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Google has always used its annual I/O conference to connect to developers in its sprawling empire. It announces new tools and initiatives, sprinkles in a little hype, and then tells those watching: choose us, and together we’ll go far.谷歌总是在每年一度的I/O开发者大会上与自己庞大帝国中的开发商联络感情,宣布新工具、新计划,宣传造势,然后告诉所有看客:选择我们,我们将携手走得更远。But while in previous years this message has been directed at coders working with Android and Chrome — the world’s biggest mobile OS and web browser respectively — yesterday, CEO Sundar Pichai made it clear that the next platform the company wants to dominate could be even bigger: artificial intelligence.但是过去的几年中,谷歌一直向世界上最大的移动操作系统安卓和谷歌浏览器传达一个信息,5月17日,谷歌首席执行官桑达尔?皮查伊明确表明了谷歌下一个战略宏图就是人工智能。For Google, this doesn’t just mean using AI to improve its own products. (Although it’s certainly doing that).对谷歌而言,这不仅仅是为了利用人工智能提升自己的产品(虽然谷歌目前正是这么做的)。The company wants individuals and small companies around the world to also get on board. It wants to wield influence in the wider AI ecosystem, and to do so has put together an impressive stack of machine learning tools — from software to servers — that mean you can build an AI product from the ground up without ever leaving the Google playpen.谷歌想要让世界上所有人和小规模公司都加入到它的行列,它想在人工智能领域扩大影响。若要达成此目的,需要具备大量的从软件到务器这样的机器学习工具,具备这些就意味着无需离开谷歌便能从无到有,制作一款人工智能产品。Other firms like Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft also offer their own AI tools, but it’s Google’s that feel pre-eminent.亚马逊、脸谱、微软等其他公司也推出了自己的人工智能工具,但只有谷歌显得卓尔不群。Samim Winiger, head of machine learning design studio Samim.io. thinks this is partly down to the company’s capacity to shape the media narrative, but also because of the strong level of support it provides to its users.机器学习设计工作室Samim.io总裁萨米姆?威尼格认为一部分原因是谷歌能够左右媒体叙事,另外便是源于谷歌对用户的强力持。“There are technical differences between [different AI frameworks], but machine learning communities live off community support and forums, and in that regard Google is winning,” he says.他说,“不同的人工智能框架技术有所差异,但是机器学习社区取决于社区持和论坛,从这方面而言,谷歌是赢家。” /201705/510915An old song says that "love makes the world go around." If you watch Americans on Valentine's Day, you can believe it. The whole country breaks out with little red hearts. Love-struck people give cards, flowers and candy to their sweethearts. You might call it an annual celebration of love. 有首老歌是这么唱的「爱使世界旋转」。如果你在情人节观察美国人,你就会相信,因为全国突然出现许多小红心,恋爱的人会送卡片、花和糖果给他们的情人,也许我们可以称这是个爱的节庆。Americans are romantic all year long, but especially on February 14. Valentine's Day gives people an excuse to ask someone they admire to "be their valentine."美国人全年都是罗曼蒂克的,尤其是在二月十四日。情人节给了人们借口请他们所欣赏的人做他们的情人。Conversation I 会话一Stan: Hey, Angela! I've been looking all over for you!史丹:安琪拉!我到处找你!Angela: Well, hi, Stan! Happy Valentine's Day!安琪拉:嗨!史丹!情人节快乐!Stan: Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Uh, Angela.史丹:谢谢!我也祝你情人节快乐!嗯,安琪拉……Angela: Yes?安琪拉:什么事?Stan: Well, I...uh...got you a little something for Valentine's Day. Would you be my valentine?史丹:我…,嗯,我有一样小东西送给你当情人节的礼物,你愿意做我的情人吗?Angela: How sweet! The flowers are beautiful! And you know how much I love chocolate! Sure, I'd be honored to.安琪拉:多美啊!这花好漂亮!而且你知道我有多喜欢巧克力!我觉得很荣幸能够成为你的情人。Stan: Would you like to go to the school party with me this Saturday?史丹:这星期六你要和我一起参加学校的舞会吗? Angela: Yes, I would. I'll look forward to it.安琪拉:好啊!我会去,并且满心期待地! The American concept of love and romance begins with dating. Young people date in several ways. At first they might have group dates with several boys and girls together. Later, they start going on single dates-just one boy and one girl. Sometimes a boy and a girl will go to a movie. Maybe they will go to a party at a friend's house. Or they might go out to eat. 美国人的观念认为爱情和罗曼史是从约会开始的。年轻人约会有几种情况。刚开始,他会有群体式的约会,就是几个男生几个女生一起约出去。之后,他们才开始单独的约会,就是一男一女。有时他们会去看电影,也可能去朋友家聚餐,或者到外面吃饭。 When two couples go out together, we call it double dating. A friend might even arrange a blind date for you with someone you don't know. That doesn't mean you keep your eyes closed the whole evening! You just don't know who your partner will be until the time for the date. If someone asks you for any kind of date, and you don't want to go, you may politely say, "No, thanks." 当有两对一起出去时,我们称之为「两对式约会」,甚至朋友也会安排你不认识的人帮你相亲。所谓相亲(blind date)并不是指让你整晚都把眼睛蒙起来,而是一直要等到约会那天你才知道对象是谁。如果有人以任何一种方式约你,但你不想去,你只管礼貌地说:「谢谢你,我不去。」 Conversation II 会话二 Jeff: Hi, Tanya! Boy, it's freezing today, isn't it? 杰夫:嗨!田雅,老天!今天真冷啊! Tanya: You're not kidding! I'm glad I'm wearing a hat and gloves! 田雅:你说得没错,我真庆幸戴了帽子和手套! Jeff: Yeah, you look warm all bundled up like that. Say, I was wondering, would you like to go to the Valentine's banquet with me next week? 杰夫:是啊!你裹得那样看起来很暖和。我在想你下星期要不要和我去参加情人节的宴会?Tanya: Well, I really don't think I can. I have other plans. Thanks for asking, though. 田雅:我想我真得没办法去,我有另外的计划,不过还是谢谢你的邀请。 Jeff: That's O.K. Maybe some other time. 杰夫:没关系,以后还有机会! Tanya: Yeah. Well, here comes my bus. See you later! 田雅:啊!我的车来了,再见!Americans view dating differently from people in other cultures. American young people see a date as a time just to have fun. They don't always have a romantic interest in mind. Someone may go out with one person this week, and another person the next. After a while, a boy and a girl may decide they want to "go steady." This means they think of each other as "boyfriend and girlfriend." It also means they don't want to date anyone else. Romance is beginning to bloom.美国人看「约会」的角度与其它文化不同。美国的年轻人只是把约会当做享乐的时刻,并不都是有感情牵涉在内,有的人也许这星期和这个人出去,下星期和另一个人。过一阵子之后,一男一女可能决定他们要「稳定下来」,就是他们将彼此视为男女朋友,也就是说他们不再和其它人约会。爱情将开始绽放。 Romantic love is very much a part of American culture. Movies, TV shows and books in America all picture people falling in love. Americans know that no romance is perfect, but still they try to find the ideal person. Actually, love is a part of every culture, not just American culture. People all over the world search for happiness in a loving relationship.爱情是美国文化的一大部份,美国的电影、电视和书都刻画人们坠入情网的事,美国人知道没有一个爱情是完美的,但他们仍旧试图寻找理想伴侣。事实上,爱情是每一种文化的一部份而非仅是美国文化的。我们可以看出全世界的人都想在爱情里寻求快乐。Maybe love does make the world go around.也许爱情确实使世界旋转吧! /200804/34323

I studied psychology as a subsidiary to my politics degree at university. In the mid-1970s, psychology was the media studies of its day — fashionable but usually chosen because it was easy, and most of the stuff we were taught was frictionless. There was not a lot to get to grips with.我大学时主修政治,辅修心理学。上世纪70年代中期的心理学就像现在的媒体学:时髦,但选修这门课通常是因为学起来容易,而且我们学的绝大部分东西都毫无难度,没多少东西要认真对待的。One lecture, however, has stayed with me. It was about ergonomics, the science of designing machines, systems and processes that are efficient and comfortable to use. It was the heyday of awful design and I was so taken with the thought of a job in which you could spend your time improving things, I flirted briefly with the idea of becoming an ergonomist.但有个讲座给我留下了深刻印象,那就是人体工程学。这是一门研究如何恰当设计机器、系统和流程,使其用起来更高效更舒适的学科。当时是烂设计横行的年代,我对你可以投入时间去改良事物的职业如此神往,以至于一度想成为一名人体工程学专家。It did not happen, and I have never knowingly met one. But I get the sense — ergonomists will doubtless send me user-friendly emails to confirm or deny this — that ergonomists are not rock stars of modern industrial enterprise.那没能成为现实,我也从没遇到一位人体工程学专家。但我能感觉到,人体工程学专家不是现代工业企业的摇滚明星。(他们肯定会给我发送深入浅出的邮件来实或否认这一点。)In kitchen appliances especially, the ergonomist’s voice is ignored — at least if the absurd counterintuitiveness of so many products is any guide.尤其是在厨房电器上,人体工程学专家的声音被忽视了——至少从如此多奇葩的反直观产品来看是这样。A friend who knows Heston Blumenthal has just adopted a microwave which, he told me, the British chef and restaurateur was not using at home because it was “too complicated”. That must be one complicated microwave.一位认识赫斯顿.布鲁门塔尔(Heston Blumenthal)的朋友刚刚采用了一台微波炉,他跟我说,这位英国大厨和餐馆老板在自己家里不用,因为它“太复杂”了。那肯定是一台非常复杂的微波炉。For simplicity and ergonomic bliss, the most perfect mechanism for controlling levels has to be the old-fashioned rotary knob. I say old-fashioned because knobs — volume controls you turn, tuning knobs, treble and bass controls, brightness on a television, all of them — have almost disappeared over the past 20 years.就简洁和符合人体工程学而言,控制水平的最完美机械装置当属老式旋钮。我说老式是因为旋钮在过去20年几乎完全消失了,比如音量旋钮、调谐旋钮、高低音控制旋钮、电视亮度旋钮,诸如此类。In the mid 1990s they were supplanted by buttons with left, right, up and down arrows on them, by which you “incrementally” (some might say jumpily) increased or decreased a level. They needed a display to show you what your hand and ear, in a wholly intuitive neurological combo, had previously told you.20世纪90年代中期,旋钮被上下左右箭头按钮取代,让你可以“逐步地”(有些人或许会说“跳跃地”)调高或调低一级。这种按钮需要一个显示器来向你展示的东西,过去你的手和耳朵(两者构成一个完全直观的神经系统组合)可以告诉你。Knobs fell into demise for understandable reasons. Behind the volume and tone, knobs in the pre-digital age were potentiometers — mechanically variable resistances, which as you turned them provided a smooth, analogue change in the energy reaching the amplifier.出于可以理解的原因,旋钮遭到淘汰。在数字化之前的时代,控制音量音调的旋钮是电位器,即机械可变电阻,当你转动它们时,可以平稳、相应地改变输出到扩音器的电量。Tuning was done with a variable capacitor, also wholly mechanical — a stack of fins that intermeshed in concert with your knob-turning to change the capacitance, which, in combination with a tight coil of wire, determined the frequency you heard.完成调谐的是一个可变电容器,它也是全机械的,由一叠相互啮合的翅片构成。当你转动旋钮时,可变电容器改变电容,配合一个紧密缠绕的线圈,可以决定你收听到的频率。Both components could be miniaturised. Old transistor radios had tiny versions of each. But when devices began to be run by software, “pots” and variable capacitors became redundant. Level changes and tuning could be done “solid state” — meaning without mechanical parts, which was cheaper for manufacturers and looked futuristic.这两个部件都可以小型化,老式晶体管收音机就有微型音量旋钮和调谐旋钮。但当电子设备开始通过软件运行时,电位器和可变电容器变得多余。水平变化和调谐能够在“固态”下实现,意思就是没有机械部件,这对制造商来说更加便宜,看上去还有未来感。The downside was that the new forms of software control were horrible to use — fiddly, slow and imprecise. Car radios, where all-button controls were enthusiastically adopted, were dangerous because they required you to take your eyes off the road to squint at the display.缺点是软件控制这种新方式并不好用,繁琐、缓慢且不精确。积极采用全按钮控制的汽车收音机带来危险,因为它们要求你把目光从道路上收回,眯着眼去看显示屏。Almost overnight, anything with a volume control — the older and ergonomically superior choice — came to be seen as retro and quirky.几乎一夜之间,任何有音量控制——老式、从人体工程学上说更加优越的选择——的产品,都被看成复古和怪异。In 1999, Tom DeVesto, a Boston audio engineer, had the idea of building a radio with no controls other than volume, tuning knobs and simple dials.1999年,波士顿音频工程师汤姆.德维斯特(Tom DeVesto)想做出一个只有音量、调谐旋钮和简单调谐度盘的收音机。“They’re nicer to use,” he says. “Other people might like holding buttons down, but to me the intuitive way to control things was to turn a knob. There was no need to reinvent the wheel.”他说:“它们用起来更顺手。其他人可能喜欢按下按钮,但对我来说,旋转旋钮才是更直观的控制方式。没必要重新发明车轮。”But when he started showing his Tivoli One radio to stores, retail buyers in the US did not get it. “I still remember one shaking his head. He said, ‘You have to have a dial, a display, that lights up, with all kinds of levels on it.’”但当他开始向商家展示他的Tivoli One收音机时,美国的零售买家们并不买账。“我还记得其中一个人摇着头说,你必须有一个调谐度盘,一个显示器,能亮起来的,上面能看到一级一级的。”Mr DeVesto says his Tivoli radios went on to sell more than 10m units globally, usually in the nicer, John Lewis-type stores. Como Audio, a radio company he founded this year, also majors on knobs — even if today, with old-style components having almost disappeared, the knobs synthesise mechanical controls.德维斯特说,他的Tivoli收音机后来在全球售出超过1000万台,通常是在约翰.刘易斯(John Lewis,英国百货商店——译者注)这类较高档的商店。今年他创建了Como Audio,这家收音机公司仍主打旋钮。即使当今老式组件几乎已消失,但可以用旋钮来合成机械控制。“You have to work today to give it some feeling that turning the knob is doing something, when all it’s really doing is sending zeroes and ones to the computer,” says Mr DeVesto.德维斯特说:“如今你得想办法,让转动旋钮的人得到一些反馈,即便其真正用途是向计算机发送一堆0和1。”Knobs still feature on some expensive HiFi equipment and recording engineers’ control panels, but other attempts to reintroduce the joy of the knob to a younger generation have, sadly, not been very successful.旋钮仍出现在一些昂贵的高保真音响设备和录音工程师的控制面板上,但是很可惜,将旋钮之乐趣重新介绍给年轻一代的其他尝试不怎么成功。Marshall, the British guitar amplifier-maker, launched a mobile phone last year called the London, which had a thumb-wheel control knob that it called a “scroll wheel”. The phone is still available but it is not one you often see in use.英国吉他音箱制造商Marshall去年推出一款手机,名为“London”,该手机有一个被称作“滚轮”的拇指旋轮控制旋钮。市面上仍能看到这款手机,但你不常见到人们使用它。LG had even less of a breakthrough in 2013 when it brought out a 32-inch LED television, the Classic, with old-school on/off, channel change and volume knobs. You can still get them, but the Classic did not precipitate a rush back to knobs.LG在2013年推出了32英寸LED电视“Classic”,设有老式的开关、频道调节和音量旋钮,该产品甚至更谈不上突破。Classic现在仍能买到,但它没有带来旋钮的回归。A shame. Knobs you turn (and, while we are at it, big, chunky buttons you press) are not some atavistic relic, but an ergonomic advance — albeit a nostalgic one. In a perfect technological world, they would be the next big thing, not a throwback.太可惜了。你转动的旋钮(既然说到这里,还有我们现在使用的胖乎乎的大按钮)并不是什么返祖余孽,而是人体工程学的一大进步——尽管带有怀旧情怀。在一个完美的技术世界里,它们将成为下一款轰动产品,而不是个复古玩意儿。 /201612/485394

ArcelorMittal will launch a new high-strength automotive steel later this year, throwing down the gauntlet to its rivals in the race to make cars lighter.安赛乐米塔尔(ArcelorMittal)将于今年晚些时候发布一款新型高强度汽车用钢,此举将在降低汽车重量的竞争中向对手发起挑战。The world’s biggest steel producer by tonnage said that its new grade, called Usibor 2000, would be about one-third stronger than those currently available for carmaking.这家全球产量最高的钢铁制造商表示,这款新型用钢被称为Usibor 2000,其强度将比现有的汽车用钢高出三分之一左右。“It’s lightweight because the material is so strong that you need a lot less of it to achieve the same functionality,” said Greg Ludkovsky, head of research and development at ArcelorMittal.安赛乐米塔尔研发部门总监格雷格#8226;路德科夫斯基(Greg Ludkovsky)表示:“它有助于减重,因为这种材料强度非常高,要实现同样的功能需要更少的用钢。”Tightening regulations on exhaust emissions in the fight against climate change are forcing automakers to improve their fleets’ average fuel efficiency. Alongside improvements in internal combustion engine technology and developments in electric vehicles, one of the main ways is by reducing mass.在应对气候变化的努力中,针对尾气排放的监管力度加大,这正迫使汽车制造商提高汽车的平均燃油效率。除了内燃机技术的改进和电动汽车的发展,主要的方法之一是降低汽车重量。While steel remains the material of choice in automotive, there is increasing competition from other substrates, such as aluminium and plastic composites, which can offer weight advantages.尽管钢材仍是汽车的首选材料,但它正面临其他板材日益激烈的竞争,例如具备重量优势的铝塑复合板。This was illustrated when Ford switched to aluminium for the body of its 2015 F-150 pickup truck, the best-selling vehicle in the US for more than three decades.福特(Ford) 2015款F-150皮卡改用全铝车身就表明了这点,这款车型是30多年来美国最畅销的。ArcelorMittal said that for applications requiring complex shapes, its Usibor 2000 product would bring potential weight saving of up 10 per cent on the previous best steel grade. It is more than three times stronger than leading automotive aluminium alloys, according to the company. Launch is expected by the end of this year in Europe and mid-2017 in the US.安赛乐米塔尔表示,对于构造复杂的形状,其Usibor 2000产品将令部件重量潜在比以前最好的钢材品级减少10%。据该公司称,这种品级用钢的强度是领先汽车用铝合金的3倍多。预计这款产品将于今年底在欧洲发布,2017年年中在美国发布。 /201606/448017

According to Beijing Morning Post, a Redmi Note 3 smartphone, bought by a consumer in March 2016, spontaneously combusted while charging on Dec. 21.据《北京晨报》报道,一位消费者于2016年3月购买的一部红米Note3智能手机在12月21日充电时发生自燃。A Xiaomi official promised to refund and compensate the consumer on the condition of her signing a confidentiality agreement, prohibiting her from commenting publicly on the event.小米一位官方人士承诺对其进行退款和赔偿,但是前提是该消费者签署一份保密协议,即禁止她公开对此事进行。The woman, surnamed Zhang, said that the phone started to discharge smoke 10 minutes after it began charging on Dec. 21. It then spontaneously combusted, burning the SIM card and her bed sheets.这位姓张的女士表示,这部手机于12月21日在充电10分钟后就开始冒烟。而后发生自燃,把她的SIM卡和床单都给烧了。Zhang added that she used the original charging device and did not know what caused the phone#39;s combustion.张女士补充说道,她使用的是原装充电器,但是不知道是什么造成了手机自燃。After several conversations with the Xiaomi#39;s customer service representatives, Zhang was promised a full refund plus an additional 600 RMB() as compensation -- just as long as she agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement.在与小米代表进行数次沟通后,张女士获得了全额退款,外加600元人民币(86美元)的赔偿--只要她同意签署一份保密协议。;The agreement prohibited me from commenting on the event to any media outlets, or on public networks or communication platforms. It was like hush money,; said Zhang, who ultimately agreed to sign the agreement.最终同意签署该协议的张女士说道:“协议要求我不得在任何媒体、公共网络和其它任何传播平台发表此事处理的言论。这哪里像赔偿,简直就是封口费。”Not long after, however, a Beijing-based lawyer, Zhang Xinnian, argued that the confidentiality clause in the agreement was invalid. The merchant#39;s intention to cover up the complaint goes against relevant provisions of contract law.然而不久之后,北京一位名叫张新年的律师称,协议中的保密条款无效。厂家的目的是为了掩盖投诉,这有违《合同法》的相关规定。Zhang also pointed out that, as there are so many Xiaomi smartphones on the market, the Administration for Industry and Commerce must launch a prompt investigation to minimize potential risks, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.张律师还指出,由于市场上存在大量小米智能手机,因此工商部门必须立刻展开调查,将潜在危险降至最低,保消费者们的合法权益。 /201701/487571

The Four Great Inventions(4)四大发明(4)Before printing was invented, people had to rely on handwriting to reproduce a book.印刷术发明之前,人们必须用手抄来复制书籍,It was very slow and errors easily occurred.这种方法很慢,很容易出错。Wood-block printing first appeared in the early Tang Dynasty.唐朝初期,首次出现了木版印刷。It was developed from the use of seals and stone engraving.这种印刷术是从印章和石刻发展而来的。Words engraved on stones could last very long, and later, in about the 4th century, the method of rubbing a piece of paper on an engraved stone coverd with ink was used to maked copies.刻在石头上的字可以保留很久,后来,大约在4世纪,人们把一张纸铺在刷有油墨的刻字石板上来印刷。This gave workers the idea of engraving word on a wood-block and print them with the quick development of the economy and culture in the Tang Dynasty, books and other publications like calendars were needed by the public, and this demand promoted wood-block printing.一些印刷工人由此想到,可将字刻在木板上来印刷。随着唐朝经济文化的迅速发展,人们需要书籍和日历等印刷品,这种需求促进了木版印刷术的发展。According to records in certain books, block printing was very common in the late Tang Dynasty.据书籍记载,木版印刷在晚唐时十分普及。During the Song Dynasty, the technique of block printing was very advanced.宋朝时期,木版印刷术十分先进。Books were beautifully printed.书本印刷得很精美。Even today the books printed at that time are valuable and treasured by libraries and book collectors.直至今日,当时所印刷的书仍极有价值,是图书馆和书籍收藏家的珍藏。Block printing was not very convenient.木版印刷并不很方便。Every two pages of a book had to be engraved on a wood block, and a big book would require many blocks.每印两页就要雕刻一块木板,一部大书需要很多木板。Besides, there had to be large places for storing the blocks.除此之外,还需要很大空间来储藏木板。To overcome these shortcomings, Bi Sheng invented the movable type during the years between 1041 and 1048.为了克这些缺点,1041-1048年,毕昇发明了活字印刷。One word was carved on one piece of clay, which was hardened with fire.一个小泥块上刻-个字,经过火烤变硬,Then clay charaters were set on an iron plate according to the text of a book.然后根据书籍文字将这些泥块汉字排列在一块铁板上。Then ink was applied to them and sheets of paper sp over them,and the printing was done.然后刷上油墨,铺上纸张,就可以印刷了。Bi Sheng#39;s invention made printing faster and easier than before.毕昇的发明使印刷比以前更快更简单。Later, movable type of metal and wood was made and widely used.后来,人们又制成了金属活字和木活字,并广泛应用。One county magistrate of the Yuan Dynasty had over 30, 000 wood characters carved, with which he printed a book he had written.元朝的一个地方官刻了3万多个木活字,用来印刷他自己写的书。It was a book of more than 60, 000 words, and he finished printing 600 copies less than a month.这本书有六万多字,他一个月内就印了600册。The technique of printing was gradually known to other Asian countries and Europe.印刷术逐渐传入亚洲其他国家和欧洲。It goes without saying that the printing invented by the Chinese has great influence on the advance of civilization.印刷术对文明进步的巨大影响是不言而喻的。 /201508/394017

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