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即学即用英语会话词典C部分:询问叙述 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15096In fact, I want to take this a step further.事实上,我进一步想说。I want to say not only does this argument scapegoat gay people and make that sort of mistake, it actually is a greater threat to the family than what its trying to fight.这种论断不但错误地把同性恋者作为替罪羊,而且,比起它反对的同性恋来说,这种论断本身就是对家庭更大的威胁。Let me tell you another story.我再说一个故事。Many years ago when I lived in New York, there was a guy, Joe.很多年前我住在纽约。有位乔先生。He had a wife and several small kids, and they went to my church.他也娶妻并且有了几个孩子,他们全家和我都相识在同一个教会。And, one night, I saw Joe out at a gay bar.然后某天晚上,我在一个同性恋酒吧碰到了他。At first, I wasnt even sure if it was him because, how could that be Joe? He has a wife and kids.开始我几乎不敢相信那是乔,因为那怎么可能是乔啊?他已经娶妻生子了!And, but every time I looked over him, he do this. Its kind of conspicuous in a gay bar.不过每次我朝他望过去的时候,他都试图遮住自己的脸。这种动作反而欲盖弥彰。So, I went over to him and I tapped him on the shoulder and said, ;Joe, what are you doing here?;我径直走过去,拍拍他的肩膀说:;乔,你为什么来这里?;And Joe, who was about ten years older than I am, explained to me that when he was growing up, being gay was just not an option, and he felt a lot of pressure to ;do the right thing,; which, for him, meant marrying and having children, but it wasnt really working for him.年长我十岁的乔开口回答我,他说在他成长的那个年代,做一个同性恋者是根本不可能的。在他的身边有无数的压力逼迫他去做;正确的事情;,也就是娶妻生子。但对他来说,这一切都起不到什么好作用。So, he was living this double life.所以他一直过着双重身份的生活。Now, I dont want to condone what hes doing there; I think thats a terrible thing.我在此并非想去为他这种做法辩解,这并不是件好事。On the other hand, Ive never walked in his shoes.我没经历过他那些压力和艰辛。I dont know the kinds of struggles he went through.我并不知道他有过多少艰难的挣扎。I dont really know enough details of the situation to make any real kind of informed commentary on the specific situation, but I do want to say this we would have fewer such difficult cases if we would simple recognize that heterosexual marriage is not necessarily right for everyone.我也没有足够的认知可以对这种情况作出客观和有见地的评价。但是我确实想说,如果我们简单地承认;异性恋婚姻并不适合于每个人;这个事实,也许像他这样痛苦的例子会变得越来越少。And we dont do anyone any favors by pressuring them into situations that theyre not suited for.当我们把一个人硬是推到他无法适应的牢笼里的时候,我们做的并不是一件善事。Dont do gay people any favors.我们队同性恋者做的不是善事。Dont do their spouses any favors.对他们的婚姻配偶做的不是善事。Dont do their kids any favors.对他们的孩子做的也不是善事。Okay, I want to move to the fourth and final argument that Im going to look at this evening-the argument that homosexuality is wrong because its unnatural.好吧,接下来的话题是今晚要讨论的第四个也是最后一个论点:指责同性恋之所以有错,是因为它是;非自然的;。Now this could mean a lot of different things.这话可以解释为很多种不同的含义。What is unnatural? I mean clothing is unnatural in some sense.什么是;非自然的;?某种程度上,衣就是一种;非自然;的东西。Buildings are unnatural in some sense, but were not doing this naked and outside. Be thankful.建筑也是一种;非自然啊;的东西。但是感谢上天,我们不会因此就去赤身裸体、风餐露宿。So what do we mean when we say that homosexuality is unnatural, and, also, why does that matter?所以当我们说同性恋是;非自然;的时候,我们到底在指什么?而且,自然还是非自然真的重要吗?Why, you know it, unnatural? So what? So we need to specify some morally relevant sense of unnatural.;非自然;那又怎么样?看来我们得为;非自然;找到一些跟道德相关的注脚。Let me look at a few different things that people might mean when they say this.不妨看看当人们提到;非自然;的时候他们指的是哪些不同的东西。One thing they might mean is that most people dont do that; its statistically abnormal.第一,他们会把大部分人不去做的东西,也就是比例较低的事物视作;不自然;。Well, thats true. Most people dont engage in homosexual relationships.这不假,大部分人都不会去开展一段同性恋的情感经历。Then again, most people dont play the mandolin, most people dont pilot planes, most people dont Sanskrit.同理,大多数人也不会去弹奏曼陀林琴,大多数人也不会去驾驶飞机,大多数人也都不会去读梵文。I mean, the fact that most people dont do something doesnt make it wrong.事实上是,大多数人不去做某件事情,并不意味着这件事本身是错的。So, that doesnt seem to be morally relevant.所以,这与道德无关。Well, what else might we mean?人们还把什么视为;不自然;呢?We might mean animals dont do that.他们也许会指动物不去做的事情就是;不自然;的。There was a legislator when I lived in Texas, Warren Chisum, who used to love this argument.我住在德州的时候,曾有个立法委员沃伦·奇松喜欢利用这个论调来谴责同性恋。He said, ;Homosexuality is unnatural! Animals dont do that!;他这么说:;同性恋是非自然的!动物们不这么做!;201605/445339中级英语口语闪电速成[29] /200703/10801

This is a portrait by a photographer named Phil Toledano.这是一幅由Phil Toldano拍摄的肖像。He wanted to capture the emotion of gaming,so he set up a camera in front of gamers while they were playing.他想捕捉玩游戏时的一些情感变化,因此,他把摄影仪器放在正在玩游戏的游戏玩家面前。And this is a classic gaming emotion.这是一幅游戏玩家的经典表情。Now, if youre not a gamer,you might miss some of the nuance in this photo.现在,如果你不是一个游戏玩家,你就不会察觉出这幅照片中的真正内涵。You probably see the sense of urgency,a little bit of fear, but intense concentration,deep, deep focus on tackling a really difficult problem.你可能会感觉到紧迫、一丝的恐惧,而不是精神的高度集中,抑或者是集中精力在解决一个难题。If you are a gamer, you will notice a few nuances here: the crinkle of the eyes up, and around the mouth is a sign of optimism,如果你是一位游戏玩家,你就会感觉到一些不同东西,眼角周围的褶皱是向上的,包括嘴角周围的褶皱也是一样的,这是一个非常乐观的迹象,and the eyebrows up is surprise.并且,眉毛向上翘起是惊讶的标志。This is a gamer who is on the verge of something called an epic win.这说明,这个游戏玩家即将在游戏中获得史诗般胜利。Oh, youve heard of that. OK, good,so we have some gamers among us.你们曾经听说过这个词,不错,也就是说你们当中有些是游戏玩家。An epic win is an outcome that is so extraordinarily positive you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it.这个史诗般的胜利是一个结果,但是它非常令人振奋,在得到这个胜利之前你甚至不曾想到竟然能取得成功。It was almost beyond the threshold of imagination.这个成功甚至超出了你的想象。And when you get there you are shocked to discover what you are truly capable of. That is an epic win.当你一旦达到并完成,你就会被自己的技能所震撼,这就是所谓的“史诗般的胜利”。This is a gamer on the verge of an epic win.而这个玩家即将取得这样的胜利。And this is the face that we need to see on millions of problem-solvers all over the world as we try to tackle the obstacles of the next century,the face of someone who, against all odds is on the verge of an epic win.同时,这也是在下个世纪,我们所期望的在处理全球众多问题,排除各种障碍时露出的表情,能排除万难的人是无往不胜的。Now, unfortunately this is more of the face that we see in everyday life now as we try to tackle urgent problems.现在,不幸的是,当我们处理日常生活中各种紧急事件的时候,我们往往看到的是这个表情。This is what I call the Im Not Good At Life face,and this is actually me making it. Can you see? Yes. Good.通常我称这个为“不擅长生活”表情,事实上是我自己做出的这个,能否从中看出来呢?好的。This is actually me making the ;Im Not Good At Life; face.这就是我做出的“不擅长生活”表情。This is a piece of graffiti in my old neighborhood in Berkeley, California, where I did my PhD on why were better in games than we are in real life.这也是我在加州的伯克利的一个老社区进修我的士学位时的一个涂鸦,而我读士研究的课题就是“为什么我们觉得虚拟游戏世界比现实世界更好”。201605/444807点击此处下载音频Lesson 108 - go easy on / go cold turkey今天李华忙着批改中文班学生的作业。李华会从Larry那儿学到两个常用语:go easy on和 go cold turkey。LH: 哎!这些学生!看看他们的考卷儿,简直糟透了!也不知道他们是不是真想学中文。LL: Hey, go easy on your students, Li Hua. Theyve only been studying Chinese for a few weeks. Its a difficult language!LH: 你说什么?你要我把中文课改得再容易一点儿?LL: Thats not what I said, Li Hua. I said you should go easy on them. That means you should show some restraint - dont be too angry with them.LH: mHmmpph! Go easy on them,就是别这么厉害,别那么恼火。可是Larry, 他们每天才学五个单词,要是你问我啊,I am going easy on them.连这点最基本的中文都考不好,那还有什么希望呐!LL: I just mean you shouldnt yell or get angry at them. Why are you always in such a bad mood these days?LH: 我这几天是情绪不好,没耐心,也不知道是什么原因,可能是因为咖啡喝得太多,晚上睡不好觉的缘故吧。LL: A lot of coffee - huh? No wonder you cant sleep well. I think you should go easy on the coffee.LH: Go easy on the coffee? 等等,Larry, 刚才你让我对学生要客气点儿 - go easy on my students,现在又说我应该go easy on the coffee,这又怎么解释呢?LL: When I say ;go easy on the coffee;, I mean you should show some restraint and drink less coffee.LH: Go easy on the coffee, 就是让我少喝点儿咖啡。可是,go easy on the students就是要对学生客气点。我不是太清楚,Larry, 你能不能再给我举个例子?LL: Sure. Whenever you see me drinking at a party, you always tell me to go easy on the beer.LH: 对呀,每次参加party 的时候我都劝你别喝那么多啤酒,喝醉了会出洋相的!哎哟,Look at this! 这个学生,五道题里只回答了一道,我只能给她不及格了。LL: Hey, hey, dont give her an F! Go easy on her. And go easy on the coffee,****LH: 啊,我累死了!LL: How are you feeling now that youre drinking less coffee?LH: 嗯,我已经三天没喝咖啡了,晚上睡觉是好多了,可是白天我怎么老是觉得精力不够、昏昏沉沉的呢?LL: No coffee for three days? I told you to go easy on the coffee, not go cold turkey!LH: Go cold turkey? 你在说什么呀?你让我少喝咖啡,多吃冷火鸡呀?LL: No, I said you went ;cold turkey;. That means to suddenly quit doing or consuming something that is addictive.LH: 噢,原来go cold turkey不是 ;吃冷火鸡;呀!Go cold turkey是;突然停止做那些习惯做的事,一下子戒掉原来上瘾的习惯;。哎,Larry, 你觉得我过去喝咖啡到上瘾的程度了吗?LL: Ok, youre not really addicted to coffee. But quitting coffee isnt easy, right? When I said you went cold turkey, It implied that quitting is not easy.LH: 是啊,突然一下子一点儿咖啡都不喝了,是够难的,怪不得我老没精神呢!不过Larry, 要把戒咖啡和戒烟相比,我看,戒烟恐怕更难吧?LL: Thats true. One day, my friend Rick went cold turkey on cigarettes. It almost drove him crazy, but he never smoked a cigarette again.LH: Wow, 你的朋友Rick可真了不起,说戒烟一下子就戒掉了。我记得我叔叔也试过一下子戒掉 - go cold turkey on cigarettes,可是他试了三次都没成功,不过他现在抽得比以前少多了。LL: Im glad your uncle is going easy on cigarettes.今天李华从Larry那儿学到了两个常用语。一个是go easy on someone 就是;对某人客气些;,要是说go easy on something,那就是;有节制地使用某件东西;。李华学到的另一个常用语是go cold turkey on something, 意思是;突然停止做某件事;。 /200602/3328More beautiful than you realize more powerful than you can imagine. 比你所意识到的更美丽比你所想象到的更有力量But you must imagine it as one great author said the most common way people give up their power. 但你们必须认识到自己的力量如一位作家所言 人们放弃力量的最普遍方式Is not realizing they have it in the first place I see you. 是最初就没有意识到他们拥有这种力量我看到你了Class of 2013 I see you that in the harsh winter of this weary world. 2013届毕业生在这个疲惫不堪的世界的严冬中 我看到了你I see that you like Camus said, are the invincible spring I see you. 我看到你 就像加缪所说的 是不可战胜的春季我看到你了I see that in a nation dashed with doubt you are the hope. 我看到这个掺杂着怀疑的国家里你就是希望I see that in a nation thats dismayed by darkness. 我看到这个黑暗笼罩的国家里You are the light I see that in the country fraught with fear you are courage. 你就是光明我看到这个充满恐惧的国家里 你就是勇气And that in a nation blinded with bigotry you are the love I see you class of 2013. 我看到这个被偏执蒙蔽双眼的国家里 你就是爱我看到你了 2013届毕业生And I want you to be like me Every time you hear the national anthem, dont just get up in routine and. 我希望你们像我一样每次听到国歌的时候 不要只是习惯性地起立Say those words. Please hear them anew for the first time. 唱出歌词 我请你再重新听听它的内涵Hear those five words at the beginning of that song as a challenge to you. 仔细听听这首歌的前五个单词作为对你们的挑战Oh, say, can you see Take that challenge to your heart. 哦 你可看见将这个挑战埋在你心里Oh, say, can you see that in this world as Frederick Douglass says. 哦 你可看见 在这个世界上如弗雷德里克.道格拉斯所言You wont get everything you pay for but you definitely will pay for everything that you get. 不是付出就能得到一切但任何东西都肯定需要付出才能得到So pay with your love, pay with your kindness pay with your decency. 所以 付出你的爱 你的善良你的正直Oh, say, can you see like Martin Luther King said that. 哦 你可看见如马丁.路德.金所说的那样201612/476815

英语会话800句 22 /200608/9106There should be no fear.我们不需要再心存恐惧。We are protected, and we will always be protected.我们会被保护,我们会永远被保护。We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement.来自军队和执法部门这些优秀的男男女女,将会保护我们。And most importantly, we will be protected by God.更重要的是,上帝会保佑我们。Finally, we must think big and dream even bigger.最后,在美国,我们要敢想,更要敢做梦。In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long as it is striving.我们必须理解,一个国家只有不断进取,才能生存下去。We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.我们不再接纳那些只说不做、只会抱怨而从不试图做出改变的政客。The time for empty talk is over.讲空话的时代已经结束了。Now arrives the hour of action.现在是行动的时间。Do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done.不要听信任何人说你不可能成功。No challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of America.美国人的心性、战斗力和精神可以克任何挑战。We will not fail.我们不会失败。Our country will thrive and prosper again.我们的国家会重新发展和繁荣起来。We stand at the birth of a new millennium, y to unlock the mysteries of space,我们即将迎来新的一个世纪,准备好了破解太空的奥秘,to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.将世界从疾病的痛苦中解脱,驾驭未来的新能源、新产业和新技术。A new national pride will stir ourselves, lift our sights and heal our divisions.一种新的国家荣誉感在我们心中激荡,提升视野、缝合分裂。201702/491877So then, you move off to this larger sphere of ;human +,;那么,然后我们迈步来到这片更大的人类空间,and you could continue that process我们不断地前进,and eventually explore a lot of this larger space of possible modes of being.最终,在这片更大的空间,我们可以探索许多可能的生存方式。Now, why is that a good thing to do?那么,为什么这么做有益呢?Well, we know aly that in this little human circle there,我们已经知道,在这片小小的人类空间中,there are these enormously wonderful and worthwhile modes of being --有极多美妙和宝贵的生存模式human life at its best is wonderful.人类生活的最高境界是美好的。We have no reason to believe that within this much, much larger space我们没有理由不相信,在这片更大的空间中there would not also be extremely worthwhile modes of being,会存在更多极其宝贵的生存方式。perhaps ones that would be way beyond our wildest ability even to imagine or dream about.它们可能大大超越我们智慧的极限,我们甚至做梦也无法想象得到。And so, to fix this third problem,因此,要解决这第三个问题I think we need -- slowly, carefully, with ethical wisdom and constraint我认为我们需要缓慢地,仔细地,带着道德智慧和自制力develop the means that enable us to go out in this larger space and explore it来发展一些方式让我们能够走进并探索这片更宽广的空间。and find the great values that might hide there.并且找到那里可能隐藏着的巨大价值。Thanks.谢谢。201608/458900

2_04 Can you lower the price? Can you lower the price? 你能不能降低价格? Can you make it cheaper?   你能不能便宜一点? That’s way too high.    那个价格实在太高.  That’s too expensive.    太贵了. I can’t afford it.     我买不起. Pleas help me out.      请你帮我的忙. How about a deal?      要不要给我一个好的价钱? How about 20% off?     打个八折如何? I’d really appreciate it. 我会非常感激. /200705/13691VOA流行美语 67: OUT OF LINE / TRASH STH今天Michael和李华刚上完课在学生休息室里聊天。李华会学到两个常用语:out of line和to trash something.L: 嗨, Michael,刚才我听到历史课的教授在对你嚷嚷,什么事呀?M: I argued with him because I thought that a book he's assigning us to is no good. I guess I was out of line.L: 你说教授指定要我们看的书不好!你真是没有分寸。嗯,你刚才还说什么来啦?Out of line? Line, 是l-i-n-e这个字吗?那不是排队的意思吗?M: No, "to be out of line" means to speak or act when it is not appropriate, especially when dealing with someone who is your superior.L: To-be-out-of-line就是话说得不恰当,或者是做事做得不合适,特别是对长辈。那不就是我刚才说的"没分寸"吗?我们中国人对长辈特别要有礼貌,哪有象你那样跟教授争论的嘛!M: Well, in America, you're not always out of line when you disagree with your teacher. Still, I was wrong to criticize our professor so loudly in front of the whole class.L: 我知道,美国学生和老师辩论是很正常的。可是,象你那样在全班同学面前对教授大声嚷嚷,那才是出了格,out of line。Michael,out of line只是指你和长辈说话没有分寸吗?M: Not always. For instance, I once told my classmate he should break up with his girlfriend. The two of them had been together for many years. I was not a close friend of this guy, so I was out of line to say that.L: 你要你同学和他女朋友分手?你跟这个同学又不熟。哎哟,你不仅是out of line, 你简直是疯了-- out of your mind!******L: Michael,我觉得那教授对你大声嚷嚷也有点过份。M: Well, I really trashed the book he was asking us to . I probably should have been a little more tactful.L: 噢,你还把那本书扔到垃圾桶里啦?那可真是太没礼貌啦!M: What are you talking about? I didn't throw anything in the trash. I said I "trashed the book". That means I said really bad things about it.L: 噢,to trash the book不是把书扔到垃圾桶里,而是把它说成一钱不值。M: Last year I made a professor angry because I trashed General MacArthur in a history class. I wrote a paper on his mistakes in the Korean War.L: 去年你写了一篇论文例举了麦卡瑟将军在韩战中的种种错误?我怎么不知道呀?Michael, 你不能老是这么贬低历史人物嘛!对了,除了书和人以外,to trash something还能用在别的地方吗?M: You can trash anything. For instance (sips coffee), this coffee is horrible! It tastes like dishwater.L: 这咖啡象洗碗水?我觉得还可以嘛。有什么东西你觉得好吃的吗?M: Not really. That's the problem with Americans. We don't have good taste in food or drink. Americans don't understand what good cheese, b or chocolate taste like. We always eat junk.L: 你听听,现在你又在贬低美国人了,说他们不知道什么是好吃的,不懂得什么是好的奶酪、面包和巧克力,老是吃那些垃圾食品。 Now you're "trashing" your own country.M: Hey, this is a free country. I can trash America anyway I want.L: 把自己的国家说得一钱不值似乎也有点out of line了。你这个人啊,就是爱看到反面的东西。嗨(sighs) Whatever.今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是:out of line, 意思是没有分寸,出格。另一个是:to trash something, 是把什么东西说成一钱不值。 /200602/3142SCENE① A 晚上八点半 在酒吧里 【我又需要你的意见了】 Don (the bartender): What's wrong, Herbert?唐(酒保):怎么了,赫伯特? Herbert: I need your 1) advice again, Don. How do I find a girlfriend?赫伯特: 唐,我又需要你的意见了。我要怎样找到女朋友? Don: Aren't there any girls at your office you like?唐:你的办公室里没有任何你喜欢的女生吗? Herbert: Sure, but I’m too 2) shy and they think I’m a 3) geek.赫伯特:当然有,但是我太害羞了,而且她们觉得我是个只懂电脑的怪人。Don:4) Computer programmers are a little shy.唐:电脑工程师都有点害羞。Herbert: I wish I could be like you.赫伯特:我希望能跟你一样。Don: It's true, the girls do like me. Don't worry, i'll help you.唐: 这倒不假,女孩子真的都蛮喜欢我的。别担心,我会帮你。 语言详解A: I wish I had taken your advice and gone to college. 我真希望听了你的建议去上大学。 B: It's never too late! 永远不嫌晚!【that的用法】Aren't there any girls at your office (that) you like? “在你的办公室里没有任何你喜欢的女生吗?”that在美语会话常被省略,说话才不会显得累赘。I wish (that) I could be like you.“我希望能跟你一样”that在口语中总是被省略。要表示自己欣赏对方,除了直接陈述对方的优点,也可以直接说这一句,表示欣羡。 1) advice (n.) 建议2) shy (a.) 害羞的3) geek (n.) 电脑玩家,负面的意义是沉迷电脑、不擅与人交往的怪人。4) computer programmer (n.) 电脑工程师,程序设计师。

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