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2019年11月23日 01:20:21

看白领压减新玩法White-collar workers going to great lengths for stress reliefWhite-collar workers going to great lengths for stress relief A soldier of the South Korean special attack corps paints his eyes during a friendly Taekwondo match at a South Korean Army Base in Pochon, north of Seoul. Stressed out white-collar workers are scaling skyscrapers, camping out on rooftops, smashing up restaurants, pretending to be children and even visiting cemeteries in a bid to relieve the pressure of modern life.As the country's economy continues to steam ahead, once popular forms of entertainment, such as karaoke, card games and even boxing bars, appear to be losing their appeal.Consider the members of Shanghai's Cat Rain club. By day, this group of young women works executive jobs, but by night they climb buildings so they can spend the night on the roof."It's a good way to release our pressure. You feel relaxed when you're sitting on the roof, looking up to the sky and chatting with intimate friends," said Gong Ying, 25.The stress of work is not just limited to people in Shanghai.A recently opened restaurant in Beijing encourages customers to smash plates - as long as they are willing to pay to replace them.Though there has been some debate about the extravagance of such services, some psychologists say the activity reflects the desire of some white-collar workers to vent their angst.Some workers even appear eager to return to their childhoods. This May, hundreds of people took part in a festival in which adults pretended to be children. It was an adults-only event, and participants could comics and eat sweets all day.Scenic places such as parks and rivers can also help people relax and put things in perspective. But a cemetery?Cemetery companies in Shanghai organized visits to local graveyards for stressed-out workers in March. The participants were taken to quiet spots in the cemetery where they could contemplate life and their futures.Roof-camper Chen Bin, an IT marketing professional, said she had camped out on a rooftop about 30 times. When she's not sleeping out under the stars, she also has several other adrenalin-fueled interests, such as downhill racing and paragliding."Pressure may bring us distress, but it doesn't mean we can't find ways out," Chen says. "Life should be imaginative."(China Daily) 压力过大的白领们正在用爬楼、露营屋顶、去发泄餐厅砸盘子、“扮嫩”、甚至游墓地的方式给自己减压。随着中国经济蒸蒸日上,卡拉OK、打牌以及拳击俱乐部等曾经流行的方式如今已失去吸引力。在上海的Cat Rain俱乐部,白天,一群年轻女孩做做行政工作;到了晚上,她们就爬到楼顶上去过夜。25岁的宫颖说:“这是释放压力的好方法。当你坐在楼顶上,看看天空,和好朋友聊聊天,你会感到很放松。”不仅仅是上海人工作压力大。近日在北京开业的一家餐厅为顾客提供“砸盘子”务,砸碎的盘子由顾客买单。尽管这种“奢侈”的务引发了一些争论,但一些心理学家分析说,这种做法反映出一些白领人士想要发泄心中郁闷的愿望。一些白领人士甚至想“还童”。今年五月,共有几百人参加了一个“成人儿童节”。这个活动只允许成年人参加。参加这一活动的人可以一整天都看漫画书、吃糖果。公园、河流这样的景点也有助于人们减压,理清头绪。但墓地呢?今年三月,上海陵园公司组织了一场白领减压墓地游活动。活动参与者被带到墓地中安静的地方,他们可以在那儿思考人生和未来。IT界营销人士陈斌就比较喜欢在楼顶上露营,她说,她已经在楼顶上露营了大约30次了。除此之外,她还有其它几个“刺激”的爱好,比如滑降和滑伞。她说:“压力会导致情绪低落,但这并不是说没有办法来减压。生活应该有点想象力。” /200803/30014哈尔滨可视人流要多少钱!-;9h7gg,j0tOsMsYZlwRACHEL ZOE:TOY STOREMotherhood has made the stylist more down-to-earth. Literally. She gets low in a toy store wearing a pair of skyscraper heels like it#39;s nobody#39;s business. It will be a shame when Skyler grows up and she won#39;t have to deploy this skill any longer.瑞秋#8226;佐伊:玩具店母亲身份使这位设计师更脚踏实地k9~s*pgO~Prv3eHNW。确实UiVkwanEb2。她在玩具商店穿着一双高跟鞋半蹲着且似乎不关任何人的事hc2X4BUjfo!4O。如果斯凯勒长大后不能施展这种技能的话将是一种耻辱_SkHDbDwCoV4j|NR-,。F5F|B5Hcef6rf.*T*uyzi6w~dgQB(^#Sq,xPVtxP!)O% /201302/224010哈尔滨宫颈炎医院These are some of the many things we really want to say but can#39;t find the words (or courage) to. Just forward this along and let the anonymity of not knowing which one you#39;re referring to be the reassurance you need to get the satisfaction of knowing you somehow told that person the thing you#39;ve been wanting to tell them for so damn long.这些都是我们真正想说但却一直没有勇气或不知如何表达的话语。何不试着讲出来,告诉那个你心心念念的人,让他知道你一直以来想对他说的心里话,让自己释怀呢。1. I love you. Asshole.讨厌鬼,其实我爱你。2. I#39;m sorry. I know it#39;s my fault, but it#39;s just really hard to put my pride aside and admit that to you.对不起。我知道是我的错,但我真的很难在你面前放下骄傲承认错误。3. I act the way I do because I#39;m really insecure. I wish you could understand that.我之所以这样,其实只是因为缺乏安全感。希望你能理解。4. I#39;m only jealous because I love you and I wish you could understand this and could be okay with me loving you as much as I do while still embracing my flaws. I promise I#39;m working on it.我之所以醋意大发,只是因为我爱你。我希望你能理解,希望你能接受我这肆无忌惮的爱,希望你能包容我的缺点。我保:我也一定会努力克它们!5. I need you to give me attention. It#39;s just so juvenile and petty to ask for.我需要你的关注,虽然这样的要求是那么孩子气、那么小气。6. I#39;m embarrassed. I am embarrassed of the way my stomach rolls when I slouch. I am embarrassed of the fact that I fart and that I#39;ve made so many mistakes. Why? Who knows. It#39;s silly because as an intelligent, functioning person I should know that these things are normal, human and nothing to be judged for. But it#39;s because I care about you and I want you to see me in the best way possible.我也会尴尬。我讨厌坐下去时腰上的小肉肉,我讨厌自己放屁,我还讨厌自己毛毛躁躁总是犯错。为什么?反正我也搞不懂!虽然作为一个智力正常的人,我也知道这些都不值得大惊小怪;但是,我是这样在乎你,多么希望你看到的我总是最好的啊!7. I just want to know if you actually love me or if you make excuses because you don#39;t but also don#39;t want to hurt my feelings.我只想知道你是不是真的爱我,或者你并不爱我,不停找借口只是因为不想伤害我?8. I wish you would realize when you#39;re being an asshole. If you can#39;t figure this one out on your own, don#39;t get even angrier when I try to help you. Let our relationship facilitate some mutual growth. Honesty is vital to this and there are only a few people who will love you enough to risk you getting mad at them for them to tell you something that#39;s crucial to your development. Listen.我希望你也能看到自己身上令人讨厌的部分,要是你自己都发现不了这些缺点,那就不要烦我给你指出来。我希望我俩能一起成长。要知道,彼此坦诚非常重要。只有非常非常爱你的人,才会不惜惹怒你也要纠正你的不足。所以,请耐心听我说。9. I just wasn#39;t that into you. We had a great time. I did my girl thing for a while where I got ahead of myself and dreamt up what our babies would look like but then decided I didn#39;t want them or you. And it#39;s nothing to be offended over. I just kind of wanted to tell you that it#39;s not me, it#39;s you. Or rather, it#39;s us, together. And it doesn#39;t mean there was or is anything wrong with you. You#39;re just not for me. I hope you can see how I#39;m not trying to insult you or that I don#39;t think less of you because of this. But this is the truth.我其实并不那么爱你。的确,我们曾经很开心。我也曾像所有小女人一样幻想过我们的孩子如何如何。但是,我发现自己不想要孩子,甚至你。其实这也不是什么天大的事儿。我只想告诉你:这并不是你或我的问题,你没有任何错,只不过我们在一起不适合罢了。我希望你能看到我的努力:我并没有因为分手而将你贬得一无是处。事实如此。10. Because when you tell me that you#39;re just not into me, I associate that with meaning I#39;m a worthless, unintelligent, undeserving, unattractive human being.因为你说你不是很喜欢我,我觉得自己是个一无是处、不值得爱、笨拙又不讨喜的人。11. Nothing has been the same since you#39;ve been gone.你离开后,物是人非。12. Please give me another chance.请再给我一次机会吧。13. Call me. Email me. You know and I know. I just don#39;t have the balls to do something about it. You, however, do, literally have the testicles, so if you would step up to the plate this once that would be great. Not because that#39;s your role as the guy. But because I#39;m admitting that this is a weakness of mine and I need a little help to get the ball rolling.给我打电话,给我写邮件。我们都心知肚明,是吧?我是女人,总得矜持一点;但你可是男子汉,只要这次能主动一点,一切都会好起来。我承认,这也不只是因为你是男人,而是我实在放不开——所以,请你先主动一点吧! /201305/240575宾县人流好不好

黑龙江省邮电医院妇科检查怎么样哈尔滨道里区做产检多少钱黑龙江省第十人民医院体检收费标准A senile actress went to see a doctor. The doctor enquired : “How old are you?” The actress said: “ Twenty-two.” So the doctor scribbled down on her case history : “Amnesia.”一个徐娘半老的女演员去看医生,医生问:“您的年龄?”女演员说:“22岁。”于是医生在病历上写道:“丧失记忆。” /201303/232364黑龙江九院官网

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