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In Denmark, happiness comes from equality; in Singapore,happinesscomes from the rule of law; in the slums of Calcutta, India,happiness comes from the hearts of people that depends on eachother.丹麦人的幸福感源于平等;新加坡人的幸福感源于法律;印度加尔各答贫民窟的人的幸福感源于相互依靠彼此的心。It is not difficult to see, whether a personis happy or not,largely depends on two aspects. One is external, that is thesocialenvironment we live in; the other is internal, that is ourpersonalattitude to life. Today, we (Chinese people) are not happy,also can beanalyzed in several aspects.不难发现,一个人幸福与否,更多地取决于这两个方面:一个是外部的,即我们居住的社会大环境;另一个是内部的,即我们自己对待生活得态度。现在我们中国人感到不幸福,也可以分析为以下几个方面。1.Lack of faith (beliefs)1.缺乏信念。Most people do not know what the expectationsare in one#39;s wholelife, simply put it, you do not know what you want.Confucius atecoarse rice, drank water, didn#39;t even have pillows when sleepingandused his arms as pillows, but Confucius said, ;Happiness iswithin;; Hesaid, ;A basket of cooked rice, a ladle of water, livingin the ghetto alley;,others might think this is an unbearable life,but Confucius was able to ;keephis happiness;. Why? Because he knewwhat he is pursuing in this life.许多人都不知道他人生中最期待的是什么,仅仅放下,你不知道你想要什么。孔子吃糙米喝水,甚至睡觉都没有枕头,而仅仅以手臂为枕,但孔夫子说,;乐亦在其中矣;;他说:;饭疏食,饮水,曲肱而枕之;,其他人可能认为这是不能忍受的生活,但孔子却能;保持幸福;。为什么呢?因为他知道他追求的就是这种生活。2.Always comparing2.老是比较。Western saying goes, Whether a person isfortunate or not, happyor not, does not depend on how big of accomplishmenthe/she hasachieved, but from the way how the neighbors look at them. Whenwhatwe are pursuing is not happiness, but to be happier thanothers, then happinesswill be even further away from us.西方谚语说,一个人是否幸运,是否快乐,不取决于他取得了多大的成就,而是他的邻居怎么看他。一旦我们追求的不是如何幸福,而是怎么比别人幸福时,幸福反而会更加远离我们。3.Living in happiness without realizing it3.生在福中不知福。If a light has been constantly lit, you willnot pay attention toit, but if it is brighter and darker at times, or if it ison andoff at times, you will notice. Similarly, sometimes we are enviedbyothers, but we hardly notice it. Only if one day we loss that,then we willrealize.如果灯被点亮,你就不会去注意它,如果它时亮时暗或者时关时开,你就会注意到它。同样道理,有时我们被别人艳羡,我们不大发觉。可一旦某天失去了,我们就会察觉。4.Not moved by beautiful things4.缺乏发现美的眼睛。;The spring wind is so selfless, not askingfor anything inreturn but blossomed millions of flowers。; We may not havetheability to create beauty, but have we been appreciating thebeauty of nature,or the beautiful things created by others? Weoften ignore and unaware of thenatural beauty, artistic beauty,spiritual beauty and many beautiful things inlife around us.;春风如此无私,不问索取,却使得遍地花开。;我们可能不能创造美,但可以欣赏自然美,或者其他人创造的美。我们常常忽视或不了解自然之美、艺术之美,精神之美以及一切我们身边美好的事物。5.Do not know how to give5.不知奉献。Zhang Shangying from Song dynasty said,;Nothing is happier thanbeing happy of doing good deeds;, only a person whoknows how togive rather than just take can be truly happy. Charity is notaprivilege of the rich. Donating millions to disaster relief ischarity, give astranger a smile is also charity.宋朝的张商英曾说,;没有比做好事更快乐的了。;只有当一个人懂得给予而不是一味索取的时候才会感到真正的快乐。慈善不是富人的特权。捐献几百万救灾是慈善,给陌生人个微笑也是慈善。6.Not being content6.不知足。How much does a person need to be satisfied?Never enough!一个人什么时候才能满足?永远不会满足。When you are not happy because you don#39;t haveshoes, have younoticed those who do not have feet? Contentmentbringshappiness.当你不满足是因为你没有一双鞋的时候,你注意到有些人没有穿鞋的脚了吗?知足常乐。Harold Albert is the academic director of the University ofCalifornia. Once he walked on the streetfull of dissatisfaction andconfusion because he had aly lost his job andwas looking fornew work. He walked in the road like a depressed person,completelylost confidence and courage.HaroldAlbert是加州大学的教务处主任。有次,他曾满怀不满和困惑地走在街头,因为他丢了工作,在找新的工作。他走在路上像个沮丧的人,失去了信心和勇气。Just then, a man with no legs came, sitting ona small woodenplatform which was attached with wheels from old skates. Hecarried2 pieces of wood and wheeled himself across the street.就在这时,一个没有腿的人经过,坐在一个附着在旧溜冰轮子的木头平板上,带着两片木头,滑过街道。When Harold saw him, he had just crossed thestreet, trying toraise himself a few inches to get on the pavement. Harold#39;seyes methis, the disabled man said happily, ;Good morning! Sr. Nicemorningweather, is not it?; At the time Harold felt a strange senseof satisfaction.He thought, I have 2 legs, he has no legs, but heis so happy, what reason do Ihave to be upset? So Harold becamemore confident, and went on happily.Harold发现了他,他刚穿过街,试着把自己举高几英寸以登上人行道。他们四目相对,那个残疾人高兴地说:;早上好!早上天气真好,不是吗?;这时Harold感到一种莫名的满足。他想,他有两条腿,而他却没有腿,但他仍然开心,他又有什么理由心烦呢?所以,Harold变得更加自信,快乐地生活着。7.Anxiety is everywhere7.无处不焦虑。Anxiety of safety, wealth, health and anxietyof children#39;seducation and employment… Only a person who is carefree canbehappy.担心安全、财富、健康,担心孩子的教育问题和工作……只有当一个人不焦虑时才能幸福快乐。8.Too much pressure/stress8.压力过大。Political pressure, pressure from work,family, emotional stress,financial stress, interpersonal pressure,psychological pressure andphysical pressure.政治压力,工作、家庭压力,情绪上的压力,经济压力,人际关系压力,心理和生理压力。9.Standards are too high9.标准太高。Using person#39;s own standard to demand others;If I can, why can#39;tyou?;用自己的标准去要求他人,;我能做到,为什么你不能?;Using other#39;s standard to demand oneself, ;Ifhe can, why can#39;tI?;用他人的标准来要求自己,;他能做到,为什么我不能?;10.Not being oneself10.不能做回自己。A person who becomes a good son, a goodhusband, a good father, agood friend, a good partner… but if a person cannotbecome someonethat himself/herself desires, always fighting with oneself,thenthis person has no balance, and naturally, it is difficult forhim/her to betruly happy.一个人能做到好儿子,好爸爸,好朋友,好伴侣,但是如果一个人不能做到他想做到的,老是和自己斗争,那么他就平衡不了,自然很难让他自己真正快乐起来。 /201207/191292。

Women are the most complex creatures known, they are sweet, charming, but they have different sense of everything, they are the difficult ones to please, yes! Take an example of your mother!女人是世界上最复杂的生活。她们一会儿甜美迷人,一会儿又性情大变、难以讨好。想想你老妈!(你懂的~)I am not writing this post to offend all the females out there, but there are some habits that I am mentioning here which are really annoying! You will surely find the ten habits worth laughing, but poor you all we cannot change! As it is the women factor in us.我这么说并非要挑起公愤,但下面一些习惯不仅烦人,还很可笑;可怕的是,我们还没法改掉;;因为女人生来如此!10. Comparison攀比;He used to be like that and you;!; or ;Stop acting like him!; Well these statementsare the ones which made them do whatever they want to, and this habit is really annoying for guys, as they hate being compared!;以前他对我;;可你呢!;;你别跟他学啦!;;;这种话总能让女人达到目的,可男人却烦恼无比,他们讨厌被比较!9. Crying at everything哭!哭!哭!;My friend just got dumped!*tears*;, ;It#39;s my 16trh Birthday!*tears*;, ;I want to have an ice cream!*tears*; and the waterworksbegin on every single thing! And when you ask them what happened! They are like ;No, everything is fine!; Take this FINE really seriously, because it consists of some seriously INSANE things that happened to her, and the tears just start flowing until they are quiet! Well actually they don#39;t just become quiet but they feel better, and start talking again.;我朋友刚被甩了!(洒泪~);,;这是我16岁生日!(洒泪~);,;我要吃冰激凌!(洒泪~);几乎任何小事都能刺激到女人的泪腺。如果你问她们怎么了,她们可能会说;没什么;;可你别以为真没事;;肯定有什么犄角旮旯的事发生了。而且,她们一般会哭上好长时间才会静下来。其实她们感觉好点儿也不会静下来,她们会又开始说不停了。 /201202/172488。

Late one night at the insane asylum one inmate shouted, ;I am Napoleon!;Another one said, ;How do you know?;The first inmate said, ;God told me!;Just then, a voice from another room shouted, ;I did not!;疯人院 一天晚上,在疯人院里,一个病人说:;我是拿破仑!;另一个说:;你怎么知道?;第一个人说:;上帝对我说的!;一会儿,一个声音从另一个房间传来:;我没说! /201202/171288。

With roads and tube lines set to be more congested than ever this summer a few people may be tempted to use it an excuse for a day off.今年夏天,英国的马路和地铁将出现前所未有的拥挤,有些人可能会很想以交通堵塞为由请假。But for employees at data services provider Interxion a chaotic commute during the Olympics will hold no weight.然而对数据务供应商Interxion的雇员来说,奥运期间混乱的交通不足为惧。That#39;s because, in a bid to keep things ticking over this summer, bosses at the London company are asking staff to sleep at work - in space pods.这是因为这家伦敦公司的老板们今夏为了保持公司正常运转,让员工睡在办公室的“太空舱”里。Far from sleeping on the job engineers at the Brick Lane based firm in east London will be asked to stay behind and sleep in the claustrophobic capsules to avoid the rush hour.这家公司的工程师完全不是在工作时打盹,而是为了躲避交通高峰期,被留宿在幽闭的“太空舱”里。这家公司的总部位于伦敦东部的砖块街。And while other companies are set to offer staff the luxury of working from home during the Games the firm behind the capsules hope to get more workplaces on board.其他公司打算奥运会期间让员工享受在家工作的待遇,而这家设置“太空舱”的公司希望能增加更多工作人员用舱。Podtime, the firm behind the unusual cabins, are billing them as the perfect solution to the Olympics#39; congested commute.发明这种奇特的太空舱的Podtime公司宣称这是应对奥运会交通拥堵的最佳方案。On their official website they state #39;London businesses will be severely affected by the transport problems caused by the Olympics.该公司在官方网站上说道:“伦敦商业将会因奥运会导致的交通问题而受到严重影响。;Cost effective and versatile pods provide the best solution to this by allowing your staff to stay on site as necessary, in comfort and privacy.;“太空舱成本低又集多功能于一身,通过让员工在必要的时候就地留宿,又舒适又清静,为奥运交通问题提供了最佳解决方法。”Coming in a range of colours, the capsules made of polycarbonate, sell at anything from pound;1,375.这种小舱用聚碳酸酯制成,有多种颜色,起价为1375英镑。The stock models are fitted with either foam mattresses or a standard single mattress as well as a storage shelf, mirror and power points.这种小舱的模型内装有储物架、镜子和电源插座,还有泡沫床垫或标准单人床垫。These types of capsules have been around for years, in hotels, but Interxion is thought to be among the first to have them stalled at the workplace.多年前旅馆里就已经有这种小舱,但据认为Interxion是第一个将这种小舱安置在工作场所的公司。An independent report carried out by Oxford Economics last year estimated that around 450,000 visitors will stay in the capital while 5.5 million people will visit for at least a day during the Games.《牛津经济学》去年发布的一份独立报告估计,奥运会期间约有45万游客将在首都伦敦停留,550万人至少会在伦敦停留一天。This will inevitably mean more cars on the road and greater congestion on the Underground.这意味着马路上不可避免地会有更多车,地铁里也必然会更加拥挤。 /201204/179085。

How Bad Are iPods for Your Hearing?Hearing loss is more common than ever before. About 16% of American adults have an impaired ability to hear speech, and more than 30% of Americans over age 20 — an estimated 55 million people — have lost some high-frequency hearing, according to a new study published Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The finding has got experts — and concerned parents — wondering anew: Does listening to loud music through headphones lead to long-term hearing loss? Brian Fligor, director of diagnostic audiology at Children's Hospital Boston, explains how much damage your headphone habit might cause — and how to mitigate your risk.在现在的社会,听力丧失越来越普遍了。《内科医学文献》周一发表的一份调查研究显示,约16%的美国成年人对日常对话的听力削弱了,近30%的20周岁以上的年轻人,人数大约在55,000,000,已经丧失了对部分高频率声音的听觉。这项发现重新引起了相关人士及专家的担心:长时间通过耳机听大音量的音乐是否会导致人的听力丧失?来自波士顿儿童医院的听力学诊断教授,Brian Fligor解释了耳机听音乐的习惯会给你造成多大的影响,以及如何减轻听力丧失的风险。Q: How much hearing loss does an iPod cause?A: It depends on the person, it depends on how long you're listening, and it depends on the level at which you're setting your iPod.Q:iPod在多大程度上导致了听力丧失?A:那取决于个人,取决于你每次听音乐多长时间,以及你在iPod上设置的音量水平。If you're using the earbuds that come with an iPod and you turn the volume up to about 90% of maximum and you listen a total of two hours a day, five days a week, our best estimates are that the people who have more sensitive ears will develop a rather significant degree of hearing loss — on the order of 40 decibels (dB). That means the quietest sounds audible are 40 dB loud. Now, this is high-pitched hearing loss, so a person can still hear sounds and understand most speech. The impact is going to be most clearly noted when the background-noise level goes up, when you have to focus on what someone is saying. Then it can really start to impair your ability to communicate.如果你戴着耳机听iPod,并且将音量设置在90%或以上,每天大约听2小时,一个礼拜有五天,天天如此,我们最好的估计是,谁拥有更敏感的耳朵,谁的听力丧失的程度就更大-以40分贝为准。这意味着最安静的时候, 你能听到40分贝的声音。这是一种对高声调的声音听力丧失,所以她/他仍可以听清楚并且明白大多数的日常对话。这种听力丧失的影响在背景噪音水平上升时表现的最明显,此时你不得不集中注意力才能听清楚某人的讲话。然后,它开始削弱你的社交能力。This would happen only after about 10 years or so or even more of listening to a personal audio device. One patient I had used his headphones instead of earplugs when he was on his construction job. He thought as long as he could hear his music over the sound of his saws, he was protecting his ears — because he liked the sound of his music but didn't like the sound of the construction noise. He had a good 50 dB to 55 dB of noise-induced hearing loss at 28 years old. We asked a few pointed questions about when he was having difficulty understanding people, and his response was classic. "When I'm sitting at home with the TV off, I can understand just fine," he said, "but when I go out for dinner, I have trouble."这种情况只会发生在用随身听听音乐10年或者10年以后。我曾经遇到过这样一个病人,他是建筑行业的,当他工作的时候总是戴着耳塞听音乐,他认为只要他听的是音乐声,而不是电锯的噪音,就可以保护他的耳朵——因为他喜欢的是音乐而不是建筑施工时的噪音。在28岁的时候,他已经因噪音诱发了50~55分贝的听力丧失。我们问了一些关键性的问题,关于他在与人交流过程中遇到的困难,他给了一个典型的回答,“当我坐在家里,电视机没有打开的情况下,我可以很好的明白人们的交谈。”他说道,“但是当我去赶赴宴会时,我就会有很大的麻烦。”There is huge variation in how people are affected by loud sound, however, and this is an area where a number of researchers are conducting studies. Certainly a huge part of this is underlying genetics. We know how much sound causes how much hearing loss based on studies that were conducted in the late '60s and early '70s, before employers were required to protect workers' hearing in noisy work environments. What was found is that when people are exposed to a certain level of noise every day for a certain duration, they're going to have a certain degree of hearing loss on average. But the amount of hearing loss might differ by as much as 30 dB between people who had the toughest ears and those with the most tender ones — a huge variation. Unfortunately, we don't know who has the tougher ears and who has the tender ones until after they've lost their hearing. So, as a clinician, I have to treat everyone as if they had tender ears.这巨大的变化体现了噪音对人的影响有多大,然而,同时这是一个许多研究者正在努力的方向。当然,这里有很大一部分是属于遗传学的。我们得知的多大程度的声音导致多大程度的听力丧失,是基于六十年代末和七十年代初,雇主尚未被要求在喧嚣的工作环境中保护工人的听力的情况下的研究。我们发现,当人们长期的暴露在某一特定噪音水平环境中,他们平均都会有一定程度的听力丧失。但是,人与人之间听力丧失的程度不同,那些耳朵比较强健的人与耳朵与较柔嫩的人相比,差异可达30分贝。不幸的是,我们直到那些人失去了听力,也还不知道他们谁的耳朵比较强健,谁的比较柔嫩。那么,作为一个临床医师,我必须认真地对待每个人,将他们的耳朵都当做是柔嫩的。 /200902/63068。

摇尾巴,大家都知道那是它对你表示友好。但是猫咪可不是这样表达友好的哦~想知道你身边的猫咪每个动作都是什么心情吗?图片告诉你!  I#39;m afriad.  伦家怕怕滴;;  I#39;m happy to see you.  很高兴见到你哦亲!  I#39;m irritated.  你烦不烦?  I#39;m friendly.  偶是好猫~  I#39;m interested.  矮油~ 有点儿意思喂~  I#39;m crazy about you.  粘着你缠着你~蹭啊蹭~~~  I#39;m in an amorous mood.  求对象~~~  I#39;m concerned.  嘛事儿?神马情况?!  I#39;m angry.  爷怒了!。

白羊座白羊座 ARIES amp; ARIES: Temper tantrums are quite likely to erupt into major wars with this combination. Remember only one party can win and neither one will accept defeat. Passionate but a lot of problems.   这个组合很容易勃然大怒从而爆发战争。记住,只有一个人会取胜,但没有人会认输。充满但也存在很多问题。   白羊座金牛座 ARIES amp; TAURUS: The Bull has trouble with your free spirited attitude. With compromise it can work. A little bit dull for you at times however it can be a stabilizing experience for you.  金牛座有点难以接受你自由奔放的态度。做些让步或许还能维持。对你来说有时有点儿沉闷,不过倒是可以让你稳定一点儿。  白羊座双子座ARIES amp; GEMINI: Wonderful alliance. This is an exciting encounter that can in fact last. Both you and Gemini are so spontaneous and full of life[3] that there is no time for either of you to become bored.  极妙的一对儿。这是一场令人兴奋的组合,确实可以持久。你和双子都自发性强,充满活力,因此你俩在一起谁也不会感到厌倦。 /201104/133276。