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;Funny;, a made-in-China emoji, inclusively used on Tieba, the largest Chinese communication platform provided by the search engine giant Baidu, seems to have recently moved beyond just China.“贴吧”是中国最大的交流平台,由搜索引擎巨头“百度”推出。同时,它也是中国制造的表情符号“滑稽”的原生地。近来,“滑稽”似乎已走出了中国的大门。Now, it is more than an emoji, but a cultural derivation.如今,它已不仅仅只是一个表情符号,更是一种文化派生物。Reaching global markets进入国际市场A series of ;funny; emoji-based bolsters have attracted the attention of Japanese customers through Amazon Japan, an online shopping center.一系列“滑稽”的主题抱枕在日本的网上购物中心“亚马逊日本站”上吸引了日本消费者的注意。Even if one bolster costs about 1,750 yen (.73), more than three times the price in China, it doesn#39;t dampen their desires to buy it.即使一个抱枕的价格高达1750日元(16.73美元),超过在中国价格的三倍,人们的购买热情仍旧十分强劲。One Japanese customer Miki said:一位日本消费者Miki表示:;They are just so cute and I bought three bolsters at one time for my family.“这些抱枕实在太可爱了,我一次买了三个回家。And every time I see them, my mood just brightens suddenly.;而且每次看到它们,我的心情就立刻转晴。“;I think the emoji implies very complicated meanings.“我觉得这个表情包含着非常复杂的意味。Different people can different things from it.不同的人能从中读出不同的意思。For example, my dad will send it on the occasion when he did not agree with someone but he has to say something and behave politely.比如我父亲,每当他不同意别人的观点,但非得说点儿什么以示礼貌的时候,他就会发送这个表情。But one of my friends think it is nothing but an expression of fun,; said one Japanese netizen Kiro Kara.但我的一个朋友就觉得它不过是一个好玩的表情,没什么其他含义,”一位日本网民Kiro Kara如是说。Addition to Domestic Social Media“滑稽”在国内社交媒体中的其他用意Compared with Japanese people#39;s impressions of the ;funny; emoji, Chinese netizens prefer to use the emoji to tease one another on social media.不同于日本人对“滑稽”表情的理解,中国网民常常在社交网站上用它调侃别人。One commonly seen comment on the emoji in Zhihu, the Chinese version of Quora, is:知乎(中国版Quora)上有一种很常见的论调:;We strongly require Tieba to stop the usage of the emoji.“我们强烈建议贴吧停止‘滑稽’的使用。Because every time other people send me the emoji, I feel very uncomfortable and consider myself as a fool.;因为每次别人发送给我这个表情时,我都很不爽,还以为自己是个白痴。”Reputed as the most popular emoji on Tieba, the ;funny; emoji has received much attention since its release in 2013. As a matter of fact, the ;funny; emoji is the updated version of the ;drool; emoji.作为贴吧上最流行的表情符号,“滑稽”自2013年出现后受到了很多关注。其实,“滑稽”是“流口水”的升级版。Compared with the original, ;funny; has a slightly opened mouth, a dull red flush and two eyebrows.与“流口水”比起来,“滑稽”的嘴微微张开,脸上多了两团红晕和两根眉毛。And all these characteristics render users a sense of satire, according to one insider.据一位国人说,“滑稽”的种种脸部特征都给人一种讽刺的感觉。If you think the emotion is the only cause for the ;funny; emoji to go viral online, then you are wrong.如果你觉得“滑稽”表现出来的情绪是唯一使其爆红网络的原因,那么你就错了。In the next several years, the ;funny; emoji has undergone many transformations and gradually engulfed the internet.在其发布后的几年中,“滑稽”经过很多次改版,才最终攻占网络。For example, the emoji is the first one on Tieba to have multi-color variations in red, orange, green, blue, bluish green, and purple。例如,“滑稽”是第一个拥有多种色版本的贴吧表情,包括红色的,橘色的,绿色的,蓝色的,蓝绿的,还有紫色的。When users utilize the shortcut key to send them together, its exaggerated effect is amplified.当用户按下快捷键将它们一同发送出去时,这个表情的夸张效果就进一步放大了。If you do not know this rule, you should check here.如果你还不知道这个规则的话,看看这篇文章吧。Meanwhile, the ;funny; emoji is well-adopted in many settings and successfully gains attention outside Tibeba.而且,“滑稽”适用于不同的聊天场景,在贴吧之外的平台上也大受欢迎。For instance, the Quilt-Covering, the Police-Acting and Smoking versions are causing a stir everywhere in Chinese social life.比如“盖被子”、“扮警察”和“抽烟”的版本,它们风靡中国社交生活的各个角落。In Everyday Use Abroad出没在国外的日常生活里This is not the first time the Chinese emoji takes the world stage.“滑稽”不是第一个登上国际舞台的中国表情。Earlier this year, one emoji from the Chinese basketball celebrity Yao Ming has been sp through the Middle East region.今年早些时候,中国著名篮球运动员姚明的一款表情在中东地区广为流传。In Luxor, a city in southern Egypt, Yao#39;s smiling emoji has emerged frequently in local traffic signs to remind people the road ahead is one-way.在埃及南部的一座城市卢克索,姚明大笑的表情经常被用作当地交通指示牌,提醒人们前方是单行道。And you may be surprised to find that many locals do not know Yao Ming but are familiar with his emoji and nickname ;Chinese Funny Face;.也许你会觉得震惊,其实当地人并不认识姚明,但他们却对他的表情和“中国搞笑脸”的昵称很熟悉。What#39;s more, the emoji has been picked up by the Egyptian English-language daily newspaper Egyptian Gazette as the title picture for its humorous column Serious but Funny.这个表情还被埃及的英语日报《埃及人报》选作其幽默专栏《严肃而搞笑》的标题图片。What#39;s more, due to the huge influences of Chinese Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, many renowned western celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Madonna have opened their personal accounts on the platform.此外,被新浪微(中国版推特)的巨大影响力吸引,不少西方名人,比如莱昂纳多.迪卡普里奥和麦当娜都注册了个人微账号。Many Chinese fans are excited about this and now choose to greet them with their own funny pictures, a behavior arousing the attention of foreign media.很多中国粉丝因此十分激动,还用这些明星的搞笑表情对他们表示欢迎,这个行为吸引了外媒的注意力。American private Internet media company BuzzFeed reported on the cultural phenomenon.美国私人网络媒体公司Buzzfeed对这个文化现象做了报道。As a newly emerging online language, emojis have risen to become an integral part of people#39;s daily life.作为一种网络新兴语言,表情符号已经升级成为人们日常生活必不可少的一部分。Emojis are able to help people express their views in a more vivid and precise fashion.表情符号的出现,使得人们能够用更生动、简洁而时尚的方式表达自己的观点。Also, it can help foreigners learn about Chinese culture and learn the language.而且它还能帮助外国人学习中国文化和汉语。As Chinese emojis have slowly entered the world stage, how to properly use ;the fifth innovation in China;, a humorous name for emojis, without hurting others and how to turn them into commercial advantages still need answers.随着中国表情符号登上国际舞台,有人幽默地称它为“中国第五大发明”,但是如何在不伤害他人的前提下恰当地运用它、如何将它转化成一种商业优势,仍然有待研究。 /201611/475977枣阳市妇幼保健中医院治疗痛经怎么样襄阳市中医院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱襄阳中心医院价位表

襄樊妇幼保健院中医院龟头炎症襄阳市第一人民医院咨询电话猴子也减肥?在日本的一家动物园,约50只猴子被要求按照严格的减肥食谱喂食,因为它们胖得几乎走不动路了。Losing weight has become monkey business at a Japanese zoo, which has put about 50 primates on a strict diet after some became so obese they couldn't move around.The fat Rhesus(恒河猴) monkeys are a popular attraction at the park, and gained fame in Japan after media dubbed them "metabo monkeys", a play on the Japanese slang for metabolic syndrome(代谢综合症) -- a form of human obesity."We don't really know the exact reason why the monkeys grew fat, but we reckon its because the monkeys are not only fed once a day by us, but also because this park is open 24 hours a day to visitors, who throw food into the enclosure," said Ohama park superintendent(监督人) Syoji Hasegawa.The keepers at Ohama park in Western Japan have halved the animals' calorie intake, replacing favorite foods such as sweet potatoes with wheat-based snacks.The zookeepers imposed the diet late last year after finding that some of the monkeys weighed almost 30 kg (66 pounds) -- at least three times heavier than average.Park officials have not weighed the animals recently but the diet appears to have worked as some monkeys now have saggy skin -- evidence of weight loss.Although signs clearly tell visitors not to feed the monkeys, park officials say many people still throw them food.That has prompted the park to consider building a new enclosure for the animals to cut them off from visitor titbits(量少味美的食品). /200807/43695Apple Inc has lost exclusivity on the use of the ;iPhone; trademark in China and has to share it with a Beijing-based leather products maker.近日,苹果公司在“iPhone”商标在华独家使用权一案中败诉,不得不与北京一家皮革产品制造商共用该商标。The Beijing Municipal High People#39;s Court has ruled in favor of Xintong Tiandi Technology (Beijing) Ltd, which sells a number of leather products such as smartphone cases and handbags under the name ;iPhone;.北京市高级人民法院日前做出了有利于新通天地科技(北京)有限公司的裁决。新通天地销售品名为“iPhone”的智能手机套、手袋等多种皮革制品。In 2002, Apple applied for the ;iPhone; trademark for its electronic goods in China, but it wasn#39;t actually granted until 2013.2002年,苹果公司在中国为其电子产品申请了;iPhone”商标,但是直到2013年才真正核准通过。Xintong Tiandi filed for its own ;iPhone; trademark in China in 2007, the same year the first generation of Apple#39;s iPhone was launched in the ed States.新通天地公司于2007年在中国申请“iPhone”商标,第一代苹果iPhone手机也是在同一年在美国推出。In order to obtain the exclusivity on the use of the ;iPhone; trademark in China, Apple first took the case to the Chinese trademark authority in 2012, but it failed as the agency claimed Apple couldn#39;t prove the name ;iPhone; was a well-known brand prior to Xintong Tiandi#39;s registration in 2007.为了在中国获得“iPhone”商标的使用专利,苹果公司在2012年第一次就此事件向中国商标局上诉,但是却最终败诉。因为该机构声称,苹果不能明“iPhone”在新通天地公司于2007年登记前就已经是一个著名的商标了。A Beijing-based analyst said: ;The failure of the trademark fight would not have a great impact on Apple#39;s brand and image, but it might confuse consumers as they don#39;t know whether these products are made by Apple or some producers copy Apple#39;s name, when they are buying leather products embossed with the #39;iPhone#39; brand.;北京一名分析师称,苹果在这起商标大战中败诉并不会对其品牌、形象造成很大影响。不过这可能让消费者产生混淆,因为他们在购买印有“iPhone;商标的皮革制品时,不知道这些产品究竟是苹果生产的还是抄袭其名号的制造商生产的。Zhu Dalin, an analyst at Beijing-based Internet consultancy Analysys International, agreed.总部位于北京的互联网咨询机构易观国际的分析师朱大林同意这一观点。Zhu said the influence of Xintong Tiandi is very minor, which wouldn#39;t pose a threat to Apple anyway, and Apple mainly focuses on electronic devices, such as smartphones and iPads.朱大林表示,新通天地公司的影响力很小,不会对苹果公司构成威胁,并且苹果公司的精力主要集中在如智能手机和平板电脑之类的电子设备上。 /201605/443440襄阳市疱疹费用问题襄阳市东风医院体检多少钱

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