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Im Bob Cringley, 我是Bob Cringley16 years ago when I was making my television series Triumph of the Nerds, I interviewed Steve Jobs. 16年前(1995)我制作《书呆子的胜利》时采访了乔布斯That was in 1995, 10 years earlier Steve had left Apple, following a bruising struggle with John Sculley, the CEO he had brought into the company. 1985年,乔布斯被他自己引荐的CEO John Sculley排挤出苹果At the time of our interview, 接受釆访时Steve was running NeXT, the niche computer company he founded after leaving Apple. 乔布斯正在经营他创办的NeXT公司Little bit we know was within 18 months he would sell NeXT to Apple, 18个月后苹果收购NeXTand 6 month later hed be running the place.半年后乔布斯重新掌管苹果。The way things work in television we use only a part of that interview in the series. 当年的节目只用了一小段采访,And for years we thought the interview was lost for forever because the master tape were missing while being shipped from London to US in the 1990s. 九十年代末采访母带从伦敦运往美国途中遗失,多年来我们一直以为再也看不到完整的采访Then just a few days ago, series director Paul Sen found a VHS copy of that interview in his garage.然而几天前导演Paul Sen在车库里发现了一份VHS拷贝。There are very few TV interviews with Steve Jobs and almost no good ones. 乔布斯生前很少接受电视采访,如此精的访谈更是罕见They rarely show the charisma, candor and vision that this interview does. 它记录了乔布斯的坦率,非凡的魅力和独特的视野And so to honor an amazing man, heres that interview in its entirety. 为了向这位奇人致敬,我们几乎一刀未剪Most of these has never been seen before.大部分内容是首次公布于众 /201306/242602

Yartsa gunbu has been used as a traditional remedy for thousands of years,冬虫夏草被用作传统药物已经上千年though only by the very wealthy.但仅限于非常富有的人群It has been bartered for tea and silk,它被用来交换茶叶和丝绸and is worth more than four times its weight in silver.可以换回超过本身四倍重量的银子So lucrative is this trade,that sites and information are jealously guarded.这项贸易是如此的暴利使得它的交易地点和信息都被谨慎地保护起来At the nearby market,the yartsa gunbu are cleaned,在附近的集市上冬虫夏草被清理干净and their true nature becomes clear.这使得它的本来面目显露了出来The yartsa gunbu translates as ;summer grass,winter worm;.冬虫夏草被翻译为“冬天的虫子夏天的草”The winter worm is a caterpillar.冬虫是一种毛虫It eats roots of grasses它以草根为食in preparation for its transformation into a moth.为自己变身成蛾做准备。But some winter worms never make it as moths.但有些冬虫却从没有机会变成蛾Instead,a strange growth erupts from their body,而在夏季一个奇怪的植物appearing above ground in summer.在冬虫的体内生长发育直至破土而出This is the ;summer grass;,这就是“夏草”a fungus called Cordyceps,whose spores have infected the caterpillar,一种被称为虫草的真菌是它的孢子侵入了毛虫体内using its body as their host.并将毛虫的身体作为它们的宿主Modern scientific tests have shown that substances contained现代科学实验明含有冬虫夏草的物质可以in Cordyceps lower blood pressure and make it easier to breathe.降低血压并能使呼吸更顺畅So in recent years,harvesting this natural treasure所以近些年来收获这种自然资源has grown into a huge and profitable business.已经成为有巨大利益的生意 /201208/195260

Through the centuries,the family home has shaped America and showcased American innovation.几百年来,住房塑造了美国 也显示了美国人非凡的创造力Plantation houses built by stone masons.农场上的房子用石块砌成Log cabins made from whats available on the land.小木屋就地取材Merchants houses, the backbone for the early cities.商业用房则是早期城市形成的关键Each time technology has transformed how these houses have been built and where theyve been built.每一时期 都是由科技来转变房屋的建筑方式以及建筑地点Overcoming the extremes of Americas climate.克美国的极端气候1913, Los Angeles booms when the L.A. Aqueduct brings in water.1913年 洛杉矶引水渠建成后洛城迅速发展Without it, the city would have stayed an outpost.没有它 洛杉矶仍将是穷乡僻壤Now its air conditioning that wins the South.空调在南方大受欢迎1902, invented in New York,1902年在纽约研发成功1952, 0 million worth of air con units are sold.1952年 空调总销量达两亿五千万美元Hispanic architecture had once kept the Sun Belt States cool.以往 阳光地带的州要靠建西班牙式建筑以避热Now its air con.如今就靠空调了In the 1960s, more people moved to the Southern states than moved out after the Civil War.20世纪60年代移居到南方的人,甚至超过了内战后移居到北方的人Americas toughest landscapes opened up for housing.美国最难开发的地区如今亟待开发California and Florida became states that were overrun with new people moving in and wanting to live a better life.加州和佛罗里达州涌入大量人口,他们都想过上更好的生活Living a better life过上更好的生活goes back to the big innovation of the 19th century:Steel.源自于19世纪的一项伟大发明 钢1875, Pittsburgh. Andrew Carnegie has a vision.1875年 匹兹堡 安德鲁·卡内基深谋远虑 /201303/230275To continue his expeditions,为了继续他的征途Rock had toget his entire entourage acrossthe giant Yunnan rivers.Rock与他的探险队必须设法越过云南的激流He commissioned especially thick ropes made from forest rattan他定制了用森林藤蔓特制的结实绳索来完成运载and filmed the entire event.并记录下了整个全程With yak butter to smooth the ride,40 men and 15 mules made the journey.他们用牦牛油润滑了吊索40个人和15头骡子开始渡河Not all made it across.但并非每次都成功抵达了彼岸On the far side ofthe great Nujiang gorge,在怒江河谷遥远的彼岸the Plant Hunters made a remarkable discovery.植物猎人们有了惊人的发现Far fromthe tropics,尽管远离热带theyseemed tobe entering a steamy,vibrant tropical jungle,他们却似乎进入了一片热气腾腾的热带丛林the forest of Gaoligongshan.这就是高黎贡山的森林The flora here is unlikeanywhere elsein the world.这里的植物群落与众不同Next to subtropical species,alpine plants grow in giant form.类似亚热带高山植物物种的巨大外形Crowning the canopy, rhododendrons,up to 30 metres high.高达30多米的杜鹃花向着苍穹昂首怒放大家如果有什么问题可以在我的可可地盘上留言,我会尽量帮大家解决的地址为 http://dipan.kekenet.com/space.php?uid926923 /201208/193200

Step 1 Practice good hygiene1.讲卫生Practice good hygiene. Make showering and brushing your teeth a priority. Its not just girls -- no one likes a stinky guy.养成良好的卫生习惯。最重要的是经常淋浴,刷牙。不仅仅是女孩——任何人都不喜欢邋遢的男孩。Step 2 Dress well2.着装Dress like you care. No matter what look youre cultivating, girls appreciate it when you put some thought into your clothes.精心着装。无论你想打造什么样的形象,如果你的着装稍微花一点心思,女孩们都会欣赏的。Step 3 Be confident3.自信Be confident, but not cocky. Be sincere and genuine. Girls love confidence in a guy, but no one likes a phony.要自信,但是不要自大。要真诚。女孩们都喜欢男孩表现出的自信,但是任何人都不喜欢爱吹嘘的骗子。Step 4 Be loyal4.忠诚Practice loyalty. Girls will notice if youre loyal to friends, family, and organizations, and will translate that behavior to indicate how youll behave in a relationship.一定要忠诚。如果你对朋友,家人和组织忠诚,女孩们一定会注意到的,会认为你在恋情中也能做到忠诚。Step 5 Smile5.微笑Smile often. Girls feel comfortable around guys who smile a lot. A warm smile indicates a kind heart and shows that you dont take yourself too seriously.经常微笑。当你经常微笑的时候,女孩们会感到很舒。温暖的微笑展现的是温和的内心,表明你并不是一个非常严肃的人。Step 6 Pay attention6.注意Give your undivided attention to the girl youre talking to. Dont look over her shoulder or around her when youre talking to her. Pay attention to her and listen to what shes saying.专心留意正在和你说话的女孩。当你和她说话的时候,眼神不要到处转。关注她,认真听她说话。If youre talking on the phone or texting, stop what youre doing and pay attention to the girl.如果你通过电话或短信和她聊天,停下手头的事情,专心关注这个女孩。Step 7 Be polite7.礼貌Be polite and show manners. Being interested in another’s well-being is an attractive quality.Go out of your way to be polite to people in the service industry.一定要表现得有礼貌。关心他人的感受是一种很有吸引力的品质。像务行业一样对别人彬彬有礼。Step 8 Be chivalrous8.勇敢Practice chivalry without being wimpy. Open doors, pay for meals, and give a girl your coat.一定要勇敢,不要懦弱。为女孩开门,买单,为她披上你的外套。One study has suggested that girls who consider themselves unpopular in school are more likely to gain weight.一项研究发现,认为自己在学校不受欢迎的女孩更容易肥胖。201212/217538

Get through the trauma of the tills with our guide to surviving shopping with your boyfriend.想要知道如何带着男朋友去购物吗?按我们的指导来做吧。Whatever he says, he really does not want to go shopping with you.无论怎么说,他还是不愿意和你一起去购物。To men, shopping is about agonising levels of choice in an uncomfortable environment.对于男人来说,购物就是受罪。Browsing does not fit well with the go-getting, goal oriented male way of doing things.在琳琅满目的商品中细挑细捡显然与男性有目标的购物方式大相径庭。If a man is waiting outside a ladies changing room, he may as well have a sign saying Loser around his neck.如果一个男人在女性更衣间等待,他就像是脖子上挂了“失败者”牌子一样难受。Step 1: Your options第一步,你的选择If you are feeling kind, release him from his shopping duties with no strings attached. However much he pretends he wants to come, refuse. And love him a little bit more, for saying he would do that for you.如果不忍心,就放他一马吧,不管他装作多么愿意的表情,拒绝他。然后多爱他一些,因为他愿意为你而“装”。If you are feeling cruel, dangle the threat of a shopping trip over him like a sword of Damocles, so that even the most tiresome of chores become appealing.如果觉得还行,就祭出达克利斯之剑让他俯首听命乖乖就范,这样做的后果就是小小的事情也会变成产生不满的缘由。Step 2: Have mercy第二步,仁慈In familiar territory hes a charismatic, in control specimen of a man, but take him shopping and he regresses to early childhood.在一定的场合,他是天生神勇的男人,男人的楷模。但是一旦带上他去购物,他就退化到了儿童时期。So remember, dont let him out of your sight, dont ask him complicated questions, keep it as brief as possible, take lots of distractions, ignore his tantrums, and reward his good behaviour.所以一定要记得,不要让他走出你的视线范围,不要问复杂的问题,越简单越好,分散注意力,无视他的脾气,并回馈以温柔。Thanks for watching How To Survive Shopping With Your Boyfriend.谢谢收看本期“带男友购物”教程,我们下期节目再见。201208/193270

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