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淮安市中山医院男科金湖县中医院流产手术多少钱London: the world’s most visited city. Home to the red double-decker bus, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Changing the Guard and the black taxi.伦敦:全世界游客造访次数最多的城市。这里有红色双层巴士和黑色出租车、大本钟(Big Ben)和塔桥(Tower Bridge),游客还可以观看卫兵交接仪式(Changing the Guard)。That “most visited city” tag, which caused a recent flurry, is a little dubious. It is based on the International Passenger Survey, which is based on a sample of interviews with passengers coming and going from the UK. The Office for National Statistics candidly describes it as an “estimate”.“游客造访次数最多的城市”这个略显可疑的头衔,近来引发了一阵风波。国际旅客调查(IPS)在抽样调查了出入英国的一些旅客之后,授予了伦敦这个头衔,但英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)坦率地称,这个结果只出于“大致的估计”。Still, London draws millions of tourists and has become a global capital while maintaining its traditional symbols – except for that boxy black taxi, which is now the whatever-colour-you-like whatever-shape-you-can-think-of taxi. No city competing for tourists would throw away something as distinctive – except for London, which has.尽管如此,伦敦确实吸引了数百万游客前来,在保持传统特色的同时,也成为了全世界的“首都”。但传统的老爷车式黑色出租车并未得到保留,如今伦敦街头的出租车五颜六色,车型也五花八门。任何一座致力于发展旅游业的城市都不会抛弃一项如此明显的特色,但伦敦却这么做了。This week BYD, the Warren Buffett-backed Chinese carmaker, announced it would introduce “minicabs” into London, with the intention of eventually selling proper London taxis that are available not just for private hire but can ply the capital’s streets for fares.得到沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)投资的中国汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD)近期宣布,它将向伦敦投放一批“迷你出租车”,并期望最终能卖出像样的伦敦“出租车”——不仅能提供私人出租车务,还能充当行驶固定路线的收费大巴。It is the latest of a slew of potential competitors to the London Taxi Company, builder of the TX4, the classy, roomy traditional-style cab that says “London” to potential visitors from all over the world.伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company)面对许多竞争者,比亚迪是最新出现的一个。伦敦出租车公司生产的TX4气派、宽敞、造型仿佛“老爷车”,一直以来都是来自世界各地的游客心目中“伦敦”的代名词。BYD follows Nissan and Metrocab – part of the Frazer-Nash group – which plan to sell taxis in London, and Mercedes-Benz, whose Vito people carriers are aly ploughing through the capital as licensed taxis.在比亚迪之前,日产(Nissan)和Frazer-Nash集团旗下的Metrocab也计划向伦敦出售出租车,而梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)旗下的威霆(Vito)乘用车已经获得出租车牌照、成为了伦敦街头的常见面孔。The Vito taxis remind me of the Monty Python sketch in which John Cleese claims to have a cat licence and a post office clerk says: “That is a dog licence with the word ‘dog’ crossed out and ‘cat’ written in, in crayon.”威霆出租车让我想起巨蟒剧团(Monty Python)表演中的一幕:约翰#8226;克里斯(John Cleese)拿着一张猫给邮局工作人员看,而邮局工作人员说,“这是张,你只不过把字划掉,用铅笔写上了个猫字。”The Vito vehicles are not London taxis. They are vans with yellow lighted “taxi” signs jammed on their roofs. They are infuriating proof that London has lost its way.威霆出租车根本就不是“伦敦出租车”,只是顶上装着“出租车”标志灯的货车。看到这种出租车行驶在伦敦街头,我们只能恼火地得出这样一个结论:伦敦已经丧失了自己的风格。There are mitigating factors. While the traditional London taxi is a design beauty, its manufacturer has had one financial prang after another. Once a consortium of manufacturers and dealers, it became a division of engineer Manganese Bronze, which went into administration and was taken over last year by China’s Geely. So the London Taxi Company cannot claim to be a reliable monopoly.考虑到如下因素,伦敦丧失了自己风格也情有可原。首先,尽管传统的伦敦出租车在设计上堪称经典,但其制造商在财务上却灾祸不断。它原本是一家旗下兼有制造商和经销商的财团,后来却被锰铜控股(Manganese Bronze)收入旗下,接着锰铜控股进入破产保护程序,去年被中国的吉利(Geely)收购。因此,我们不能说伦敦出租车公司是个靠谱的垄断商。Second, Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, is trying to cut the capital’s air pollution by insisting that its taxis produce zero emissions by 2018.其次,伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)正努力改善伦敦的空气污染状况,他坚持要求伦敦的出租车在2018年底前实现零排放。The offerings of BYD, Nissan and Metrocab will be electric, but then Geely says it plans to produce electric cabs too.比亚迪、日产和Metrocab将推出电动出租车,不过吉利随后也表示,它也计划生产电动出租车。So what is wrong with the new cabs? London has not achieved its international pre-eminence by standing still but its genius, indeed the British genius, is to build on what went before. The London Underground’s logo, trains and map have modernised without losing the look that made them so recognisable.那么,新式出租车有何不好?伦敦之所以能取得如今的国际优势地位,并不是凭借其保持不变的能力,相反,伦敦的天赋在于能够在过去的基础上开拓创新。伦敦地铁(London Underground)在更新自己的logo、列车和路线图时,都一直保留着原有外观中那些可辨识度非常高的元素。The same is true of London’s buses. The new Routemaster bus, one of Mr Johnson’s pet projects, updates previous models while, in design terms, ing from them. Mr Johnson has banished the dful single-decker “bendy buses” from London’s streets.伦敦的巴士也是一样。Routemaster巴士的更新,是约翰逊重点关注的项目。新式Routemaster巴士在更新旧车型的同时,也在设计上仿照了旧车型。约翰逊已将奇丑的单层“弯曲大巴”(bendy bus)赶出了伦敦街头。Nissan seems to understand London’s way of doing things. Pictures of its NV200 taxi, which it plans to build in Coventry, home of the London taxi, suggest it will pay homage to the traditional design while giving its cab a modernised, but still recognisable, look.日产似乎理解伦敦的风格。从图片上看,日产的NV200出租车将尊重传统设计。该车型外观看上去更加现代,但仍然能让人一眼认出这是伦敦出租车。日产计划在考文垂生产这款出租车,那里也是传统伦敦出租车的制造地。Metrocab’s design appears to be based on similar principles, but BYD’s e6 looks set to follow the Mercedes “cat licence” route.Metrocab的设计看上去也遵循类似的原则,但比亚迪的e6似乎打算走梅赛德斯式“猫”路线。This could have been avoided if Transport for London, which licenses taxis, had insisted on a recognisably London design for new entrants. That would not be over-intrusive for an authority that aly specifies the distance between seats and the maximum tint of the windows.如果负责颁发出租车牌照的伦敦运输局(TfL)明确规定,新加入的出租车必须遵循伦敦统一的设计,那么这种情况原本是可以避免的。鉴于该局已经规定了座位的宽度、车窗的最深颜色,规定出租车须遵循统一设计应该不算过分。Failing that, it could have insisted that all London taxis be black. The traditional cabs have been allowed other colours for years now, but if taxis are permitted to be different shapes, they should all be London’s traditional colour. (Black Mercedes Vitos are marginally less ghastly than the blue or grey ones.)尽管做不到这一点,伦敦运输局至少可以坚持要求所有伦敦出租车都为黑色。伦敦出租车早在多年前就可以有别的颜色了,但如果出租车的车型可以不必统一,那么就应该规定它们都为伦敦出租车传统的黑色。(黑色的梅赛德斯威霆虽然依然难看,但比蓝色或灰色的威霆看上去顺眼多了。)New York’s taxi rules state that “the exterior of the vehicle must be painted taxi yellow” – and who could imagine the Big Apple agreeing to anything else?纽约的出租车规定是,“车身颜色必须为出租车黄”。对外号“大苹果”的纽约而言,允许任何其他颜色的出租车出现在街头都是不可想象的。We can still win London’s battle. If you approach a taxi rank or hail a cab in the street and an interloper offers you a ride, say: “Sorry, mate, I want a real London taxi.”我们依然有望赢得这场“伦敦风格保卫战”。如果你在出租车招呼站打车,或在街上招手打车,而一辆“新式”出租车停在你面前,你可以说:“对不起,老弟,我想打一辆真正的伦敦出租车。” /201403/278027洪泽县怀孕检测哪家医院最好的 When many of us have a little cash to invest, we might buy a mutual fund or a stock — if we don’t blow it on the latest tech gadget. Not the truly wealthy, however. They often put their money in property, art, businesses and other investments that the rest of us can only dream of owning. How this group uses their cash differentiates them from the rest of us — and keeps them in the black。很多人手头有现金时,如果不将其全部挥霍在最新的高技术产品上,就会买共同基金或者股票。但是真正的富人不这么做,他们经常投资一些普通人梦寐以求的不动产、艺术品、商业或者其他投资项目。这个团体使用现金的方式让其在众人中脱颖而出,也让他们一直保持富有状态。Take Joshua Coleman, for example. When his family sold their Chicago-based telecom company for 0m in 2004, they didn’t run out and buy something extravagant. Instead, they began seeking advice on ways to save their newfound riches and help them grow。以约书亚·科尔曼为例。2004年其家人以4亿美元的价格将总部位于芝加哥的电信公司售出,但是他们并没有将这笔钱挥霍殆尽或者购买其他奢侈品。相反的是,他们开始寻求建议,以找到节约这笔新财富并使其增值的方式。Their quest sparked an idea for Coleman. In 2011, he launched Momentum Advanced Planning — a firm that connects people to tax, legal and wealth experts. If the business one day sells, he could see a big return, just like his first business。探索激发了建立科尔曼公司的想法。2011年,科尔曼成立了动力现金计划公司,为人们提供税收、法律以及健康专家的信息。如果有一天商业运转起来,就会和之前的企业一样,有很大的收益。If you think that starting a business is an odd way to invest your money, then you probably aren’t among the ultra-wealthy. People who have at least m in assets invest in stocks and bonds, but they also grow their money by buying companies and investing in unusual securities, such as airline leasing funds. They also own art and cars that they hope will appreciate in value。如果你认为创业并不是投资方式,那么你很可能就不属于超级富豪这个群体。拥有3千万美元资产的人不仅投资各类股票和债券,还会收购公司并投资一些不寻常的债券,如航空租赁基金,使自己的资产增值。此外,他们还拥有一些艺术品和汽车,期待其增值。“It’s called alpha risk,” said Coleman. “It’s this kind of stuff where there can be a lot of upside。”“这叫做‘阿尔法风险’,”科尔曼说道,“这能为你带来很多好处。”As for the downside, many of these investments are riskier than traditional investments, so there’s a higher chance of losing a large chunk of change. As well, they’re far less liquid than stocks and it could talk months or years for the wealthy to get their money out of an investment。其缺点在于,与传统投资方式相比,此类投资的风险更大,因此更可能失去改变的机会。此类投资不如股票的流动性强,通常要过数月或者数年才能从投资中收回。Even if you don’t have millions to invest, though, you can learn a thing or two about how the rich reap returns and apply it your own portfolios。尽管你没有数百万元进行投资,但是你也能从富人收获回报的方式中学习一两点,并将其应用于自己的投资中。 /201503/363739The dire state of relations between east Asia’s two largest democracies has been laid bare by a new survey showing a majority of Japanese and Koreans dislike their neighbour.一项最新调查让两个东亚民主国家之间的紧张关系一览无余,这一调查显示,大部分日本和韩国两国的民众互无好感。According to the survey for Genron NPO, a Tokyo think-tank, 52.4 per cent of Japanese have a negative impression of Korea while 72.5 per cent of Koreans feel the same about Japan.东京智库“言论NPO”(Genron NPO)的一份调查显示,52.4%的日本人对韩国持负面看法,而对日本持负面看法的韩国人高达72.5%。The figures show how badly disputes over history have hurt a bilateral relationship that is vital to both economies and to US strategy in East Asia.这一结果表明,有关历史的激烈争端对日韩双边关系的伤害是多么的严重。日韩的双边关系对这两个经济体、以及美国的东亚战略是至关重要的。Seoul has made some moves towards diplomatic rapprochement this year with the Japanese and South Korean defence ministers meeting on Saturday for the first time in four years.今年以来,首尔方面已采取了一些外交和解动作,日韩防长上周六举行了四年来首次会谈。But new disputes have erupted to undermine the broader relationship, with Korea disputing Japan’s world heritage application for industrial sites such as the “Battleship Island” coal mine, saying they employed slave labour.但新的争端再次爆发,破坏了两国总体关系。日本申请将“战舰岛”煤矿等产业革命遗址加入世界文化遗产名录,遭到了韩国的抵制。韩国方面表示,这些地方当年曾经强征劳工。In February a bn currency swap between the countries was allowed to expire, widely seen as evidence that the diplomatic difficulties are damaging economic co-operation, despite protestations it is no longer needed.今年2月,额度100亿美元的日韩货币互换计划到期后未获展期,尽管发表声明称不再需要该计划,但这仍被广泛视为外交困境冲击经贸合作的据。According to the survey, about three-quarters of people in both countries cite issues of historical memory around Japan’s colonial occupation of Korea, such as the “comfort women” forced into sexual servitude during the second world war, for their negative impression.上述调查显示,日韩两国都有约四分之三的人提到,日本对韩国实行殖民侵占的历史记忆问题——比如二战中的“慰安妇”——是他们对对方产生负面看法的原因。The next most important issue is the territorial dispute over the islands Korea calls Dokdo and Japan calls Takeshima, mentioned by about two-thirds of Koreans and a third of Japanese.另一个重大问题是围绕独岛(Dokdo,日本称竹岛(Takeshima))的领土主权纠纷。大约三分之二的韩国人、三分之一的日本人提到了这一点。Almost 56 per cent of Japanese regard Korea as “nationalistic”, up from 45 per cent last year, while 57 per cent of Koreans regard Japan as “militaristic” — even though Japan is a democracy with the world’s only pacifist constitution.约56%的日本人认为韩国“有民族主义倾向”,高于去年的45%,而57%的韩国人认为日本“有军国主义倾向”——尽管日本是世界上唯一拥有和平宪法的民主国家。Korean unhappiness with Japan has grown conspicuously since Shinzo Abe took power in December 2012, with perceived provocations including Mr Abe’s questioning of whether Japan can be held to have “invaded” other countries.自从2012年12月安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)上台以来,韩日之间的不睦明显加剧,因为日方的一系列动作被视为挑衅,比如安倍对日本“侵略”他国的说法提出了质疑。 /201506/378731淮安清河区流产手术多少钱

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