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Gregory Peck格利高里·派克The movie studio wanted Rock Hudson to play Atticus Finch. Fate decreed otherwise. Gregory Peck got the role of the small town Southern lawyer in the 196 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird. The hero of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer prize winning novel had been a man much like her father and when the author met the actor on the first day of shooting, she noted“Gregory,you’ve got a little potbelly just like my daddy.” The star replied, “Harper, that’s great acting.”制片厂打算让罗克·赫德森饰演阿提库斯·芬奇可冥冥中却偏偏另有安排格利高里·派克获得了那个角色,在196年的影片《杀死一只知更鸟中扮演南方小镇的律师这是哈珀·李获普利策奖的小说中的主人公,非常像她的父亲;影片开拍的第一天,作者与演员相遇时,她说道:“格利高里,你恰好和我父亲一样有点大腹便便”那明星回答说,“哈珀,那才是真正的表演”From his early days as the most gorgeous man in pictures in Spellbound and Duel in the Sun to his long prime with a Mount Rushmore visage and the voice of Yahweh on a good day, Peck was the sonorous pitchman movie humanism. He showed how a strong man could also be a gentle man. He counseled ethnic tolerance of Jews in Gentleman Agreement and blacks in Mockingbird. As a crusading attorney who is also a gentle single dad to his two young kids. Peck made rectitude appear robust.派克从早期影片《爱德华医生和《阳光下的决斗中的帅哥,到漫长的全盛期中他那仿佛在晴空下的拉什莫尔石像的面孔和耶和华般的声音,都表现出他是宣扬电影人文主义的嘹亮歌手他表明一个健壮的人也可以是一个温柔的人他提倡种族宽容:在《君子协定中宽容犹太人,在《杀死一只知更鸟中宽容黑人作为进行圣战的律师和两个年幼孩子的单身好父亲,派克使正义坚不可摧Peck wasn’t just an icon. He was an actor, a smart one. He picked hit properties in a wide variety of genres.派克不仅仅是一个偶像他是一个演员,一个聪明的演员他在范围广泛的样式中选择了最受欢迎的那些Winners and losers are all too clearly defined in today’s movies. Peck’s best films always found thoughtful shades of gray. Atticus has taken on the case of a black man accused of raping a white woman -- a perilous assignment in an Alabama town in the 1930s. He argues his case brilliantly demolishes the opposition convinces each member of the movie audience... and loses. But Atticus has shown courage in the fight.今天的影片中胜败泾渭分明在派克的最佳影片中总能看到发人深省的灰色影子阿提库斯接手了一桩黑人男子被控强奸白人女子的案子——这在世纪30年代的亚拉巴马小镇乃是一项要命的差事他辩护精, 驳倒了对方,令影片的每一个观众心口…可他败诉了但阿提库斯在战斗中表现出了勇气It’s dangerous to confuse an actor with his movie roles. But by all s the reel and the real Gregory Peck were close kin. He was a model of probity, a loyal friend to colleagues in distress, a father confessor to the Hollywood commy. He chaired the National Society of This the American Academy of That. He was laden with official honors Lyndon Johnson gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom Richard Nixon put him on his Enemies List. Peck received perhaps his sweetest laurel when the reclusive Lee said “Gregory Peck was a beautiful man. Atticus Finch gave him the opporty to play himself.”把演员与其影片中的角色混为一谈是危险的但人们说银幕上的格利高里·派克和现实中的格利高里·派克 十分相近他是正直的表率,患难中的真交,好莱坞社区的告解神甫他不是这个全国什么什么协会的会长,就是那个美国什么什么学院的主席他被官方荣誉压得喘不过气来:林登·约翰逊授予他总统自由奖章;理查德·尼克松把他列在了敌对者名单上隐居的李说,“格利高里·派克是个帅男子阿提库斯·芬奇给了他扮演自己的机会”这也许是派克获得的最甜蜜的桂冠But who will play the Gregory Peck hero now that noble is wimps and the best place to find integrity is in Webster’s? The masculine delicacy that Peck represented is gone from films no star has filled his mold. Movie actors don’t have the voice or posture or temperament it. Maybe America can’t believe in it.但是,既然高尚已经用在了懦弱之人的身上,寻找操守的最佳地方只有在韦氏词典里,那么,谁又将扮演格利高里·派克式的主人公呢?派克代表的男性典雅已经从电影中消失了;任何明星都无法胜任他的那种类型 电影演员不具备他那种声音、仪态和气质也许美国不可能相信这种类型 53adopt收养,hesitation犹豫,enroll招生,possess影响,The Russian BabyMorris and Becky were delighted when finally their long wait to adopt a baby came to an end.The adoption center called and told them they had a wonderful Russian baby boy, and the couple took him without hesitation…On the way home from the adoption center, they stopped by the local college so they each could enroll in night courses.After they filled out the m, the registration clerk inquired, “What ever possessed you to study Russian?”The couple said proudly, “We just adopted a Russian baby and in a year or so he’ll start to talk. We just want to be able to understand him.”俄罗斯男孩儿当终于实现了收养一个宝宝的长期想法,莫里斯和贝基十分开心收养所当时打电话告诉他们,所里有一个很棒的俄罗斯男婴,然后这对夫妻毫不犹豫地带走了他从收养所回家的路上,为了被录取上晚间班,他们在一所地方高校停下填完表格,注册处的工作人员问:“是什么让你们想要学俄语的?”夫妻自豪地回答:“我们刚收养了一个俄罗斯男婴,要不了一年他就会开始说话了我们就是想让自己能明白他说什么”1.adopt收养其他意思还有“采取”、“通过”等:European dress has been adopted by people in many parts of the world.西装已成为世界上许多地方人们的装The House adopted the report.众议院批准了这份报告.hesitation犹豫/结巴We have no hesitation in rejecting his complaint.我们毅然驳回了他的诉讼a hesitation m说话结巴时的声音(如“这个”“噢”“嗯”等)3.enroll招生/入伍/卷起After graduation, he was enrolled military service.毕业后他应募入伍fruit enrolled in tissue paper包在薄纸里的水果.fill out填写还有“使膨胀”、“变丰满”的意思:fill out a tyre with air使轮胎充气而膨胀;Her cheeks have filled out.她的两颊变得丰腴了5.inquire询问还有“调查”的意思,常与“into”搭配使用:The police inquired into her background.警方审查了她的历史6.possess影响,控制What possessed you?你怎么会这样鬼迷心窍?还有“掌握”的意思:He possessed me of the necessary inmation.他使我掌握了必要的信息 1

The ed States is in fact a leading producer of manufactured goods and agriculture products in the world.However, a surprisingly small number of workers, out of 0 manufacturing, and only per hundred agriculture alone, is responsible this output.The above figures of the 0 hypothetical workers we started with.Where do the other 76 work? Well, a full 76 are employed in what are called the service industry.By the way, the term industry often applies purely to production or manufacturing. Today, however, I will use industry in its more general sense, any general business activity.Service industries, then include a wide variety of businesses that provide services rather than produce goods.You know the difference between goods and services, dont you? Let take a look at the different sectors of the service industries now.Of 76 workers in the service industries, 5 are employed in commy, social and personal services.Commy, social and personal services include doctors offices, private hospitals, hotels, computer programing and data processing companies, restaurants, repair shops, engineering companies and private research facilities.The next largest sector in the service industries, wholesale and retail trade, employs 3 of the 76 people.Wholesale trade involves purchases directly from the producer while retail trade is more familiar to us, purchases from department stores, supermarkets, automobile dealerships and so on.The next largest sector in the service industries, the government, employs of those 0 hypothetical workers we started with.The best known government workers are teachers, police, and postal workers. But this sector also includes government officials and administrators, of course.The next sector is finance, insurance and real estate. In other words, banks and the stock market, some 55,000 insurance companies and companies involved in the buying and selling of property.Six of every 0 workers are employed in finance, insurance and real estate.The last service sector is transportation, communication and utilities.What does the phrase ;transportation, communication and utilities; make you think of? 505

cPTT)pR6@HEQ#ZS-UCkfi%T%+mgjyA-P+3+Alice told her son Jesse to go to his room. He didn’t want to go to his room. “Why do I have to go to my room?” he said. “You were a bad boy,” she said. “You hit your sister.” He said, “No, I didn’t. She hit me first.” Alice said, “But you shouldn’t hit your sister, even if she hits you first. She is younger than you are. And she’s a little girl. Boys should never hit little girls.” Jesse said, “Okay, I won’t ever hit little girls again. Now do I have to go to my room?” Alice said yes, he still had to go to his room. “When she’s a big girl, I’m going to hit her again,” he said.IvB-R3@_~%Fx!;ooYGiCF67cd1R!uU~(pk8Zop9ZKgd~VzRcImfdu5HP 389

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