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英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 关于交通安全的英语作文 -- :5: 来源: To cross the road, look around. Not to play and run on the road . To stop at a red lightand go at a green light isusually toldbytheteachers and parents , we should not only talk about it , but also follow itin real life. Thus traffice accidents may become less and less . To avoid of accidents, it is necessary to know trafficerules of the road, here are some rules we should follow.1. Cyclists should follow the right side of bike paths. . Pedestrian should follow the sidewalk,footbridge, orunderground passageway to cross the road 3. To stop at a red lightand go at a green light.. While taking a bus,go on the bus through front door,get off through the backdoor.写作练习:美国人写的经典作文(5) -- :8:8 来源: 英语四级写作长度范文非常重要,下面是小编为大家整理的大学英语四级写作练习:美国人写的经典作文,希望大家认真学习   5.Wisdom Of The Owl   as long as humankind has recognized animals as teachers, wise men and women have recognized traits worthy of respect in both wild and domestic creatures. The cultural and spiritual significance of certain animals transcends geographical boundaries, unifying disparate peoples. Not so the majestic and mysterious owl, which has over many millennia served as the focal point of numerous contradictory beliefs. Though owls have been regarded with awe and fascination, they have also inadvertently served as agents of fear. Since owls are nocturnal, human-owl encounters tended to occur at night and likely when the bird was swooping silently down to earth to grapple with prey. Yet even as some shied away from the owl, calling it an agent of darkness, others recognized the depths of awareness in beautiful owleyes.  In the classical Greek tradition, an owl could often be found perched on the shoulder of Athena, goddess of wisdom, while owls could ward off bad luck in Roman lore. It is in Native American mythos, however, that the owl attains its own unique identity. Owls are patient messengers, bringers of inmation and the holders of wisdom, and they are capable of seeing the unseen. With their keen eyesight, they can glance into the soul to discern meaning and motive, and they are totems of truth. Unlike our distant ebears, we may never encounter an owl in the wild, but we can nonetheless internalize the wisdom of the owl by attuning ourselves to its most venerable qualities. Fully integrating the medicine of the owl into spiritual existence is a matter of considering how we might open ourselves more fully to the wisdom that can be found in the larger universe.  Should you find your efts blocked as you commune with the owl, remember that it was not always revered as an icon of wisdom. This denizen of the nighttime has overcome many prejudices in its long association with humankind. To reveal those hidden elements of the self that impact your life better or worse, you must often make your way through the darkest parts of your soul as if you yourself are the nocturnal hunter. There is indeed darkness both inside the self and outside the self, but like the owl you can transcend it by drawing nourishment from the insights you receive when you penetrate it.A dog in the manger.

英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 好词好句好段摘抄大全:中英文作文必备 --3 :18: 来源: 好词好句好段摘抄大全:中英文作文必备  1】生活是一首歌,吟唱着人生的节奏和旋律;生活是一条路,延伸着人生的足迹和希望;生活是一杯酒,饱含着人生的清醇与忧愁;生活是一团麻,交织着人生的烦恼与快乐;生活是一幅画,描绘着人生经历的红绿蓝;生活是一团火,燃烧着人生的憧憬和梦想  1】 life is a song, sing the life rhythm and melody; Life is a road, extend the footprint of the life and hope; Life is a cup of wine, full of life and mellow sorrow; Life is a mass of linen, interweaving the trouble with life and happy; Life is a picture, and describes the life experience of red, green, blue; Life is a fire, burning vision of life and to dream.   】心里有春天,心花才能怒放;胸中有大海,胸怀才能开阔;腹中有良策,处事才能利落;眼睛有炯神,目光才能敏锐;臂膀有力量,出手才有重拳;脚步有节奏,步履才能轻盈  】 have a heart of spring, ecstatic to in full bloom; Again the sea, the mind can open; Good, play to have womb agile; The eyes have god, the look line to sharp; Arm strength, make moves to the punch; With rhythm, steps are to light.   3】生活中要学会享受:享受工作的欢快,享受朋友的笑声,享受家人的温馨,享受创造的快慰,享受果实的甜美  3】 life to learn to enjoy: enjoy working happy laughter, enjoy friends, enjoy the warmth of family, enjoy the joy to create, enjoy the sweet fruit.   】人生四大乐:青春活力,创业有成,家庭和顺,邻里和谐人生四大悲:病魔缠身,患得患失,重蹈覆辙,一事无成  】 life four DaLe: youth, entrepreneurial success, family and harmonious, the neighborhood. Life four big and sad: disease, swayed by lost, repeat it, nothing at all.   5】生活加减法:知识要递增,烦恼要递减;友情要递增,怨恨要递减;善心要递增,灰心要递减;自信要递增,失信要递减;肚量要递增,妒量要递减脚步要递增,烟酒要递减  5】 addition and subtraction: knowledge to increase life, trouble will decline; Friendship will increase, resentment to decrease; A heart to heart to decrease, increasing; Increasing confidence to promise to decrease,; ) to increase quantity to jealousy, diminishing. Steps to increase to decrease, alcohol and tobacco.   6】如果你想快点成名,那么就得慢点睡觉;如果你想快点长智,那么就得慢点骄傲如果你想慢点老化,那么你就得快点学习;如果你想慢点淘汰,那么就得快点迈步  6】 if you want to go famous, then we have slowly sleep; If you want to go long wisdom, then we have slowly proud. If you want to slow down the aging, then you will have to hurry up learning; If you want to slow down, so you must hurry out step.   7】不怕路远,就怕志短;不怕缓慢,就怕常站;不怕贫穷,就怕惰懒;不怕对手悍,就怕自己颤  7 】 not afraid, afraid he far short; Slow, afraid often stood; Are not afraid of poverty, afraid loc lazy; Not afraid, afraid his opponent fierce fibrillation.   8】好心情才会有好风景,好眼光才会有好发现,好思考才会有好主意  8】 good mood to make the scenery, good eye will have good found that good thought bee you will have a good idea.   9】安乐给人予舒适,却又给人予早逝;劳作给人予磨砺,却能给人予长久  9】 happiness to person to comt, the but again to person to early death; Labor to person to efts, but it can give a person to long.   】人可以不美丽,但要健康;人可以不伟大,但要快乐;人可以不完美,但要追求  】 people can not beautiful, but to health; One can not great, but be happy; One can not perfect, but want to pursue.   】用知识的浪花去推动思考的风帆,用智慧的火星去点燃思想的火花,用浪漫的去创造美好的生活,用科学的力量去强劲腾飞的翅膀!  】 with knowledge to push the waves of thinking sails, with wisdom of Mars to ignite the spark of thought, with a romantic passion to create the good life, with the power of science to strong a pair of wings!!!!!   】只有使自己自卑的心灵自信起来,弯曲的身躯才能挺直;只有使自己懦弱的体魄健壮起来,束缚的脚步才能迈开;只有使自己狭隘的心胸开阔起来,短视的眼光才能放远;只有使自己愚昧的头脑聪明起来,愚昧的幻想才能抛弃!  】 only make his mind up himself, the body of the bending confidence to straight; Only to the cowardly strong body and bound up the steps to plan; Only make their narrow open up, shortsighted eye can put far; Only make his mind up, the foolish foolish fantasy to abandon!!!!!   】不点燃智慧的火花,聪明的头脑也会变为愚蠢;不践行确立的目标,浪漫的理想也会失去光;不珍惜宝贵的时间,人生的岁月也会变得短暂;不总结失败的经验,简单的事情也会让你办砸   】 not lit the spark of wisdom, clever mind also will be a stupid; Don't practice of establishment of the target, the romantic ideal will also lose luster; Do not value the precious time, the years of the life will be brief; Summarize experience of failure, not simple things make you do it.   】宠爱的出发点是爱,落脚点却是恨;嫉妒的出发点是进,落脚点却是退;梦幻的出发点是绚(烂),落脚点却是空;贪婪的出发点是盈,落脚点却是亏  】 the starting point is love, spoiled foothold is hate; Jealousy is the starting point, the foothold is back into; The starting point of the dream is (bad), the foothold h.preparation is empty; Greed is the starting point of the surplus, the foothold is deficient.   】没有,爱就不会燃烧;没有友情,朋就不会满座;没有豪情,志就难于实现;没有心情,事就难于完成  】 without passion, love is not burning; No friendship, friends won't full; No lofty sentiments, he was hard to realize; Not in the mood, it is hard to finish.   】我们缺少的不是机遇,而是对机遇的把握;我们缺欠的不是财富,而是创造财富的本领;我们缺乏的不是知识,而是学而不厌的态度;我们缺少的不是理想,而是身体力行的实践  】 we lack of opporty, but not opporty; We less not wealth, is the ability to create wealth; We lack is not knowledge, but you won't feel bored manner; We lack is not ideal, but physically practice.   】有了成绩要马上忘掉,这样才不会自寻烦恼;有了错误要时刻记住,这样才不会重蹈覆辙;有了机遇要马上抓住,这样才不会失去机会;有了困难要寻找对策,这样才能迎刃而解  】 have grades will immediately get, such ability won't look trouble; Have the wrong to keep in mind, such ability won't repeat; Have the opporty to jump on, such ability won't lose opporty; Have the difficulties to find countermeasures, such ability solved.   18】你可以不高尚,但不能无耻;你可以不伟大,但不能卑鄙;你可以不聪明,但不能糊涂;你可以不学,但不能无知;你可以不交友,但不能孤僻;你可以不乐观,但不能厌世;你可以不慷慨,但不能损人;你可以不追求,但不能嫉妒;你可以不进取,但不能倒退  18】 you may not be ideal, but can't be cheeky; You can not great, but can't mean; You can not wise, not confused; You can not learned, but can't ignorance; You can not make friends, but can't withdrawn; You can not optimistic, but can't cynical; You can not generous, but can't deliberately; You can not pursue, but can't envy; You can not aggressive, but can't step backward.   19】生活需要游戏,但不能游戏人生;生活需要歌舞,但不需醉生梦死;生活需要艺术,但不能投机取巧;生活需要勇气,但不能鲁莽蛮干;生活需要重复,但不能重蹈覆辙  19】 life need game, but not a life; game The life needs and dance, but does not need to lead a happy-go-lucky life; The life needs art, but can't speculative; It takes courage to live, but can't reckless foolhardy; The life needs repeating, but can't repeat.   】把工作当享受,你就会竭尽全力;把生活当乐趣,你就会满怀信心;把读书当成长,你就会勤奋努力;把奉献当快乐,你就会慷慨助人  】 the work when enjoy, you will do our best to; When the life fun, you will with confidence; The ing when grow, you will be hard work; The dedication when happy, you're generous help others.   1】最美的不一定是最可爱的,最可爱的才是最美的;最好的不一定是最合适的;最合适的才是最好的;最高大的不一定是最受尊敬的,最受尊敬的才是最高大的;最优美的不一定是最动听的,最动听的才是最优美的  1】 the most beautiful may not be the most lovely, the most lovely is the most beautiful; The best is not necessarily the most appropriate; The most appropriate is the best; The highest big may not be the most respected, the most respected is the tallest; The most beautiful may not be the most beautiful, the most beautiful is the most beautiful.   】有的人不管年纪多大,却永远年轻;有的人不管是荣是辱,却波澜不惊;有的人不管是富是贫,却朴实为人;有的人不管受讥遭讽,却依然阔步前行;有的人不管自己位有多卑,却永远惦念着祖国母亲!  】 some people, no matter DuoDa age, are young ever; Some people whether it is, but still waters and shame; Some people whether it is rich, but a poor simple; Some people, no matter be a universal genius, but still was referring contemptuously stride ward; Some people, no matter how humble yourself a wonder, but always motherland!   3】人生是一本书有的写得精,有的写得平庸;有的写得厚道,有的写得轻薄;有的写得恢弘,有的写得小气;有的写得平顺,有的写得曲折;有的留下光,有的留下遗憾;有的留有思考,有的只剩空白!  3】 life is a book. Some write well and some write mediocrity; Some write honest, some write frivolous; Some write grand, some write mean; Some writes smooth, with some write twists; Some glorious, some left regret; Some think, some only leave blank!!!!!   】有一个清醒的头脑比有一个聪明的头脑更重要;有一种良好的习惯比有一种熟练的技巧更实用;有一股青春活力比有一副健全的臂膀更有力;有一身勇气和胆识比有一门知识更强劲  】 there is a clear mind than a clever mind the more important; There is a good habit than there is a proficient skills more practical; Has a youthful vitality than have a pair of sound more powerful arms; Have a courage and daring than a door more strong knowledge.   5】感动往往发生在一刹那间:一个眼神可能让你忆念一世;一次资助可能让你感动一生;一句祝福可能让你温馨一世;一点宽容可能让你感激终生  5】 touched often occur in a moment: a look may let you recollecting I; A funding may let you move a life; A wish may let you warm I; A little tolerance may let you appreciate a lifetime.   6】健康的才是美丽的,合适的才是最好的,常新的才是迷人的,平凡的才是伟大的,坚韧的才是长久的,真实的才是永恒的  6】 healthy is beautiful, the right is the best, often new is charming, ordinary is great, the tough is longer, the real is eternal.   7】世间的事情都是如此:当你刻意地追求时,它就像蝴蝶一样振翅飞远;当你专心致志之时,意外的收获已悄悄来到你的身边!  7】 world affairs are so: when you try to pursue, it is like like butterfly wings to fly far; When you concentrate, unexpected harvest has been quietly to your side!   】你可以用投机的方式赚到财富,却无法从财富中获得满足;你可以用欺骗的方法获得女友,却无法从女友心中获得爱情;你可以用作弊的手段获取高分,却无法从书本中获得知识;你可以用金钱买到荣誉,却无法从百姓口中获得名声  】 you can use speculative way to earn wealth, but can't get satisfied; from the wealth You can use the method of cheating, but can't get girlfriend from girlfriend to receive love in heart; You can use the cheating means to gain high marks, but can't get knowledge from books; With money you can buy to the honor, but not from the people made his mouth.   9】虽然我们不能决定自己生命的长度,但可以拓宽它的宽度;虽然我们不能改变容貌,但可以展现笑容;虽然我们不能控制他人,但可以掌握自己;虽然我们不能预知明天,但可以把握今天;虽然你不能样样顺利,但你可以事事尽力  9】 while we can't decided to the length of life, but can broaden its width; Although we can't change your looks, but can show smile; Although we can't control the others, but can control your own; Although we can't predict tomorrow, but can seize today; Although you can't be everything goes well, but you can try my best to do everything.   30】梦虽虚幻,却是自己的梦想;位虽低微,却是自己的岗位;屋虽简陋,却是自己的家;志虽渺小,却是自己的追求  30】 though illusory, is their own dream dreams; Though a low, but his post; Although crude is their own house, the house; He is small, is their own pursuit.   31】做人可以不高尚,但不能无耻;为人可以不伟大,但不能卑鄙;头脑可以不聪明,但不能糊涂;生活可以不乐观,但不能厌世;交友可以不慷慨,但不能损人  31】 be can not ideal, but can't be cheeky; Is not great, but can not can mean; The mind can not wise, not confused; Life can not optimistic, but can't cynical; Making friends can not generous, but cannot heal.   3】生活的真谛在于创新,生活的理想在于远大,生活的艺术在于选择,生活的步履在于踏实,生活的乐趣在于追求,生活的安乐在于平淡  3】 the essence of life is to innovation, the ideal of life is great, the art of living is a choice, and life at every step in solid, the fun of the life lies in the pursuit of happiness, life is plain.   33】过于欣赏自己,就发现不了别人的优点;过于赞赏别人的优点,就会看不见自己的长处  33】 too appreciate, and will not find the advantage of others; Appreciate the good in people, too will see his own strengths.   】如果你盼望明天,那必须先脚踏现实;如果你希望辉煌,那么你须脚不停步  】 if you hope tomorrow, it must first foot reality; If you want to, then you should be brilliant feet don't stop.   35】每一个人都拥有生命,却并非每个人都能读懂生命;每一个人都拥有头脑,却并非每一个人都能善用头脑只有热爱生命,善于动脑的人,才算得上真正拥有生命  35】 each have life, but not everyone can understand the life; Each have the mind, but not everyone can make good use of the mind. Only love life, is good at brain, it hardly is really have life.   36】拥有了一颗赤城的心,便拥有了朋友;拥有了一颗善良的心,便拥有了友爱  36】 have a ChiCheng heart, they have friends; Have a kind heart, possession of the love.   37】不要悲观地认为自己很不幸,其实比你更不幸的人还很多;不要乐观地认为自己很伟大,其实你只是沧海之一粟  37】 don't think their pessimistic, untunately, more than you do actually have a lot of the untunate people; Don't optimistic that the oneself is very great, but you just one of the sea and the corn.   38】财富是一种寄存,你不能将其带走;荣誉是一道亮光,你无法将其留住;成功是一颗硕果,你无法四季品尝;生命是一种过程,你不能让其停步  38】 wealth is a deposit, you are not able to send it away; Honor is a light, you cannot be keep; Success is a fruit, you can't taste the four seasons; Life is a kind of process, you can't let it stop.   39】事物是辩的,当你得到一些东西时,同时也会让你失去另一些东西;当你失去一些东西时,同时也会让你得到一些东西  39】 things is the dialectical, when you get something, also can let you lose some other things; When you lose something, also can let you get something.   0】弱者只有千难万难,而勇者则能披荆斩棘;愚者只有声声哀叹,智者却有千路万路  0】 the weak, and brave QianNanWanNan only, can always cheered; Only a fool says, but a wise man on a road way.   1】学会赞赏吧,它能拉近朋友间的距离;乐于赞赏吧,它能鼓励朋友不断上进;自我赞赏吧,它能激发自身的潜能  1】 learn to appreciate it, it can close the distance between friends; Ready to appreciate it, it can encourage friends constantly progress; Self admiration, it can inspire their own potential.   】在人之初,别拿人当幼欺;在人之暮,别拿人当弱辱;在人之前,别拿己当众扬;在人之后,别拿人当猴谤;在人之上,别拿人不当人;在人之下,别拿己不当人  】 in at the beginning of life, don't when young; from fraud In the evenings, when he weak from don't; In people, don't take yourself bee Yang in public; In people, don't taking after when monkey slander; In the above them, don't taking people; improper In contrast, don't take yourself not people.   3】当你习惯过一种日子,那么,你的一生只过上一天;如果你生活常新,那么你每一天都会过得很精  3】when you get used to live a day, so, you only live the life of a day. If you ever new, then your life each day had a wonderful.   】什么都可以丢,但不能丢脸;什么都可以再来,唯独生命不能再来;什么都可以抛去,唯有信仰不能抛去;什么都可以接受,唯独屈辱不能接受  】 what all can throw, but can't lose face; What can come again, but the life can't again come; Everything can be removed and only faith cannot be cast to; Anything can be accepted, but can't accept humiliation.   5】你可以忘掉失败,但不能忘掉教训;你可以忘掉昨天,但不能忘记历史;你可以忘掉苦难,但不能忘却艰辛;你可以忘掉伤疤,但不能忘却耻辱  5】 you can get the failure, but can't get the lessons; You can get about yesterday, but can't get history; You can get about suffering, but can't get hard; You can get the scar, but can't get disgrace.   6】一切皆可以变,唯有我们的理想不能变;一切都可以长,唯有我们的傲气不可以长;一切都可以老,唯有我们年轻的心不能老;一切都可以退,唯有我们前进的脚步不能退  6】 all all can change, only our ideal cannot be changed; Everything can be long, only our pride can not long; Everything can be old, only we young heart can't old; Everything can be back, only our feet can't refund.   7】失去的我们不妨让其失去,因为它可让我们少些惆怅;得到的我们不妨少些满足,因为它可让我们多些清醒  7】 lost we might as well let it loses, because it makes us less disappointed; We might as well get less satisfied, because it can let us more awake.   8】如果你的童年不游乐,少年不好学,青年不立志,中年不创业,那么,你的生命就将随着年老而逝去  8】 if you don't play, young bad childhood, youth to learn not, middle-aged not venture, so, your life will be as old and lost.   9】:不求牛气冲天,只求默默耕耘;不盼牛高马大,只盼俯首成孺子牛!  9】 : not NiuQi, but the nominees; Don't wish cow high Martha, hoping to bend the RuZiNiu!!!!!   50】生命因运动而精,生活因乐趣而充实,学习因思考而深刻,交友因真诚而持久!  50】 life sports and wonderful life, fun and full, learning thinking and profound and lasting sincere, make friends!!!!!   51】当你对自己微笑时,世上没烦事能纠缠你;当你对自己诚意时,世上没人能欺骗你  51】 when you smile to yourself, the world didn't bother things can entwine you; When you to my sincerity, the world no one can cheat you.   5】活在别人的掌声中,最易迷失自己;处在别人的关爱中,最易弱化自己  5】 live in other people's applause, the most easy to lose myself, In other people's care, the most easily. Weakening   53】敢于面对困境的人,生命坚强;敢于挑战逆境的人,生命茁壮  53】 dare to face trouble, life so strong; Dare to challenge the adversity, life so strong.   5】要感谢给你提意见的人,他使你成熟;要感谢给你造困境的人,他使你坚强  5】 want to thank your opinion, he make you mature; Thanks to give you made trouble, he make you strong.   55】成功不会向我们走来,我们必须走向胜利;智慧不会向我们走来,我们必须勤奋思索;快乐不会向我们走来,我们必须用心体验  55】 successful not coming to us, we must to victory; Wisdom not coming to us, we must be hard thinking; Happiness will coming to us, we have to perm experience.   56】运动使人充满生机活力,音乐使人充满浪漫快乐,思考使人充满智慧理智  56】 movement people full of vitality, music makes people full of romantic happiness, thinking that people full of wisdom of reason.   57】没有运动,生活等于昏睡;没有思考,生活等于盲从;没有节制,生活等于毁灭;没有快乐,生活等于凝固  57】 no movement, life is dreamless sleep; Without thinking, life is to follow; Without moderation, life is destroyed; Life is not happy, is equal to the set.   58】人生中最艰难的是选择;工作中最困难的是创新;生活中最痛苦的是自扰;做人中最苦恼的是委屈  58】 life the most difficult is choice; Work in the most difficult is innovation; The worst part of life is the interference; The person most upsetting is injustice.   59】一次专心学习胜过百次囫囵吞枣;一次深思熟虑胜过百次轻率行动;一次真诚相助胜过百次怜悯同情;一次见义勇为胜过百次豪言壮语!  59】 a devoted to the study of more than one hundred times be swallowed; A thoughtful is more than one hundred times reckless actions; A sincere help more than one hundred times on compassion; A hero is more than one hundred times grandiloquence!!!!!   60】人生中最大的乐趣是奉献;思维中最美的花朵是智慧(之花);前进中最快的脚步是继续;朋友中最好的记忆是笑声!  60】 in the life the greatest pleasure is dedication; The most beautiful flower in thinking is the flower of wisdom (); Ahead of the fastest pace is continue; Friends in the best of the memory is of laughter!   61】向父母索取愈少愈好,向社会索取愈少愈好;向书中索取愈多愈好,向智慧索取愈多愈好  61】 to their parents the better, the less to the less good the society; In the book to get more is better to get wisdom, more is better.   6】未来的东西就是这样:当你墨守成规时,它永远与你的昨天一样;当你积极进取时,就会化作灿烂无比的春光  6】 this is something the future : when you by rules, it always with you yesterday; the same When you the positive enterprising, would have gone very bright spring day.   63】要留住青春,最好的办法就是永葆年轻心态;要留住健康,最好的办法就是坚持锻炼身体;要保持快乐心情,最好的办法就是助人为乐;要保不犯错,最好的办法是三思而后行  63】 to keep youth, the best way is to younger ever; To keep healthy, the best way is to insist to take exercise body; Be happy mood, the best way is helpful; To ensure that don't make mistakes, the best way is to look bee you leap.   6】我们要为快乐而生活,为自信而前行,为辉煌而攀登,为理想而奋斗,为事业而尽力,为祖国而献身,这样才不枉此生  6】we will be happy to life, confidence and move ward, as brilliant and climbing, struggle the ideal business, and do our best to, motherland and dedication, so make lives worth-living.   65】人生没有真正的完美,只有不完美才是最真实的美;人生没有一帆风顺,只有披荆斩棘才能路路顺;人生没有永远的成功,只有在挫折中站起才是真正的成功;人生没有永恒,只有闪光的人生才算是生命的永恒  65】 life without true perfect, only not perfect is the most true beauty; A life without smooth sailing, only to the inner lulu; The life have no ever of success, but only in frustrations up is the real success; No eternal life, only the life is a flash of eternal life.   66】一个人只有保持快乐和满足,才能远离痛苦;一个人只有保持青春活力,才能激流勇进;一个人只有坚持学习,才能与时俱进;一个人只有坚持奋进,才能永远年轻  66】 a person only keep the joy and satisfaction, can from the pain; A person only retain green vigor, brave to stream into; Only one person can keep learning, keep pace with The Times; Only one person can be young ever, to ge ahead.   67】生活中可以没有诗歌,但不能没有诗意;行进中可以没有道路,但不能没有前进的脚步;工作中可以没有经验,但不能没有学习,人生中可以没有闪光,但不能有污迹  67】 can live without poetry, but can't have no poetry; In no way can travel, but not without feet; There can be no work experience, but not without a study, life can be no flash, but can't have stains.   68】积极人生看到的世界是一片阳光,消极人生看到的世界是一片黑暗;积极人生感受到的生活是无比快乐,消极人生心里感觉到的仅是一丝丝悲凉  68】 to active life see a world is one sunshine, negative life see the world is a dark; A positive life feel life is very happy, negative life of the heart feel is only trace dismal.   69】别为失败找个理由,这样容易失去自信;要为失败找个对策,这样才能产生力量  69】 don't failure to find a reason, such easy to lose self-confidence; the failure to find a countermeasures, so that they can produce power.   70】名人之所以能够成为名人,是因为他们在同伴嬉乐或休息时不停地攀登;凡人之所以成为凡人,是因为别人忙于攀登时他却安然入睡  70】 celebrities are able to became a celebrity, because their partner millennium joy or at rest kept climbing; Man is mortal, because others become busy climbing he is sleeping.   71】没有辛勤的汗水,就没有成功的泪水;没有艰辛的付出,就没有丰硕的果实;没有刻苦的训练,就没有闪光的金牌  71】 no hard sweat, it is not successful tears; Not a lot of hard work, there is no rich fruit; No hard training, no flash of the gold medal.   7】要改造世界,得先改造自己;要成就事业,得先劳苦自身;要胜利登顶,得先奋力攀登  7】 to remake the world, have to change themselves; To success, have to work itself; To win, have to strive to climb to the top.   73】从未失败就意味着从未成功;从未挫折就意味着从未胜利;从未反思就意味着从未经历;从未跌倒就意味着从未登顶  73】 never defeat means never succeed; Never setbacks means that it has never victory; Never reflection means that it has never experience; Never fall means that it has never top.   7】路由“足”与“各”组成,所以才“人各有路”;正因为“人各有路”,  7】 routing "foot" and "all" composition, so just "each man has his way"; Because of "each man has his way,"   76】人生道路上既有坦道,又有泥泞;既有美景,又有陷阱,只有坚定信念又勇往直前的人才能到达胜利的终点  76 】 life road, both ways, and there are muddy; Both beauty and trap, only firm faith and courage man can reach the end of victory.   77】人生十字路口是一道选择题,谨慎选择才能确保正确方向,糊涂选择就易步入歧途,放弃选择就会迷失方向  77】 life's cross is a multiple choice, a carefully chosen to ensure that the correct direction, is easily confused choose the wrong direction, give up choice will get lost.   78】开拓者独辟蹊径,保守者因循守旧,探索者勇攀高峰,执着者勇往直前  78】To develop the Portland trail blazers, conservative stuck-in-my-own-ways YongPanGaoFeng explorer, persistent, who go ward.   79】瞩目远方,你才会加快步伐;观赏风景,你才会步履轻盈;结伴同行,你才能欢歌笑语;风雨兼程,你才能成功登顶  79】 distance, you will attention is speeding up, and Admire the view, you will are lightsome; Company, can you be singing away; Trials and hardships, can you succeed top.   80】在人生中,有时最好走的路不一定是大路,而是小路;在现实中,有时最便捷的路不一定是直路,而是折路  80】 in life, and sometimes the path of the best is not necessarily the highway, the road but path; In reality, sometimes the most convenient way is not necessarily a straight way, but fold road.   81】什么路都可以走,唯独绝路不能走;什么路都可以选择,唯独歧途不能选择  81】what way can go, but can't go blind alley; What way can choose wrong, but can't choose.   8】人生道路虽很曲折,却很美丽只要你细心观看,就能饱尝沿途美景  8】 life path is very twists but it is very beautiful. As long as you watch carefully, can all along the way beauty.   83】在人生道路上,走上坡路要昂首阔步,走下坡路要谨小慎微,走阳关道要目视前方,走羊肠路要俯视脚下  83】 in life road, out of difficulty to strut, down to cautious and go to visual ahead, go highway while looking down at the way to feet.   8】在人生征途中有许多弯路、小路、险路、暗路,只有意志坚定且永不停步的人,才有希望到达胜利的远方  8】 in the life journey has many detour, road, and risks road, dark road, only determined and uninterruptedly, just have the hope to win the distant place.  85】迈开脚步,再长的路也不在话下;停滞不前,再短的路也难以到达  85】 steps, o again long way is not in words. Stagnant, and shorter way also difficult to reach.   86】没有清醒的头脑,再快的脚步也会走歪;没有谨慎的步伐,再平的道路也会跌倒  86】 not clear mind, again fast pace also can go awry; Without careful pace, then flat road may fall.   87】要留下人生足迹,就必须一步一个脚印;要少走人生弯路,就必须三思而行  87】 to life, we must leave footprints one step a footprint; To little take life, we must think carefully detour.   88】行路不仅仅在于快慢,还在于是否能够持续;前进不仅仅在于速度,更在于能否保持正确方向  88】 is not just went on his way when, still lies in whether can continue; Progress is not only speed, more in keeping the right direction.   89】生活不能游戏人生,否则就会一事无成;生活不能没有游戏,否则就会单调无聊  89】 life can't game life, or it will achieve nothing; Life can't have no game, otherwise they will be dull.   90】做人要地道,好人有好报;做事要踏实,步履才坚实!  90】 to be authentic, good guys weihaobao; Work to solid, walking to solid!!!!!   91】听从命运安排的是凡人;主宰自己命运的是强者;没有主见的是盲从,三思而行的是智者  91】 to follow the arrangement of fate is mortal; Master of his own fate is strong; and No independent is to follow the is a wise man, think twice.   9】财富是一时的朋友,而朋友才是永久的财富;荣誉是一时的荣耀,做人才是永久的根本;学历是一时的知识,学习才是永久的智慧!  9】 is a wealth friend, but a friend is permanent wealth; The honor is the glory of the moment, be an upright person is the root of the permanent; Education is a moment of knowledge, learning is the wisdom of the permanent!!!!!   93】人生难免经受挫折,风雨过后就是虹;生活难免遭受苦难,雨过天晴终有阳光  93】 life through the hard to avoid setbacks, after every storm is rainbow; Life is suffering, end the sunshine after rain comes sunshine.   9】“吃亏是福”不但是一种人生策略,更是一种生活智慧吃小亏不但可以赢得人们的景仰,还可学到人生大智慧  9】"is a blessing" not but a life strategy, but also a life wisdom. Venture a small fish to not only can win the people admired, still can learn wisdom life.   95】受伤害能磨练你的心志,受欺骗能增长你的见识,受遗弃会教你自立的本领,受批评能助长你的智慧  95】 hurt can hone your determination, lie can increase your knowledge, abandoned by independent ability, and will teach you how to encourage you criticized the wisdom.   96】生活六“朋友”:信心是柱,目标是动力,三思是舵手,运动是健康,知识是财富,知足是大乐  96】 life "friends" six: confidence is pillar, the goal is the ce, and think bee you is, the motion is pilot health, knowledge is wealth, contentment is DaLe.   97】给自己找茬是诊断,给自己找事是磨练,给自己剖析是知己,给自己嘲笑是激励!  97】to find fault diagnosis is moreover, give yourself is the test, to give yourself a analysis, give yourself is to laugh at is incentive!!!!!   98】生活是首歌:爱情是轻音乐,工作是交响乐,奋斗是摇滚乐,应酬是流行乐,朋友是通俗曲,事业是进行曲  98】 life is a song: love is light music, work is symphony, rock and roll, struggle is entertainment is pop, pop song, friend is career is march.   99】“天生我材必有用”,人生没有休止符;前进路上大步走,“天下谁人不识君”!  99】 "born my material will be useful", a life without pause; Way ward, "who strode the world does not know king"!!!!! 好词好句好段摘抄大全:中英文作文必备 好词 好句 好段

  Room , , Building 3, No. Luoyang Road, Sifang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China  “Yeah,”he said, and shook his head,"That's the shit of it,ain't it?From what I get from the complaint,she was beaten up real bad.So now she turns up on the beach,burned to death.Does it seem like a coincidence to you?”  . We found him in a small, businesslike office and the office was protected by some iron bars.

   人们之所以关注历史研究的方法,主要是因为史学界内部意见不一,其次是因为外界并不认为历史是一门学科欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第88节】88.It would spoil my excitement if it turned out I just have a funny wrinkle on the surface of my brain,which makes me think about the invisible train platms.四级词汇讲解:动词spoil此处意为“破坏,毁掉”短语turn out后接宾语从句,意为“明是,结果是”which引导的是以wrinkle为先行词的非限制性定语从句,是对前文的补充说明,其中think about意为“想起;考虑”英语四级考点归纳:短语turn out在听力中出现时还可能有如下含义:※ 意为“出席,在场”如:A record number of people turned out to vote.去投票的人数破了纪录※ 意为“结果……,发展得……”:如:Everthing turned out nice.一切都好※ 意为“关掉”如:Who turned out the lights?谁把灯给关了?※ 意为“赶走,驱赶”如:Her father turned her out of his house.她父亲把她撵出了家门学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

此外,“坚持”也可译作insist on, keep up, uphold等 Insist9. center词汇考试要找到记忆词汇考点 -- 18:01: 来源:qnr 词汇的考查形式为在文章中选出一个词,要求考生在四个备选中做出选择数量上:近两年每场考试平均考核词汇题约占总题量50道题的三分之一先从词性上看,所考词汇主要是动词,其次是形容词和副词,然后是名词,而词组一套考题中也就是一、两道题而已各词性词汇的相对比例为:动词:形容词副词:名词:词组5:3::1就要求考生在学习词汇时,对动词要给予最高程度的重视,实际上的这种安排是符合中高级英语学习者的学习规律的,毕竟动词是人们对事物最生动最传神的描述形容词和副词中主要以形容词为主,它们的表现力也很丰富,也是考生学习的重点;名词中所考核的基本都是人们常在读书看报时见到的,绝不会考像“座头鲸”“一角鲸”之类的极专业化的词汇词组本来考的就不多,偏难的词组我们几乎看不到请看下面一组在最新考核的词汇,大家找一找感觉:动词enable help vary change ceased stopped calculated determined afded provide anticipated looked froward to名词:consumption conversion disaster catastrophe constituents components double-purpose (positive and negative)形容词considerable much prominent distinguished coarser rougher dense thick词组:apply to used thanks to because of这些都是词汇考点,考生在记忆词汇的过程中,要加强对这方面词汇的记忆,越熟练越好希望各位考生能够重视这方面问题,在最短的时间里突破词汇大关 词汇 词汇 要找 考点 记忆 考试

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