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2003年CCTV杯全国英语演讲大赛(1) 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200809/48087昆明柏德口腔牙齿正畸镶牙龅牙智牙怎么样好吗Thank you. Thank you so much. 谢谢你们。非常感谢你们。Thank you, Chuck, for that very kind introduction. 谢谢你,查克,谢谢你非常热情的介绍。Chuck is a proud police officer, he’s the proud parent of a police officer, and he has dedicated his life to law enforcement and their families.查克是一位令人骄傲的警官,他的父母因他是一位警官而感到骄傲,他把毕生精力都献给了执法和他们的家庭。So I want to thank him for his extraordinary service.所以我要感谢他的特殊贡献。I want to recognize the entire Fraternal Order of Police and its leadership, including Jim Pasco, for all your work on behalf of those who wear the badge. 我想要认识整个警察兄弟会和其领导,包括吉姆?帕斯科,你们所有的工作代表着佩戴徽章的人们。I’d like to recognize FOP Auxiliary President Linda Hennie, all the members of the FOP Auxiliary, members of Congress including Speaker Boehner, Congressman Hoyer, and Senator Leahy, as well as members of my administration.我想认识警察兄弟会主席辅助琳达?海宁,全体警察兄弟会的辅助,国会成员,包括发言人纳,众议员豪尔,参议员莱希以及我政府的成员们。And most of all, I want to acknowledge and thank the families of those who have fallen. 而且最重要的是,我要感谢,感谢那些已经逝去警官们的家庭。As Scripture tells us, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” 正如圣经告诉我们的那样,“和平的使者会受到祝福,因为他们将被称为上帝之子。”Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. 和平的使者会受到祝福,因为他们将被称为上帝之子。Our country’s law enforcement officers use force when they have to. 我们国家的执法人员当不得不使用的时候才会使用武力。They are well armed and they are well trained. 他们装备精良而且训练有素。But they never forget that theirs is a mission of peace. 但是他们永远不会忘记自己的和平使命。Their job is to keep the peace, to allow all of us to enjoy peace in our neighborhoods and for our families.他们的工作是保卫和平,让我们在我们社区和使我们的家人都享受和平。And today, with heavy hearts, we honor those who gave their lives in the service of that mission. 今天,怀着沉重的心情,我们纪念那些在这些任务中献出了自己生命的人们。Their families are in our thoughts and prayers, as we remember the quiet courage of the men and women we have lost.我们思念并为他们的家人们祈祷,因为我们记得已经失去的男性和女性们那份平静的勇气。These are officers like Detective John Falcone, of Poughkeepsie, New York.警官们中有些人像纽约波基普西的侦探约翰?法尔科恩。In February, Detective Falcone responded to a shot fired call on Main Street. 在2月,法尔科恩侦探接到一起主要街道上的击事件。And when he arrived on the scene, he saw a man holding a gun with one hand, and a small child with the other.当他赶到事故现场时,他看见一个人用一手拿,一手挟持着一位小孩。In a situation like that, every instinct pushes us towards self-preservation. 在那样的情境下,每一种本都会推动我们进行自我保护。But when the suspect fled, still holding the child, Detective Falcone didn’t think twice. 而当嫌疑犯逃离时仍然挟持着孩子,侦探法尔科恩没有过多考虑。He took off in pursuit, and tragically, in the struggle that followed, he was shot and killed.他立即开始追踪,不幸的是,在随后的战斗中,他被开射杀致死。He is survived by his parents.他的父母白发人送黑发人。But there’s another survivor as well: A three-year old child who might not be alive today had it not been for the sacrifice of a hero who gave his life for another.但还有另一位幸存者:一个三岁的孩子,如果不是英雄牺牲生命,将自己的生命奉献给他,这个孩子可能不会活到今天。This willingness to risk everything for a complete stranger is extraordinary. 这种敢于为一个完全陌生人冒险的意志是非凡的。And yet, among our nation’s law enforcement officers, it is also commonplace. 然而,在我们国家的执法人员中,这已经司空见惯。Last summer, the North Platte River was running high near Douglas, Wyoming. 去年夏天,北普拉特河在怀俄明州道格拉斯附近水势湍急。When a teenage girl got caught in the current, Deputy Bryan Gross, of the Converse County Sheriff’s Office,jumped in after her.当一位十几岁的女孩被水流困住,康维斯县警长办公室的副警长布莱恩?格罗斯随即纵身跃入水中救人。The girl was eventually pulled from the water, but Deputy Gross was swept away. 这个女孩最终被从水中救起,但是格罗斯副警长被大水冲走。And he is survived by his wife, Amy. 他留下了妻子,艾米。Today, we remember a man who swore to protect his neighbors, and who kept that promise no matter what the cost. 今天,我们铭记一位发誓要保护他邻居的男人,他履行了自己的承诺,无论付出何种代价。I suspect that at that moment, Deputy Gross wasn’t trying to be a hero; he was just doing his job. 我怀疑在那一刻,格罗斯副警长并非想成为一名英雄,他只是在做他的工作。You can find that bravery, the courage to do your duty, day in and day out, in so many officers across our country.你可以从中发现勇气,去履行你职责的勇气,日复一日,我们整个国家有如此多的这样的警官们。201205/184603云南省第一人民医院看牙齿美白的价格亲,你们想拥有一口流利的英语口语吗?你们想像世界名人一样拥有敏锐的智慧、滔滔不绝的口才吗?在这里,大家不但可以聆听抑扬顿挫的英文,而且还可以学习到名人的过人之处,相信会受益匪浅的!听,他们来了......165973PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH: Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you, Ambassador. Mr. President, all you distinguished guests, including the man that was responsible for my coming out here in 1974 -- Henry Kissinger, here. Delighted to see him. (Applause.) And of course, many friends -- lao peng you -- from China, so pleased to see you all here. Thank you for coming.Let me start by noting that this week has a homecoming feel to it. Barbara and I always welcome the chance we have to come back to China. In fact, I think this is my 19th or 20th visit since I left the presidency, since leaving the White House. But to be here at this special time, special time in China's history, to be back in the embassy where I was proud to have served, and to be here with the members of Bush family who share our love for China and its people, is particularly gratifying, particularly moving for me.In the 34 years since I first came to China, change has been one of the constants. Peking is now Beijing. The bicycles that used to dominate the roads have given way to more cars. And then when you come to this magnificent "Bird's Nest," the National Stadium, and the other architectural features that now dominate the landscape here, there can be no question that China has achieved something truly special in ying itself to host these Games. It is just simply remarkable.Of course, I feel the same sense of awe standing here to behold the transformation that our beloved embassy complex has undergone here. I was feeling sentimental when I told Barbara, my wife, that my old office would be occupied by the talented translators who work in the Public Affairs Office. (Laughter.) But as usual, she snapped out -- "You mean they got someone in your office who can speak the language?" (Laughter.)Barbara and I studied an hour a day, five days a week, but to be honest, one of the great challenges were these Chinese lessons that she and I took together. She simply refused to follow the very sacred "no laughing rule" as I spoke. (Laughter.) I was soon hoping that she would transfer out of my class. (Laughter.)But as special as any visit to China is for us, as historic as it is to be here for the start of 2008 Summer Olympics and this new embassy opening, it means the most to us to be here with our family. That includes our daughter Doro, who was baptized here; and that includes certainly our President and First Lady; includes our son, Marvin, who is here with us today, and his wife Margaret; and everyone here. The President and the First Lady have served with such honor, served with courage and class during a historically challenging time for our nation and the world. And I am so very proud of him. (Applause.)And so, with no further ado, the President of the ed States. (Applause.)PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: Thank you, sir. Thank you, Mr. President. (Laughter.) It is quite an honor to be introduced by your dad. This has got to be a historic moment: father and son, two Presidents, opening up an embassy. (Applause.) I suspect it's the first, although I must confess I haven't done a lot of research into the itinerary of the Adams boys. (Laughter.)My dad was a fabulous President. (Applause.) And I tell people one reason why was not only did he know what he was doing, he was a fabulous father. (Applause.)Mr. Ambassador, honored guests, Laura and I, and my brother and my sister, are proud to be here with our dad as we open and dedicate this new embassy.No doubt this is an impressive complex. To me it speaks of the importance of our relations with China. It reflects the solid foundation underpinning our relations. It is a commitment to strengthen that foundation for years to come.I thank all those who designed and built the embassy, and all those who work here to advance the interests and values of our great nation. Dad and I are honored that Counselor Dai has joined us; and Minister Xie; Ambassador Zhou -- who, by the way, opened a new Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C., designed by I.M. Pei a couple weeks ago.We appreciate our friend Anne Johnson being here, Director of the Art in Embassies Program. Dr. Kissinger, thanks for coming. (Applause.)It takes a special band to open the embassy -- out of West Texas -- Odessa, Texas, for that matter, the Gatlin boys are with us today. (Applause.) I thank the Red Poppies -- (applause) -- thank you for your talent. (Applause.) And finally, I want to pay tribute to Sandy Randt, who has done a fabulous job as our Ambassador to China. Sandy, thank you andI'm honored to represent the ed States at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games here in Beijing. And I'm looking forward to cheering our athletes on. (Applause.) Mr. Ambassador, I'm not making any predictions about medal counts -- (laughter) -- but I can tell you the U.S. athletes are y to come and compete, in the spirit of friendship.You know, during my last visit here I had the opportunity to break in the mountain biking course. I was so proud of my efforts, I told Laura I was thinking about entering the competition myself. (Laughter.) She reminded me they don't give any medals for last place. (Laughter.)Tonight the Olympic torch will light the home of an ancient civilization with a grand history. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese people developed a common language and unified a great nation. China became the center for art and literature, commerce and philosophy. China advanced the frontiers of knowledge in medicine, astronomy, navigation, engineering, and many other fields. And the Chinese are even said to have invented the parachute -- something for which the 41st President is very grateful. (Laughter and applause.)We share a long history. The first American ship arrived in China just after the year we won our independence. World War II, Americans and Chinese fought side by side to liberate this land from Imperial Japan. We all remember very clearly, Dr. K, when President Nixon came to Beijing to begin a new era of dialogue between our nations. You might remember that yourself. (Laughter.)Today the ed States and China have built a strong relationship, rooted in common interests. China has opened its economy and begun to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. America will continue to support China on the path toward a free economy.We're also cooperating to fight pandemic diseases and respond to natural disasters. And through the six-party talks, we're working together to ensure that the Korean Peninsula is free of nuclear weapons.The relationship between our nations is constructive and cooperative and candid. We'll continue to be candid about our mutual global responsibilities. We must work together to protect the environment and help people in the developing world; continue to be candid about our belief that all people should have the freedom to say what they think and worship as they choose. We strongly believe societies which allow the free expression of ideas tend to be the most prosperous and the most peaceful.Candor is the most effective -- is most effective where nations have built a relationship of respect and trust. I've worked hard to build that respect and trust. I appreciate the Chinese leadership that have worked hard to build that respect and trust. And I thank all those here at the embassy who are doing the same thing. The people here who work made sacrifices to serve our country. Serving America is noble. And I hope you found it to be rewarding.I'm honored to be with you. I appreciate the honor of dedicating this new embassy. And I'm looking forward to going to the Games. (Laughter.) God bless. (Applause.)200808/45934昆明经常洗牙对牙齿有害吗

大理州妇幼保健医院口腔科云南口腔医院看牙齿美白的价格第七届全国英语演讲比赛 周琳 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报200810/51901Or that we stopped to ask if a sick child had gotten better, and stayed a moment there to trade a word of friendship?或者是我们自己停下来自问一声:当一个生病的孩子已经好转,我们会稍停片刻同他友好地交谈几句吗?No President, no government, can teach us to remember what is best in what we are.任何总统、任何政府都不能教导我们应记住什么东西对我们是最好的。But if the man you have chosen to lead this government can help make a difference;但是,你们推选出来领导这个政府的人,如果能够发挥一定的作用,if he can celebrate the quieter, deeper successes that are made not of gold and silk, but of better hearts and finer souls; if he can do these things, then he must.如果他会赞美那些不是由金银而是由更美好的心灵构成的平静而深刻的成功,如果他能做到这些事情,那他就应当去做。America is never wholly herself unless she is engaged in high moral principle.美国若不奉行崇高的道德准则,就永远无法实现自身的完善。We as a people have such a purpose today.今天,我们作为一个民族,就具有这样一个目标。It is to make kinder the face of the Nation and gentler the face of the world. My friends, we have work to do.这个目标旨在使我们国家的面貌变得更加仁厚善良, 使这个世界的面貌变得更加温文尔雅。我的朋友们,我们有许多事情要做。There are the homeless, lost and roaming. There are the children who have nothing, no love, no normalcy.有些人无家可归,已经迷失方向,正在四处徘徊。有些孩子失去了一切,既没有亲人之爱,也无法享有正常的生活。There are those who cannot free themselves of enslavement to whatever addiction—drugs, welfare, the demoralization that rules the slums.有些人则无法摆脱各种个人癖好的奴役,他们沉溺于吸毒、依赖救济为生,或沾染上各种肆虐于贫民窟的堕落习气。There is crime to be conquered, the rough crime of the streets.有不少犯罪行为有待于制压,譬如那些大街上的粗暴罪行。There are young women to be helped who are about to become mothers of children they cant care for and might not love.还有一些年轻的妇女需要帮助,她们就要做母亲了,但对自己将要出生的孩子不是无法照顾,就是可能不会加以爱护。They need our care, our guidance, and our education, though we bless them for choosing life.他们需要我们去关心,去引导,去进行教育,尽管我们衷心祝福他们选择合适的生活。The old solution, the old way, was to think that public money alone could end these problems.过去的解决办法和过去的途径,是片面相信政府的公共开即可消除这些问题。But we have learned that is not so. And in any case, our funds are low. We have a deficit to bring down.但我们已经了解到,情况并非如此。而且不论怎样说,我们的资金总是有限的。我们还要削减赤字。We have more will than wallet; but will is what we need.我们的愿望总是超过我们钱袋的付能力,而愿望又正是我们所需要的东西。We will make the hard choices, looking at what we have and perhaps allocating it differently, making our decisions based on honest need and prudent safety.我们要做出艰难的决择,对我们拥有的东西细加盘算,或许还要进行重新配置, 使我们的决策立足于真正的需要和审慎的安全之上。And then we will do the wisest thing of all: We will turn to the only resource we have that in times of need always grows the goodness and the courage of the American people.于是我们要做一件最为明智的事情,那就是求助于美国人民的善良品质和无畏勇气,这乃是我们所拥有的、在需要之时能够不断增长的唯一资源。I am speaking of a new engagement in the lives of others, a new activism, hands on and involved, that gets the job done.我现在倡导重新关心他人的生活,倡导一种新的积极行动精神,大家动手,全力 投入,以期大功告成。03/438055云南口腔医院看冷光牙齿好吗REMARKS OF PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMAWEEKLY ADDRESSThe White HouseSaturday, February 7, Yesterday began with some devastating news with regard to our economic crisis. But I'm pleased to say it ended on a more positive note.In the morning, we received yet another round of alarming employment figures – the worst in more than 30 years. Another 600,000 jobs were lost in January. We've now lost more than 3.6 million jobs since this recession began.But by the evening, Democrats and Republicans came together in the Senate and responded appropriately to the urgency this moment demands.In the midst of our greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, the American people were hoping that Congress would begin to confront the great challenges we face. That was, after all, what last November's election was all about. Legislation of such magnitude deserves the scrutiny that it's received over the last month, and it will receive more in the days to come. But we can't afford to make perfect the enemy of the absolutely necessary. The scale and scope of this plan is right. And the time for action is now.Because if we don't move swiftly to put this plan in motion, our economic crisis could become a national catastrophe. Millions of Americans will lose their jobs, their homes, and their health care. Millions more will have to put their dreams on hold.Let's be clear: We can't expect relief from the tired old theories that, in eight short years, doubled the national debt, threw our economy into a tailspin, and led us into this mess in the first place. We can't rely on a losing formula that offers only tax cuts as the answer to all our problems while ignoring our fundamental economic challenges – the crushing cost of health care or the inadequate state of so many schools; our addiction to foreign oil or our crumbling roads, bridges, and levees.The American people know that our challenges are great. They don't expect Democratic solutions or Republican solutions – they expect American solutions.From the beginning, this recovery plan has had at its core a simple idea: Let's put Americans to work doing the work America needs done. It will save or create more than 3 million jobs over the next two years, all across the country – 16,000 in Maine, nearly 80,000 in Indiana – almost all of them in the private sector, and all of them jobs that help us recover today, and prosper tomorrow.Jobs that upgrade classrooms and laboratories in 10,000 schools nationwide – at least 485 in Florida alone – and train an army of teachers in math and science.Jobs that modernize our health care system, not only saving us billions of dollars, but countless lives. Jobs that construct a smart electric grid, connect every corner of the country to the information superhighway, double our capacity to generate renewable energy, and grow the economy of tomorrow.Jobs that rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges and levees and dams, so that the tragedies of New Orleans and Minneapolis never happen again.It includes immediate tax relief for our struggling middle class in places like Ohio, where 4.5 million workers will receive a tax cut of up to ,000. It protects health insurance and provides unemployment insurance for those who've lost their jobs. And it helps our states and communities avoid painful tax hikes or layoffs for our teachers, nurses, and first responders.That's what is at stake with this plan: putting Americans back to work, creating transformative economic change, and making a down payment on the American Dream that serves our children and our children's children for generations to come.Americans across this country are struggling, and they are watching to see if we're equal to the task before us. Let's show them that we are. And let's do whatever it takes to keep the promise of America alive in our time. Thank you.02/61932昆明最专业的口腔医院是哪家

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