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You. You will never be me. Never.就凭你?你永远不会成为我。压根没戏You will never play like me.你踢球的方式永远不会和我一样You wont wear this shirt or dance like me.你永远不会穿上这件衣,你跳舞永远不会和我一样。You will never be me.你永远不会和我一样。YOU?! I dont want to be YOU.你?我不想成为你。I dont want to be anything like you.我不想和你有任何相似,I dont want to play like you. Or dance like that.无论是踢球还是跳舞。I dont want to wear your name on MY back我不想穿着印有你名字的衣,Or see your numbers on MY phone.或者在我的手机上看你的关注数。Your flock of Insta-finger-likers keep em, Ill get my own.收好你的那些僵尸粉吧,我想要我自己的粉丝。I dont want your face or your fame…我不想拥有你的样貌,或者你的名誉。and I dont want to hear YOUR name when I play MY game在我踢球的时候,我不想听见你的名字。Dont want your signature Or your signature moves.我不想要你的签名或是你的标志动作。Dont want your glory. Dont want your hype.我不想拥有你的荣耀。我不想要你的名声。Dont want your back-page type. Your player reel aint real to me.我不想要你的头条,你的时刻不属于我。Your promo deal aint really me. You will never be MY commentary.你的身价不是我的。你也别想评价我的比赛。Let me be clear, I dont want to be YOU.我必须说清楚,我不想成为你。I just want your boots.我只想拥有你的战靴Im Paul Pogba. You be you.我是保罗·格巴,而你就是你。201612/483958。

  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463936。
  • Halloween is on Monday and we still have Youtube周一的万圣节 我们的节目照常在油管上播出which means its time once again and tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy.也就是说 又是一年一度 你要告诉你的孩子 你吃光了他们所有的糖果啦Everywhere you go, especially last couple weekends无论你去哪里 特别是近几周people ask me if youre gonna do it again.总有人会问我 会不会再录制一波节目And they answers yeah we are gonna do this然后他们说 是啊 我们还会在录制一波节目嗒Every year until they stop the kids finally figure out, but每年他们都欺骗自己的孩子 直到他们最后找到了糖果if you have kids and it isnt hard to do, in fact that its very easy you can do it at home.如果你有小孩 这一点都不难做到 很简单 你在家里就能实现No, my candy, hes gone. Where did it go? Mum and dad ate it不 我的糖 他不见了 他去哪里了 爸爸妈妈吃掉了I ate it. I ate it all and ate all your candy, i ate it. Or you can do it in a car.我吃掉了 我全吃了 我吃完了你所有的糖 或者 你在车里也可以啊I got really really hungry and ate all your Halloween candy在你上学的时候我特别特别的饿when you were at school How? What do you mean how? I ate it?所以我吃完你所有的万圣节糖果 怎么吃的 什么叫怎么吃的 我就吃了呀I dont wanna see you ever again. Go and get a jooob!我再也不想见到你了 去 去找份工作吧Little Donald Trump, I m officially inviting you d take part in your sixth annual Halloween candy Youtube chanllenge.小川普一个 我正式邀请你来参加 第六届万圣节糖果之油管挑战赛Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy Not some of it, all of it.告诉孩子们 你吃光了他们的糖 不是吃了一点点 是全部都吃完了Record it, post it to Youtube with this录下来 发送到油管上title HEY JIMMY KIMMEL- I TOLD MY KIDS I ATE ALL THEIR HALLOWEEN CANDY贴上标签“嗨 JIMMY KIMMEL - 我跟孩子说 我吃完了他所有万圣节的糖果”Wont you post the keep an eye for message from us为啥不上传你的视频 用你的油管账号to your Youtube account or go through every or put the best ones on the show next week.和我们保持联系 或者你还可以查看所有视频 选出你希望下周播出哪一段Lets make this a Halloween in your kids will remember for ever and ever. All right, bye, thanks.让这个万圣节 永远的停留在孩子们的记忆中 好的 拜 多谢观看Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things? Then click the button to subscribe my channel and youll finally be happy.你喜不喜欢点击按钮订阅东西呢 那就在我的频道下方点击订阅吧 你一定会获得快乐的201706/515305。
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  • To remain fit and healthy, you need a balanced diet including essential vitamins and minerals. But what if your diet consists mainly of staples like rice, b, or corn because other foods are not available or affordable? If so, you will likely develop ;hidden hunger,; a deficiency in essential micronutrients.为了保持健康强壮,你需要含有基本维生素和矿物质的均衡饮食。但要是你的饮食主要以米、面包或玉米那些主食所组成,因为其它食物难以取得或负担时该怎么办呢?如果是这样,你很可能会得到“隐性饥饿”,一种基本微营养素缺乏症状。Although often invisible, hidden hunger negatively impacts health and development, and ultimately, economic well-being. About one-third of the worlds population suffers from hidden hunger, mostly in developing countries. This is more than the population of Europe, the Americas, and Australia combined.尽管常常看不见,隐性饥饿会对健康和发育造成负面影响,最终还会影响经济安全。大约有三分之一的世界人口受隐性饥饿所苦,大多位在发展中国家。这比欧洲、美洲以及澳洲加起来的人口数还多。Hidden hungers impact starts early. Nutritional deficiencies during the first 1,000 days, between the start of a mothers pregnancy and the childs second birthday, impede the childs ability to properly grow, learn, and ultimately reach his or her full potential. It can be devastating for long-term health, and ultimately, societys growth and prosperity.隐性饥饿的影响很早就发生。头一千天内的营养缺乏,母亲期开始到小孩两岁生日间的一千天,营养缺乏会阻碍孩童正常生长、学习、最后发挥他或她完全潜能的能力。这对长期健康会造成严重后果,最后甚至危及社会成长及繁荣。Fortunately, the world is fighting hidden hunger. And as part of this effort, DSMs Nutrition Improvement Program is an experienced and reliable partner, driven by our Quality for Life promise. We work with international and local partners, and develop safe, affordable, and nutritious products. They are of the highest quality and tailored to the needs of people in the developing world.幸好,全世界正在打击隐性饥饿。作为打击隐性饥饿的一份子,DSM的营养改善计划是有经验且可靠的伙伴,动力来自我们对“质量生活”的承诺。我们与国际和当地伙伴携手,研发出可靠、可负担且营养丰富的产品。这些产品有最优良的质量,且针对发展中国家人民的需求量身打造。An example of the many successful solutions provided by DSM is our micronutrient powders. Sprinkled over a meal, these powders are widely accepted because they are easy to use and do not change the foods color or taste. Studies show that these micronutrient powders are effective. We can also fortify both staples and processed foods, such as snacks and beverages. In addition, for people with specific nutritional needs, we developed tailor-made solutions, such as micronutrient blends used in therapeutic foods and dietary supplements.DSM 所提供许多成功解方的例之一是我们的微营养素粉。洒在餐点上,这些营养素粉广泛被接受,因为它们使用容易且不会改变食物的颜色或风味。研究显示这些微营养素粉能产生效果。我们还可以增加日常主食及加工食品的营养价值,例如点心和饮料。此外,对有特别营养需求的人们,我们发展出客制化解决方案,例如用在医疗食品及营养补给品中的微营养素混合剂。Leading global economists suggest that improving nutrition is the best investment that can be made in global health and development. We want a healthier life and brighter future for everybody. Together we can end hidden hunger.全球杰出经济学家们提出,改善营养,就是对全球健康和发展所能做出的最棒投资。我们想要所有人拥有更健康的生活以及更美好的未来。我们能齐心替隐性饥饿画下句点。201701/487858。
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