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Britney Spears to be normalOnce mental breakdown, once shaved her hair, is it possible for Britney Spears to be normal? She's actually working hard on it.It has been a busy week in Hollywood from Britney Spears to mental breakdowns to fueling basketball stars. So for a recap and get you up to date on all the latest stories, we're so happy to be joined by Rachel Zalis . She is the westcoast editor for Life amp; Style magazine. Rachel , thanks for joining us. Thank you so much for having me. So first of all ,what is the latest on Britney Spears, the 26-year-old pop star was granted over-night visit with her boys. Tell us about this, and is she finally on the right track?Yes, things are looking up for Britney , finally. I mean, you know, she won her Grammy for her song Toxic years ago. And her life is, sort of , seem to reflect that title lately. And , you know, ever since her divorce with Kevin Federline, things are sort of sprung out of control for her. You know, public meltdowns, rehab, hospitalization, shaving her head. And, you know, as in January, Kevin Federline became the "sole custody", got "sole custody" of her kids. And , you know, over the last six months, we've really seen Britney try to hold her life together. You know, her dad is, sort of , overseeing her finances. She's been working out. She's been, you know, on the TV show which people are think, get on Emmy nominated then. You know, she's really trying to regain herself. And, you know, she just have this hearing the other day where the judge is saying that she could get overnight stays now with her kid, which will be a huge win for her. Up until now, in the last six months, she says, you know, very limited, you know, uh, meetings with the children that were supervised. So this will be great. It's great to see things going away. And legally speaking, what's next? I mean, can she get back custody of her sons in the future? I think, you know, I think, Kevin Federline and his lawyer have said, they really want Britney to have more involvement with the kids, to work towards that kind of situation, though. I defintely think if Britney keeps on this path where she's really staying on the strait narrow. She's getting her life together. You know, obviously, it's best for the kids to be with their mother. So , I think, she definitely , has that in store for her in the future.200810/54019American highways美国高速公路The efficiency conundrum效能难题A combination of less driving and more fuel-efficient vehicles is imperilling Americarsquo;s highway system驾车出行的减少和节能车的增多正在危及美国的高速公路系统AMERICANS pay a federal fuel tax of 18.4 cents per gallon. That amount was set in 1993, when the average new passenger car on American roads got 28.4 miles per gallon (mpg), and the best-selling American car got 18mpg in the city and 27 on highways. In 2010 the average new passenger car got 33.7mpg. The best-selling car got 22mpg in the city and 33 on highways.美国人付每加仑18.4美分的联邦燃油税。这一金额是在1993年定下的,那时新的乘用车每加仑油可以在美国道路上平均行驶28.4英里,最畅销的国产车在城里可以行驶18英里,在高速公路上可以行驶27英里。2010年时新乘用车每加仑油平均可以行驶33.7英里,而最畅销车在城里可行驶22英里,在高速公路上可以行驶33英里。And just as cars are growing more fuel-efficient, Americans are driving less. In 2010 they drove just under three trillion miles;less than they did in 2006. While better fuel-efficiency is good news for Americansrsquo; wallets and less driving good for the countryrsquo;s air, for its highways and mass-transit systems, it is something of a disaster.随着汽车越来越省油,美国人也越来越少驾车出行。在2010年,他们行驶了不到三万亿英里,少于2006年的路程。虽然,更高的燃油效率能节省美国人的经济出,少驾车也有利于改善美国的空气质量,但这对美国的高速公路和公共交通系统却可以说是一种灾难。That is because federal funds, mostly derived from fuel-tax revenue, account for 22% of all highway funding and 17% of mass-transit funding nationally (with the rest coming from state and local governments). Fuel taxes go into the Highway Trust Fund (HTF), which was created in 1956 to finance highway construction nationally. The HTF still spends most of its funds on highway and bridge maintenance and construction, but in 1982 Congress created a Mass Transit account within the HTF. Today 15.44 of every 18.4 cents in fuel-tax per gallon funds highways, while 2.86 funds mass transit and 0.1 cents funds clean-up of leaking underground storage tanks. And the HTF receives some revenue from taxes on truck tyres, diesel, and other driving-related sources, but most of its money comes from petrol taxes.这是因为,大部分来源于燃油税收入的联邦基金付22%的公路经费,和17%的全国公共运输经费(余下部分由州和当地政府付)。公路信托基金成立于1956年,通过征燃油税负担全国的公路建设。虽然公路信托基金现在大部份经费仍然花在高速公路和桥梁的养护和建设上,但是在1982年国会在其中新增了一项公共运输开。如今,每加仑18.4美分的汽油税中就有15.44美分资助高速公路,2.86美分资助公共运输,还有0.1美分资助地下贮槽泄漏的清洁工作。同时公路信托基金还会通过对轮胎,柴油和其他相关资源征税来增加部分收入,但大部分资金还是来源于汽油税。As the HTF pays for long-term, large-scale construction projects, it has never been required to have the full funding a project will require on hand when that project is authorised; consequently, it has long paid out more than it took in each year. As long as Americans drove more each year, that arrangement worked, and for much of the HTFrsquo;s existence, that is exactly what happened. Americarsquo;s workforce grew. Its workers abandoned tight-knit cities for ever more far-flung suburbs, requiring longer commutes.由于公路信托基金需要资助长期大规模的建设项目,批准建设项目时并不要求基金要备齐该项目将会需要的所有资金,这就造成了它每年入不敷出。只要美国人每年驾车量都有增加,这种方法就可以运行,而在公路信托基金创建以来的大多数时间内,美国人的驾车量确实逐年增加。美国的劳动力增多,工人们抛弃了拥挤的城市投向遥远的郊区,这正需要长途通勤。But as that trend has slowed, the HTF has suffered: monies paid into the HTF fell by around one-seventh from 2007 to 2010. From 2005 to every state received more from the fund than they paid in. Between 2008 and 2010 Congress transferred .5 billion in general revenues into the HTF;the first time it had ever received such an infusion. Earlier this year the Congressional Budget Office forecast that the HTF will be unable to fund highway maintenance by 2013.但是随着上述趋势减弱,公路信托基金受到损害:从2007年到2010年,公路信托基金收到的资金减少了七分之一。各州在2005年至年间从该基金得到的比付的多。2008年到2010年间,国会将政府一般收入中的345亿美元投入到公路信托基金,这是公路信托基金第一次收到联邦政府用其它收入对其补贴。今年早些时候国会预算局预计公路信托基金到2013年时将不能再资助高速公路维修与养护。That money will be difficult to find elsewhere. Around half of all surface-transportation funding and 20% of mass-transit funding comes from the states, many of which face budgetary woes of their own. Both Barack Obama and his transportation secretary, Ray LaHood, oppose raising the gas tax; a tax on miles travelled is probably a political impossibility.很难从其他地方筹集到这笔钱。一半左右的地上交通经费和20%的公共交通经费都来自各州,而很多州都面临预算灾难。巴拉克bull;奥巴马及其运输部长莱胡德都反对提高汽油税,根据行驶公里数来征税从政治上说是不可能的。There has been some movement in Congress;in November a Senate committee approved legislation maintaining highway funding at its current levels for two years, while House Republicans plan to introduce a six-year transportation bill this month;but it is little and late. Americarsquo;s transportation infrastructure can ill afford to wait. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimated in that 36% of Americarsquo;s major urban highways are congested, costing .2 billion each year in wasted time and fuel costs. According to Transportation for America, an advocacy group, one in nine highway bridges are ;structurally deficient;;a quality they seem to share with Americarsquo;s Congress.国会已经有所行动,参议员委员会在11月批准了一项法律用以维持高速公路现在的经费水平两年;同时众议院共和党计划本月引入一项六年期的交通法案,但改善措施不足而且晚了。美国的运输基本设施几乎等不及了。美国土木工程师协会年估计36%的美国主要城市高速公路是超负荷的,每年在浪费时间和燃料成本上花费782亿美元。根据利益团体美国运输团体,每九个公路桥就有一个是;结构缺陷;,在这点上,这些公路桥倒是和美国国会相同。trillion n. 百万兆maintenance n. 维护consequently adv.结果infusion n.灌输,激励legislation n. 立法201111/162259

Swapping gems for cash宝石交易What next for South Africas foremost mining family?南非最有影响力的矿业家族,下一步会如何?MOST people would be overjoyed to pocket .1 billion. But Nicky Oppenheimer, the chairman of De Beers, said that it was with a heavy heart that his family had decided to sell its remaining 40% stake in the worlds biggest diamond miner to Anglo American, a mining behemoth. The deal marks the end of an era for South Africas foremost mining dynasty.在大多数人眼里,获得51亿美元是一件高兴的事。然而对于尼克 奥本海默而言,这位德比尔斯(全球最大,历史最悠久的钻石矿业公司)主席却不那么轻松。其家族海默家族已经决定向矿业巨头英美资源集团出售剩余的40%德比尔斯的股份。而这次交易也标志这个南非矿业巨头辉煌时代的结束。The Oppenheimers have been in the diamond business for more than a century, including over 80 years with De Beers. Nickys grandfather Ernest settled in South Africa in 1902, having been posted to the diamond-boom town of Kimberley at the age of 22 as an agent for a London-based firm of gem traders. By 1917 he had set up his own mining company, Anglo American. A few years later he won control of De Beers, a diamond miner that had been founded in 1880 by Cecil Rhodes, a British-born colonialist. By the time Rhodes died in 1902, De Beers controlled 90% of the worlds diamond production. Rhodess immense fortune still pays for people like Bill Clinton to study at Oxford.海默家族涉足钻石业已超过一个世纪,其中80年在德比尔斯工作。尼克的祖父欧内斯特在1902年定居在南非。在他22岁那年,作为一家总部在伦敦的钻石交易公司的代理,他外派到钻石业繁荣的小城金伯利。1917年,他已有了自己的矿业公司,英美资源集团。几年之后,他又掌控了德比尔斯,一家由英国殖民者塞西尔?罗兹于1880年创立的企业。1902年,也就是罗兹去世时间,德比尔斯钻石产量占据世界份额的90%。至今,罗兹的巨额财富仍在付美国前总统克林顿在牛津大学学习的费用。Since 1929, when Sir Ernest (knighted for war services in 1921) took over as chairman, the Oppenheimers have led De Beers almost without interruption, massaging the price of diamonds by hoarding them and occasionally selling part of the firms stockpile. The family has wielded political influence, too, mostly bankrolling liberal causes. Both Ernest and his son Harry served in South Africarsquo;s parliament: Ernest for 14 years in the run-up to the second world war, and Harry for nine years as a member of the anti-apartheid opposition.1929年,欧内斯特爵士成为德比尔斯主席。自此之后,海默家族一直经营着德比尔斯,并通过控制库存量来调控钻石价格。与此同时,海默家族为一些南非的自由事业提供资助,在政界也有一定的影响。另外,欧内斯特和儿子哈利也曾为南非议会务:欧内斯特在14年里为二战提供持,哈利也是种族主义的持者。Of late, however, the familys influence has waned. Some wonder whether Nicky and his son Jonathan have the same drive and acumen as their swashbuckling forebears. And Anglo American, the firm their family founded (and in which it now has a stake of 2%), moved its headquarters to London in 1999. Nicky Oppenheimer insists that the family will stay connected with South Africa: they are still based in Johannesburg.近来,海默家族的影响力却日渐衰弱。一些人就质疑尼克和他的儿子是否拥有先驱的进取心和洞察力。而且英美资源集团,这个曾经海默家族一手打造的企业也在1999年把总部迁到了伦敦。而尼克 奥本海默却坚持家族应该要立足于南非:其总部仍在约翰内斯堡。What will the Oppenheimers do with their new pile of cash? The deal will take months to complete, so they have time to ponder. Under its terms, they are barred from dabbling in diamonds for two years. But other possibilities abound.奥本海默家族又如何运用这笔钱?这次交易历经数月才能完成,因而海默家族有着足够的时间来考量。条款规定,他们在2年内禁止从事钻石行业。但不排除有其他可能他们将再次干起老本行。The family has two investment arms. One, called Stockdale Street Capital, invests largely in medium-sized firms in South Africa. The other, Tana Africa Capital, is a joint venture with Singapores sovereign-wealth fund, Temasek, and invests in the rest of Africa. Among other things, it holds a stake in a Nigerian firm that sells powdered milk, and it plans to build up five to ten substantial firms over the next decade.海默家族有2个投资分部:斯托克代尔街资本,主要投资南非的中型企业。非洲塔纳资本,这家与新加坡淡马锡(主权财富基金公司)成立的合资公司则负责其余非洲的业务。除了这些之外,家族还拥有一家尼日利亚的奶粉厂,并计划在近十年中投资在新建5到10个新工厂。At the moment, Tana is focused on fast-moving consumer goods and agriculture, and to a lesser extent on building materials, health and education. The new money could go into any or all of these areas, says James Teeger, a family spokesman. And the Oppenheimers may also look at infrastructure and energy, two of the hottest businesses south of the Sahara. Nicky Oppenheimer is said to be furiously jetting around looking for shrewd places to inject his cash.与此同时,塔纳资本愈发重视投资日益繁荣的消费品和农产品行业。同时,也在慢慢涉足建筑材料领域、健康领域和教育界。娜塔丽珍,这位家族的发言人声称,家族获得的资金会投资到这些行业中。除此之外,基础设施和能源领域是作为撒哈拉沙漠南部最热门的行业,海默家族也在考量着对这两个领域进行投资。据说,尼克四处打探消息,寻找可以投钱的最佳场所。162926

Atlanta, Georgia, a terrorist bomb explodes in Centennial Olympic Park, killing one woman and injuring hundreds. North Caldwell, New Jersey, an advertising executive is killed when he opens a mysterious package which explodes in his hands. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a powerful blast destroys the federal building, claiming 168 lives. In all three cases, it's a race against time. As an elite division of the FBI known as the Explosives attempts to catch the mad bombers before they strike again. FBI Explosives is the part of the FBI laboratory. It does the forensic examination of bomb components, unexploded bombs. They also do residue analysis of the explosives that are used in bombs. Explosives examiner, Donald Sachtleben, agreed to take us inside one of the nation's most secretive crime-fighting laboratories. Here, this team of highly trained technicians and forensic scientists carefully combs through evidence, searching for any clues that will help the FBI capture a bomber. In Atlanta, the search for answers begins at ground zero, the scene of the Olympic bombing where every step is fraught with danger. At any crime scene, you have to assume that there could be other devices there what we would call secondary devices or booby traps. We've seen that recently in some of the bombings around the Atlanta and Birmingham areas. In Atlanta, agents are sifting through the rubble of an abortion clinic bombing when suddenly, a secondary device explodes. Miraculously, no one is killed. But seven people are injured, including several federal agents. But in the aftermath of the Olympic bombing, investigators rely on surprisingly common technology to search for deadly booby traps. The most effective tool that we have is the X-Ray, the portable X-Ray. We can actually go up to a package and with a remote technique; we can put the X-Ray down, X-Ray the package and see whether or not it's a hazard.12/92865

  Some Economists, Officials in Asia Seize on the Positive on Economic Data亚洲各项经济数据相互矛盾  Recent economic data from Asia continue to show big declines in key indicators. But some economists say there are hints of a recovery.从亚洲各国传来的经济数据显示,关键指数均有大幅下跌。但是一些经济学家说,出现了一些复苏迹象。Every economist in Asia has probably been asked this question: is the worst over yet? The numbers across the region are conflicting.亚洲的每一名经济学家可能都被问过这个问题,最糟糕的阶段过去了没有?整个亚洲地区的经济数据相互矛盾。There is bad news: Japan's economy contracted an annualized 15 percent rate in the first three months ending in March from the same period last year - its deepest fall in more than 50 years. Exports - a key component in the economy - shrank 26 percent. 从日本传来的是怀消息。日本经济今年头三个月跟去年同比收缩了百分之15,这是日本经济50多年来最深重的下跌。日本经济的关键行业出口业则收缩了百分之26。But there are what some describe as "green shoots" of recovery. Consumer confidence in the world's second largest economy reached a 10-month high in April. Exports increased in March from February.不过也有一些被形容为是“萌芽”的复苏迹象。日本这个世界第二大经济体的消费者信心4月份上升到10个月以来的高点,3月份的出口比2月份有所增长。Kaoru Yosano, Japan's finance minister, looks forward. He says it seems the January to March period was the worst and that the economy is turning up a bit.日本财务大臣与谢野馨展望前景时说:“看起来一到三月份是最糟糕的阶段,经济开始有了一些上行迹象。”Elsewhere, officials say things are looking up too. Indonesia's president says recovery is in sight by next year, while Hong Kong's financial secretary expects a slight rebound in exports by the end of the year. Taiwan's president proclaimed the worst is over, although the economy is still in recession.亚洲其他国家的官员也表示局面开始好转。印度尼西亚总统说,明年将看到复苏,与此同时,香港财政司长预计年底将看到出口有些许反弹。Singapore's president warned of a worse year, with the economy contracting by between six to nine percent. However, on Thursday, Singapore's Trade Ministry said the decline in the island's gross domestic product - a measure of overall economic activity - slowed in the first three months of the year, compared with the previous quarter.新加坡总统警告,这是最糟糕的年景,经济将收缩百分之6到百分之9。不过新加坡贸易部长星期四表示,标志着整体经济活动的国内生产总值今年头三个月与前一季度相比,下降速度放缓。There are mixed signals too from one of few economies in the region that is not in recession - China. Retail sales in April rose 15 percent from last year. Authorities see this as proof that China's 6 billion economic stimulus package is working. 中国是亚洲地区没有陷入经济衰退的不多几个经济体之一,那里同样传来了混杂的信息。零售跟去年同比上升了百分之15,当局将此看作是中国5千8百60亿美元的经济刺激方案在起作用的明。But exports continue to plummet, dropping nearly 23 percent in April from the same month last year. Industrial output, a measure of factory production, fell more than seven percent, a bigger-than-expected decline.但是出口继续下滑,4月份出口跟去年同比下降近百分之23。工业产出下降了百分之7以上,这个标志着工厂生产活动的指标数据跌幅比预期要大。Xu Lin is director-general of fiscal and financial affairs at China's National Development and Reform Commission. He says the economy has shown signs of a rebound since November, as seen in electricity consumption figures - an indicator for industrial activity. He says the government's main concern now is to maintain this momentum.中国国家发改委财政金融司司长徐林说,自从11月份以来,可以从表现工业活动的指数--电器消费数据上看,经济出现了反弹迹象。他说,政府现在主要关注的是如何保住这个势头。"The current indicators have shown that the economic recovery is moving in a "V" shape. But some indicators may not support that. But we cannot say by the indicators in April that we can prove that the "V" shaped recovery has been changed to a different direction," he said. "But if there will be more indicators to show that the recovery is changing the direction, then maybe we have to take additional measures to further consolidate the "V" shape."徐林说:“目前的指数显示,经济正在以V字形复苏。但是,有些数据也许并不持这一点。可是我们不能根据4月份的数据说,我们能够实V字形的经济复苏已经改变了方向。但是如果出现更多数据显示,经济复苏改变了方向,我们也许需要采取进一步措施来巩固经济的V字形复苏。”A "V" shaped recovery is the best anyone can hope for - the economy bottoms out quickly and sharply recovers. However, economists also talk about a "U" shaped recovery, where there is a longer slump before a gradual upturn. Worse is the "L" shaped recovery - which means a sharp drop and then no real growth for a long time, or a "W" shaped recovery - when the economy starts to recover, then quickly falls back into recession.V字型的复苏是一种最好的状况,因为经济在短时间之内触底,然后随即复苏。然而,经济学家同时也在谈论U字型复苏,也就是在经济谷底时间较长,而复苏的速度则比较缓慢。最糟糕的是L字型复苏,那表示经济直坠落地,并且长时间之内没有真正的成长。W字型复苏也很糟糕,这是当经济开始复苏的时后,又很快掉回衰退。Alan Oster, group chief economist of the National Australia Bank, says a "W" recovery will be unlikely because of the massive amounts of government money pumped into the world's economies over the past year.澳大利亚的首席经济学家艾伦.奥斯特说,不太可能出现W字型复苏,因为在过去一年政府对世界经济注入了大笔资金。"You push a lot of money into economies - through interest rates and fiscal policies - I think the machine works. To get to "W" you need something else - you need an interest rate followed by an oil price shock, which is what the '80s were," said Oster. "You need to say to me something else is going to come along and clobber us."他说:“通过调整利率和恰当使用会计政策,你向经济投放很多资金,我想这有用。要出现W字型复苏需要不同的条件,你需要利率随着石油价格震荡,就如1980年时一样。你需要告诉我还有其他的事物将来冲击我们。”Governments in the region have been spending their way out of the crisis - handing out cash to citizens, building new highways, funding new programs, to revive business activity. Some countries, such as China, have indicated that they will take additional measures if their first stimulus efforts are inadequate. 在亚洲地区各国政府花费许多钱来脱离这场危机,包括发放现金、兴建新的高速公路、资助新的计划,来恢复商业活动。有些国家,例如中国,已经表明如果第一批的刺激力度不够的话,他们将会采取额外的措施。"For the central government, I think we have enough resources to support the economy to move to the "V" shaped recovery," said Xu.徐林说:“对于中央政府来讲,我想我们拥有足够的资源来撑经济走向V字型复苏。”No matter the shape of the recovery, economists say one thing is certain: when Asia passes the worst of the crisis, the economic landscape will have aly changed. Asia's export-driven economies will have started to seek a less vulnerable growth model. Xu says, in the aftermath of the slump, China's exporters will face different business conditions, and the economy will have to rely more on domestic demand for growth.不管是哪一种字型的复苏,经济学家说有一件事是确定的,就是当亚洲渡过了危机最糟糕的时刻,经济版图已经改变。亚洲出口导向的经济必将开始寻找不那么脆弱的成长模式。徐林说,衰退的后果就是,中国的出口商将面临不同的商业局面,而经济成长将必须更加仰赖国内需求。05/70946

  Job losses in Britain increase ITN's James Blake examines what type of industries are cutting back their employment numbers. These students are at Hackney Community College training to be builders, but that's the sector that seems huge job losses over the past year. Couple to that, Hackney has won the highest unemployment rates in the country and now it's going up again. Total unemployment reaches its highest level through 11 years today. For 18 to 24 year-old, it’s even worse. It’s not been this bad since 1995. I’ve learned a few of brick lessions for brick land ships, and at the moment, I’ve got nothing, so I just wait and to hope the teachers’ help would get me as well. I am not worried, it’s about getting a job and I will get a job. Across the UK unemployment has now reached more than 1.8million, up a 140,000 in just a quarter. For young people alone it’s more than half a million, an increase of 53,000. In the last recession, Britain suffered a 31 consecutive months of rising unemployment. So economists agree it’s going to get much worse in the downturn. Some are even predicting it will reach 2.5 million by 2010. So another steep rise in the unemployment, the government has bailed out the bank since to propose tax cuts to stimulate the economy, but now the Unions has insisted it must help the growing ranks of unemployed by increasing benefits. It is that they say or poverty sps. "We have yet not seeing figures of the level we saw in early 90s and in the early 80s when three million were unemployed, but this is a different kind of recession. A lot of white collar jobs are disappearing, it is not just hitting manufacturing in the north of country, every part of the country is being affected. That's why we really do need the urgent action to make sure we don't reach the level of unemployment that we saw three million plus in previous, in previous downturns. So unemployment is rising in every sector and nearly in every region in the country. This morning the government announced it was doubling the funding of its job center rapid response from 3 to 6 million pounds with perhaps more money to come. Our job is to spend as much time in effort making sure the people stay in work when economy becomes boiled as early as possible, as well as provide as much supports we can give to people as they sadly lose their jobs to get back to the labor market as soon as possible. All that’s being done, the pre-budget report will announce the next stage that people have to wait and see what that says. Yesterday Virgin media ** announces a total of 5,000 job losses. Manufacturing, the number of jobs is now at its lowest level since records began in 1978.200811/56169。

  As Job Losses Mount, Asian Workers Return to the Countryside亚洲各国竭力为失业者寻找出路  Millions of Asian workers are losing their jobs because of the global economic downturn. After many years of urban job creation, governments are scrambling to find work in the countryside for the unemployed. 数以百万计的亚洲工人正在因为全球经济衰退而失去工作。多年来城市就业机会不断增加,可是,现在各国政府正竭力在农村地区为失业者找寻出路。Reports of factory closures across the region are increasing. Most job cuts are happening in the manufacturing sector - from toy makers to automakers. Production has either ceased or slowed down because of the global economic crisis. 亚洲地区关于工厂倒闭的报导越来越多。大多数被解雇的员工是在制造业,包括玩具制造业和汽车制造业。由于全球经济危机,生产不是陷于停顿就是放慢了进度。Suparat Sirisuwanangkura, head of the Thai Auto Industry Association, says the industry - which employs 300,000 workers - is trying hard to hold onto workers. But production is expected to fall 20 to 30 percent this year. 泰国汽车工业协会的领导人斯里苏万昂库拉说,有30万职工的泰国汽车制造业在竭尽全力地保住职工,但是,预计今年的生产将下降20%到30%。"We don't have any plans to shut down any plants. But, of course, we have to adjust many things - no overtime or very few," said Suparat. "The two shifts may try to make it one shift. The last one we, as much as possible, try to avoid is reduction of manpower." 他说:“我们不打算关闭任何汽车制造厂。但是,当然我们需要作多方面的调整,我们不会再给加班费或者给得很少。还可能要把两班制改成一班制。最后的一步是我们尽可能要避免的,那就是削减人力。”Governments across Asia are worried about mass unemployment and the social instability that could bring. Many of those losing their jobs are migrant workers, who have left the provinces to work in Asia's booming cities. 亚洲各国政府为大批人失业而感到忧虑,因为这可能导致社会动乱。许多失业的人是流动民工,他们离开家乡省份到亚洲兴旺的城市地区谋生。In China, their numbers are staggering and they are returning in large numbers to their hometowns. Geoffrey Crothall is the spokesman of the Hong Kong-based China Labor Bulletin, an organization involved in workers' rights in China.  在中国,民工的人数更是高得惊人,而大批中国民工正在返回老家。克罗塞尔是总部设在香港的劳动者权益组织--中国劳工通讯的发言人。"Some official figures are saying the number of people who lost their jobs [last year] is around eight million, most of whom are migrant workers," said Crothall. "If you put that in the context of the number of migrant workers in China - which is usually estimated at 130 million - that gives you some idea of the scale of the lay-offs at the moment." 他说:“某些官方统计数据显示,失业的人数约有8百万,大多数是民工。中国流动工人的总数是1亿3千万人。在这样背景下,你就会对当前员工解雇的规模有点概念了。”Some governments are hoping that new investments in the countryside could help ease employment pressures.  某些国家政府希望对农村地区的投资能帮助缓解失业造成的压力。Beijing is hoping its 0 billion stimulus plan, with its huge spending on infrastructure in the provinces, can help absorb some of these workers. But between six to seven-million new graduates will be added to the labor force in the next few months. 北京希望,政府的6千亿美元的经济刺激计划能帮助这些失业民工重新就业。这一计划将在省级的基本建设方面花费巨额资金。但是有6百万到7百万的应届毕业生几个月后即将就业。The government is offering to refund college education expenses for graduates willing to work in the rural areas. 政府愿意还给那些愿意去农村地区就业的大学毕业生他们上大学时交的学费。Crothall says the stakes are high for Beijing."If these workers cannot be re-employed, the potential for social unrest increases and the government is very well aware of that," he said.In Japan, the government is also offering work in farms to unemployed young Japanese, as a way to build a new generation of farmers. 在日本,政府也向年轻的失业者提供在农场的工作机会,以培养新一代农民。In Thailand, Jaded Chowtchilai, a labor activist who helps unemployed women workers, says dismissed workers are trying their luck in the provinces.  在泰国,曾帮助失业妇女的劳工活动分子贾迪德说,被辞退的工人在地方省份碰运气找工作。"I think most of them try to find a job; but, it's difficult," said Jaded. "Some jobs are far away, in another province. Some of them go to countryside, go to the farmland." 他说:“我想他们大多数想找到工作,但是这很难。有些工作地点遥远,在另一个省份。有些人就干脆到乡下去种田了。”With the Thai government promising greater incentives to farmers, as part of its economic stimulus plan, this may be where hope lies for the thousands losing their livelihoods. 泰国政府承诺给予农民更大的物质刺激,这是经济刺激规划的一部分,对几千名失去谋生之道的人说来,这可能是希望所在。Farm incomes in the region have fallen, as agricultural commodity prices dropped from their record highs last year. Some Asian officials say jobs will have to eventually return in the industrial sector for the labor market to stabilize. 亚洲农民的收入不断下降,因为农产品的价格从去年的创记录高度跌了下来。某些亚洲官员说,要稳定劳工市场,最终还得由工业部门来重新开创就业机会。01/61051

  Brown-headed cowbirds are robin-sized black birds whose range covers most of North America. From a people’s point of view cowbirds are what we might call deadbeat parents. Cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, and the cowbird nestlings are raised by the foster parents. Since the cowbirds spend their formative months with birds of an entirely different species which has separate habits, songs, etc., “How does a cowbird know it’s a cowbird?” A good question, since singing the right songs and making the right moves are essential to establishing territory and attracting mates, it’s vital that one do these things right. One would think that the cowbird’s behavior would be “hardwired”, that it would just know what it is. But work done by Meredith West and her colleagues has shown that this is not the case.【生词注释】cowbird n.北美产的燕八哥robin-sized 知更鸟般大小的deadbeat a.游手好闲的formative a.影响发展的territory n.领地hardwired adj.天生的棕头色的燕八哥是知更鸟般大小的黑鸟,它便不再北美的大部分地区。在人们看来,燕八哥是游手好闲的父母。它将蛋缠在其他鸟类的我中,幼鸟是由其他鸟类养育的。因为燕八哥在发育阶段是和完全不同种类的鸟在一起生活,那些鸟的习惯和叫声都不一样。“燕八哥如何知道那是燕八哥吗?问得好,因为适当的叫声和合适的动作对于建立领地和吸引配偶来说都是基本的。燕八哥能正确地做这些事很重要。人们可能认为燕八哥的行为是“天生的”, 燕八哥天生就知道该如何做。但是Meredith West和同事的研究表明事实并不是这样。 201110/156432Immigration: The Human CostThe Onion News Network's Jean Anne Whorton looks at how immigration has affected one former corporate executive. America's Immigration Problem.This controversial issue is often reported with facts and information that are very difficult to relate to. Our Jean Anne Whorton filed this report on the human cost of Mexicans.“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.” These are the words enshrined at the base of the Statue of Liberty and in the hearts of every true American. But those words were written thousands of years ago and as millions of new immigrants flood across our borders each year, the American worker is paying the price.Until July of last year, Raymond Boyle was a senior vice president of business development at Lucent Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.I never thought this would happen to me. The man who took Ray Boyle's job is Alberto Fuentes, who illegally crossed the Arizona-Mexican border in the back of a melon truck 2 years ago. I think the job gave me a sense of pride. Every week I brought home a cheque. It was able to feed the family.And how much were you making? 840,000 and a half percent share on the company. An internal memo leaked to the Onion News Network revealed that Fuentes was willing to work for significantly less. Boyle was forced to sell his Texas estate and moved his family into their summer home in The Hamptons. Unless you’ve gone through it yourself, you can’t imagine what it’s like to live year-round in your summer home. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I refused to work, so it’s been very hard for us. Fuentes, who speaks no English and has no formal business training, has spurred double-digit growth since last quarter. His supervisor say it’s his ability to put in long hours without taking vacations. I hope that Mexican man is happy with daddy’s job. So Raymond Boyle and thousands of other Americans just like him face an uncertain future. It’s a difficult adjustment, no doubt about it. I’m working long hours and the waitresses make a lot more because they get the tips and I don’t. It’s really unfair. The whole system is really unfair. For the Onion News Network, I’m Jean Anne Whorton.01/60355

  US Remembers 9/11 Terror Victims 悼911遇难者 America's presidential rivals put aside their differences to mark the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people. Barack Obama and John McCain each laid a flower at Ground Zero in New York. Robert Nisbet reports.Today the increasingly bitter presidential campaign was suspended. The two political rivals bowed their heads at a makeshift memorial in the pit at Ground Zero. Earlier at 8:46 in the morning, the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center 7 years ago, bells across the city rang out. New York paused to remember.In all, there were full silences marking the moments of impact and when the towers collapsed. “I will miss you, mom, forever. I thank you for the lessons you taught me in life and in your death. Thank you.”“Robert J. DeAngelis Junior”,“Tom Elizabeth”.This is the last time families of the victims will be allowed on the site for the anniversary. “James DeBlase.” Work is due to begin soon on the permanent memorial called the Freedom Tower. “Simon Marash Dedvukaj. Jason Christopher DeFazio.”More bells tolled in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where ed 93 crashed into a field killing 40 passengers and crew. “I’ve had the great honor and privilege to witness great courage and sacrifice for America's sake, but none greater than the sacrifice of those good people who grasped the gravity of the moment, understood the threat, and decided to fight back at the cost of their lives.”At the Pentagon, where 184 people died when American Airline 77 crashed into the perimeter wall, a memorial was dedicated by the president. “A doomed airliner plunged from the sky, split the rock and steel of this building, and changed our world forever. The years that followed have seen justice delivered to evil men and battles fought in distant lands.” The shattering events of 9/11 helped mold the legacy of the outgoing commander-in-chief. The repercussions will still be felt by his successor.Robert Nisbet, Sky News, Washington.参考中文翻译:在9.11七周年之际,总统竞选对手奥巴马和麦凯恩放下分歧,共同悼念在恐怖袭击中遇难的3000名同胞。奥巴马和麦凯恩在世贸大厦遗址“归零地”奉上鲜花。Robert Nisbet报道。今天,日益激烈的总统竞选活动暂停。两位政治竞争对手在归零地临时举行的纪念活动上向遇难者鞠躬。早上8:46,7年前第一家飞机撞击世贸中心大楼的时间,整个纽约市钟声鸣响。整个纽约暂停一切活动进行悼念。到处一片寂静,纪念恐怖袭击的影响和双子楼倒塌的瞬间。“妈妈,我会永远想念你。感谢你在你的生与亡中教给我的教训。谢谢你。”“Robert J. DeAngelis Junior”,“Tom Elizabeth”.这是最后一次允许遇难者家属在遗址举行纪念活动。“James DeBlase.” 这里将要开始建造一个永恒的纪念碑“自由塔”。“Simon Marash Dedvukaj. Jason Christopher DeFazio.”更多的钟声鸣响在宾夕法尼亚的Shanksville,在那里,93名美国人冲上当场,杀死了40多名乘客和工作人员。“我很荣幸目睹为了美国而战斗的勇气和所做的牺牲。但是什么都比不上他们所做的牺牲,他们仅仅抓住那一瞬间的沉重,理解那种威胁,决定以生命为代价来反击。”当美国航空77撞向五角大楼,184人丧生。总统举行了纪念仪式。“一架准备好殒命的飞机从空中袭来,撞向大楼,永远的改变了世界。接下来的几年,恶人收到正义的惩罚,远方战争正在进行。”9.11事件形成了那些外派的司令官的遗产,而且这些反响将被继承者们深深的体会到。200811/57314The case for smaller portions赞成分家的理由Should Pepsi break up?百事应该拆分吗?“IFIRMLY believe that Pepsico’s value is maximised as one company,” said IndraNooyi, the boss of PepsiCo, during the announcement of the company’sthird-quarter results on October 12th. What followed was an impassioned pleafor the “Power of One”. That is how Pepsi describes its clout with suppliers,retailers and customers, thanks to its ability to market and distribute severalof its brands together.百事公司老板Indra Nooyi 在10月12日发布公司第三季度业绩报告时说:“我坚信百事公司作为一个整体的价值是最大化的。”随后,她为“整体的力量”做了热情洋溢的辩护。百事公司以这种方式向供应商、零售商和消费者描述了其影响力,这是由于它有能力将其旗下的诸多品牌共同销售及分销。Fuelledby growth in emerging markets, Pepsi’s results were better than expected. Netrevenue increased by 9%, excluding the impact of the company’s recent takeoverof Wimm-Bill-Dann, a Russian food firm. Pepsi’s operating profit was up by 4%compared with the same period last year.受新兴市场增长的推动,百事的业绩较预期的出色。包括近来收购俄罗斯食品公司Wimm-Bill-Dann所带来的巨大影响,百事公司的净收入增长了9%,营业利润较去年同期上涨了4个百分点。Yetperhaps Ms Nooyi protests too much. She has been under fire from investors whosay that, in her quest to transform Pepsi into a maker of healthier wares, shehas taken her eyes off its core business of pushing tasty stuff that’s bad foryou. Its drinks business has lost market share and is dragging down the valueof its snacks operation. The carpers suggest a solution: Pepsi should splitinto two smaller portions, a drinks firm and a snack peddler. That way,Frito-Lay (Doritos, Tostitos and Walkers) would no longer subsidise Pepsi,Gatorade (a sports drink) and Tropicana (a maker of fruit juice).然而,Nooyi女士的辩护也许太过激烈。在她寻求将百事转变成为一个健康饮品制造商的过程中,她已饱受投资者们的批评。投资者们抱怨她不再关注公司的核心业务,那就是推出可口的但不利于健康的食物或饮品。百事公司饮料业务的市场份额已经减少,同时还拖累了其快餐食品业务的价值。一些吹毛求疵的批评家给出了一个可行之道: 百事应该拆分为两个小公司,一家饮料公司和一家食品小商贩。那样,Frito-Lay (Doritos, Tostitos and Walkers)就不会再拖累百事,嘉德乐(一种运动饮料)和Tropicana (一家果汁饮料制造商).In herformer role as Pepsi’s chief strategist, Ms Nooyi set the company on ahealthier course even before becoming its boss, by engineering the takeovers ofTropicana and Quaker Oats, which makes breakfast cereals. She is now makingPepsi’s fizzy drinks less sugary and its snacks as much as 25% less salty and15% less fatty. Her goal is to increase Pepsi’s portfolio of “good for you”products (nuts, oats, fruit juice) from about billion, or one-fifth ofrevenue, to billion.当Nooyi女士担当百事首席战略官一职时,她甚至在掌管公司之前就已开始实施健康食品生产公司的计划,这通过精心安排收购Tropicana和Quaker Oats公司,这是两家生产早餐麦片的公司。现在,她正在致力于减少百事充气饮料25%的含糖量及食品15%的含脂肪量。她的目标是将百事“健康”产品组合占10亿美元的收入,总收入的1/5,增加至300亿美元。Virtuousthis may be, but it has not been good for the bottom line. Since Ms Nooyi tookover in October 2006 Pepsi’s shares have declined by 7%, while those ofCoca-Cola, its great rival, have risen by 50%. This failure has perhaps beenexacerbated by unhappiness within the company’s American drinks business, whichhas lost three marketing bosses in just over three years. In the same period itsuffered several marketing flubs, including a botched Tropicana makeover and aconfusing relaunch of Gatorade.这一举措也许有些好高骛远。自2006年10月Nooyi女士担任高管以来,百事的股价下降了7%;与此同时,百事最大的竞争对手可口可乐的股价上升了50%。百事公司美国的饮料业务部中的种种不快使这一失误雪上加霜,在过去的三个多月中已有三位市场营销高管下课。同时,百事还遭受了市场营销策略失误带来的恶果,这包括对Tropicana糟糕的再包装及将Gatorade令人疑惑的重新推入市场。Would asplit help? Pepsi would certainly be following a trend. In January Sara Lee, ahawker of cakes and sausages, said it would split into an American retail andfood-service business and a meats business. In August, Kraft announced that itwould split its international snack brands (Trident gum, Cadbury’s chocolate)from its North American grocery business, including Maxwell House coffee,Jell-O and Oscar Mayer meats. And earlier this month the shares of twocompanies formed by splitting a wildly diversified group, Fortune Brands, begantrading on the New York Stock Exchange. Investors could choose between FortuneBrands Home amp; Security (locks, windows) and Beam (which makes Jim Beam whiskey).公司的拆分能助一臂之力吗?百事必定会追随这一趋势。今年二月,蛋糕和香肠售卖商萨拉·李说百事将会分成一个美国零售业务部和一个食物务业务部,以及一个肉类食品业部。今年8月,克拉夫特宣称百事会将国际化的食品品牌从北美杂货业务中分离出去,其北美杂货业务包括麦克斯韦尔家庭咖啡,Jell-O 和 Oscar Mayer meats。本月早些时候,通过拆分一家大型多元化公司Fortune Brands而形成的两家公司开始在纽约券交易所上市交易。投资者们可以在Fortune Brands Home amp; Security (locks, windows)和Beam (whichmakes Jim Beam whiskey)的股票之间做出选择。Not allthese splits will work out. One or two had a whiff of desperation, says AswathDamodaran of the Stern School of Business. It was as if, having ruthlessly cutcosts and still not improved their performance, the mother companies had simplyrun out of other ideas. Pepsi, by contrast, seems ripe for bisection.并非所有诸如此类的公司拆分都行之有效。由拆分而形成的一家或是两家公司都会有一段绝望的经历,斯登商学院的Aswath Damodaran如是说。这就像,母公司坚决的削减成本,但是却一直没有提升业绩,然后就完全无计可施了。对比起来,百事分家的时机似乎成熟了。MsNooyi seems determined to keep it in one piece. But the opportunity costs aremounting. She has herself admitted that as a stand-alone company, Frito-Lay,the star in her portfolio, might be the best consumer-goods maker in America.So far activist investors such as, who have successfully pushed for the splitof several consumer-goods companies, have left Pepsi alone. But they may not doso for much longer. It may be time to crack open Pepsi.Nooyi女士似乎决意要维持现状,但是边际成本过高了。她自己已承认,Frito-Lay作为一个独立的企业在百事系列产品中是明星公司,它可能成为美国最好的消费品生产商。到目前为止,一些投资积极分子已经对百事置之不理,诸如成功地推动了几家消费品公司拆分的Nelson Peltz 和 William Ackman公司。但是他们不会长时间袖手旁观。有可能是时候肢解百事公司了。201110/158401

  G-7 Nations Agree on Financial Action Plan七国财长行长制定稳定金融计划 Finance ministers and central bank governors from seven major industrial economies met Friday in Washington and agreed on a five-point plan to stabilize global financial markets that this week experienced their biggest declines in 30 years.来自7个主要工业化国家的财政部长和中央行长星期五在华盛顿开会,同意采取一个五点计划,稳定全球金融市场。本星期,国际金融市场经历了30年来的最大的股市暴跌。The top officials from Europe, North America and Japan agreed on joint action to stabilize markets and restore confidence. Saying that the current situation requires urgent action, they pledged cooperation on measures to unfreeze credit and get banks to lend to one another. 来自欧洲、北美和日本的高级官员同意联合采取行动,稳定市场,恢复投资者的信心。他们表示,目前的形势需要立即采取行动。他们保合作,采取措施解冻信贷,让能够互相贷款。They promised to use all the tools at their disposal to prevent the failure of banks and institutions that could destabilize the global system. They will increase deposit insurance so that savers have confidence that their money is safe. And finally, they pledged action to make sure that money continues to be available for home purchases. 各国金融官员许诺,使用所有可以使用的工具,防止和金融机构倒闭,防止进一步破坏全球金融体系的稳定。各国将增加对储蓄的保险,让储户保持信心,知道自己的存款是安全的。最后,各国官员还保采取行动,确保提供资金给那些买房子的人。The seven participating countries are the ed States, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada. 7个与会国家是美国、日本、英国、德国、法国、意大利和加拿大。The daylong meeting at the US Treasury was attended not only by finance ministers but also by the heads of central banks, including the European Central Bank, responsible for the 15 countries using the euro currency.这次为期一天的会议是在美国财政部举行的。除了各国财长,7国的中央行长,包括欧洲中央的行长也出席了会议。欧洲央行的职权含盖15个使用欧元的国家。"What stood out to me was that everybody said the same thing. Here are the issues we've got to deal with. Let's learn from each other and let's stay in communication. Let's go about developing these measures as soon as we can," said Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, who chaired the meeting.美国财长保尔森主持了会议,他说:“我印象最深的是,大家都在谈同一件事情。这就是我们必须面对的问题。让我们互相学习,保持交流。让我们尽快制定措施吧。”The Group of Seven meeting capped a week in which global stock markets suffered losses of 15 to 18 percent. It was the worst week for markets in 30 years with no region of the world immune from the financial panic associated with the freezing up of normal credit operations. 7国集团的会议召开前,一个星期来,全球股市暴跌百分之15到18。这是30年来股市最糟的一个星期。全球没有一个地区能避免金融惊恐的影响。金融惊恐的原因是正常信贷活动的冻结。Paulson said he expects continued market volatility but he is confident that stability will be restored. "Never have all of us been more dependent on the others and more connected. This is truly a global marketplace. It is truly a global economy. Growth in any area helps all of us, weakness anywhere hurts all of us."保尔森说,他预期市场会继续动荡,但是他有信心恢复稳定。他说:“我们大家从来没有象现在这样互相依赖。从来没有象现在这样联系密切。这实在是一个全球市场。实在是一个全球经济。任何地区的增长都对大家有帮助,任何地区的经济疲软都会伤害大家。”Paulson conceded that credit markets are still clogged and that more action is required. "We've got more to do in the liquidity area. It is the pressing, short-term issue that we're facing," he said.保尔森透露,信贷市场仍然冻结,需要采取更多行动。他说,“在现金流动领域,我们必须作更多事情。我们面临的是紧迫的短期问题。”On Saturday a broader group of finance officials, not only from these seven industrial democracies but also from Russia, China, India and other developing countries meet to discuss the global financial crisis. There will also be a meeting with President Bush.星期六,将举行一个范围更大的金融官员会议。不但7个工业化民主国家的官员,俄罗斯、中国、印度和其他发展中国家的金融官员也参加讨论全球金融危机。布什总统也会跟金融官员开会。200810/52605

  Obama to Soon Sign Major Health Care Reform美国国会众议院通过医改法案It was a close victory for President Obama, but a victory nonetheless.这对奥巴马总统来说可算是一个险胜,但毕竟还是胜利了。"We pushed back on the undue influences of special interests," he said. "We didn't give in to mistrust or to cynicism or to fear. Instead, we proved we are still a people capable of doing big things."奥巴马总统说:“我们顶住了特殊利益集团的过份影响力,我们没有向疑惑、讥讽和恐惧低头。相反,我们实了美国仍然是一个能够成就大事业的国家。”He staked his young presidency on the outcome of this vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a final pitch for the bill, saying the president's economic agenda is at stake.奥巴马把他坐上还没多长时间的总统宝座押在了健保改革的投票结果上。众议院议长佩洛西为法案的通过发出最后呼吁时说,奥巴马总统的经济方案成功与否在此一举。"The best action we can take on behalf of America's family budget and on behalf of the federal budget is to pass health care reform," she said.佩洛西说:“现在,为了美国的家庭收、为了联邦政府的预算,我们所能采取的最佳行动就是通过健保改革法案。”In a country where most people rely on private insurance to help meet their medical costs, Democrats said the goal was to provide access to affordable coverage for as many Americans as possible.大多数美国人需要依赖私营医疗保险公司报销他们的医疗费用。民主党人说,健保改革法案的目标就是让尽量多的美国人获得能够负担得起的医疗保险。Republicans stood united in opposition to the legislation, claiming it would increase the national debt, and put the government in firm control of the health care system.但是共和党人团结一致,反对这项法案。他们说,这将增加国债,让政府牢牢掌控保健系统。201003/99472。

  Despite economy, Nike soars Nike has seen its third-quarter income leap by 32% compared to a year agoIt looks like the weakening US economy is not weighing on Nike whatsoever. The athletic apparel giant out with its earnings late last night after the closing bell and they did shock---profit up 32% from the same period a year ago. That is for its fiscal third quarter.Now the stock got such a pop-off that it did have to suspend trading for just a bit. So what is helping Nike, is it the US? No, not really. The stock is up almost 7% right now. But again, those gains not in the US. It did see a respectable 5% increase in sales here in the US, but those gains were overseas--- in Europe, sales up 23%; in Asia, sales up 27% . Now, of course, the Olympics in Beijing are coming up. Nike is doing a lot to prepare for that. Nike doesn’t always sponsor the Olympics but it of course does work with a number of those top Olympic athletes. So some great news out for Nike, the stock is benefiting from it. Here back up again, close to that 52-week high that we saw back in November, looks like it could top that now after this news.Notes:Weigh on: to exert influence01/60356

  Pentagon Cautious on Reported Pakistani Plan to Arm Tribal Militias巴基斯坦拟武装民兵?美谨慎回应 U.S. defense officials responded cautiously Thursday to a report that Pakistan plans to give weapons to thousands of men in its western region so they can join the fight against militants who have taken refuge in the area. 美国国防部官员星期四对一篇媒体报导小心地做出回应,这篇报导说巴基斯坦计划将武器给西部区域的数千个人,好让他们能加入对抗藏匿在该区域武装份子的战斗行列。A senior U.S. military official told VOA he was not aware of the Pakistani plan reported by The Washington Post, and is not sure if the report is accurate. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officer also could also not confirm the Post's claim that the ed States supports the Pakistani plan, but he said U.S. military leaders do, in general, support what he called "innovative ideas" to deal with militant safe havens in western Pakistan. 一名高级美军官员对美国之音说,他不知道华盛顿邮报关于巴基斯坦这项计划的报导,他不能确定报导是否实属。这名官员以匿名方式受访,他还表示不能确认美国持巴基斯坦这项计划,但他说美军领导人大致上持任何用来对付巴基斯坦西部武装份子藏身之处的“有创意的想法”。Pentagon Spokesman Brian Whitman had a similar view.  五角大楼发言人惠特曼也有类似的看法。"What we support is efforts by the Pakistani government to deal with these extremist threats that are not only a threat to their own country, but also to, in particular, the bordering country of Afghanistan, where we've seen an increased activity along that border. So I would say that we are supportive of the Pakistani government acknowledging and dealing with these internal extremist threats in their country," he said. 他说:“我们持的是巴基斯坦政府对抗这些激进分子威胁的努力。这些激进份子威胁的不仅是巴基斯坦,还尤其威胁与阿富汗接壤的国家。我们在这个边境上已经看到了日益增长的武装活动。所以我会说,我们持巴基斯坦政府承认以及处理在他们国家内部的激进分子的威胁。”Whitman could not comment on the specific program reported by The Washington Post, but he said any effort that addresses extremists in Pakistan in an "effective" and "meaningful" way "is good." 惠特曼不愿对华盛顿邮报有关巴基斯坦计划的报导发表,但他说,任何以“有效”以及“有意义”的方式对付巴基斯坦境内激进分子的努力都是好的。The Post report says Pakistan plans to provide Chinese-made AK-47 rifles to thousands of fighters in new local militias, whose leaders say they will fight the Taliban. Top officials of the militant movement that used to rule Afghanistan, and allies in other groups including al-Qaida, have taken refuge in western Pakistan, and U.S. officials say they use the safe haven to plan attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and possibly elsewhere. “华盛顿邮报”报道说,巴基斯坦计划提供中国制AK-47型给成千上万名当地新招的民兵,这些民兵的领导人说他们会打击塔利班。曾经统治阿富汗的这个激进团体的高级官员,及包括基地组织在内的其他团伙的高级官员,都藏匿在巴基斯坦西部。美国官员表示,他们利用这些藏匿处策划向巴基斯坦、阿富汗以及其他地方发动攻击。A Pakistani effort to control militants in the western tribal areas through agreements with local leaders failed last year, and was sharply criticized by U.S. officials. The officials believe that effort delayed the kind of more-decisive moves into the western region by Pakistan's army that have only happened in recent months. Those operations have earned praise from many of the same U.S. officials who criticized the earlier approach. 巴基斯坦为了控制西部部落地区的武装分子曾试图与当地领导人通过协议合作,但这项举动在去年失败,巴基斯坦政府因而遭到美国官员猛烈批评。官员相信,这项举动延误了巴基斯坦政府军队对西部区域采取更果断进攻行动的时机。而这些果断的行动最近几个月才开始进行。这些行动受到美国官员的称赞。而同样是这些美国官员,早些时候曾经批评巴基斯坦与部落合作的措施。Some experts point out that Pakistan's tribesmen are generally well armed aly. The experts say the more important question is how the tribes use their weapons. American strategists believe local forces can play a key role in fighting insurgents and terrorists, as they did in Iraq, particularly in its Anbar Province, where tribal leaders decided to oppose al-Qaida early last year and helped turn the tide of that conflict. But they also caution that it is a difficult and potentially dangerous process. 一些专家指出,巴基斯坦部落人士总的说来装备精良。专家说,更重要的问题是部落民兵如何运用他们的武器。美国战略专家相信,当地民兵武装可以在打击叛乱分子以及恐怖分子上起重要的作用,就像在伊拉克,尤其在安巴尔省的部落武装一样。安巴尔省的部落领导人今年早些时候决定反抗基地组织,在他们协助下扭转了冲突势头。不过专家同时警告,这个过程会是困难的,而且可能有潜在危险。The officer who spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday said, "the devil is in the details." He said if Pakistan is going to arm local militiamen, the success or failure of the program will depend on who has the power to make key decisions, and exactly who they decide to give the weapons. 这位不愿意透露姓名的官员星期四表示,“细节决定成败”。他说,如果巴基斯坦要武装当地的民兵,那么这个计划的成败将取决于谁拥有关键的决策权,精确地说,取决于他们决定把武器分配给谁。200810/53806

  If threw these nails out into the crowd, extremely deadly shrapnel. Once the FBI knows what materials were used to build the bomb and how it was concealed, agents make a public appeal for information about the bomber. Today in showing you this backpack of this reconstructed bomb here, we believe we've given every possible opportunity to recount to the public to refresh their memories and perhaps can follow additional information. But Sachtleben reveals another secret for rebuilding bombs. Actually go to a bombing range and use, and sometimes, thousands of pounds of explosives inside of a vehicle that we think similar to the one used, detonate it. Go out, measure the crater, measure where the pieces were, were found, collect the evidence that we find there and compare it to what we had at the bombing scene. There is also another reason for these dramatic recreations. These images give jurors an unforgettable look at the devastation a bomb can cause. Sometimes, we'll actually go to our explosive range and reconstruct the device, detonate it, film that, so we can go into court and show that to the judge and jury. Eric Rudolph, the man accused of the bombings of both the Olympics and the abortion clinic in Atlanta has yet to face a jury, he remains at large. But thanks to the Explosives , McVeigh and Kaczynski will never again pose a threat to society. However, the FBI's ultimate goal is to catch terrorists before they strike. Bridgeport, Texas, the residents of this sleepy farm town outside Dallas have no idea that their lives are in danger. That's because the people caught on this surveillance are planning a terrorist attack. The suspected bombers are members of the Ku Klux Klan. They are scheming to destroy the Mitchell Energy refinery as a diversion for another crime, an armored car heist which would fund the war they are planning against the US government. But these terrorists are unaware that the FBI is watching their every move, that's because one of their own is secretly working undercover for the FBI as an informant.201001/93846

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