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池州市妇幼保健院正规的吗池州市第二人民医院做药流青阳县人民医院治疗妇科怎么样 池州男科治疗男性不育多少钱

池州哪家医院割包皮好陵阳丁桥镇杜村乔木酉华乡开发区男科咨询 Fancy yourself as the president’s daughter? You might at least be able to look ... a bit ... like Ivanka Trump if you fork out big bucks and go under the knife — in China.想变成总统的女儿?在中国,如果你愿意掏上一大笔钱再挨上几刀,或许可以变得和伊万卡有那么一点点相似之处。A Chinese plastic surgery operation is promising to make the transformation now that it has a trademark Ivanka business name.中国一家整形中心承诺可以让你变成伊万卡的样子,他们还把伊万卡的名字注册成了商标。The Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management Company does it all: eye and nose surgery, liposuction and breast enlargement. But its specialty will be turning out more Ivankas.佛山伊万卡医院管理有限公司的整形项目包括:眼部整形、鼻子整形、抽脂和隆胸。但这里的特色项目就是把你变得更像伊万卡。“No doubt young women here want Ivanka’s big eyes, her pretty nose and lips and her flawless figure,” Li Yunxing, a spokesman for the company in southeast China told The Washington Post.该公司发言人李运兴(音)接受华盛顿邮报采访时说:“中国的年轻女性想要拥有和伊万卡一样的大眼睛、美丽精致的鼻子和嘴唇,还有她那完美无瑕的身材。”Though the Chinese might be tough on Donald Trump, they’re soft on the first daughter. China’s English-language newspaper The Global Times has declared that Ivanka balances her dad’s “harsh posture.”虽然中国人可能不太喜欢川普,不过大家还是很喜欢伊万卡的。中国的英语报纸《环球时报》称伊万卡缓解了川普的负面形象。Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Marc Mani tells People magazine that Ivanka Trump has a face that appeals to some Chinese standards of beauty with her small chin, cheekbones that aren’t too pronounced, a heart-shaped face and large eyes.比弗利山庄整形医生Marc Mani接受《人物》杂志采访时称,伊万卡的脸型比较符合中国人对美的定义:心形脸、小下巴、大眼睛、颧骨微凸。It’s also appealing to Americans. A Houston plastic surgeon told USA Today that Ivanka Trump is the new “style icon” for nip-and-tuck makeovers. One woman went under the knife for six hours and forked over ,000 to edge a bit closer to the Ivanka look.美国人同样也无法抗拒这样的容貌。休斯顿的一位整形医生接受《今日美国》采访时称伊万卡已经成为整形界的“新风尚”了。有人花3万美元动6个小时的手术就为了能变得和伊万卡像一点。“I was very much interested in the election, and that’s when I started thinking she was pretty,” said the patient, who particularly liked Ivanka’s nose, cheeks — and breasts.这位患者特别喜欢伊万卡的鼻子、脸颊和胸部:“我对大选挺感兴趣的,也是在关注大选的时候发觉伊万卡很美。”The Chinese plastic surgery business was one of hordes of operations — from a wrinkle cream manufacturer to a coffee company — that filed 258 applications with China’s Trademark Office the last two months of 2016 with the name Ivanka, Ivanka Trump or something similar, the Post reported.2016年底这两个月,中国商标局收到258份想要把“伊万卡”、“伊万卡·特朗普”或类似名字作为商标的申请,申请者从抗皱霜制造商到咖啡公司应有尽有,整形医院只是九牛一毛。Ivanka Trump has nine trademarks in China of her own, with 26 applications pending that include clothing, skin care products and umbrellas.伊万卡·特朗普本人在中国有9个商标,还有26个申请待审核,涉及领域包括饰、护肤品、雨伞等。The Chinese government recently provisionally approved 38 trademarks for President Trump, raising anew concerns about conflicts of interest for businessman Trump receiving benefits from China while he is in charge of foreign policy as president.近日,中国政府临时审核批准了特朗普总统注册的38个商标,这一举动再次引起注意,特朗普作为一个商人会不会利用总统身份之便在中国牟利,这种利益冲突令人担忧。 /201703/499397池州市石台人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

池州男科医院几楼Featuring perfectly replicated seams, soles and shoelaces, as well as impressively realistic finish, these life-size chocolate shoes seem made of genuine brown leather.缝合线、鞋底、鞋带都高度仿照实物,并经过精心打磨,这些实物大小的巧克力鞋子就像是真正的棕色皮鞋。The Gentleman’s Radiance chocolate line is the creation of master chocolatier Motohiro Okai of Rihga Royal Hotel’s chocolate boutique L’éclat, in Osaka, Japan. 然而它们的真实身份却是日本大阪丽嘉皇家酒店旗下的巧克力店L’éclat推出的绅士光系列产品,全部出自巧克力大师冈井元弘之手。Each leather show measures 26 centimeters (10.2 inches) in length, and is crafted exclusively from chocolate, including the insole and laces. 每只皮鞋长26公分(10.2英寸),从鞋垫到鞋带均以纯巧克力定制而成,鞋身有浅棕、深棕和红棕三种色调。The shoes come in three different shades of brown leather – light, dark and red-brown – and have a realistic shiny finish which Okai achieved after a painstaking process of trial and error.经过大师的千万次尝试,整个作品如同真皮鞋一般色泽明亮。Each pair of life-size chocolate shoes comes bundled with shoe care accessories, including a shiny shoehorn made from chocolate and a jar of shoe cream that actually contains round disks of tempered chocolate.每双实物大小的巧克力皮鞋都配有一套护理配件,包括一副由巧克力制成的鞋拔子和一罐鞋油——盛放巧克力浓浆的圆盘。The workmanship and attention to detail that went into creating the Gentleman’s Radiance chocolate shoes is best reflected by the obscene price tag of a pair – 29,160 yen (US8.45). 巧克力皮鞋每双售价高达29,160日元(258.45美元),冈井元弘创作该系列作品时的匠心精神和精致做工在价格标签上得到了完美体现。Only nine pairs will be made available for purchase, and only by reservation.全球限量9双,只接受订购。If you’re actually considering spending more money on a pair of chocolate shoes than most people spend for actual footwear, you should know that reservations for the Gentleman’s Radiance line will be accepted between January 20 – February 7, with deliveries for 7-14 February, in time of Valentine’s Day.如果您正考虑以远远高出实物的价格来购买一双仿真巧克力艺术品,请记住:绅士光系列产品的订购日期为2017年1月20日—2月7日,发货时间为2月7日—14日(情人节)。 /201612/481148 Do you hate getting into a cold bed before you go to sleep? Look no further than Russian entrepreneur Viktoria Ivachyova – the world#39;s first professional bed warmer.你讨厌睡觉前钻进一个冷冰冰的被窝吗?那么再也没有比俄罗斯创业者维克多利亚·伊瓦秋娃更适合你的了,她是世界上第一位职业暖床师!Ivachyova, 21, will lie in your bed for an hour before your bedtime for a one-off fee of 4,900 roubles (65 pounds) or R94,800 (1,290 pounds) per month to ensure you have the comfiest night#39;s sleep possible.在你睡觉前,21岁的维克多利亚·伊瓦秋娃会在你的被窝里躺一个小时,一次收费4900卢布(约合65英镑),包月94800卢布(约合1290英镑),可以让你有一个最舒适的睡眠。She also bumps up her fees depending on how big your bed is because there#39;s more cold for her to warm up. A daily warming for a month in a king-size bed will cost you 1,400 pounds.而且她还会按照客户的床的大小来收费,因为床越大,她需要暖的地方就越多。如果一个特大号床每天都要暖床的话,一个月要收费1400英镑。There is one ground rule, however – no touching, no sex. In fact, she promises to carry a panic button with her just in case any clients get the wrong idea and jump into bed with her.但是有一项基本原则——没有接触,没有性关系。事实上她会随身携带一个应急按钮,以防某些客户心生邪念想要和她一起睡。Clients are welcome to stay in the room with her and they are even allowed to strike up a conversation as she claims she#39;s a ;great listener; and enjoys listening to men about their issues.维克多利亚·伊瓦秋娃允许客户在自己暖床时和自己待在同一个房间里,甚至还允许客户搭讪自己,因为她说自己是一个“很棒的倾听者”,很喜欢听男人们说自己的事情。She claims one man called her the day after his appointment and said ;Vika, you#39;re magic. Today I woke up, and I want to live.;她表示,曾经有一个男人在务结束第二天打电话给自己说:“维卡,你太神奇了!今天我一觉睡到大天亮,我又有了活下去的动力!”Interest in Viktoria#39;s strange new service has reportedly gone through the roof, forcing the Russian girl to hire more female staff to meet the demand.据报道,对维克多利亚这项新奇务感兴趣的人非常多,使得这位俄罗斯姑娘不得不雇佣更多的女性员工来满足市场需求。If you want your bed warmed by Viktoria, all you have to do is book an appointment with her and she will arrive dressed in her pyjamas y for her hour-long session.如果你想要维克多利亚给你暖床,你只要跟她预约就好了,她会穿着睡衣前来,在被窝里躺上一个小时。While she claims most of her clientele are currently men, she has not ruled out the possibility of taking on female clients if there is sufficient interest.她表示,虽然目前大多数客户都是男性,但是她并没有排除会有女性客户上门的可能,只要她们也有足够的兴趣的话。 /201702/494279石台医院在哪安徽池州市妇幼保健院药房



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