现在这种势头已经开始了。But Chicago restaurant and bar owner Mark Domitrovich says he#39;s still paying more than 0 per case at the moment.不过芝加哥的餐饮酒吧老板马克o多米特罗维奇表示,目前他要买一箱柠檬仍需花100美元以上的价格。;The customer is a bit oblivious to the price hike so we haven#39;t changed our procedures too much,; the owner of Frontier, Lottie#39;s Pub, and The Pony says. ;We#39;ve made modifications to the size of the limes but we tend to just absorb the cost rather than trying to explain it to the customers.;多米特罗维奇表示:“顾客不太注意柠檬价格的走高,所以我们并没有怎么改变我们的备餐流程。我们对柠檬片的大小做了一些变化,不过我们只想自己把成本化解掉,而不是费力气向顾客去解释。”Chicago restaurant veteran Ben Schiller says he#39;s seen poorer quality in some of the limes at his restaurant The Berkshire Room, including limes that are smaller in size and lower juice content. But pricing continues to fluctuate, and he sees it more as a temporary blip than a long-term crisis.在芝加哥餐饮业从业多年的本o席勒表示,他发现他的“伯克郡小屋”(Berkshire Room)餐厅买到的一些柠檬的质量大不如前了,不光尺寸小了,而且果汁含量也变低了。但是柠檬的价格仍在波动。不过他认为这只是一时的困难,而不是一场长期危机。Schiller is one of many buyers taking the crisis in stride, holding out and only ordering as much as needed, according to a USDA Market News specialist who was granted anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly on behalf of her organization.USDA《市场新闻》的一位匿名专家(因其未经该局官方授权代表该局表态)指出,目前许多像席勒这样的餐饮业主对这场“柠檬危机”反应冷静,只订购必要数量的柠檬。As much as we find limes irreplaceable -- sorry, lemons -- for items such as guacamole and the margarita, the food and beverage industry is getting creative with substitutes like pineapple and grapefruit until price hysteria subsides. Those actions have led to a significant decrease in demand, despite the headlines.虽然柠檬是制作鳄梨色拉酱和玛格丽塔酒时不可缺少的原料之一,但食品和饮料行业还是创造性地使用菠萝和葡萄柚等水果当作柠檬的替代品,同时耐心等待这场柠檬危机过去。这种做法使得市场对柠檬的需求出现了显著的下降——尽管许多媒体还在不厌其烦地炒作“柠檬危机”。In other words, the story has completely changed from two weeks ago, the USDA market specialist tells Fortune. More shipments are crossing the border, and prices continue to drop each day, she says.这位USDA的专家还表示,换句话说,目前市场的情况和两周以前已经出现了根本的改观。越来越多的柠檬正从边境输入美国,而且价格每天都在下降。Typically lime prices in the summertime, the heaviest season, tend to be around to per crate. As of Wednesday, market experts say they#39;ve seen some of the lowest prices on limes since the price disruption began. Though Cinco de Mayo calls for an uptick in orders, demand is likely to waver after the holiday. But coupled with buyers tired of paying high prices means we may get to say farewell to lime austerity sooner than we thought.一般来说,柠檬在夏天旺季的价格一般都在每箱6到7美元之间。有市场专家表示,自上周三起,他们发现有些地方的柠檬价格已经出现了“柠檬危机”以来的最低价。虽然五月五日节的到来可能将推高柠檬的订单,但节后需求又将震荡下降。加上买家们已经厌倦了付高价,这可能意味着我们要比预想的提前跟柠檬危机说拜拜了。But will prices return to last year#39;s to per crate? Experts remain uncertain what normal will be following the hit the lime market has taken. But limes are not the only crop American consumers should worry about.但是,柠檬价格会回落到去年的每箱15到20美元的价格吗?专家们还不确定在这次危机后,柠檬市场将呈现什么样的态势。但是柠檬并不是美国消费者唯一应该担心的农作物。Prices for all fruits and vegetables are expected to rise between 3.5 and 4.5 %, according to a recent USDA Market News report. In February, USA Today reported the highest average retail cost for beef on record since 1987, while pork was up 6.8% and poultry shot up 4.7% over the last year.据USDA《市场新闻》报道,美国所有水果和蔬菜的价格预计将上涨3.5到4.5%。今年2月,《今日美国》(USA Today )称牛肉的零售价已升至1987年以来的最高点,同时猪肉价格上涨了6.8%,家禽价格也比去年同期上涨了4.7%。Meanwhile, droughts in Brazil have resulted in higher prices and lower production of Arabica coffee, the popular bean used in gourmet blends. Coffee prices have more than doubled since January as global demand grows, according to a Wall Street Journal report.与此同时,巴西的持续干旱已经导致阿拉伯咖啡的产量降低、价格升高,这种咖啡豆经常用在各种美食饮料里。另据《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal )报道,随着全球需求上涨,咖啡价格自今年一月起已经翻了一番。As the agriculture business continues to reel from severe weather, ;normal; prices have yet to be determined. Nonetheless, you can expect to see the citrus staple reappear -- at (somewhat) normal prices -- this summer, just in time for an ice-cold Michelada.由于农业持续遭受极端天气的打击,现在还不能确定“正常”价格会是什么样。但不论如何,今年夏天,柠檬将或多或少回归正常价格,正好来得及让你调一杯冰凉解暑的米切拉达酒。 /201405/299848昭通市第一人民医院看肛瘘多少钱 The co-pilot of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that has been missing since early on Saturday invited two female passengers into the cockpit on a previous flight, in a possible breach of security, one of the women said on Tuesday.曾搭乘过马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines)飞机的一名女子周二称,该航空公司失联航班的副机长曾在此前一个航班上邀请包括她在内的两名女性乘客进入驾驶舱,这可能违反了安全规定。South African holidaymaker Jonti Roos said she sat with the co-pilot, Fariq Ab Hamid, and other members of the flight crew from takeoff to landing, and took photos with them while the plane was in the air.南非度假者鲁斯(Jonti Roos)说,当时从飞机起飞到降落,她一直与这位名叫哈米德(Fariq Ab Hamid)的副机长和其他机组成员坐在一起,并且在飞行途中与他们合了影。Ms. Roos, a South African, was flying with a friend on Malaysia Airlines in late 2011 from the beach resort of Phuket in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur. She said they were invited by the pilots to travel in the cockpit while queuing to board the plane.鲁斯是在2011年年底与一位朋友共同搭乘了这个从泰国普吉岛飞往吉隆坡的马航的航班。她说,她们排队登机时,飞行员邀请她们在驾驶舱中度过这个行程。#39;My friend and I were I invited into the cockpit by (the) pilot and co-pilot, Fariq Ab Hamid, and sat there for the duration of the flight from takeoff until landing,#39; Ms. Roos said in a Facebook message sent to The Wall Street Journal. She said at least one of the pilots was smoking during the flight.鲁斯在发给《华尔街日报》的Facebook消息中说,她和她的朋友被机长和副机长邀请进入驾驶舱,从飞机起飞到降落,她们一直坐在那里。她说,在飞行过程中至少有一位飞行员抽烟了。#39;My friend and I were allowed to take photos in the cockpit without intervention, but didn#39;t in any way distract the pilots from their duties,#39; she said.她说,她和她的朋友被允许在驾驶舱中拍照,没有受到阻拦,但她们没有以任何方式影响这些飞行员值飞。Ms. Roos said she didn#39;t question the flight crew#39;s professionalism and didn#39;t feel unsafe during the flight. She said she wasn#39;t trying to imply that Mr. Fariq had any role in the disappearance of Flight MH370 and expressed sympathy to the families of those aboard.鲁斯说,她对机组的专业水平没有质疑,在飞行途中也没有感到不安全。她说,她并不是想暗示哈米德可能对MH370航班失联负有责任,她还对机上所有人的家属表示同情。Earlier Tuesday, Ms. Roos told Australian television network Nine that the two pilots at times were facing away from the airplane controls.周二早些时候,鲁斯对澳大利亚电视网Nine表示,当时机上两名飞行员的目光有时会离开飞机控制系统。Photographs given by Ms. Roos to Nine#39;s #39;A Current Affair#39; showed Mr. Fariq and another member of the flight crew posing with the women, who had put on the pilots#39; caps. At times, the flight crew flirted with the two friends, commenting on their nail varnish and suggesting they arrange to stay for a few days in Kuala Lumpur so they could meet up.鲁斯提供给Nine电视网“A Current Affair”节目的照片显示,哈米德和另一位机组成员与她们合影,她们还带着飞行员的帽子。当时,机组还时不时与她们调情,她们的指甲油,并建议她们在吉隆坡停留几日,那样他们就能见面了。#39;Throughout the whole flight they were talking to us,#39; Ms. Roos told the program. #39;They asked us if we couldn#39;t arrange a trip to stay in Kuala Lumpur for a few nights and they will take us out.#39;鲁斯对该节目表示,机组全程都在与她们交谈,并且询问她们是否能在吉隆坡住几晚,以便能带她们出去玩。The report comes as search and rescue teams attempt to locate the missing plane, which disappeared from radar early on Saturday over Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace less than an hour after takeoff on a flight to Beijing. The Boeing 777-200 aircraft was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew when it vanished.目前搜救队还在努力寻找这架失联飞机,周六早间这个原定飞往北京的航班在起飞后不到一小时突然在马来西亚和越南之间从雷达上消失。这架波音777-200飞机失联时机上有227名乘客和12名机组人员。A Malaysia Airlines representative said the company wanted to review the television report before commenting. The identities of the second pilot and the friend in the photos weren#39;t immediately known.马来西亚航空一位代表说,该公司要先了解一下这个电视报道,再做。鲁斯所说的另一位飞行员以及她的朋友的身份尚不得而知。 /201403/2796131. The whole Party and people of all ethnic groups of China should bear in mind the great history of Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression created by the blood and life of our people, the great glory gained by Chinese people in safeguarding national independence and freedom and defending the sovereignty and dignity of our motherland, as well as the outstanding contribution people had done for the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War. Therefore, we must cherish peace and warn the future while unwaveringly take the road of peaceful development, maintain world peace, and make joint efforts to push forward Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.全党全国各族人民要牢记由鲜血和生命铸就的中国人民抗日战争的伟大历史,牢记中国人民为维护民族独立和自由、捍卫祖国主权和尊严建立的伟大功勋,牢记中国人民为世界反法西斯战争胜利作出的伟大贡献,珍视和平、警示未来,坚定不移走和平发展道路,坚定不移维护世界和平,万众一心把中国特色社会主义推向前进。——2015.7.07 习近平参观《伟大胜利历史贡献》主题展览2. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the World Anti-Fascist War and the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression which started earlier than battles in other counries and last the longest. The commemorative activities we held are to reflect on the past, recall the revolutionary martyrs, cherish peace and warn the future. The related commemorative activities held by our two countries this year aim to safeguard the fruits of the victory of the Second World War and work together in promoting historical fairness and international justice.今年是中国人民抗日战争暨世界反法西斯战争胜利70周年,中国人民抗日战争开始得最早、持续时间最长。我们开展纪念活动,就是要铭记历史、缅怀先烈、珍爱和平、警示未来。两国今年举办相关纪念活动,为的是捍卫第二次世界大战胜利成果,共同弘扬历史公正和国际正义。——2015.5.11-12 习近平出访白俄罗斯3. Through legislation we have established the Commemorative Day to mark the victory of Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the Commemorative Day of Martyrs, and the National Memorial Day to commemorate victims of the Nanjing Massacre. Solemn ceremonies were held on these days. No matter how time changes, the sacrifice and contribution of those who gave their lives for the country, the nation and peace should be bore in mind forever.我们通过立法确定了中国人民抗日战争胜利纪念日、烈士纪念日、南京大屠杀死难者国家公祭日,举行了隆重活动。对一切为国家、为民族、为和平付出宝贵生命的人们,不管时代怎样变化,我们都要永远铭记他们的牺牲和奉献。——2014.12.31 习近平主席发表2015年新年贺词4. We must engrave in our bones and hearts the history and never forget it. Officers and soldiers should be educated to keep the humiliation of our country in mind, go all out to make our Chinese nation stronger, and never allow the reappearance of this historical tragedy.历史刻骨铭心,永远不能忘记。要教育官兵勿忘国耻、奋发图强,决不让历史悲剧重演。——2014.12.15 习近平视察南京军区机关5. History serves both as the best textbook and dose of sobriety. Chinese people always engrave in their bones and hearts the sufferings brought by wars and never cease to pursue peace. Throughout the world history, any external aggression and expansion relied on force was doomed to be defeated at last, and this is the law of history. China will adhere to the path of peaceful development and hope that all countries could follow together, thus letting our earth bathed under the peaceful sunshine forever.历史是最好的教科书,也是最好的清醒剂。中国人民对战争带来的苦难有着刻骨铭心的记忆,对和平有着孜孜不倦的追求。纵观世界历史,依靠武力对外侵略扩张最终都是要失败的。这是历史规律。中国将坚定不移走和平发展道路,并且希望世界各国共同走和平发展道路,让和平的阳光永远普照人类生活的星球。——2014.7.07 首都各界隆重纪念全民族抗战爆发七十七周年习近平出席并发表重要讲话6. Forgetting history is tantamount to betrayal. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the world war against fascism and the founding of the ed Nations. The BRICS countries should join all the peace-loving countries and peoples in the world in firmly opposing any attempt or action to deny, distort or even tamper with the history of that war, and in upholding its victorious outcome and international equity and justice. At the same time, we must learn the lessons of history, do away with the Cold War mentality and reject the zero-sum game, and work together to maintain peace and stability in various regions and across the world. We should stay committed to promoting democracy in international relations. The use or threat of sanctions in international relations at every turn will not help solve problems. Dialogue and negotiation should play a useful part in settling differences peacefully and politically.忘记历史就意味着背叛。今年是世界反法西斯战争胜利暨联合国成立70周年。金砖国家应该同世界上所有热爱和平的国家和人民一道,坚决反对否认、歪曲、篡改第二次世界大战历史的图谋和行径,共同维护第二次世界大战胜利成果和国际公平正义。同时,要以史为鉴,摒弃冷战思维,拒绝零和弈,共同维护地区和世界和平稳定。我们要继续致力于推动国际关系民主化。在国际关系中动辄制裁或以制裁相威胁,无助于解决问题。要倡导通过对话和谈判,以和平和政治方式解决分歧。——2015.7.09 习近平在金砖国家领导人第七次会晤上的讲话7. History will not be changed with the course of time, and facts will never fade away due to repudiation from the artful tongue. We should not be hostile to a nation for those aggressive wars launched by its few militarists in that the guilt and responsibility of war should not be imputed to its people, but the few militarists. However, people should not forget the serious crimes committed by invaders at any time. All the attitudes to ignore the history of aggressive war and all the statements to prettify the nature of aggressive war are doomed to jeopardize the peace and justice of humanity no matter how many times these words are said and no matter how high-sounding they are. People who love peace and justice must be strongly vigilant, and resolutely oppose these wrong words and deeds.历史不会因时代变迁而改变,事实也不会因巧舌抵赖而消失。我们不应因一个民族中有少数军国主义分子发起侵略战争就仇视这个民族,战争的罪责在少数军国主义分子而不在人民,但人们任何时候都不应忘记侵略者所犯下的严重罪行。一切罔顾侵略战争历史的态度,一切美化侵略战争性质的言论,不论说了多少遍,不论说得多么冠冕堂皇,都是对人类和平和正义的危害。对这些错误言行,爱好和平与正义的人们必须高度警惕、坚决反对。——2014.12.13 南京大屠杀死难者国家公祭仪式隆重举行习近平出席并发表重要讲话8. Facts are facts, and axioms are axioms. In the face of facts and axioms, all the intentionally irresponsible and misrepresented words and deeds are in vain. Black is black and cannot be washed in to white even if it is said for 10,000 times; white is white and can never be smeared in to black even though it is repeated for ten thousand times. All conducts to reverse the facts will eventually be proved to be self-deception.事实就是事实,公理就是公理。在事实和公理面前,一切信口雌黄、指鹿为马的言行都是徒劳的。黑的就是黑的,说一万遍也不可能变成白的;白的就是白的,说一万遍也不可能变成黑的。一切颠倒黑白的做法,最后都只能是自欺欺人。——2014.9.03 习近平在纪念中国人民抗日战争暨世界反法西斯战争胜利69周年座谈会上的讲话9. History is history, facts are facts. It is impossible for anyone to change the history and facts. Chinese people who have made tremendous sacrifices will firmly uphold the history written by blood and lives. Chinese people and people of all countries will never allow anyone to deny, distort or even prettify the history of aggression.历史就是历史,事实就是事实,任何人都不可能改变历史和事实。付出了巨大牺牲的中国人民,将坚定不移捍卫用鲜血和生命写下的历史。任何人想要否认、歪曲甚至美化侵略历史,中国人民和各国人民绝不答应!——2014.7.07 首都各界隆重纪念全民族抗战爆发七十七周年习近平出席并发表重要讲话10. Chinese people and people of all victim countries in Asia will say no to any statements and actions that attempt to distort or prettify the aggression history of Japan militarism, and so will Japanese people who believe in justice and conscience. The past experience, if not forgotten, can serve as a guide for the future. Remember the history, so we can create the future; remember the war, so we can uphold the peace. We believe Japanese people are also the victims of the war. After the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Chinese people rendered good for evil, helped millions of Japanese in China return Japan and raised thousands of Japanese war orphans which showed the great mind and boundless love of Chinese people.对任何企图歪曲美化日本军国主义侵略历史的言行,中国人民和亚洲受害国人民不答应,相信有正义和良知的日本人民也不会答应。前事不忘,后事之师。牢记历史,是为了开创未来;不忘战争,是为了维护和平。我们认为,日本人民也是那场战争的受害者。抗日战争结束后,中国人民以德报怨,帮助百万日侨重返家园,把数千名日本战争遗孤抚养成人,显示了中国人民的大胸怀和无疆大爱。——2015.5.23 习近平在中日友好交流大会上的讲话11. China and Russia will hold a series activities of celebration and commemoration, with the purpose of showing the determination to maintain the fruits of victory of the Second World War and the international fairness and justice and warning international public to cherish and safeguard the hard-won peace to prevent the repetition of the tragedy of war so as to create a better future of peace and development for all humanity.两国今年将举办一系列庆祝和纪念活动,目的是展现共同维护第二次世界大战胜利成果和国际公平正义的决心,警示世界人民珍惜和维护来之不易的和平,不允许重演战争悲剧,共创全人类和平与发展的美好未来。——2015.5.08-09 习近平抵达莫斯科出席纪念卫国战争胜利70周年庆典并访问俄罗斯12. Since time immemorial, peace has been people’s most enduring aspirations. Peace is as warm as sunshine and as moist as rain and dew with which all things on earth could thrive. Only with peace and stability can human beings realize their dreams better. Historical experience tells us that peace need to be strived for and safeguarded. Peace can be hopeful only when everyone cherish and maintain it and always remember painful lessons of the war.自古以来,和平就是人类最持久的夙愿。和平像阳光一样温暖、像雨露一样滋润。有了阳光雨露,万物才能茁壮成长。有了和平稳定,人类才能更好实现自己的梦想。历史告诉我们,和平是需要争取的,和平是需要维护的。只有人人都珍惜和平、维护和平,只有人人都记取战争的惨痛教训,和平才是有希望的。——2014.7.07 南京大屠杀死难者国家公祭仪式隆重举行习近平出席并发表重要讲话13. History is the best teacher who keeps a fair record of the paths that all countries have traveled and provides enlightenment for their future development. Chinese people are particular about “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you” all long. Peace is to China what air is to people as well as sunshine is to all things growing.历史是最好的老师,它忠实记录下每一个国家走过的足迹,也给每一个国家未来的发展提供启示。中国人历来讲求“己所不欲,勿施于人”。中国需要和平,就像人需要空气一样,就像万物生长需要阳光一样。——2014.3.30 习近平在德国科尔伯基金会的演讲14. The great victory of Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression is the historical turning point at which the Chinese nation steps into the course of the great rejuvenation from the deep crisis since modern times. It fully shows that the Chinese nation has the spirit to fight for the invaders to the last drop of blood, the determination to recover lost territory on the basis of self-reliance, and the ability to stand firm among the nations of the world. The great victory will go down in history of the Chinese nation and the peace of mankind!中国人民抗日战争的伟大胜利,为中华民族由近代以来陷入深重危机走向伟大复兴确立了历史转折点,充分显示了中华民族有同侵略者血战到底的气概,有在自力更生的基础上光复旧物的决心,有自立于世界民族之林的能力。这一伟大胜利,将永载中华民族史册,永载人类和平史册!——2014.9.03 习近平在纪念中国人民抗日战争暨世界反法西斯战争胜利69周年座谈会上的讲话15. Seventy years ago, Chinese people fought bloody wars and defeated the vicious Japanese militarism invaders and won the first complete victory in fighting against the foreign invasion since modern times. The great victory crashed Japanese militarists’ attempts to colonize and enslave China, cleaned the disgrace against foreign aggression in modern China, and re-established the great power status in the world. The Chinese people won the respect from peace-loving people around the world and opened up bright prospects for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The ancient Chinese has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and set foot on a new journey. The Chinese people have made great contribution to the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War and the maintenance of world peace.70年前,中国人民经过艰苦卓绝的浴血奋战,打败了穷凶极恶的日本军国主义侵略者,赢得了近代以来中国抗击外敌入侵的第一次完全胜利。这一伟大胜利,彻底粉碎了日本军国主义殖民奴役中国的图谋,洗刷了近代以来中国抗击外来侵略屡战屡败的民族耻辱;重新确立了我国在世界上的大国地位,中国人民赢得了世界爱好和平人民的尊敬;开辟了中华民族伟大复兴的光明前景,开启了古老中国凤凰涅槃、浴火重生的新征程。这一伟大胜利,也是中国人民为世界反法西斯战争胜利、维护世界和平作出的重大贡献。——2015.7.30 习近平主持中共中央政治局第二十五次集体会议 /201508/393945贵阳修文县治疗尖锐湿疣多少钱

贵阳权威肛肠医院The hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continued at full speed Tuesday, with 10 planes and nine ships joining the multinational search as the time left to find the plane#39;s #39;black-box#39; flight recorder runs critically low.寻找马航370航班的工作周二仍在全速推进,有10架飞机和9艘船只投入这场多国搜救。目前留给人们寻找黑匣子的时间已所剩不多。Now in its fourth week, the search has yielded little except satellite images and aerial photographs of objects that haven#39;t been linked to the missing plane. Numerous ships engaged in the hunt for the airliner-which vanished from civilian radar on March 8-have hauled in only unrelated scraps of junk.搜寻工作已进入第四周,除了一些卫星影像和航拍图片显示的与飞机没有关联的物体外,搜寻并未取得实质性进展。参与寻找客机的多艘船只只找到与飞机无关的碎片。3月8日,从吉隆坡起飞的马航370航班在飞往北京的途中从民用雷达上消失。A new search and coordination body, led by the former chief of Australia#39;s defense force, said Tuesday that weather in the search area was expected to be poor, with areas of low visibility. Military aircraft from seven nations will scour a remote stretch of the southern Indian Ocean comprising about 46,000 square miles on Tuesday, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre said in a statement.由澳大利亚前国防部长率领的新搜寻和协调机构周二说,搜寻区域的天气条件预计较差,能见度较低。联合机构协调中心(Joint Agency Coordination Centre, 简称JACC)在一份声明中称,周二将有来自七个国家的军用飞机在遥远的南印度洋约119,139平方公里(46,000平方英里)的海域进行搜索。Australian maritime authorities leading the operation abruptly shifted the search zone some 700 miles (1,100 kilometers) to the northeast last week, to about 1,150 miles (1,850 kilometers) west of Perth. The zone was moved again fractionally to the west on Monday, based on a reassessment of ocean drift taking into account a more circular counterclockwise current and eddies than in the earlier search zone to the south.牵头多国搜索工作的澳大利亚海事局上周突然将搜索区域向东北方向移动了1,100公里(700英里),新搜索区域位于珀斯以西约1,850公里(1,150英里)。本周一,搜索区域再次小幅西移,这是考虑到修改后的搜索区域比原先偏南的搜索区域有更强的呈逆时针方向的洋流和涡流。The new zone has more hospitable weather and ocean conditions than the one to the south, but also a lot more unrelated debris for searchers to investigate.相比南边的搜索区域,新搜索区域的天气比较宜人,海洋状况更好,但同时也有更多不相关的碎片需要搜索人员进行调查。#39;The intensity of our search and magnitude of our operations is increasing, not decreasing,#39; Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters in Perth on Monday. The operation remains #39;well short#39; of the point at which it could be called off.澳大利亚总理阿特(Tony Abbott)周一在珀斯对记者说,澳方的搜寻强度和规模都在加大,而不是在减小。他还说,搜索行动距离结束还相差很远。#39;If this mystery is solvable, we#39;ll solve it,#39; said Mr. Abbott, praising the search teams, which come from the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and New Zealand as well as Australia. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak plans to visit an air force base in Perth Wednesday in a show of support.阿特说,假如这个谜团是可以解开的,澳方就会努力解开它。他赞扬了搜索团队。搜索团队的成员来自美国、中国、日本、韩国、马来西亚、新西兰和澳大利亚。马来西亚总理纳吉布(Najib Razak)计划周三参观珀斯的一个空军基地以示持。Authorities calculate they may have as little as five days left before the plane#39;s black-box flight recorders stop emitting signals that could help searchers locate them deep underwater. After that point, they say, finding the recorders will become much more difficult and could mark a turning point in the search effort. Investigators for the Air FranceAirbus A330 that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 took almost two years to retrieve the plane#39;s data recorder.有关部门推测,还有五天失联客机的黑匣子飞行记录仪就会停止发出信号,而这些信号可以帮助搜索人员在深海中确定它们的位置。他们说,过了这个时间点,将更难以找到飞行记录仪,届时可能是搜索行动的一个转折点。2009年,法国航空公司(Air France)一架空中客车(Airbus) A330客机坠入大西洋,调查人员花了近两年时间才找到黑匣子。An Australian vessel carrying a U.S. Navy black-box locator that can detect flight-recorder signals left for the search area on Monday night from Perth after completing trials. Ocean Shield, a vessel built to operate in Antarctic weather, is expected to arrive in the search area by April 5-leaving teams as little as two days to locate the recorders in depths of some 6,500 feet to 13,000 feet (2,000 meters to 4,000 meters).在完成试航后,澳大利亚“海盾号”舰船(Ocean Shield)携带美国海军的黑匣子信号探测器周一晚间从珀斯起航,前往搜索区域。“海盾号”可在极地气候下工作,预计将在4月5日前到达搜索区域,这意味着搜救队只剩下两天时间在水深6,500英尺至13,000英尺(约合2,000米至4,000米)的海域定位黑匣子。 Experts say the pinger locator has to be towed at a speed of just three knots-three nautical miles an hour-to work effectively. That limits its search area to about 150 square miles (400 square kilometers) a day.专家们表示,声波定位仪只有在每小时三海里(约每小时5.6公里)的速度被拖曳时才能有效工作,因此每天的搜索范围被限制在150平方英里(约合400平方公里)左右。Malaysian Defense Minister Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said Monday he would ask the U.S. and other nations about getting more equipment to search deep below the surface. He plans to put the request to Association of Southeast Asian Nations defense ministers, who are meeting in Hawaii starting Tuesday.马来西亚国防部长希山慕丁(Hishammuddin Hussein)周一表示,他将请求美国和其他国家动用更多设备在海平面以下展开搜索。他计划向周二开始在夏威夷召开会议的东南亚国家联盟(Association of Southeast Asian Nations)的国防部长们提出这一请求。Denise Hardesty, a research scientist at Australia#39;s national science agency, which is advising the search teams, said it is likely the area being searched is one where currents frequently bring floating garbage together.澳大利亚国家科学机构的研究科学家丹尼斯#8226;哈德斯蒂(Denise Hardesty)说,洋流经常会使海面上漂浮的垃圾聚集在一起,目前的搜寻区域可能就属于这样一块区域。澳大利亚国家科学机构为搜救团队提供顾问务。#39;We estimate there are tens of thousands of objects in any given square kilometer of the ocean,#39; she said, adding that while most are quite small it isn#39;t uncommon for containers and other large objects to fall into the water from commercial and fishing vessels. The large number of objects aly spotted by search teams suggests this is an area of #39;convergence,#39; Ms. Hardesty said.她说,我们估计在任何给定的平方公里海域都会有成千上万个漂浮物;虽然漂浮物中大部分是很小的物体,但集装箱等大型物体从商用船只或渔船上掉入海里的情况也并不罕见。她说,搜救队已经发现大量漂浮物,说明这一地带是漂浮物的密集区。Chinese, Australian and New Zealand aircraft have each spotted objects in recent days, raising hopes the authorities had made the right call in shifting the search area-a decision based on new calculations of radar data provided by Malaysians investigators. But items fished out of the water so far have turned out to be unrelated to the missing plane.最近几天,来自中国、澳大利亚和新西兰的飞机都发现了漂浮物,这使人们觉得当局转变搜寻区域的决定是正确的。这一决定的依据是对马来西亚调查人员提供的雷达数据进行的新的推算。然而到目前为止,被打捞上来的漂浮物都被明与失踪飞机无关。 /201404/283661花溪区治疗痔疮哪家医院好排名哪里 贵阳超微创肛肠医院看肠道疾病好不好

昭通治疗肛门损伤医院 What London should do about its airports has not figured much in the UK election campaign so far. That is no surprise: the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats are all riven on the issue, particularly over whether Heathrow should have a third runway.伦敦该采取哪些措施来完善其机场?这个问题迄今还未在英国的竞选活动中被太多提及。这并不意外:保守党(Conservative)、工党(Labour)和自由民主党(Liberal Democrat)在这个问题上各有各的主张,在希思罗机场(Heathrow)是否该建第三条跑道的问题上分歧尤其大。Meanwhile Hong Kong, which as long ago as 1998 opened a new airport on an island away from the city centre, is about to run out of space.与此同时,香港面临着即将无闲地可用的局面。香港上次建新机场还是在1998年,当时它把新机场建在了远离市中心的一座岛上。Dead set on holding on to its status as Asia’s premier business hub, Hong Kong’s governors had no doubt what to do: last month its executive council approved a third Hong Kong runway.为了坚决守住香港作为亚洲最重要商业中心的地位,香港政府对于该做什么心中没有半点犹豫:上月,香港行政会议(Executive Council)批准兴建香港国际机场(Hong Kong International Airport)第三条跑道。UK business lobbyists and airlines can only despair. While Britain debates, others act.英国商业游说人士及航空公司能做的却只有失望。英国还在争论的时候,别人已采取行动了。For Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, Conservative parliamentary candidate and pretender to the Tory leadership, it is worse than this.在伦敦市长、保守党议员候选人、觊觎保守党领袖宝座的鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)看来,情况比这还要糟。A fierce opponent of a third Heathrow runway, Mr Johnson has long championed a Hong Kong solution: a new airport in the Thames Estuary. Just as Hong Kong realised it could not continue with its cramped Kai Tak Airport, where landing passengers could see into people’s apartments, Mr Johnson argues Heathrow’s position in densely populated west London makes expansion there impossible.约翰逊强烈反对希思罗机场建第三条跑道,他长久以来一直倡导采用香港的解决办法:在泰晤士河口(Thames Estuary)建一座新机场。正如香港意识到无法继续使用其窄小的启德机场(Kai Tak Airport,乘客在该机场降落时能看到附近居民公寓内的景象),约翰逊认为,由于希思罗机场位于人口密集的西伦敦,在那里扩建是不可能实现的。On a visit to Hong Kong in 2013, Mr Johnson pushed his claim for a London airport on what has been dubbed “Boris Island”, saying: “Ambitious cities such as Hong Kong have stolen a march on us.”2013年访问香港时,约翰逊兜售了其在伦敦某地新建一座机场的主张——该地如今已被人们戏称为“鲍里斯岛”(Boris Island)——他当时说道:“香港等雄心勃勃的城市已偷偷抢在我们前面。”The most galling part is that the UK companies and architects who should be planning a new London airport have been doing Hong Kong’s work instead.最令人难堪的是,原本应该在为伦敦规划新机场的英国公司和建筑师,反而一直在为香港的机场建设工作。When Mr Johnson toured Hong Kong’s airport he heard about the UK firms that built it: Mott MacDonald and Arup engineers, and Foster+Partners architects, the would-be designers of a Thames Estuary airport.约翰逊参观香港的机场时,获悉有英国人参与了该机场的建设:莫特麦克唐纳(Mott MacDonald)和奥雅纳(Arup)的工程师,以及渴望成为泰晤士河口机场设计者的福斯特建筑事务所(Foster amp; Partners)的建筑师。Hong Kong’s new runway is not without its critics. At HK1.5bn, it is expensive. Hong Kong also has a construction worker shortage.香港的新跑道并非没有招致非议。1415亿港元的建造费用,实在是成本不菲。香港还面临建筑工人短缺的问题。Still, the former colony is going ahead while the UK dithers. The outgoing Conservative-Liberal coalition appointed the Davies Commission to tell it what to do about London’s airports, but only after the election.尽管如此,在英国踌躇不前时,这块前英国殖民地却在向前迈进。任期即将结束的保守党-自由民主党联合政府,委派戴维斯委员会(Davies Commission,由经济学家霍华德#8226;戴维斯爵士(Sir Howard Davies)任主席的机场委员会——译者注)来告诉它该怎么解决伦敦机场问题,但只能等到大选后再公布。The commission has aly, unwisely in my view, dismissed Mr Johnson’s airport. It will probably recommend a third Heathrow runway or a second at Gatwick. While I believe the next government should accept the recommendation and get on with it, I realise that the expected indecisive election outcome makes that unlikely.该委员会已经摒弃了约翰逊的机场方案,在我看来这么做并不明智。它很可能会建议在希思罗机场建第三条跑道,或在盖特威克机场(Gatwick)建第二条跑道。虽然我认为下届政府应该接受建议并着手落实,但我明白,预期中的分不出明显胜负的大选结果会使这种想法变得很难实现。Is there anything UK politicians can unite around in the meantime? I think there is: a move to bigger aircraft.另一方面,是否存在某种让英国政治人士能够一致认可的方案?我认为存在,那就是改用更大的飞机。I was struck by Hong Kong’s account of why its two runways had run out of space. The planners had assumed that the vast majority of aircraft would be large, with an average of 300 people on board. Instead, airlines have used smaller narrow-bodied planes with an average of 190 passengers on each.香港对其两条跑道为何不够用的解释令我深有感触。规划者原以为绝大多数客机会是大飞机,平均载客量300人。事实正好相反,航空公司使用了较小的窄体客机,平均载客量190人。This is part of a worldwide move towards point-to-point flights, rather than connecting passengers feeding into large aircraft at hub airports.这反映出,全球正转向点对点直飞,而不是让旅客乘坐大飞机在枢纽机场中转。This is why the giant Airbus A380 has struggled to find customers.这正是巨型客机空客A380 (Airbus A380)很难找到顾客的原因。Hong Kong says it is consumer choice. Yes. But flying has a huge impact on pollution, noise levels and neighbourhoods. Governments can influence how people fly.香港方面表示,这是顾客的选择。这没错,但飞行对污染、噪声水平和机场附近居民区有着巨大影响。政府可以影响人们的飞行方式。For a city such as London, with huge visitor numbers and constrained airport capacity, bigger planes are environmentally preferable, particularly with the old Boeing 747s reaching the end of their lives and the availability of quieter replacements such as the A380, extensively used at Dubai airport by Emirates.对于伦敦这样游客数量巨大、机场容量有限的城市而言,更大的飞机从环保角度讲更为适用一些,尤其是考虑到老式的波音747 (Boeing 747)已快退役、市面上已经出现了更为宁静的替代者——比如阿联酋航空(Emirates)在迪拜机场大量使用的空客A380。The Liberal Democrats went into the 2010 election pledging to replace the UK’s air duty, which is imposed on each departing passenger, with a tax on each aircraft instead. Labour has discussed it too. In coalition, the Conservatives initially agreed, before saying a per-plane tax appeared to be against international law.2010年,自由民主党在参加竞选时曾承诺,以针对每架飞机征收的税项取代英国的航空旅客税(Air Passenger Duty),后者是针对每名离港旅客征收。工党也讨论过这个问题。在联合政府内部,保守党最初同意了自由民主党的主张,但后来表示针对每架飞机征税似乎违反国际法。The Lib-Dems talked about a tax that would increase with the weight of the aircraft and the distance flown.自由民主党说的是一种税额与飞机重量和飞行距离正相关的税。Why not a flat per-plane tax? That would encourage airlines to fly with larger, fuller aircraft and to prioritise long over short journeys, encouraging more people to travel by rail on those.为何不征单一税呢?征单一税会鼓励航空公司使用更大、更宽体的飞机,优先发展长程而非短程航班,从而鼓励更多的人在短途旅行时乘坐火车。As a House of Commons Library note said, it was not clear what law a per-plane tax contravened. It is worth looking into. If Britain is no longer an airports pioneer it can at least lead the way to more sustainable flying.正如英国下议院图书馆(House of Commons Library)一份报告所指出的那样,尚不清楚针对每架飞机征税违反哪部法律。这值得研究研究。如果英国不再是“机场先锋”,那么它最起码能在更可持续的飞行方面走在前列。 /201504/370007贵州省贵阳云岩区治疗女性痔疮哪家医院好排名哪里贵阳治疗混合痔多少钱



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