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Researchers found "clear and compelling evidence" that happiness paves the way to better health and longer lifespans.研究人员通过实验得出一个简洁但极具说力的据,那就是快乐有助于健康,让人更长寿Scientists from the University of Illinois found positive moods reduced stress-related hormones and increased immune function.来自伊利诺伊大学的科学家发现,乐观情绪有助于减少应压激素分泌,增强免疫能力It also concluded that anxiety, depression, and pessimism were linked to higher rates of disease and a shorter lifespan. People who felt intense anger or lived in stressful environments were more likely to be sick more often and died earlier.另外,研究还总结出,焦虑、沮丧和悲观情绪和疾病发生机率联系紧密,减少人们寿命易怒人群和生活在有压力大的环境中的人们更容易生病,寿命要比一般人短一些"The general conclusion from each type of study is that your subjective wellbeing, that is, feeling positive about your life, not stressed out, not depressed, contributes to both longevity and better health among healthy populations," said Prof Ed Diener, who lead the study.此项研究发起者、艾德#86;迪纳瑞教授表示:“各项研究得到的总论是人们的主观幸福感,即对生活持有乐观态度、没有压力感和沮丧感,让人们的寿命延长、更健康”"Happiness is no magic bullet, but the evidence is clear and compelling that it changes your odds of getting disease or dying young," he added.他补充道:“快乐并非‘神丹妙药’,但是研究结果清楚有力地明了它能让人们更健康,降低英年早逝的机率” 71June , 01  Zambezi River Canoe, Zambia, 1997Photograph by Chris Johns"The fire of dawn lights a path across Africa’s Zambezi River, where villagers in Zambia travel as they always have—in a dugout canoe. With the coming of political stability in southern Africa, the Zambezi opens the way to some of the continent’s most unspoiled reaches."   —From "Down the Zambezi," October 1997, National Geographic magazine  赞比西河独木舟,赞比亚 1997年  Chris Johns摄  拂晓的光芒照亮了一条穿过非洲赞比西河的道路,赞比亚的村民象往常一样上路——在一个独木舟中随着南非政治稳定的到来,赞比西河打开了通往这个大陆更多区域的道路  选自“赞比西河向下” 国家地理杂志 1997年月 796

No person deserves your tears, and who deservers them won't make you cry.没有人值得你流泪,值得你流泪的人是不会让你哭的A true friend is the one who holds your hand and touches your heart.一个真正的朋友会握着你的手,触动你的心 Never stop smiling, not even when you're sad, someone might fall in love with your smile.永远都不要停止微笑,即使是在你难过的时候,说不定有人会因为你的笑容而爱上你 You may only be a person in this world, but someone, you're the world.你可能只是这个世界上的一个人,但对于某人来说,你就是全世界The worst way to miss someone is to be seated by hisher side and know you’ll never have himher. 错过一个人最可怕的方式就是:坐在她的身旁,你却知道永远都不会拥有她 Don't spend time with someone who doesn't care spending it with you.不要把时间花在一个不在乎与你一起分享的人身上 36986


  There are lots of lists of things that are awesome. There are also lots of list of things that suck. But where are all the lists about things in the middle?生活中有些事情特别棒,也有些特别烂那么介于这两者之间,既不好也不赖的东西有哪些呢?The gloriously mediocre, the fantastically middle-of-the-road, the tie in a world of wins and losses... The things we are impressively ambivalent about deserve to be listified too.食之无味弃之可惜,鸡肋是联系完美和糟糕之间的纽带……这些我们认为有些矛盾的事物也值得被列个清单哦 78。


  Royalty and politicians across the globe may not agree on much, but many of them jointly believe in the benefits of owning a pet. Several of today heads of state and government spend their little personal time with their beloved animals. These lucky pets are often pampered and bask in the reflected spotlight of their famous owners.全球各地的皇室成员和政治家可能有很多不统一的意见,但是其中很多人不约而同地认为饲养宠物受益颇多现今少有的几位国家和政府首脑会花一点点个人时间在心爱的动物身上这些幸运的宠物常常被它们名主人反射的闪光灯笼罩着.Purebred Dogs,Kim Jong-un.纯种,金正恩North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un chooses to amass a large collection of pedigreed dogs of various breeds, who presumably live far better than many of his country poor citizens. This extends the example set by his father, Kim Jong-il, who bought dozens of European dogs every year and expensive eign pet foods and products them. The pooches even received their own imported private eign veterinarians.朝鲜最高领导人金正恩收集了大量各种各样的纯种,人们认为它们的生活比他大部分贫穷的国民好得多这与他父亲的行为范例有关——金正日每年都买几十只欧洲品种的,以及昂贵的进口食和宠物用品这些儿甚至接受自己单独拥的外国兽医的照顾The other hallmark of Kim Jong-un is his brutal exercise of power. Hopefully, none of his personal pets end up in bosintang, or dog stew, which is a popular dish in Korea. There have even been disquieting stories that Kim had his politically subversive uncle executed, punishing his disloyalty by feeding him to 0 vicious dogs (a rumor that is most probably untrue).金正恩偏好纯正的另一个标记就是他大手笔地行使权利他的宠物当中,没有一只会被煮成肉汤——朝鲜一道流行的菜有故事传言,金处死颠覆自己政权的叔叔,就是要惩罚他不忠诚——给他养了0条不纯的(多半是谣言)9.Welsh Corgis,Queen Elizabeth II9.威尔士柯基犬,伊丽莎白女王二世Her Majesty is crazy corgis. She has owned more than 30 in her 6-year reign as Queen of the ed Kingdom. As a young princess, Elizabeth fell in love with the breed as her mother owned a number of them. At 18, she received a corgi of her very own. She is also fond of her so-called ;dorgis; (corgis crossed with dachshunds). Currently, the Queen has two corgis named Willow and Holly and two dorgis named Candy and Vulcan.女王陛下喜好柯基短腿在作为英国女皇的6年时间里,她有过30多条还是小公主时,伊丽莎白就爱上了这个品种的18岁时,她自己养了一条短腿她还很喜欢她自己称为;道基;的(柯基犬与达克斯猎犬杂交所生)现在,女王有两条短腿,叫做威乐(Willow)和赫利(Holly);还有两条道基,;糖果;和;伏尔甘;The royal canines lead luxurious lives. They are free to roam the whole of Buckingham Palace and have developed a taste green vegetables and venison. The Queen herself serves the pooches their dinner and even personally mixes in some gravy. She also handles housetraining the puppies, a job that any dog owner knows is often less than queenly.这些皇家犬过着奢侈的生活它们能在白金汉宫里四处自由地走动,还养成了喜欢吃绿色蔬菜和鹿肉的口味女王自己照料它们的饮食,甚至还自己掺入一些肉汁她还管理儿的室内训练工作所有养的人都知道这项工作再悠闲不过了8.Camel,Francois Hollande8.骆驼,弗朗索瓦·奥朗德In early , French troops aided the government of Mali in beating back a terrorist insurgency in the country northern region. As a sign of their thanks, the Malian government proudly gave French President Francois Hollande a dromedary camel as a gift. Unprepared to host a noisy camel at the presidential residence, Hollande agreed to leave the animal in the care of a local family until it could be vaccinated and brought to a zoo in Paris. Untunately, the family did not get the memo. They slaughtered the camel and cooked it in a stew.年早期,法国军队帮助马里政府镇压了发生在其北部地区的恐怖主义叛乱为了表示感谢,马里政府自豪地赠给法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德一只单峰驼作为礼物奥朗德还没准备好在总统官邸饲养骆驼,他同意将这只动物留给当地一个家庭照顾,直到它能接种牛痘并能进入巴黎某家动物园时为止悲剧的是,这家人没得到通知,将它杀掉炖了肉The Malian government was greatly embarrassed and promised to send an even better camel to Paris. This successor will avoid the stew pot and be featured at the zoo. Perhaps President Hollande will even take his gift out on the town and be seen on camelback, riding up the Champs-Elysees.马里政府相当尴尬,承诺送一只更好的骆驼到巴黎去后面这只不会再被煮掉,而会很适合待在动物园或许总统先生甚至会带着他的礼物到市中心去,人们看见他骑在骆驼背上顺着香榭丽舍大街走7.Larry,David Cameron7.拉里,大卫·卡梅伦David Cameron, as the Prime Minister of the ed Kingdom, continues a long tradition of keeping a prominent feline. Larry, the current resident cat of Number Downing Street, has the lofty title of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, an official British governmental role. Larry is continually on the prowl the rats and mice that creep through the shadows of London.作为英国首相,大卫·卡梅伦继承了一项古老的传统——养一只杰出的猫科动物现在入住唐宁街号的猫是拉里,被授予;内阁办公室首席捕鼠动物;的头衔——英国政府一个正式的职位拉里总是积极地寻找在伦敦阴影下穿行的老鼠Somewhat controversially, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne family cat Freya shares the role of Chief Mouser with Larry. Living years as a stray, Freya is the muscle of the pair and the dominant rodent hunter. Larry, on the other hand, has been repeatedly scolded falling asleep on the job. Typical of political rivals, the relationship between the two has had its share of conflict. Larry and Freya were seen brawling in front of Cameron home in October , and the fight had to be broken up by police. The duo have held an uneasy truce ever since.有点矛盾的是,财政部大臣乔治·奥斯本家的猫弗雷娜分担着拉里首席捕鼠动物的角色弗雷娜是它俩中的主力,过着多年与主人分离的生活另一方面来讲,拉里总被指责在工作时睡觉不仅作为典型的政治对手,它俩的关系也有矛盾年月,人们看见拉里和弗雷娜在卡梅伦家外面打架,后来由警察制止了自此,这两位勉强休战6.Koni,Vladimir Putin6.柯尼,普京Russian President Vladimir Putin has a larger-than-life persona, and his black Labrador Koni plays a humble part in it. He received her as a gift from his General of the Russian Army as a puppy in 00. The two have since become so inseparable that she often barges her way into political meetings and press conferences, to the frustration of Putin security staff. Koni is and in good health but rarely attends media events these days, since the press tends to make her nervous.俄罗斯总统普京具有传奇英雄式的人格特征,他的黑色拉布拉多犬柯尼就流露出一些端倪它是俄罗斯军队的将军00年送给普京的小这二位后来便形影不离,它甚至闯进了政治会议和新闻发布会,让普京的安保人员不知所措柯尼已经岁了,健康状况良好,但近来很少在媒体中出现,因为媒体总会让它焦躁Koni has even been used in a political power play. Koni was in the room when German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Vladimir Putin in . Merkel has a confirmed fear of dogs stemming from a bite she received as a girl and clearly appeared uncomtable as Koni went up to sniff her. Putin did little to hide his amusement at Koni apparent intimidation tactics on his geopolitical rival.柯尼还曾在一出政治权力游戏中发挥作用年德国总理安格拉·默克尔与普京会见时,它就在场默克尔小时候被咬过,因而对十分恐惧,所以当柯尼靠过来嗅她时她看起来十分局促对柯尼显而易见地帮主人吓唬政治对手的策略,普京丝毫没有掩饰他感到的乐趣翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 3967Hubei province: three delicacies wrapped in tofu skin湖北省:三鲜豆皮The cuisine: Three words sum up Hubei cuisine: steamed, fishy and soupy.烹饪风格:“蒸、鱼、汤”这三个字就可以总结湖北菜The dish: Sanxian doupi is Hubei answer to lasagna. The traditional breakfast from Wuhan is made with a delicious stuffing, a mixture of soft glutinous rice, egg, mushroom and pork, tucked into two pieces of tofu skin and then pan-fried until golden brown.菜肴:三鲜豆皮是湖北的千层面武汉的传统早点是用美味可口的馅儿做成的,软糯米,鸡蛋,蘑菇和猪肉混合,卷在两张豆皮里,然后放在油锅中炸至金棕色Chongqing: chili-fried chicken cubes重庆:辣子鸡The cuisine: Even compared with food from Sichuan, China mecca of spicy dishes, Chongqing cuisine scores high in spiciness and numb-inducing ingredients.即使常常拿来和川菜作对比,重庆仍旧是当之无愧的中国辣菜圣城,在麻辣程度上重庆菜首屈一指The dish: La zi ji combines crispy chicken breast cubes with a fireplace of peppercorn, toasted sesame and dried bird-eye chilis to create a plate of hot, red deliciousness.菜肴:辣子鸡是将酥脆的鸡胸脯块与干胡椒、芝麻和干辣椒一同翻炒,从而做出一盘子火辣辣红彤彤的美味Yunnan province: over-the-bridge rice noodles云南省:过桥米线The cuisine: Yunnan cuisine is heavily influenced by Sichuan, meaning locals have a yen spicy food.受到川菜的影响,当地人也非常喜爱吃辣味The dish: Allegedly invented by a virtuous wife who wanted to keep her soup noodles fresh and hot her hard-studying husband, this Yunnan specialty is nutritious and often beautifully presented. The dish normally comes with a bowl of rice noodles, a bowl of stock and more than a dozen of small plates piled with toppings, such as beef, crab meat, salted goose, oyster mushrooms, wooden-ear mushrooms, assorted vegetables and fragrant herbs.菜肴:据称,这道菜是由当地一位非常贤惠的妻子制成,由于她的丈夫在外努力工作,她用了特别的方式使面条长久保鲜保热这道云南特色菜营养丰富,呈现方式也非常新颖一般来说,这道菜配备有一碗米线,一碗高汤和几打装有各种配料的小盘子,例如牛肉,蟹肉,盐水鸭,牡蛎,木耳,然后辅以蔬菜和香草制成Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region: big plate chicken新疆维吾尔族自治区:大盘鸡The cuisine: Uygur people like to show their hospitality by treating guests to heavy sauces on top of hearty meat dishes served on gigantic plates.维吾尔族人喜欢展现他们的热情好客,会将分量十足的鲜肉淋上丰富的佐料,然后放在一个巨大盘子里来招待客人The dish: Da pan ji features big chunks of chicken and potatoes cooked in a beer-based sauce and garnished with colorful bell peppers.菜肴:大片鸡块,由啤酒佐料拌煮的土豆,再装饰上色泽鲜艳的甜椒,别提多美味了!Sichuan province: mapo doufu四川省:麻婆豆腐 The cuisine: Sichuan is one of the most influential regional cuisines in today China.现如今,川菜是中国最具有影响力的地方菜色之一The dish: Mapo doufu is named after its creator, a freckle-face woman from Chengdu who lived during the Qing Dynasty. No Sichuan meal is complete without it. The tofu is tender, the minced beef crispy, the scallions fresh. The sauce hits its numb and spicy notes with aplomb.菜肴:麻婆豆腐是由这道菜的发起人——一个满脸雀斑的女人而命名的她来自成都,居住在清朝时期没有麻婆豆腐川菜就不完整嫩豆腐,碎牛肉和鲜葱是这道菜的主要材料其调料巧妙地实现了“麻”和“辣”的平衡Beijing: Roast Duck北京:烤鸭 The cuisine: Generations of emperors and blue-blooded residents have set the standard high-end Chinese cuisine. The city is famous imperial cuisine, which uses only premium quality ingredients and is cooked with complex techniques.历代皇帝和贵族早已为高端的中式烹饪设定了标准北京这座城市因其皇家菜肴闻名遐迩,这种菜肴仅选用上等食材佐料,并运用复杂的技巧烹饪而成The dish: A perfect kaoya is roasted to a reddish color; its skin remains crispy and the meat oozes a fruity flavor.菜肴:最棒的烤鸭烤至淡红色,表皮酥脆,鸭肉口感圆润Qinghai province: hand-grabbed lamb青海省:手抓羊肉 The cuisine: Qinghai vast expanse of grassland produces some of the country finest mutton and beef. While cooking, locals combine spice with twists of sweetness.青海辽阔的草原培育出了全国最上等的牛羊肉当地人喜爱将香料加一丝甜味来做这道菜The dish: As a province with a large Islamic population, Qinghai contains a great variety of halal food.菜肴:青海省的居民大都信仰伊斯兰教,当地有大量的清真食品The wedding ceremony of actor Nicky Wu and actress Liu Shishi is now in progess at a seaside hotel in Bali, Indonesia.今天,著名男演员吴奇隆和女演员刘诗诗的婚礼在印度尼西亚巴厘岛的一个海边酒店举行Wu and Liu met back in during the filming of hit time-travel TV series carlet Heart.吴奇隆和刘诗诗是在年经典穿越大剧《步步惊心的拍摄期间相识的Wu mer Little Tigers band mates, Alec Su and Julian Chen, teamed up with popular actor Yuan Hong, serving as the groomsmen at the ceremony.吴奇隆在小虎队时的两名搭档,苏有朋和陈志朋,以及深受观众欢迎的演员袁弘一起在婚礼中担任伴郎The band also permed their hit songs, including Green Apple Paradise and Love, while visiting the bride place to escort her back to the wedding.而当新郎和伴郎团前往新娘的住处接新娘前往婚礼现场时,昔日的小虎队三名成员也一起演唱了他们的主打曲目《青苹果乐园、《爱And Liu Shishi best friends, such as actress Annie Liu and Guo Xiaoting, are among the bridesmaids.刘诗诗最好的朋友,包括女演员刘心悠和郭晓婷等,都担任伴娘The couple announced the marriage in late January, as Wu posted a photo on his microblog showing the couple marriage certificate and wedding rings.这对夫妇于今年1月下旬公布婚讯,当时吴奇隆还在微上晒出夫妻的结婚和结婚戒指的照片This is the second marriage Wu. Nicky Wu, a singer and actor from Taiwan, has been a household name on the mainland since he became a member of the boy band Little Tigers in 1988.这也是吴奇隆的第二次婚姻吴奇隆是一名来自台湾的歌手兼演员,自从在1988年成为小虎队的一员后,在内地他就成为了一个家喻户晓的明星 318

  Kenya, Anxious Bride, 1999"[A] newly circumcised bride (right) spends much of the [wedding] celebration in her mother's hut in the company of her best friend." —From "Vanishing Cultures," August 1999, National Geographic magazine一个刚受过割礼的新娘(右)在好朋友的陪伴下在她母亲的小屋度过了大量的婚礼庆祝活动 ---摘自1999年《国家地理杂志8月号《正在消失的文化 作者: Maria Stenzel 来源:《国家地理杂志 756




  With the recent release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is again the focus of the financial world. Aly in its opening weekend, Apple (AAPL) sold million iPhones, breaking its previous record.随着近期iPhone 6和iPhone 6s的全面上市,苹果公司再次成为金融界关注的焦点截至首发周末苹果公司(AAPL)已卖出一千万台新款手机,打破以往记录It is now the second most profitable company in the world. The only company with a higher profit is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Based on data provided by FactSet on companies net income bee discontinued operations and extraordinary items their latest fiscal year, these are the world’s most profitable companies.如今苹果公司已成为世界第二大收益最为丰厚的企业而与之相比收益更多的中国工商FactSet发布了一组数据,显示了最近这一财年各公司在除去终止业务和非常项目后剩下的净收入情况根据数据,全球盈利最为丰厚的十大企业如下 89

  Sir Roger Moore, best known as the third actor to play James Bond, has sadly died aged 89.作为第三任饰演詹姆斯·邦德的演员,罗杰·尔爵士于日前逝世,享年89岁His official Twitter confirmed the news revealing hed passed away following a ;short but brave battle with cancer;.尔的推特官方账号确认了他在去世前“与癌症病魔展开顽强斗争,时间短暂,勇气可嘉”的消息;The love with which he was surrounded in his final days was so great it cannot be quantified in words alone,; the message, signed by his three children, adds.这条消息得到了尔三名子女的签字确认,还写道:“弥留之际,尔爵士的生活仍然充满了爱,这份爱如此深切,仅用言语实难表达”Beyond being the longest-serving James Bond with seven 0 films under his belt Sir Roger will also be fondly remembered his TV work in The Saint and alongside Tony Curtis in The Persuaders!.罗杰·尔是任期最长的詹姆斯·邦德,曾先后七次出演0系列电影此外,他在电视剧《圣徒中又奉献了精表演,还同托尼·柯蒂斯主演了《说者Born in 197 as an only child to Lily and George Moore, Roger grew up in Stockwell, London. After school he attended the university of Durham but didnt graduate. He was conscripted national service in 196 rising to the rank of Captain.罗杰·尔于197年出生,是乔治·尔和莉莉·尔夫妇的独子,在伦敦的斯托克韦尔长大在高中毕业后,尔进入杜伦大学学习,但因196年进入军队役并被授予上校军衔,所以未能从学校毕业After studying at RADA alongside Lois Maxwell, the future Miss Moneypenny, Moore left to find paid work as an actor and model, bee being signed by MGM in 195.在和日后在邦德系列电影中饰演Miss Moneypenny的路易斯·麦克斯维尔一起于英国皇家戏剧艺术学院学习后,尔离开学校后成为了一名演员兼模特,并于195年和签下合约He next signed a studio deal with Warner Bros. but it would be in TV Ivanhoe where he made his name playing the eponymous hero.他后来也曾与华纳兄弟公司签约,但真正让他为观众熟知的是在电视剧《艾凡略中饰演的同名英雄Later his work as suave supercriminal Simon Templar in six series of The Saint brought him to the attention of the producers of the James Bond franchise and he went on to play 0 a record seven times.随后尔在六部《圣徒电视剧中成功演绎了老于世故的超级罪犯赛门·邓普勒,他的出表演引起了邦德系列电影制片人的注意,尔从而创纪录地出演了七部0电影After Bond, Moore continued acting but in his later years he dedicated his life to charity work as a UNICEF ambassador.在邦德一角后,尔仍活跃在屏幕上,但晚年的尔则以联合国儿童基金会大使的身份投身慈善事业当中 576

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