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槐荫区妇幼保健院怎么样济南八院哪个医生比较好Stuttering Ear用“耳朵”治口吃Remember that kid in your grade school class who stuttered? Well, he was in good company–a whopping three million people in the ed States alone are affected by this problem.还记得小学时班上那个说话结巴的孩子吗?其实,他的同伴可不少--光是在美国,就有多达三百万的人有这个毛病。It isnt life threatening, but it certainly can be life hampering, as anyone who has a stutter can tell you. Theres something very interesting about stuttering, though, which you might not expect: it can be effected by what you hear. For a long time stutterers have understood that talking along in a group, such as when you recite the pledge of allegiance, can make the problem diminish.当然,结巴并不会危及生命,但是,相信任何一个结巴的人都会告诉你:它确实会给生活带来不少麻烦。然而,关于结巴,还有个有趣的现象是出乎你意料的:结巴跟你的耳朵关系密切。实际上,结巴会受所听内容的影响。一些结巴患者经过长期实践发现,如果连续地说上一段话结巴现象就会缓和不少,比如说在不停地背诵效忠誓言。With the age of electronics, it was found that hearing your own voice played back to you almost as soon as you speak helps a stutter as well. Thats called the “Delayed AuditoryFeedback” effect. Altering the pitch of the playback gives an extra boost to the effect as well; thats called “Frequency Altered Feedback.”人们发现,如果在说话时能够几乎同步地听到自己所说的内容会有助于减缓口吃。这就是所谓的“延时听觉反馈”效应。并且,改变所听内容的音调会加强这一效应,这就是“移频听觉反馈”。Now, researchers at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina have created a small device that combines both these effects in a portable earpiece. The device fits inside your ear, picks up the sound of you speaking, alters the pitch a little, and plays it back to you. The first tests look promising: many of the volunteers who had a stutter found that their problem was helped by wearing such an electronic earpiece.目前,位于美国北卡罗来纳州格林维尔市东卡罗莱纳大学的研究者们已经研发出一种便携式耳机,这种耳机将上文所说的两种效应结合在了一起。你只需将耳机放入耳朵,它便会收集你的话语并适当地改变音调,最后在回放给你听。第一批测试看起来效果不错:很多参与实验的口吃志愿者都发现,佩戴上这种电子耳机后,口吃情况有所好转。Scientists who study stuttering sound a more cautious note: such effects, while real, have shown a tendency to be short-term. Still, even if it isnt a “fix,” tiny microelectronic devices like this may indeed be a help–and we may be seeing more and more of them in the future.然而,研究口吃的科学家们给出了一个更为谨慎的结论:这些效果固然真实,但持续时间不够长久。但是,即便这一效果不长,像这样的微电子设备确实对口吃有所帮助--相信在以后会有越来越多这样的产品出现。 /201302/225166济南真爱妇科医院保胎多少钱 of course, samba had Carmen Miranda, for example as, you know, something that promoted samba, even in the Hollywood movies, 当然,桑巴有卡门·米兰达,这是你知道,即使在好莱坞电影中也提升了桑巴的知名度,but Forro is as much from the people of Brazil, from the real people of Brazil as samba.. 但巴西人也一样跳弗乐,就像巴西真正跳桑巴的人一样。This was a new era of migration as workers from the poor farmlands of the northeast moved south to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to look for work. 这是一个新的时代,移民工人从东北贫穷的农田迁往南部城市里约热内卢及圣保罗去找工作。Luiz Gonzaga wrote dance songs and sang about the lives of the migrants and those they left behind.路易斯·冈萨谱写关于移民们生活及他们留下的舞曲和歌曲。注:听力文本来源于普特201301/220179济南中医药大学附属医院挂号网

山东济南妇儿医院地址Business.商业。South Koreas music industry.韩国音乐产业。Top of the K-pops.韩流顶端。Korean musicians must export or starve.韩国音乐家,音乐外销成唯一出路。PSY (pictured, also known as Park Jae-sang) is having the time of his life. On August 12th at a stadium in Seoul, the rap stars concert felt like the only party in town. He entertained 30,000 fans for almost four hours. And this veteran of the South Korean charts has suddenly become popular in the West, since the for his song ;Gangnam Style;, in which he rides an imaginary horse around a posh part of Seoul, went viral on YouTube. The track even hit number one on the iTunes dance chart in Finland.PSY(如图,本命朴载相)火了。8月12日,这位说唱明星在首尔一家体育馆内举行了演唱会,场面火爆万人空巷。他为30000名粉丝表演了近4个小时。不仅如此,新歌;江南style;骑马舞(在首尔高档社区附近做骑马的动作)MV在油管的爆红,使得经常登上韩国音乐榜单的PSY在西方也赢得了瞩目。这首歌甚至在芬兰iTunes舞曲排行榜上也成为了第一。Korean pop (known as K-pop to fans) is turning into an export success. Groups such as Super Junior and 2NE1 now sell millions of CDs and concert tickets in other parts of Asia. As K-pop zooms up the foreign charts, share prices of leading labels, such as SM Entertainment, have soared too.韩国流行音乐(也称韩流)正取得出口上的成功。诸如super junior和2NE1等组合在韩国以外的其他亚洲地区售出了上百万CD及演唱会门票。韩流在外国的飞速发展,让SM等大型唱片公司的股票价格水涨船高。But the outlook at home is less rosy. With the worlds fastest broadband connections, Koreans have embraced downloading. This in itself is not a problem, but the way they do it is.不过,韩国音乐产业在国内前景却不容乐观。有着全球最快宽带速率的韩国人喜欢从网上下载音乐,这本身并不是问题,问题出现在下载的方式上。In other countries, many music-lovers still pay for downloads, through the likes of Apples iTunes shop. Fans typically shell out at least 99 cents per track (and more in countries such as Japan and Britain). Of this, 70% goes to music labels and artists.在其他国家,许多音乐爱好者付费,通过苹果Itunes等在线商店下载音乐。一般下载一首歌曲的价格至少为99美分(有的国家收费更高,如日本和英国)。其中,音源下载收入的70%会交给唱片公司和歌手。In South Korea, the market works differently. Subscription-based services, which allow the listener to rent music, are extremely popular. For a period of one month fans of rock and pop music pay a fee of around 9,000 won () for 150 tracks. Such services have helped to drive overall music sales to 430 billion won in 2011.韩国音乐市场的运营模式则不一样。该国的订阅务允许用户租听音乐,这种务在其国内极其流行。有段时间,只需付9000韩元(8美元),爱好摇滚或流行音乐的用户就可以在一月内租听150首歌曲。2011年,该项业务的销售额为4300亿韩元。Alas for labels and artists, however, their payout is miserly. Under subscription deals, they collect as little as 30 won per track. This must then be split between performers, writers and the label itself. SM Entertainments boss complains that even 1m downloads cannot cover the cost of making a music .不过,唱片公司和歌手就悲剧了,他们从中获得的分红简直少得可怜。订阅销售模式下,唱片公司和歌手每首歌只能收取30韩元。就这点钱还得在表演者、作词作曲者和唱片公司间进行再分配。SM公司老板抱怨说,100万下载量收取的分红还不够MV制作费。The fear of illegal downloading keeps the average price per track of digital music low. That the subscription-service operators are a powerful oligopoly further reduces the labels bargaining power. Thus, SM Entertainment took in a trifling 1.9 billion won in domestic digital sales in the first quarter of 2012. By contrast, the firm sold CDs worth 3 billion won, despite the physical formats supposed demise.为遏制非法下载,数码音源的价格被压得很低。而租听务运营商的垄断地位,进一步压缩了唱片公司的谈判空间。因此,SM公司2012年第一季度的国内音源收入才19亿韩元。形成鲜明对比的是,尽管有朝一日CD终将被淘汰,该公司的唱片销售额仍旧达到了30亿韩元。SM Entertainment and other purveyors of K-pop cover this shortfall at home by having their stars hawk the latest phone, or appear on television variety shows. The biggest labels have become adept at squeezing cash out of their pop stars names, rather than their music. But only a handful of musicians are famous enough to benefit.SM和其他公司通过让明星代言最新手机,或是参加电视综艺节目来弥补这块收入短板。唱片巨擘们善于利用偶像名号赚取利润,音乐本身反倒其次。不过,能单以名气吸金的明星毕竟只占少数。South Koreas old business model, perfected by its carmakers, was to use a captive home market as a launch-pad from which to invade foreign shores. The countrys pop musicians have turned this model upside down: they have to export their tunes to make up for meagre pickings at home.传统的韩国商业模式已由汽车制造商发展到极致,即先掌控国内市场,然后以此为跳板征外国市场。而这个国家音乐人却将这个模式颠倒过来:不得不通过音乐出口来补贴国内的微薄收入。 /201208/196287济南千佛山医院网上预约咨询 Apple and Google used to be close. Googles CEO Eric Schmidt was even a member of Apples board for three years.苹果和谷歌曾经关系很进。谷歌的首席执行官Eric Schmidt曾经有3年都在苹果公司董事会。You know, Ive got the privilege of joining the board, and there is a lot of relationships between the boards. And I thought, you know, if we just sort of merged the companies,we can call them AppleGoo.你知道,我曾加入过董事会,董事会中人脉很多。我想,如果合并两家公司,我会取名AppleGoo。A lot of love there from Schmidt on stage of the Iphone Launch in 2007.Why? Because every phone Apple sells includes Google maps, and Youtube,and the Iphones default search engine is Google. But since then, competition has been building. In November of that year, Google said it was coorporating with alliance of hardware companies to develop Android, a software platform for mobile phones to directly challenge the Iphone. HTC, Motorola and Samsung have all released their own Android phones. And earlier this month Google released a phone under its own brand , the Nexus one. Now it also released a web browser to compete with Apple Safari, and announced plans for operating system called Chrome OS. Apple said Googles emergence as a competitor was one reason why Schmidt left the board of Apple last August. Apples move has been a little bit more secretive. Reports say it bought a mapping company called PlaceBase in July. Business Week reported last week that Apple is in talk to the old rival Microsoft to make Bing, the default search engine on the Iphone. On search is what Google is most famous for, but it makes most of its money from advertising.Now Google is turning its attention to Mobile advertising by Admob in November.Then why the sudden interest in Mobile ads?The answer is on AdMob homepage, Apples Iphone. AdMobs CEO said the Iphone led to a landside of massive improvement in Mobile advertising , so its not surprising to learn that earlier this month , Apple bought a mobile advertising firm of its own, Quatro Wireless. And selling mobile ads it might not be as exciting as selling music or phones, but it could be Apples boldest move yet and another shot at its one-time ally Google. 2007年苹果出售的iphone有Schmidt的许多心血。为什么这么说?因为苹果公司出售的每一步手机都包含谷歌地图,YouTube,和默认的谷歌搜索引擎。但那之后,两家公司就变成了竞争关系,那年的11月,谷歌声称正在与硬件公司联合开发安卓系统,安卓系统被视为直接挑战Iphone的软件平台。HTC,Motorola和三星都已经发布了自己的安卓系统。当月早些时候,谷歌也发布了自己的品牌的手机Nexus1,现在还发布了一款浏览器与苹果的Safari抗衡,并宣布计划命名操作系统为Chrome OS。苹果表示谷歌作为竞争者的合并行为是Schmidt8月离开苹果公司的原因之一。相比之下,苹果公司的动作就秘密隐蔽得多。有报道显示苹果在7月购买了一家名叫PlaceBase的绘图公司。商业周刊报道说上周苹果正在和老对手微软必应谈判默认搜索引擎事宜。谷歌公司最出名的莫过于搜索了,但其大部分收入都来自于广告收入。11月,谷歌通过AdMob将注意力转移到手机广告。为什么是手机广告呢,看AdMob的主页就能知道,AdMob的首席执行官表示Iphone引领了手机广告的新发展,所以听闻本月早期苹果购买了一家名叫Quatro Wireless的手机广告公司你绝不会感到意外了。但这可能是苹果公司最大胆的一次行动,也可能是对曾经的合作伙伴谷歌的一次打击。Kristie Lu Stout,CNN HongKong.Kristie Lu Stort,CNN香港报道。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/183179章丘区中医医院的具体地址

济南妇幼保健医院几点关门There are people who make overcoming obstacles, even those towering 40 very vertical feet high, look easy.有一种人,他们能够克任何困难,甚至能够轻易攀登上那些冲入云宵的高达40英尺的陡壁。These rock climbers are the heart of Lilian Chao-Quinlans climbing center business.这些攀岩成员便是李连的 “超昆兰攀岩中心”业务的核心部分。I think with climbing you have to trust your partner and you have to know they are holding your rope.我认为,对于攀岩而言,你需要信任你的伙伴,并且必须知道他们和你抓着同一条绳索。This takes teamwork which why Chao-Quinlan is frustrated by all the talk of another cliff looming in Washington.攀岩需要团队合作。而超昆兰公司现在却没有信心超越正在逼近华盛顿的另一种悬崖。There is so much uncertainty not just for me as a business owner, but for our members, for our climb tower.这不仅对作为老板的我来说太不确定,而且对我们的攀岩成员,对我们的攀岩业务来说都太具风险。With negotiation stalled on a way to the fiscal cliff, Chao-Quinlan is put plans to expand her business on hold. She is worried because going over the cliff will cost middle class families an estimated 2000 dollars a year, money people wont have to spend here.随着财政悬崖的谈判有所搁浅,超昆兰不得不暂停扩展业务的计划。她对此非常担心,因为对一个普通中产家庭来说,渡过财政悬崖一年预计需要付出2千美元,而人们本可将这笔钱用在更急需之处。It’s always challenging when you are in a recreational type of environment because that sometimes the first thing that people consider, you know, when they are evaluating their finances and, what am I gonna to spend my money on?这种经济环境对业务非常不利。因为,在财务悬崖的情况下,人们首先会评估他们的资产、计划他们的消费。The fear that I have is that we are going to lose some customers and we are gonna to lose our shoppers. And weve been here for ten years.我现在担心的就是我们将失去一些客户和顾客。我们在这一行已经做了10年了。For clothing store owner Lindsay Buscher, it’s been a rough few years since the recession. Now she says she is terrified we are on the verge of tumbling back in.对装店老板Lindsay Buscher来说,自从经济衰退开始,每年都举步为难。现在,她说,害怕公司随时会倒闭。I think the facts of them not coming up with a plan is gonna be devastating. And I see a huge, a bigger recession.我认为,政府没有及时制定出正确的方案会带来毁灭性结果。我似乎看到了一个更严重、更长期的萧条。The prospect of higher taxes next year means Busher is cutting back now. Training staff for January and February only buying clothing she sure will sell. Her goal is just to keep her business afloat.明年可能的高税意味着Busher现在在缩减一切出。她吩咐员工只采购确信会畅销的装。她的目标仅仅是维持住公司的业务。My biggest fear is that my 7-year old will never really get a chance to see what Ive built.我非常担心7岁的孩子将没有机会看到我能成就一番事业。Back at the climbing center, Lilian Chao-Quinlan says there are lessons Washington negotiators could stand to learn.又返回攀岩中心的李连说,华盛顿的谈判人员们需要学习过去的经验教训。Every move is gonna dictate the next move. But that doesn’t mean that you are locked into that move; that doesn’t mean you cant try something else.每一项决定会决定再一项。但是,这并不意味着你只能死守那一决定,也不意味着你不能尝试其他办法。Unlike climbing, she says, fiscal cliff hanging shouldnt be an option because so much is on the line.她说,和攀岩不同,危险太大,财政悬崖并非良策。 201301/220303 济南妇儿妇科怎么走德州妇幼保健院看男科



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