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Although too late to save the calf,虽然对于挽救小象为时已晚a few months later, the rains did finally return.几个月之后 雨水最终降下了When we returned, it was amazing.当我们返回这里 眼前的景象令人惊叹It was lush and green again.草原又变得郁郁葱葱And the elephants in the rains, they all tend to come together,象群聚集在雨下 他们喜欢群居生活so it was like all these groups which had been dispersed,就像是之前被迫分离which had been just somehow coping on their own,独自应对苦难的象群all got back together again,如今又聚在了一起so it was almost a sort of festival type atmosphere.气氛简直就像是在过节一般That was when, essentially, they come together,他们差不多就是在那时候相聚they mate and then, after that,进行交配 而随之lots of young calves are being born.就诞生了许多小象Since the end of the drought,自大旱结束以来over 220 calves have been born in Amboseli,在安波塞利平原诞生了220多只小象and that number is still rising.数目还在持续攀升Its the biggest elephant baby boom on record.那是有史记载以来象群最高的出生率I think whats lovely to see in that situation is that我觉得最让人感到欣慰的是having been through such a terrible drought,熬过那次可怕的大旱之后to see the way in which, you know, if you let things alone,你会发现 如果你不去干涉you know, they do have incredible capacity to bounce back.他们有令人惊讶的能力反弹重生201312/270695奇特的地貌,炽热的阳光,并且(有时候)会有一群疯狂的鳄鱼在前方等待着探求生物进化奥妙线索的科学家们。古生物学家保罗·塞雷诺讲述了他和史前时期的机缘并且提供给学生一种新的方式让他们加入到探险队伍中去。201409/325294

The newts are said to leave an odour trail that potential mates can follow.据说鳄蝾会为其潜在的伴侣留下气味线索。The crocodile newt gets its name from the bumps along its back.类鳄蝾螈得名于它背上嶙峋的凸起。These are its defence. If grabbed by a potential predator, the tips of its ribs squeeze a deadly poison from the bumps. The deluge wakes another forest inhabitant.这是它们的天然防御。一旦被潜在的肉食者捕获,肋骨的顶部的隆起物中便会挤压出致命的毒素。暴雨唤醒了另外一种森林生物。This one is particularly astounding in its vigour! It can grow up to a metre a day, fast overtaking the other plants around it.它那勃发向上的朝气令人叹为观止!它一天能够生长一米,使其迅速傲视四周。The taller it grows, the faster its growth rate, so that in a matter of days it towers above the undergrowth, and continues reaching for the sky.长得愈发高挺,长势愈发猛烈,数日间便拔地而起,凌驾于灌木丛之上,并且持续向着天际进发。Not bad for what is essentially a grass. Its bamboo.对于出身草根的它而言干得还不赖。它就是竹子。 /201404/290048

粮食的迫切需求意味着农业已成为导致气候变迁、生物多样性丧失及环境破坏的最大因素。在 TEDxTC中,Jonathan Foley阐述为何我们亟需着手进行 ;Terraculture;-即全球耕作。201310/260259

We were lucky enough我们非常幸运 that we found a male guarding a female.见到一只雄鹿守护着雌鹿And out of nowhere, this male came round the corner.突然之间 又有一只雄鹿出现了And almost immediately faced up to our male.几乎立刻和我们观察的雄鹿针锋相对Absolutely no warning that this was going to happen,没人预料到会发生这样精的一幕so it was complete pandemonium in the car.所以我们当时就手忙脚乱地在车里搭器材But luckily I got the camera up and running in time幸运的是 我及时架好了摄像机to actually capture this fight正好捕捉到打斗场景and it all came down to one minute in real time.整个过程不到一分钟When I filmed it, you dont see it in slow motion.我当时拍摄的时候 看到的并不是慢动作And you just have to go with the flow.你只得按照他们的节奏Youre not experiencing the fight,你无法体会到打斗的激烈youre just basically framing it and capturing it.只能想方设法地捕捉下来So it was only afterwards, when we looked at it in slow motion,所以直到后来 我们用慢动作回放that you could really understand how ferocious it was.才明白战斗的残酷You can see the impact on the skin.你可以看到皮上的撞击You can see the ripples going through the flesh.可以看到血肉之躯震动波四起But it was the final blows that delivered the real surprise.但那最后一击才是最令人震惊的It was like one of those chimneys falling down.就像烟囱倒下了一般At the last moment, the head just went clunk!在最后时刻 头部轰然倒地201312/267354Greece secures bailout deal with Troika At least .4 billion in bailout funds were approved by the IMF, ECB and EU to continue Greeces reform efforts.欧元集团主席戴塞尔布卢姆宣布,希腊将有条件从欧盟获得30亿欧元的贷款、欧洲央行20亿欧元的购债注资,国际货币基金组织向其提供约18亿欧元的援助,援金总计68亿欧元。由欧盟、欧洲央行和国际货币基金组织组成的“三驾马车”对希腊的评估报告称,希腊正在推进各项措施以实现改革目标,在多个领域取得了重要进展。IMF总裁拉加德说,希腊为改革付出的努力令人尊重,相信希腊偿债能力具有可持续性。欧盟委员会负责经济和货币事务的委员奥利·雷恩说,希腊近期在改革方面虽取得进展,但仍需更多决心和努力。希腊应着力刺激市场竞争,促进发展私有制。Greece looks y to get its next installment of bailout money. It’s money to convince the Troika that its economic reforms are on track. The IMF, the ECB, the Commission had reached a deal with Greece on a set of controversial cuts and reforms, now paves the way for Euro Zone finance ministers to approve the next payment of around .4 million. The Troika get warned that Greece was behind in some areas and the economic outlook was uncertain. The situation is so flawed that the mayor of Athens was assaulted on Sunday outside a meeting where cuts were being discussed. Elinda Labropoulou is in the Greek capital and joins us this evening. Elinda, where here we go again? The Greek, the Greek, their government get their money; the Troika has probably turned a blind eye to things that maybe they shouldn’t have done. But the fact is nobody is going to say whether or not, this is well and truly off track or not. Well, you are absolutely right about that. This is a situation that we have seen a number of times before.But it seems that right now it’s not the time to upset these balances. We have seen a lot of instability in the overall region. We have seen also a lot of instability in the neighboring Portugal. So in that sense it seems that the Troika really now wants to keep tones much lower; it wants to help Greece, if you like, to try and push these reforms. But those are very difficult reforms to push through, simply because it’s something that Greece has done on a number of occasions, and things are just getting tougher and tougher all the time. The unions are back on the streets, people are mobilizing. And what the Greek government hasn’t managed to do until now for years effectively until now, the cuts in the civil sector are once again coming up on the agenda. So what Greece is gonna trying and do, is look, looking at very tough reforms in a very short phase of time. Ahead of it, most of it has to do with mobility putting people in labor reserve and effectively having to fire thousands of people. In the civil sector, it’s looking at privatization that has still not been completed. The number of these deals have fallen through. It’s also looking at cuts in the Health sector. It’s a very difficult time perhaps for Greece. /201307/248025Russian threat to seize U.S., EU assets CNNs Phil Black reports Russia has historically responded to perceived criticism with robust actions.Russian lawmakers are now drafting a bill of law Moscow to confess the assets of American and European company there, The Russian retailiation would have rather relatively smaller than bank in the ed Sates. According to the Wall Street Journal, Russia in first beck up just earner one person of American pray but Europe on the other hand, as far more the lose, in straight of bloom in the post Soviet era, just the first line month of last year for example, the European Union imported more than 200 billions dollars worth goods from Russia. CNS black are corresponded to Moscow, is joinning us now, Filph has really an appetite for sanctions that would end up punishing both sides, the Russian side, the European side, including the ed States.Wolf the moment this is draft before Russias parliament, its unclear just how much support it has. But this sort of move does fit recent history recently when Russia has felt its being harassed on faily by the international community, its responsible often to lasha even harder sometimes coming back in the completely different direction with the issues that dont automatically ensue relevent to the precise issues at the sets of the comfort, the clear example would see recently when ed States congress passes leads him act punish human rights of abuse in this country. Russia was out rise it responded by passing a legislation which made a legal for American families to adopt Russian orphans. In that case, many thought it was Russian orphans that will pay the price in that dispute, but from the point of view of Russian politicians, they believed and made the point, it said Russia is a strong independant country and other countries should butter out of this orphans affairs. So in this case, in the event that Europe the ed States do procede with economic sanctions. You can certainly expect a very road bus respond of some sort from Moscow. /201403/279261

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”时间到了!About how fast is the speed of sound?音速大约有多快?If you think you know it, then shout it out. 如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it around 250, 580, 760 or 1,500 miles per hour? Youve got three seconds, go.它是大约250英里每小时、589英里每小时、760英里每小时、还是1500英里每小时?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!At sea level, the speed of sound is about 760 miles per hour. That is your answer and thats your shoutout.在海平面,音速大概是每小时760英里左右。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: There are vehicles, like some fighter jets, that travel faster than the speed of sound. 有一些交通工具,比如说一些战斗机,它们的速度比声音快。But most folks, you and I, dont have access to them. 但大多数的民众,就像你和我,都没有机会接近它们。A billionaire who is involved in private space travel and electric cars wants to change that. 一位涉足私人太空旅行和电动车的亿万富翁想要改变这一现状。These are designs for something called the Hyperloop. 这是名为“超回路”的设计。Elon Musk, a billionaire, says it can get from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. Elon Musk是一名百万富翁,他说“超回路”能在30分钟内从旧金山到洛杉矶。It would move at around the speed of sound, using electric motors and air pressure to zip back and forth through a tube. 它会以接近光速的速度移动,用电动机和空气压力通过一个管子来使之前后移动。Musk admits there are challenges, but the idea has people talking.Musk承认有一些挑战,但是人们有这个想法。 /201308/252736Eating between meals can actually be good for you – as long as you select your mini-meals wisely.两餐之间吃点零食对你有好处,只要你做出明智的选择。You Will Need你需要A 200-calorie limit200卡路里的热量限制The 35-10-35 rule35-10-35规则Protein蛋白质Fiber纤维Low sodium低钠Steps步骤Step 1 Count calories1.计算热量Watch the numbers: A snack shouldnt have more than 200 calories.注意零食含有的热量不应该超过200卡路里。Step 2 Follow the 35-10-35 rule2.遵循35-10-35原则Choose an item that gets no more than 35 percent of its calories from fat, no more than 10 percent of its calories from saturated fat, and is no more than 35 percent sugar by weight. Fruits, cheese, nuts, and seeds are exempt.零食中脂肪提供的热量不要超过35%,饱和脂肪提供的热量不要超过10%,糖的重量不要超过35%。水果,奶酪,坚果和瓜子除外。Beware of snacks marked ;fat-free.; Theyre often loaded with sugar or sodium.警惕标有“不含脂肪”标签的食品。这种食品通常糖和钠过量。Step 3 Include protein3.含有蛋白质Make sure the snack includes protein, which keeps you feeling full longer than carbohydrates alone.确保零食中含有蛋白质,可以比只吃碳水化合物饱腹更长时间。Step 4 Make it high fiber4.高纤维含量Choose cereal and protein bars that are high in fiber – at least 3 grams per serving. Fiber helps the body digest food and metabolize fat.选择纤维含量高的谷类和蛋白质食品,每份至少含有3克。纤维帮助身体消化食物,促进脂肪新陈代谢。Step 5 Watch the sodium5.注意钠含量Take it easy on the salt, an excess of which can lead to high blood pressure. Stick to snacks that provide less than 450 milligrams of sodium per serving.减少盐的摄入量。过多的盐会导致高血压。坚持吃每份含钠量少于450毫克的零食。Step 6 Choose protein bars carefully6.谨慎选择蛋白质棒Avoid protein bars that have more than 15 grams of sugar or 5 grams of fat – theyre not much better than candy bars.避免糖含量超过15克或脂肪含量超过5克的蛋白质棒,它们并不比棒棒糖更好。Step 7 Watch your diet7.注意饮食Factor in the calorie counts of your snacks once you sit down to a regular meal. Even the healthiest snacks can add pounds if you dont compensate for them elsewhere!坐下来享受正餐的时候,考虑到零食中的热量。如果不在其他地方进行抵消,即使最健康的零食也会让你胖起来。In one survey, women listed chips as their number one workplace snack food, followed by chocolate and candy bars.在一项调查中,女性们将薯片列为办公场所最喜爱的零食,其次是巧克力和棒棒糖。视频听力译文由。201410/333211

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