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praiseworthy ———— 值得赞扬的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing actions, accomplishments, or people who deserve great approval and acclaim.例句 After years of struggle, the author published a praiseworthy novel that made her famous.经过数年的艰苦努力,这位作家出版了一部大获好评的小说,令她一举成名。 /201606/448940Top Afghan Diplomat Abducted in Pakistan万豪酒店爆炸后巴国安全继续恶化   A senior government official says Pakistan's top civilian and military leaders had planned to dine at Islamabad's Marriot Hotel when a suicide car bombing struck it, killing 53 people. While an investigation is under way into the country's deadliest suicide bombing, unknown gunmen kidnapped Afghanistan's ambassador-designate in the northwest Pakistan city of Peshawar. 巴基斯坦政府的一位高级官员说,巴基斯坦文职和军界的高级领导人曾经计划在自杀式汽车炸弹袭击伊斯兰堡的万豪酒店的时候在那里用餐。这次袭击造成53人死亡,是巴基斯坦死亡人数最多的一次自杀炸弹袭击。就在当局对这起事件进行调查的同时,不明身份的武装分子在巴基斯坦西北部的白沙瓦市绑架了即将上任的阿富汗大使,导致巴基斯坦安全局势进一步恶化。Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, Interior Ministry head Rehman Malik disclosed that Pakistan's President, Prime Minister, and Army chief were planning to attend a dinner party at the Marriott Hotel when it was bombed.  巴基斯坦内政部长马利克在伊斯兰堡对记者们透露,巴基斯坦总统、总理和陆军总参谋长曾计划在万豪酒店被炸的时间在那里出席一个晚餐会。Malik says perhaps the terrorists knew that the Marriott was the venue of the dinner and the entire leadership of the country would be present there. But he says the dinner was moved to the Prime Minister's official residence at the 11th hour on the instructions of the president and the prime minister. The interior ministry chief did not explain why the two leaders decided to change the venue of the dinner party.  马利克说,也许恐怖分子知道晚餐会将在万豪酒店举行,而且整个巴基斯坦领导层成员将聚集在那里。不过他说,在11点时,总统和总理指示将宴会的地点改在总理的官邸。他没有解释这两位领导人为什么会改变餐会地点。Officials say that nearly 270 people were wounded in the bombing, while the dead included the Czech ambassador to Pakistan and American nationals.  有关官员说,有近270人在爆炸中受伤。而死者中包括捷克驻巴基斯坦大使和一些美国人。A U.S Embassy spokesman Lou Fintor gave details of the American casualties in the weekend bombing. 美国大使馆发言人芬托尔透露了美国死者的详情。"Two American citizens died of injuries sustained during the September 20th bombing of the Islamabad Marriot Hotel. Those individuals were Department of Defense employees. In addition, a State Department contractor, an American citizen, is unaccounted for at this time. However, we are continuing efforts to determine this employee's status," said Fintor. 他说:“在九月20号发生在伊斯兰堡万豪酒店的爆炸中,两名美国公民在受伤后不治身亡。他们是美国国防部的工作人员。此外,一名美国籍的国务院合同工目前失踪。不过,我们在尽力确定他的状况。”There are no claims of responsibility, but Pakistani authorities suspect militants linked to the Taliban and Al-Qaida terror network for the bombing. The attack prompted the British Airways to temporarily suspend flights to Pakistan.  目前还没有人出面对袭击承担负责,但是巴基斯坦有关当局怀疑塔利班和基地恐怖组织同爆炸有关。这起袭击使英国航空公司暂停飞往巴基斯坦的航班。In a further sign of the worsening security situation in the country, unknown gunmen have kidnapped Afghanistan's ambassador-designate, Abdul Khaliq Farahi in the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar. The kidnappers ambushed the diplomat's car in a residential area of the troubled city and killed his Afghan driver.  另一起事件更加突出了巴基斯坦安全局势的恶化。不明身份的武装分子在巴基斯坦西北部的白沙瓦市绑架了即将上任的阿富汗驻巴基斯坦大使法拉希。绑匪在白沙瓦市一个居民区里突袭了法拉希乘坐的汽车,并杀死了他的阿富汗司机。Speaking to VOA by telephone from Peshawar, an Afghan official, Noor Mohammad Takal, says that the kidnapped diplomat was still serving as the consul general at the Afghan consulate in Peshawawr.  阿富汗官员塔卡尔在白沙瓦通过电话告诉美国之音,法拉希当时依然担任阿富汗驻白沙瓦市领馆总领事的职位。He says that the top Afghan diplomat was going back to his residence in the city from work, but was intercepted by armed men.  他说,法拉希当时正在从办公室回家的路上,但是遭到了武装分子的拦截。The kidnapping took place in an area that borders one of Pakistan's semi-autonoumos tribal areas, the Khyber Agency, where Taliban and al-Qaida militants are believed to have their hideouts. Pakistani security forces recently have conducted major military operations to eliminate the militants.  发生绑架的地区同巴基斯坦半自治的部落地区开伯尔相邻。开伯尔地区有塔利班和基地组织激进分子的藏匿点。巴基斯坦安全部队最近对这个地区展开了大规模军事行动,以消灭这些激进分子。The latest incidents of violence in Pakistan underscore the extremist threat facing the country, a vital U.S. ally in the war against terrorism. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is set to meet President Bush in New York this week to discuss, among other things, efforts to tackle the rising militant threat. 巴基斯坦最近发生的几起暴力袭击显示,这个美国反恐战争的重要盟国面临来自极端分子的威胁。巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里定于本周在纽约同布什会晤,双方将讨论如何解决不断增加的激进分子威胁等问题。200809/49972

We had a very small budget and I had to make decisions on what to buy.我们的预算很小,所以我必须决定买什么。I like it! ;Im particularly proud of; - Positive but not boasting.我喜欢!“我特别自豪”——积极但又不是在吹嘘。Youre doing well.你做的很好。Very impressive – so youre a good planner Anna!真厉害,那么安娜,你是一个好的规划者!We like organised people here...ooops, silly me.我们喜欢有条理的人……哎呀,我真笨。I seemed to have spilt tea over your CV.我似乎把茶洒到你的简历上了。Oh, do you need some help?你需要帮助吗?Oh no…Im sure itll dry out… carry on please…没事,它肯定一会儿就干了,请继续。Also… timekeeping is important to me…而且,守时对我很重要。;Timekeeping is important to me; – thats good!“守时对我很重要”——说的好!I always try to complete my work on time.我总是努力按时完成工作。At university I never handed my assignments in late.在大学里,我从不晚交作业。Thats good to hear. We like punctuality here…听你这么说太好了。我们这里喜欢守时的人。Excuse me Paul. Sorry its a bit late – but I thought you might like a biscuit with your tea.打扰了,保罗。不好意思有点晚了,但是我想你可能喜欢就着饼干喝茶。 /201611/479858

  Im afraid its against company policy to have non business lunches with people.我恐怕这违反了公司的规定,我不能和客户进行非商业的午餐。Really? Oh how tedious!真的吗?多么烦人!It wouldnt be这不……Pardon?什么?No, not shhh you Mr Slimy I meant shhhh Denise!不,不是嘘你,假惺惺先生,我是在嘘丹尼斯!Mr Slimy?假惺惺先生?Oh no! I mean Mr Limey – Lime – er Seb! You see, it wouldnt be appropriate.不!我是说Limey先生,Lime,是Seb!你看,这不合适。So, with regret, Im going to have to say no.所以很抱歉我不得不拒绝。I think Ive understood. Goodbye Anna. Goodbye.我想我明白了,再见安娜。 再见。Oh dear, he didnt take that too well.上帝,他好像并没有完全接受你说的。But, apart from a little mistake, Anna did well there.但是除了一点失误,安娜做得很好。Here are the phrases she used to politely refuse the offer of lunch.这是她礼貌回绝午餐邀请时用的表达。Thank you for your offer. But Im really sorry, I wont be able to.谢谢你的邀请,但是很抱歉,我不能这么做。Im afraid it is against company policy…恐怕这违反了公司规定……It wouldnt be appropriate.这不合适。With regret, Im going to have to say no.很抱歉我不得不拒绝。Good job Anna, bad luck Mr Slimy!干得好,安娜,倒霉的假惺惺先生! /201701/483844

  to bear out ---- 验(短语)英文释义(phrase)To confirm a statement as true.例句Im quite sure that next years economic results will bear out the accuracy of my global trade predications.我非常确定,明年的经济数据将验我对全球贸易预测的准确性。 /201609/464978。

  Mugabe to Discuss Post-Election Options With Party Leaders津部分选举结果仍未公布引起猜测  More than five days after voting ended for four national elections in Zimbabwe, results for three of the contests are still outstanding. Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, will chair a meeting of his party's leadership Friday as the country continues to await results from a tense presidential vote. Rumor and speculation continue to muddy the political waters as people wait for results, in particular the presidential poll. 津巴布韦举行4场全国性选举5天多之后,其中3场选举的结果仍然没有公布。在人们等待选举结果之际,谣言和猜测,尤其是有关总统选举的种种猜测,搅浑了政治水潭。 The long wait for the tally in the presidential poll has created opportunities for interest groups to take public positions against their opponents. 对于总统选举点票结果的长时间的等待,给各种利益集团创造了机会,使他们能对自己的对手采取公开的立场。The independent Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe says state-owned daily newspapers and television are displaying strong bias towards President Robert Mugabe and his party, ZANU-PF. 独立组织津巴布韦媒体监督项目表示,国营的日报和电视台对穆加贝总统和他的政党津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线表现出强烈的偏向。The Herald newspaper slammed the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which won a majority of the parliamentary seats. It again repeated ZANU-PF allegations of the past eight years that the British government is the "real power" behind the MDC. 先驱报猛烈抨击赢得议会多数席位的反对党民主变革运动。这家报纸再次重申了津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线8年来提出的“关于英国政府是操纵民主变革运动的真正力量”的指控。By mid-day there was also no result from the Zimbabwe Elections Commission in the race for the Senate. The newly created Senate can block legislation passed by parliament. 直到中午时分,津巴布韦选举委员会仍然没有公布参议院的选举结果。最近才成立的参议院可以阻挠国民议会通过的法案。For the first time since independence in 1980, ZANU-PF narrowly lost its parliamentary majority late Wednesday when the Zimbabwe Election Commission announced results for the assembly. 星期三晚间,当津巴布韦选举委员会宣布国民议会的选举结果时,津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线自从这个国家1980年获得独立以来,首次以微小的差距失去议会的多数席位。Results are also due for about 2,000 local government councilors. 大约2000名地方政府委员会成员的选举结果也该公布了。But for most Zimbabweans, the news they want to hear is the tally in the presidential poll. Zimbabwe's constitution, which has been amended many times, accords the president enormous powers. 但是,对于大部分津巴布韦人来说,他们希望听到的消息是总统选举的点票结果。被修改过多次的津巴布韦宪法授予总统巨大的权力。President Mugabe's deputy information minister, Bright Matonga, says if President Mugabe does not win a clear majority of 50 percent plus one vote, he will take part in a run-off election as demanded by law. 穆加贝总统的信息部副部长马通加表示,如果穆加贝总统没有赢得50%加1票的明显多数,他将参加法律所要求的决选。President Mugabe appeared relaxed when he appeared on state television saying good-bye to a group of election observers from the African Union. 穆加贝总统在国家电视台露面、对一群来自非洲联盟的选举观察员说再见的时候,他显得很放松。The opposition MDC presidential challenger, Morgan Tsvangirai, says he believes he has aly won a small majority, but he has indicated he would also participate in a run-off. 反对党民主变革运动的总统候选人茨万吉拉伊说,他相信他已经以微弱多数赢得了选举,但是他表示他也会参加决选。Meanwhile, South Africa's national broadcaster is reporting that the third candidate in the presidential race, Simba Makoni, says he will throw his weight behind Tsvangirai in any run-off. 与此同时,南非的国家广播电台报导说,总统选举中的第3位候选人马科尼表示,他将在决选中持茨万吉拉伊。Several vendors of imported groceries in a high-density suburb south of Harare say they are certain the delay in announcing the results of the presidential poll would rob Tsvangirai of victory.One said he wanted revenge against Mr. Mugabe. He said he has been living in poverty since 2005 when police broke down his small shop where he sold scrap metal as well as second-hand tools.Despite their obvious anxiety to know the outcome of the vote, Zimbabweans continue to wait patiently and peacefully for results. 200804/33402

  to be right up ones alley ———— 正对胃口(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) Highly appropriate for ones skills, interests, and experience.例句 My articulate and energetic sister loves meeting new people and charming them, so a sales job should be right up her alley.我能说会道、精力充沛,喜欢认识新人,让他们喜欢上她。所以,销售工作正对她的胃口。 /201606/450531Living underground, mole rats are sheltered from the Kalahari's worst extremes of temperature. We think of deserts as hot places. But nightly temperatures can fall well below zero. At dawn, meerkats need to soak up the warmth of the rising sun to get fully active. The temperature in the Kalahari steadily climbs as high as 70 Celsius on the ground. Meerkats can only tolerate short bursts of activity in the morning and evening. This means they need to be very efficient at gathering food. So they quarter their territory, traveling several kilometers a day. Tasty beetles and scorpions are common in this grassy desert. But finding them means spending a lot of time with your head in the sand. So meerkats are very vulnerable to predators. To protect the group, young males take turns keeping watch. This frees the others up to keep hunting. Scorpions have a lethal sting, but meerkats are fast as lightning. The Kalahari's high levels of rainfall mean food is plentiful year round, one reason why this desert can support more large mammals than any other in the world. Springbok are the most successful desert antelopes in Africa. With short, thin fur, they can easily offload heat by sweating. The white patterns on their coats help to reflect solar radiation. And they never need to drink. They can extract all the moisture they need from the most meagre desert plants. But in southern Africa's deserts, there is a lurking challenge. Cheetahs shadow the springbuck herds. They ,too, evolve in the desert. Thinly-furred and lightly-built, everything about them is designed to deal with heat and speed. words:1.meerkat: 猫鼬2.offload:to get rid of and pass on to another卸下,排掉(eg.): He does come to offload the blame for launching the transmitting tools to market.200807/44762


  Pennsylvania Begins Ballot Count in Crucial Primary for Clinton, Obama宾州选民在关键的总统初选中投票 The ballot count is underway in a crucial primary election in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Voters chose between two candidates for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination: Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  美国宾夕法尼亚州正在举行一场关键的总统候选人初选,目前投票已经结束。选民在两名民主党总统参选人中作出抉择:是把票投给巴拉克.奥巴马参议员还是投给希拉里.克林顿参议员。Most agree they have never quite seen anything like it. 大多数选民都同意,他们从来没有见过这样的阵势。Pennsylvania traditionally holds its primary late, and for years it has been an afterthought in the selection process. 从传统上讲,宾夕法尼亚州举行初选的时间比较靠后,因此,多年以来,宾夕法尼亚州一直扮演着选战大局已定后的扫尾角色。But election officials say this year is different. Two candidates are still battling hard for the Democratic nomination, voter registration is way up, and a high turnout is expected. 不过,选举官员说,今年情况不同了。两位候选人仍在努力竞选,争取民主党的党内总统候选人提名。大量选民登记参加投票,可以预见这次宾州的选民投票率将会相当高。At a polling place in the Pittsburgh suburbs, a neighborhood election official named Al surveys the Election Day scene and smiles. "I haven't seen this much excitement since I started voting in 1960 for Jack Kennedy," the official said. 在匹兹堡郊区的一个投票站,社区选举官员埃尔一边观察选举日的情况,一边微笑着说:“自从我在1960年投给肯尼迪一票之后,我还没有见过这样令人兴奋的场面。”Turnout has been steady across the state, with a big jump in participation in the late hours before the polls close. 在宾州各个地区,选民投票率相当稳定,在投票站关闭之前有大量选民参加投票。The mood is serious, with voters well aware that this year their ballots really count. 选民的情绪非常认真,因为他们清楚地知道,今年他们的投票结果将真正在美国总统选举中起到重要的作用。Elizabeth, a high school English teacher, says she voted for Barack Obama. "A lot of people talk about how eloquently he speaks. A lot of people say he doesn't have substance. But every time I have listened to him speak, I hear a lot of substantive issues being discussed in an intelligent and familiar way," she said. 高中英语教师伊丽莎白说,她持奥巴马。伊丽莎白说:“很多人都说奥巴马的口才如何好,也有很多人说他的讲话没有实质内容。但我每一次听他的讲话,我都听到他以机智和熟悉的方式对很多实质性的问题加以讨论。”Republicans are also holding a separate party primary in Pennsylvania. They aly have a presumptive presidential nominee in John McCain. But Greg, a party member, says he took his Republican ballot and wrote in Senator Obama's name, even though his vote will not count in the Democrats-only tally. "I just wanted my voice to be heard. That was who I wanted to represent today. So that is why I wanted to make sure I came here," he said. 共和党也在宾州分别举行了他们的党内初选。他们已经有了一个据信很可能成为总统候选提名人的约翰.麦凯恩。但一位名叫格雷戈的共和党人士说,他参加了共和党的初选投票,而他却在选票上写下参议员奥巴马的名字,而不顾他的选票根本不会被计入民主党初选的票数当中。他说:“我只希望大家听到我的意见,那些人是我今天要代表的,那就是我一定要来投票的原因。”Younger voters, like Elizabeth and Greg, form the core of Barack Obama's support in Pennsylvania. They embrace his message of change. But senior citizens appear more interested in experience and stability. And all indications are, they are backing Hillary Clinton. 像伊丽莎白和格雷戈这样的年轻选民是宾州持奥巴马的主要力量,他们拥护奥巴马的改革主张。可是,老年公民似乎更加关注经验和稳定性,所有迹象显示,他们持的是希拉里.克林顿。After casting her ballot, an elderly woman named Joan leans slightly on a cane and explains her vote for Senator Clinton. "She is articulate in getting her point across and her points, I like," she said. 一位名叫琼的老年妇女在投票后拄着拐杖解释她为什么投票选克林顿参议员的原因。她说:“克林顿善于清晰地表达她的观点,我喜欢她的观点。”She says she is voting not just on the basis of issues that concern senior citizens, but those that will affect her children and grandchildren as well. 她说,她投票的依据不只是老年公民关注的问题,还有那些会影响他的子孙的问题。As she emerges from the polls, a young mother is also focusing on the future, as she holds onto the hand of her young daughter. Dawn says she was unsure about her vote until the last minute. She says she listened to her gut feelings and the advice of her seven-year-old child. "I voted for Barack and then when I went to cast my ballot I went back and voted for Hillary," she said. 和她同时来到投票站的还有年轻的母亲唐,她也关注未来的问题,唐拉着小女儿的手说,她在最后一分钟才决定投谁的票。她说,她听从内心感受和她7岁孩子的意见。她说:“我本来想投奥巴马的票,可是当我去投票的时候,我又转投克林顿的票。”Her daughter, Flynn, squints in the springtime sun, and volunteers her own take on the campaign. "I thought that when I was watching Hillary in the debate, I thought that Hillary was really going to win." 她的女儿弗兰在阳光下眯着眼睛,主动表达了她对选战的看法。她说:“我在看希拉里辩论的时候,我想希拉里真的会赢。”Voters in Pennsylvania know in the end their choice will be historic, and for the first time a major political party will nominate either a woman or an African-American for the presidency. Dawn says she wants her daughter to experience it all and know that anything is possible, noting Flynn has aly decided that some day she might just want to be the president of the ed States. 宾州的选民知道,他们的选择最终具有历史意义,美国主要政党将第一次提名一位妇女或者非洲裔美国人作为总统候选人。唐说,她希望她的女儿经历这一切,并且懂得一切都是可能的。唐说,弗兰已经决定,有一天她可能也希望成为美国总统。 200804/36180

  the whole shebang ———— 一切,整体(俚语)英文释义 (SLANG) All parts in a group of many things; everything.例句 Instead of selling the many parts of our company separately, we are looking for one buyer who wants to buy the whole shebang.我们不想将公司分成很多部分单独出售,而是在寻找愿意将公司整体买下的买家。 /201605/445087。

  astrobleme ------ 陨星坑(名词,地质学) 英文释义(noun, GEOLOGY) A crater or similar geological feature on the surface of the earth resulting from the impact of an ancient meteorite. 例句Nearly 300 kilometers in diameter, the Vredefort Crater in South Africa is the worlds largest known astrobleme.位于南非的弗里德堡火山口直径将近300公里,是世界上已知最大的陨星坑。 /201609/466480

  Kenya Names New Coalition Cabinet肯尼亚总统宣布成立权力分享政府 Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki has announced the formation of a new power-sharing government, including his main rival in December's elections, Raila Odinga, as prime minister. The announcement breaks a deadlock that had raised fears in recent days about the viability of the coalition.  肯尼亚总统齐贝吉宣布组成新的分享权力政府,其中包括由他在12月份选举时的主要对手奥廷加出任总理。最近几天,有关僵局使人们对建立联合政府的可能性感到担忧,但是这一宣布打破了这一僵局。 Following a one-on-one meeting Saturday between President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, President Kibaki announced the formation of a new coalition government. 齐贝吉总统星期六在和反对派领导人奥廷加单独会谈之后,宣布新的联合政府成立。"The announcement of the new Cabinet today demonstrates the commitment of the political leadership to move ahead and pay more attention to addressing the challenges facing our country and people," said Mwai Kibaki. 齐贝吉说:“今天宣布新内阁表明政治领导层致力向前迈进,更加注重解决我们国家和人民面临的挑战。”Discussions on the division of ministries between the country's two main parties had broken down last week, setting off protests in Mr. Odinga's strongholds and prompting a flurry of statements from foreign diplomats. 上星期,肯尼亚两个主要党派围绕政府各部领导职务分配的讨论失败,引发奥廷加阵营抗议,促使外国外交官频频发表声明。As expected, President Kibaki named Mr. Odinga, who charges December's presidential election was rigged to rob him of victory, as prime minister, a newly created position under the terms of a power-sharing agreement negotiated by former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in February. 正如人们预期的那样,齐贝吉总统任命奥廷加为总理。奥廷加指责12月的总统选举被人操纵,为的是剥夺他取得的胜利。总理职务是根据分享权力协定条款设立的一个新职位。这个协议是经前联合国秘书长安南斡旋的谈判达成的。Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who split from Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement, known as ODM, during the campaign, and who has since allied with President Kibaki's Party of National Untiy will keep his position. 副总统穆西约卡将留任。他在选举中从奥廷加的橙色民主运动中分离出来,并且从那以后一直与齐贝吉总统的民族团结党结成联盟。Two deputy prime minister positions have also been created. They will go to the ODM's Musalia Mudavadi, who was also named local government minister, and Kibaki ally Uhuru Kenyatta, who will also serve as minister for trade.  另外,还设立了两名副总理职位,由橙色民主运动的穆达瓦迪和齐贝吉的盟友肯雅塔担任。穆达瓦迪还被任命为地方政府部长。肯雅塔也将出任贸易部长。Members of President Kibaki's Party of National Untiy will hold on to many of the key ministries, including finance, defense, foreign affairs, internal security and justice. 齐贝吉总统的民族团结党成员将出任许多主要的部长,包括金融部长、国防部长、外交部长、国内安全部长和司法部长。ODM ministers will be in charge of land, agriculture, tourism, and local government. 橙色民主运动委任的部长将负责土地、农业、旅游和地方政府等事务。ODM's William Ruto and Anyang' Nyong'o, whose presence in the government had been opposed by some in the president's party, were both named as ministers. Ruto, who has been accused of involvement in post-election violence in his Rift Valley region, will serve as minister of agriculture. ODM Secretary-General Anyang' Nyong'o whose threats of mass protests have irritated the government, will serve as minister for medical services. The Medical Services ministry is one of several new positions in the 40-member Cabinet. Many Kenyans have opposed expanding the Cabinet from 34 to 40 ministries, saying it is a waste of government resources. 许多肯尼亚人反对将内阁部门由34个增加到40个。The new Cabinet will include separate ministries for cooperative development, Northern Kenya development, Nairobi metropolitan development, and Vision 2030 - a national government development plan. But civil society groups, religious leaders and newspaper editorial boards have argued that development would be better served by sending money directly to projects, rather than by spending it on salaries, vehicles and office space for new ministers, assistant ministers and other staff. 他们说,这是浪费政府资源。新内阁将设立单独的部门,负责合作发展、北部肯尼亚开发、内罗毕城市发展以及被称为2030远景的国家发展计划。但是公民社会团体、宗教领导人和报社编辑委员会都反对说,直接把钱投入项目,而不是用在付新部长、助理部长和其他人员的薪水、车辆和办公场所上,会发展得更好。Discussions over the naming of ministers broke down last week, with Mr. Odinga accusing president Kibaki of refusing to give up a fair share of powerful positions. A number of foreign diplomats called on the sides to break the impasse in recent days, including U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, U.K. foreign secretary David Miliband and Mr. Annan. Now the country's leaders will turn their attention to an ambitious reform agenda aimed at avoiding a repeat of this year's post-election political and tribal violence. The main goal is an overhaul of the country's constitution that would involve reducing the president's powers and addressing land distribution. 肯尼亚领导人目前把注意力放到雄心勃勃的改革议程上。这个议程的目的是避免重演今年选举后出现的政治和部落暴力活动。改革的主要目标是重新修订肯尼亚宪法。这将减少总统权力,解决土地分配问题。But the struggle over the naming of the Cabinet has provided a reminder of the lingering distrust between the two sides and the difficulty of the task ahead. 但是围绕内阁提名的斗争提醒人们不要忘记双方残留的不信任以及未来任务的艰巨性。 200804/34725

  Bush Meets With Talabani, Cites Progress in Iraq布什会见伊拉克总统讨论许多议题   U.S. President George Bush has met with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani at the White House. The outlook for an agreement on the future nature of the American presence in Iraq was among the many issues discussed. 美国总统布什在白宫会见了伊拉克总统塔拉巴尼。两国领导人在会谈中讨论了许多议题,包括双方对美国今后驻伊拉克军队的地位达成一项协议的看法。The focus was on the positive as the two men met briefly with reporters at the end of their formal talks. 两位领导人在结束正式会谈之后举行了简短的记者会,他们在记者会上的说话以正面内容为主。President Bush cited progress in Iraq. 布什总统列举了在伊拉克取得的进展。"I complimented the president on the fact that as security has improved he and his fellow officials are reaching out to all aspects of society to help people realize the blessings of a free life," he said. 布什总统说:“我向塔拉巴尼总统表示祝贺,事实是,随着伊拉克安全的改善,总统先生和他的同事们把工作延伸到了社会的各个方面,帮助人民获得美好的自由生活。”Mr. Bush acknowledged there is still a lot of work to be done. He made specific mention of ongoing negotiations on a strategic framework agreement between the ed States and Baghdad that will allow U.S. forces to remain in Iraq after the end of the year, when their ed Nations mandate expires. 布什承认,伊拉克还有大量工作要做。他特别提到美国跟巴格达就一项战略框架协议正在进行的磋商,根据这项协议,美国军队得以在今年年底之后继续留在伊拉克,而联合国允许美军驻扎伊拉克的授权年底到期。He said the agreement must "suit" the Iraqi government. 布什说,这项协议必须让伊拉克政府满意。President Talabani said he hopes a deal can be reached soon. 塔拉巴尼总统表示,他希望能够很快达成协议。"We are doing our best for this strategic agreement with the ed States of America. I think we have very good important steps towards reaching and finalizing this agreement," he said. 塔拉巴尼说:“我们正在尽最大努力争取跟美利坚合众国达成这项战略协议。我认为,我们为努力达成和敲定这项协议都采取了非常重要的步骤。”The Iraqi president said the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is also focusing on getting important laws dealing with oil and elections through the legislature. He stressed fostering national unity remains a priority. 塔拉巴尼表示,伊拉克总理马利基领导的政府也在集中精力通过立法程序,制定跟石油和选举有关的重要法律。塔拉巴尼强调,促进国家的团结统一仍然是优先解决的大事。"I can say we are proud to achieve good successes in Iraq. Our economy is growing and we have also big steps forward for national reconciliation," he added. 塔拉巴尼说:“我可以说,我们为伊拉克取得的成就感到自豪。我们的经济正在增长,我们在实现全国和解方面也取得了重要进展。”President Talabani also mentioned Iraq's efforts to improve relations with all its neighbors, including Iran and Syria. The Bush administration has cautioned that Tehran and Damascus foster terrorism in the region, but has said repeatedly it will not stand in the way of regional diplomacy by Iraq.  塔拉巴尼总统还提到伊拉克跟包括伊朗和叙利亚在内的所有邻国改善关系的努力。布什政府告诫说,德黑兰和大马士革扶植该地区的恐怖主义,同时也反复强调,这不会妨碍伊拉克在这个地区的外交努力。The meeting with Jalal Talabani was a late addition to President Bush's schedule, and was only announced on the eve of the session at the White House. President Talabani has reportedly been in the ed States undergoing medical treatment. 布什跟塔拉巴尼的会谈很晚才加进布什的日程表,并于两人在白宫举行这次会谈之前刚刚宣布。有报道说,塔拉巴尼总统到美国接受治疗。200806/42807

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