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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457810Here there were strange fossils called stramatolites.这里有一种奇怪的化石,叫做叠层石At the beginning of the mid-Jurassic we have these kind of structures here that represent stramatolites.中侏罗世初期出现了这种表现为叠层石的结构Stramatolites, like this, were form in this particular case像这样的叠层石是在特殊情况下in lake that occupied most of the central part of Patagonia during the early mid-Jurassic.于中侏罗世早期形成于占据大部分巴塔哥尼亚中心地区的湖泊中Stramatolites are formed by a kind of algae.叠层石由一种藻类建造They thrive in extreme environments which are both wet and very hot, like the mega-monsoon.它们的兴盛依靠既湿润又干旱的极端环境,例如超级季风气候。It was exactly what would have been expected这与预料的情形一样because this was before the super-continent had split up.因为它发生在超大陆分裂之前I think that the initial conditions of the mid-Jurassic我认为中侏罗世的初始情况are in accordance with this idea of dominant mega-monsoonal climatic conditions和统治级的超级季风气候环境是一样的dominating, you know, the entire super-continent.“统治”意味着整个超大陆And then suddenly everything seemed to change. These are fossilised seed cones.突然,一切都开始改变,这些是球果化石。201705/511653

Load more line, and then lets go fishing.穿上线 我们就可以去钓鱼了But first I need some live bait,不过首先我要找一些活诱饵And theres one quick way to get a sardine from these shallows.Here we go.我有个办法 能让大家在短时间内从浅滩上抓到沙丁鱼 来了Throwing rocks into the water sends out shock waves,which stun but dont kill my bait fish.把石头扔到水里 激起水波 这能把我的诱饵鱼弄晕 但不会让它们死掉First little sardine on the hook,then we get it in.首先把小沙丁鱼穿在鱼钩上 然后把它放进去Okay, lets get this guy out.来钓个大家伙The waters around here are rich with sea life,everything from 2-inch sardines to 20-foot sharks.这附近的水域 富含海洋生物 从两英寸沙丁鱼到 二十英尺的鲨鱼应有尽有Catching anything requires patience,but this is useful thinking time,垂钓需要有耐心 但这个时间正好可以用来思考and the brain is the most useful survival tool of them all.而大脑恰恰是 在求生中 起到至关重要的作用And, yeah, this is a nice time of the day for me.对我来说 这是一天中最美好的时刻The heats gone out of the sun,and Ive got time just to think 炎热伴随日落而逝 而我有时间坐下来思考think things through and come up with a plan for tomorrow.全盘考虑 审慎思量 想出明日的计划Theres an old Torres Islands saying that the sea will provide.正如古老的托雷斯岛谚语所说 大海终会恩赐But at the moment, its not providing for me.但此时此刻 我仍一无所获We got something.Lets get him in.钓到什么了 把它拽上来Not a monster, but a decent-sized fish.不是很大 但这样我已经很满意了Yeah, thats a fingermark fish.See that?是条指纹鱼 看到了吗A little like a fingerprint just down there.这里的斑纹有点像指纹201703/501054

A petitioning campaign to demand the release of the Levellers was mobilised in London by Leveller women.一场要求释放平等派人士的请愿运动 在伦敦发起 领导人士为平等派女性Now for the Puritans,the cardinal virtues of women were silence and meekness.对清教徒来说 沉默与温顺是女子的基本道德But these women were shameless, obstinate,loud-mouthed,and, it has to admitted, brave.这些女子却厚颜无耻 顽固不化 满口胡言 却也有着不容小觑的勇气Leveller women had always been involved in the movements political campaigns.平等派女性经常 参与此类政治运动Elizabeth Lilburne had been politicised through her efforts to spring her reckless husband from one prison or another.伊丽莎白·李尔本通过政治努力 一次次让她鲁莽的丈夫免于牢狱之灾Mary Overton had been brutally punished for printing and distributing her husbands tracts.玛丽·奥弗顿曾因印制和分发 她丈夫的宣传册而遭严厉惩处Tied to a cart and dragged through Londons streets with her six-month-old baby,pelted and abused like a common whore.连同她六个月大的孩子被拴在马车上 被拖过伦敦的大街小巷 像一样 惨遭众人羞辱But the most impassioned and articulate of the sisters was a woman called Katherine Chidley.然而最明确而有感染力的呼声 来自一位名叫凯瑟琳·乔德莉的女子She started as a charismatic preacher and turned to politics in an attempt to make the Commonwealth understand the particular sufferings of her sex.她起初是一名富有感召力的传道者 进而踏足政治 意在使公众能够了解 身为女性所受的不公Considering that we have an equal share and interest with men in the Commonwealth,and it cannot be laid waste.女人在国家事务中 也能顶起半边天 我们的才华不能浪费Considering that poverty, misery and famine,想到贫穷 困苦和饥饿like a mighty torrent, is breaking in upon us and we are not able to see our children hang upon us and cry out for b就像汹涌的浊流 让我们喘不过气 我们也不忍看到 我们的孩子指望着我们 哭求食物and not have wherewithal to feed them,we had rather die than see that day!我们却无以糊口 如此天日 生不如死 /201704/501834

  Imagine youre at a football game when this obnoxious guy sits next to you.想象你在一场足球赛中,这个讨厌鬼坐在你的旁边。Hes loud, he spills his drink on you, and he makes fun of your team.他大吵大叫,把饮料溅到你身上,并且还嘲笑你持的足球队。Days later, youre walking in the park when suddenly it starts to pour rain.几天之后,当你正在公园散步,突然下起大雨。Who should show up at your side to offer you an umbrella?此时谁会出现在你身边为你遮雨?The same guy from the football game.恰巧就是足球赛上你旁边的那个人。Do you change your mind about him based on this second encounter, or do you go with your first impression and write him off?此时你对他的看法会因为第二次相遇而改变,还是会坚持对他的第一印象继续讨厌他?Research in social psychology suggests that were quick to form lasting impressions of others based on their behaviors.社会心理学专家认为我们会基于别人的行为作出永久的印象评价。We manage to do this with little effort, inferring stable character traits from a single behavior, like a harsh word or a clumsy step.我们为此无需付出太多努力,通过单一的行为作出对他人稳定性格的判断。比如一句伤人的话,或者笨拙的步伐。Using our impressions as guides, we can accurately predict how people are going to behave in the future.凭借主观印象,我们能准确预测他人将会发生的行为。Armed with the knowledge the guy from the football game was a jerk the first time you met him,由于把足球赛中第一次遇见的那个人定义为混蛋,you might expect more of the same down the road.你可能会预想他会做出更多混蛋事。If so, you might choose to avoid him the next time you see him.如果是这样,下次遇见的时候你可能会选择躲着他。That said, we can change our impressions in light of new information.基于这样的理论,通过新的信息我们可以改变自己的刻板印象。Behavioral researchers have identified consistent patterns that seem to guide this process of impression updating.行为研究者发现了引导印象更新过程的固定模式。On one hand, learning very negative, highly immoral information about someone typically一方面,对一个人的负面评价所带来的影响has a stronger impact than learning very positive, highly moral information.要高于对一个人的正面评价所带来的影响。So, unfortunately for our new friend from the football game,所以,很不幸对在足球赛中认识的那位新朋友来说,his bad behavior at the game might outweigh his good behavior at the park.他在观众席上不道德的行为带来的影响会大于他在公园里的友善行为。Research suggests that this bias occurs because immoral behaviors are more diagnostic, or revealing, of a persons true character.研究表明,这种偏见产生的原因在于负面行为更容易识别,或者说让一个人的真实性格更有呈现力。Okay, so by this logic, bad is always stronger than good when it comes to updating.根据这种思维逻辑,在涉及到信息更新时,坏行为的影响力要大于好行为。Well, not necessarily.这一理论不一定完全适用。Certain types of learning dont seem to lead to this sort of negativity bias.某些认知方式不会导致这种负面的偏见。When learning about another persons abilities and competencies, for instance, this bias flips.当了解到某人的能力时,以此为例,这种偏见就跳开了。Its actually the positive information that gets weighted more heavily.实际上,积极信息的影响力变得更大了。Lets go back to that football game.让我们再谈回足球赛的事。If a player scores a goal, it ultimately has a stronger impact on your impression of their skills than if they miss the net.一个球员踢进球在你对他技术的印象上比他们丢了球影响力更大。The two sides of the updating story are ultimately quite consistent.两方面的信息更新最终相当一致。Overall, behaviors that are perceived as being less frequent are also the ones总的来说,在人们建立或更新印象时that people tend to weigh more heavily when forming and updating impressions, highly immoral actions and highly competent actions.越是少见的行为人们越容易看得更重,比如,非常不道德的行为和能体现能力的行为。So, whats happening at the level of the brain when were updating our impressions?所以,在我们刷新印象时大脑里发生了什么呢?Using fMRI, or functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging,利用fMRI--功能性磁共振成像researchers have identified an extended network of brain regions that respond to new information thats inconsistent with initial impressions.研究者发现,回应新信息的新扩展出的脑区网络同最初的印象并无关联。These include areas typically associated with social cognition, attention, and cognitive control.这些区域尤其同社会认知、注意力以及认知控制相关。Moreover, when updating impressions based on peoples behaviors,再者,当别人的行为刷新了印象,activity in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and the superior temporal sulcus correlates with perceptions of how frequently those behaviors occur in daily life.腹内侧前额叶皮层的活动和颞上沟告诉我们这些行为在日常生活中是否频繁。In other words, the brain seems to be tracking low-level, statistical properties of behavior换言之,大脑似乎在进行低水平的行为统计in order to make complex decisions regarding other peoples character.以此来做出关于别人品行如何的复杂的决定。It needs to decide is this persons behavior typical or is it out of the ordinary?大脑需要判断这个人的行为是十分典型还是与众不同。In the situation with the obnoxious-football-fan-turned-good-samaritan, your brain says,在这个烦人的球迷变成好人的情境下,你的大脑告诉你“;Well, in my experience, pretty much anyone would lend someone their umbrella,依据往常经验,通常大部分人都会为别人遮雨,but the way this guy acted at the football game, that was unusual.;但这家伙在球赛时的举动可不多见。”And so, you decide to go with your first impression.所以,你决定遵从自己的第一印象。Theres a good moral in this data: your brain, and by extension you,这个信息里存在良好的道德:你的大脑,或者说你本人might care more about the very negative, immoral things another person has done compared to the very positive, moral things,也许更关注别人做出的负面的、不道德的事而不是积极的、有道德的事,but its a direct result of the comparative rarity of those bad behaviors.但这是那些罕见的坏行为带来的直接结果。Were more used to people being basically good, like taking time to help a stranger in need.我们习惯上认为人大体上是好的,乐于花时间帮助别人。In this context, bad might be stronger than good, but only because good is more plentiful.在这样的背景下,坏影响就远多于好的,但这只是因为好事更常见。Think about the last time you judged someone based on their behavior,回想一下你上次根据一个人的所作所为来评价一个人,especially a time when you really feel like you changed your mind about someone.尤其是在你真的想要改变对某人的看法时。Was the behavior that caused you to update your impression something youd expect anyone to do,那个引发你改变对方印象的行为,是每个人都会做的事,or was it something totally out of the ordinary?还是不同寻常的事?201707/516898

  One man sees the opportunity to harness their anger and in the process propel himself to the White House-- William Jennings Bryan.一个人看到了其中的机会 可以利用他们的愤怒成就自己走向白宫 他就是威廉·詹宁斯·布赖恩Bryan runs on a ticket promising equality for all, vowing to be a voice for the poor and to take the fight to the countrys elite.布赖恩的竞选理念是人人平等 发誓要为穷人代言 与国家的精英阶层做斗争The great combinations of capital have encroached upon the rights of the masses.资本的强大组合已经损害了广大群众的权利No man can earn a million dollars honestly.挣上一百万美元 肯定是不义之财He made himself the spokesman for the common man.他让自己成为普通人的代言人He was the Great Commoner.他普通而又伟大Theres no doubt that he tapped into something that was vital to most Americans that were not well off.毫无疑问 他抓住了对那些并不富裕的美国人至关重要的东西Republicans endeavor to overthrow and discredit all who honestly administer the law and to allow every wrong doer to operate unchecked as long as he has enough money.共和党致力于推翻 抹黑那些诚实的执法者 而那些为非作歹的人 只要他足够有钱就可以为所欲为The monopolies, the trusts became a target of Democrats, so that anti-trust became a rallying cry of everybody who was--well not seen as in the hip pocket of the corporations themselves.垄断 托拉斯成为民主党的攻击目标 于是反垄断成为团结众人的口号 当然是和那些大公司没有利益关系的那些人I will tear down these trusts.我会摧毁你们托拉斯的Do you hear me, Carnegie你听到没 卡内基Do you hear me, Rockefeller你听到没 洛克菲勒Bryans emergence is the biggest threat the Titans have ever faced.布赖恩的出现是这些巨头所面临的最大威胁He promises to dismantle their companies and to not rest until theyre behind bars.他发誓要拆分他们的公司 并且在把他们送到牢房之前都会奋斗不止201606/450838。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460640

  Kobe, you suck! You suck, Kobe! Kobe sucks! Kobe sucks!科比,你烂透了!你逊毙了,科比!科比,烂!科比,烂!Hang it up, Kobe! Kobe sucks! Kobe sucks!滚吧,科比!科比,烂!科比,烂!Ive been hating you...Too long...To stop now我已经恨你...太久...无法现在停止Youre retiring. And you want to be free你要退役了。你想要自由My hate was growing stronger我的憎恨加剧As you became a habit to me因为你已成我的习惯Dont make me stop now...别叫我现在停止...I hate. Well, I hate you with all my heart我恨。我全心全意恨你I... I hate you, I hate you. I hate I hate我...我恨你、我恨你。我恨,我恨Dont make me... Dont make me... Dont make me stop that别叫我...别叫我...别叫我停止恨你201612/483339The irony about the restoration of Charles II was he came to the throne讽刺的是 查理二世的复辟 他得以登上王座not because England needed a successor to Charles I.并不是因为英国需要查理一世的继承者He came to the throne because England needed a successor to Oliver Cromwell.而是因为英国需要一个人接替 奥利弗·克伦威尔There was universal rejoicing, bonfires and feasting.全国上下一片喜悦欢庆之声The chaos brought by Cromwells death was ending.克伦威尔去世所造成的混乱结束了This new Charles seemed just what everyone had hoped for a model of sweet reason.新的查理看起来正是人们所希望的 一个美好的典范That, at any rate, is what Samuel Pepys thought.无论如何 至少赛缪尔·佩皮斯这么认为Pepys was a pure product of Cromwells England.佩皮斯长于克伦威尔治下的英国He was present when the new king boarded his flagship home.他随新国王乘坐皇室旗舰回国En route, the tall, dark-haired man strode up and down the quarterdeck在途中 这个高个子黑头发的男子 在后甲板上走来走去telling the story of his escape after the Battle of Worcester.讲述他如何从伍斯特战役生还Here was a king full of charisma.He had magic.他是具有非凡魅力的国王 他有那种魔力But would his reason survive the emotions stirred by his return?但是他能够从复辟的激动中保持冷静吗The diarist John Evelyn recorded, with unrepentant royalism burning in his breast:日记作家约翰·伊夫林用他那 狂热的保皇主义写道This day came in His Majesty to London after a sad and long exile,国王重返伦敦的一天到来了 在一场悲哀而又漫长的放逐后with a triumph of above 20,000 horse and foot brandishing their swords国王率领着在两万名随从凯旋 他们挥舞着手中的刀剑and shouting with inexpressible joy,the way strewn with flowers, the bells ringing.洋溢着难以言语的欢愉 鲜花遍地 钟声长鸣I stood in the Strand and beheld it and blessed God.我站在海滨注视着他 感谢上帝And all this without one drop of blood and by that very army which had rebelled against him.他利用那些曾经反叛过他的军队 没有流一滴血就得以胜利回归 /201704/504018Their day ends as it began, safe on the steep cliffs.这一天结束了,和开始时一样,它们又坐在了陡峭而安全的悬崖上The Ethiopian volcanoes are dormant but elsewhere, others still rage.埃塞俄比亚的火山正处于休眠期,可是其它地方的火山仍在怒吼Volcanoes form the backbone of the longest mountain chain on our planet, the Andes of South America.火山构成了地球上最长山系的主干,南美洲的安第斯山脉This vast range stretches 5,000 miles from the equator down to the Antarctic.这座巨大的山脉从赤道向南极绵亘5000英里It formed as the floor of the Pacific Ocean slid beneath the South American continent, buckling its edge.它的形成是由于太平洋板块俯冲到南美洲板块之下,造成它的边缘隆起At the southern end stand the mountains of Patagonia. Its high summer.最南端矗立着巴塔哥尼亚山脉。现在是盛夏时节But the Andes have the most unstable mountain weather on the planet and storms can erupt without warning.可是安第斯山的天气是全球山区气候中最不稳定的,暴风雪会在毫无征兆的情况下来袭Temperatures plummet and guanacos and their newborn young must suddenly endure a blizzard.气温直线下降,羊驼和它们新生的幼仔只好忍受突如其来的风雪Truly, all seasons in one day.可以说是在一天之中度过了四季。201703/496860

  Panama and its islands are home to the American crocodile.美洲鳄遍布巴拿马及其附属群岛Growing up to a ton in weight,theyre a formidable predator.成年鳄的体重可达到一吨 是很凶猛的食肉动物Coastal jungle rivers like this almost invariably are gonna have crocodiles in them,像这样沿海丛林中的河流 一般而言 都有鳄鱼藏匿在水下so I just want to keep a really good eye out along the banks as Im moving.所以我还前进的同时 还要仔细地观察河岸的情况Recently a fisherman was dragged to his death near here by an enormous croc.His body was never recovered.不久前 这儿就有个渔夫 被巨鳄拖入河中 尸首无存Its just eerily quiet in this place.Ive got to keep my eyes peeled here.Look. you see that log?这里安静的有点诡异了 我必须保持警惕 看到那块原木了吗Thats obviously been cut down, been chain-sawed.Its a good sign.明显是被链锯砍断的 是个好的征兆Being chain-sawed means people use this river.明的确有人在使用这条河流As I round the bend, theres a sand bank.Lying on it are several boats.Okay, lets get into it.拐弯后 一块沙洲展现在我的面前 有几条小船在上面 好 我们过去看看A hundred yards inland, theres a village.This is my pickup point.离岸边百米远处 有个村落 接头点就是这儿了On the outskirts of the settlement is my ticket home.在居留地的 停着接我回家的飞机The sound of the helicopter engine firing up breaks the silence.Thats my way out of here.Now time to go.直升机的引擎声打破了寂静 我要离开这里了 该走了This has been a roller-coaster ride.The cruel sea tests a survivor physically and mentally.这次经历实在是惊险无比 残酷的大海考验了生存者的体能以及心理The ultimate force of nature,it can make you feel so small.在自然的终极力量面前 人类是如此的渺小But my island adventureis over,and its time to go home.但我的小岛探险结束了 该回家了201607/453511After enduring everything the Sahara has thrown at me,i desperately needed rest.在撒哈拉遇到一系列挑战后 我真的需要休息一下了While I had some sleep,it just never feels enough.虽然我昨晚休息过了 但远远不够A very cold night.Im very pleased to see the sun come up finally.晚上超级冷 能看到今早的太阳 我还真是庆幸Strange thing about the desert.沙漠里有一桩纠结的事You spend most of the day wanting the cool of the evening and then most of the night longing for the heat of the sun again.希望白天是夜晚的温度 又希望夜晚是白天的温度Ive got breakfast.The easiest way of eating this is to make a bug patty out of these things.See what weve got here.我已经有早餐了最容易的方法 做一个捕虫装置 看看抓到了什么Couple of locusts.Get rid of those spiny legs.抓到了蚱蜢 把带刺的翅膀摘掉The beetles, a couple of moths as well.Even got a praying mantis.瓶子里还有飞蛾 还抓到了一只螳螂Quite a diverse breakfast .Squish all that up together.真是一桌“丰盛”的早餐 把螳螂揉成一团Its going to be masses masses of protein in this.这一团都是蛋白质Got to keep thinking of the energy and the protein.想着能补充能量和蛋白质就好了a rogue leg in there.Oh, god.I have really learned to hate that taste.有条腿冒出来了 上帝 这味道真难吃Its that cold, sandy, crunchy goo with a very off mustard taste.是种凉凉脆脆沙沙的感觉 有点像特制的芥末I dont think of the taste. Just get it down.别想这个味道 赶紧吞下去Youve got to keep chewing it to get that stuff down. Come on.只有咀嚼才能咽下去 忍耐点吧Truly terrible way to start a day.今天的开场真是可怕But its going to give me some energy.Breakfast, done. Lets Go.这会给我补充一些能量的 吃完早饭 上路201611/480210

  Just a week after the apparent concessions at Smithfield,史密斯菲尔德谈判仅一周后another group of rebels met with Richard at Waltham in Essex,but they found a very different king.理查于埃塞克斯的沃尔瑟姆 接见了另一队起义者 此时国王态度截然相反You wretches, detestable on land and sea,you who seek equality with lords, are unworthy to live!你们这帮无耻之徒 妄图与主人平起平坐 不配活在世上Give this message to your colleagues.Rustics you were and rustics you are still.转告你们这帮乌合之众 乡野鄙夫永远都是乡野鄙夫You will remain in bondage not as before,but incomparably harsher.你们会遭受比以往 更加变本加厉的奴役For as long as we live, we will strive to suppress you,只要我们在世 就会镇压你们and your misery will be an example in the eyes of posterity.你们承受的苦难将会警示你们的子孙However, we will spare your lives if you remain faithful.不过 若你们现在回归信仰 尚可保命Choose now which course you want to follow.赶快作出抉择吧The rebels took the only option that was realistically open to them.起义者们选择了 当下唯一可选的路They fell to their knees. It was all over.The king was literally the only one left standing.起义者下跪 起义结束 国王成了唯一的胜者But what was the effect of all this on Richard?What did he now think he was capable of?这对理查自身有何影响 他自感在哪方面能力非凡呢My master, God omnipotent, is mustering in his clouds on our behalf armies of pestilence,我的君侯 万能的上帝正在他的云霄之中 为我召集降散瘟疫的天军and they shall strike your children yet unborn and unbegot你们这些向我举起卑劣的手 威胁我珍贵宝冕的叛徒们that lift your vassal hands against my head and threat the glory of my precious Crown.可怕的天谴将要波及在 你们尚未诞生的儿孙的身上 /201612/481445


  This waiting was particularly serious for Harold.这种等待 对哈罗德来说更为不利By the first week of September hed kept the fyrd in battle position for at least two weeks longer than their two-month obligation.到9月第一个星期前 民兵待在阵地的时间 超出两个月的义务役期已逾两周Whats more, it was now harvest time.更重要的是 当时正值丰收时节So, with who knows what misgivings and uneasiness,on September the 8th Harold demobilised the fyrd and sent the soldiers home.因此 为了解除大家的担心和不安 9月8日 哈罗德解散了民兵 令他们返乡He was right to feel uneasy. Just eleven days later,Harold had a very nasty shock,his younger brother was back.他确实应该不安 仅十一天后 哈罗德得知一糟心且震惊消息 他的弟弟回来了Tostig, together with the Norwegian king, Harold Hardrada,托斯提戈 连同挪威国王哈罗德·哈得尔达had landed in Northumbria with as many as 12,000 men.带着一万两千名士兵在诺森比亚登陆Tostig had spent his time in exile looking for allies to pursue his vendetta against Harold.托斯提戈在流亡期间一直寻求结盟 伺机报复哈罗德It was a coup for him that hed finally enlisted the support of the awesome King of Norway.于他而言最终赢得伟大的挪威国王的持 成就了他这有效的一击Hardrada was quite simply the most feared warrior of the age.哈得尔达是当时最令人生畏的勇士Built like a Norwegian cliff face,he had the reputation for super-human strength and elaborately creative cruelty.如挪威凌厉的峭壁般刚毅 他素以过人的气力 和各种残暴手段闻名Hardrada also had a flimsy claim to the English throne that went back to Canute,追溯到卡纽特时期 哈得尔达认为自己 对英格兰王位同样有继承权and he wasnt one to flinch at a military challenge that could win him the disputed crown.为了这尚无定数 哈得尔达又怎会畏惧驰骋疆埸 /201608/458620

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/453447

  If surprise fails, there will be a chase.一旦突袭失败,鲨鱼就会展开追击The shark is faster on a straight course鲨鱼的直线速度更快but it cant turn as sharply as the seal, its agility versus power但是转向却不如海豹灵活,这是敏捷与力量的对抗Once the seals have finished breeding, the giant sharks will move on.等到海豹结束繁殖,大白鲨便会继续前进Its now becoming clear that great whites migrate thousands of miles across the oceans可以肯定的是,大白鲨长途跋涉数千英里横越大洋to harvest seasonal abundances in different seas.就是为了在不同海域享用这种季节性的盛宴。The sun, beating down on tropical waters, powers the weather systems of the globe.太阳烘晒着热带地区的海水,驱动了全球天气系统Moisture evaporates from the warming ocean and rises to create great storms.海水受热蒸发成水蒸气,上升并形成巨大的风暴。201701/489870

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