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推特明星:Victoria Beckham 维多利亚·贝克汉姆推特原文:My @vogueaustralia November cover issue is out today – where I discuss my charity journey as a @UNAIDS ambassador!推特译文:封面是我的 @vogueaustralia 十一月号于今日发刊。里面有谈到关于我做为联合国爱滋病防治大使的慈善人生!推特点拨:1) ”@vogueaustralia”是美国的高级时尚杂志『Vogue』的澳洲版本。2) ”~#39;s November cover issue”是「有~在封面的11月号」的意思。3) ”journey”是「旅程」→「人生」的意思。4) ”as a ~”是「做为~」的意思。5) ”@UNAIDS”是指维多莉亚担任亲善大使的「联合国爱滋防治计画」。 /201611/473129in bad shape很糟A:Why do you look so sad?A:怎么看上去这么难过?B:I#39;m in pretty bad shape. I am having an allergy all the time.B:我情况很糟糕,一直过敏。A:Why not go and see a doctor?A:干吗不去看大夫?B:I never trust those stupid doctors.B:我从不相信那些庸医。 /201608/455646

每日一句口语:Fallen into the trap,for you are too greedy,it#39;s not because of others#39; cunning.会上当,不是因为别人太狡猾,而是因为自己太贪。【知识点讲解】because of 因为,由于; 基于;例句:He was not a particularly good shot because of his eyesight. 他视力不好,算不上是一个出色的射手。 /201703/496525


  今日短语latchkey kid钥匙儿童例句:He was a latchkey kid - he let himself in after school and waited for his parents to get home.他是个钥匙儿童——他下课后自己进去然后等他父母回家。 /201510/404221。


  How#39;s your new apartment?你的新公寓怎么样?讲解:How is sth这句话非常实用,为什么东西怎么样的时候,都是这个句型。例如 How#39;s your brother 你兄弟最近怎么样? /201509/400023Welcome to English in a Minute!欢迎来到《一分钟英语》栏目!If you feel comfortable, you feel safe and free of stress. Comfort Zone如果你感到舒适,你就会有安全感,并且没有压力。舒适带Hey, I heard you tried rock climbing! How did you like it?嗨,我听说你尝试了攀岩运动。你觉得怎么样?Well, it definitely made me face my fear of heights! It was scary.攀岩真的让我直面我的恐高问题。太可怕了。It#39;s good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes!有时,离开你的舒适带也是不错的。You#39;re right. You know, I do feel a little braver now.你说得对。我现在确实稍微勇敢了些。A ;comfort zone; is where a person feels safe and secure.“舒适带”指让人感到安全的地方。If you go out of your ;comfort zone;, you do something or go somewhere如果你离开了“舒适带”,你做的某些事或去的某些地方that might make you feel nervous, afraid, or, just not comfortable.可能会让你感到紧张、害怕,或不适。For Anna, rock climbing was out of her comfort zone.对于安娜来说,攀岩就是让她离开了她的舒适带。And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是今天的《一分钟英语》栏目! /201702/492929

  今日短语go for it放手向前,努力争取例句:A: Do you think I could be a movie star?你觉得我可以当电影明星吗?B: Sure, go for it!当然,放手去拼吧! /201606/448842

  今日短语:You#39;re a goddess.你真好。例句:A: And after your hot bath, I#39;ll give you a nice oil massage.洗完热水澡后,我帮你好好来个精油。B: You#39;re a god. I#39;m so glad I married you.你真好。我真庆幸嫁给你。 /201702/481650

  When my great grandma Anna came to America. She wore the same thick coat and big boots she had worn when she worked on her family's farm. But her family did not farm anymore. In New York City her father carried things on a wagon. The rest of the family made flowers out of cloth. Everyone was in a hurry and it was so crowded not like back home in Russia. The only things Anna had from her home in Russia were her cloths and the “babushka” or head covering she liked to throw up into the air when she was dancing. The dress she wore was getting too small. After her mother had sewn her a new one, Anna gathered her old dress and babushka. She also gathered Uncle Vladimir's old shirt and Havala's old nightgown and an old apron of Aunt Natasha's to make a quilt. A quilt is a cover for a bed that is made from many pieces of cloth. “We will make a quilt to help us always remember home,” Anna's mother said, “it will be like having the family in Russia dance around us at night.” And so it was. Anna's mother invited all the women of the family to help make the quilt. They cut the shapes of animals and flowers from the pieces of old clothing. The edge of the quilt was made from Anna's babushka. On Friday nights, Anna's mother would say the prayers that started the Sabbath, the holy day for Jewish people. The family ate a b called hallah and chicken soup. The quilt was on the table. Anna grew up and fell in love with my great grandpa Sasha. To show that he wanted to be her husband, he gave Anna a gold coin, a dried flower and a piece of salt. The gold was for wealth; the flower for love and the salt so their lives would be strong and interesting. Anna was given the quilt. When they were married Anna and Sasha stood under a traditional hopper made with the quilt. After the wedding, the men and women celebrated separately. When my grandma Carle was born, Anna wrapped her baby in a quilt to welcome her warmly into the world. Carle was given a gift of gold, a flower, salt and b. Gold, so she would have money; a flower, so she would always know love; salt, so her life would always be strong and interesting; and b, so that she would never know hunger. Years later, the quilt again became a wedding hopper. This time for Carle's wedding to my grandpa George. Men and women celebrated together but they were not permitted to dance together. Among Carle's wedding flowers were a gold coin, b and salt. Carle and George moved to a farm in the state of Michigan. And great grandma Anna came to live with them. A year later, the quilt once again covered a new baby girl - Merry Allen. Great grandma Anna had grown very old and was sick a lot of the time. The quilt kept her legs warm. When Anna died her family said prayers to take her to heaven. My mother Merry Allen was now grown up; when she left home she took the quilt with her. When she married, the quilt became her hopper. Later, the quilt welcomed to me - Patricia into the world. It covered my bed. At night I would trace my fingers around the edges of each animal on the quilt before I went to sleep. I told my mother stories about the animals on the quilt. She told me whose shirt had made the horse; whose apron had made the chicken; whose dress had made the flowers and whose babushka went around the edge of the quilt. When I grew up I married Enzo Morrio. Men and women danced together at my wedding. In my bouquet of flowers were gold, b and salt and a little wine so I would always know laughter. Twenty years ago I held my daughter Tracy Dennis in the quilt for the first time. Someday she too will leave home and she will take the quilt with her. You have just heard the story "The Keeping Quilt" by Patricia Polacco. It was adapted into Special English by Karen Leggett. Now listen to a story called "Molly Banicky" by Alice Macgil. Barbara Klein is the storyteller.This story begins on a cold grey morning in 1683 in England. Molly Walesh sat on the stool, pulling at the udder of a difficult cow. She was a milkmaid. She had to get up very early every morning and go to the barn to milk the cow. The man who owned the cow, owned the small house where she lived, a much bigger house and all the land around. The week before the cow had kicked over the container of milk. The cook had warned Molly that she would be brought before the court if someone suspected she stole the owner's milk. That was the law. Today, it was cold in the barn. Molly's clothing was thin. She could hardly work because her hands were so cold. But finally the container was full of milk. Suddenly Molly sneezed, the cow jumped, the container fell over and the milk flowed into the damp ground. Later that day, Molly stood before the court, accused of stealing the milk. The usual punishment for stealing was death by hanging. But the law said no one who could the Bible could be executed for stealing. So a Bible was given to Molly and her voice ran out clear and true. Molly's punishment was seven years of forced labor in a British colony. Having no family, Molly Walsh aged 17, said goodbye to England and boarded a ship to cross the ocean. After she arrived in America, Molly worked for a planter on the eastern shore of the colony of Maryland. She cared for her master's tobacco crops. After working for the planter for seven years, Molly was free to go. The farmer gave her a large animal called an ox and a machine to make the land y for planting. He also gave her tools, seeds, clothing and a gun. Molly traveled to an area where not many people lived and that is where she made her home. That a woman alone should take land was unheard of, but the people living near Molly saw that she was strong. They helped her build a one-room house; they helped her harvest her first crop. But Molly soon knew she needed help working her land. One day Molly an announcement that a ship would be coming soon. She decided to watch the arrival of this ship, a slave ship from Africa. She watched the men walked by, one after the other. She saw the pain, anger and dishonor on their faces as they were sold into slavery. Then Molly noticed a tall, wonderful looking man who looked into the eyes of everyone who tried to buy him. Molly bought him and told him she would treat him well and set him free as soon as her farm was doing well. Molly talked to this man using her hands to tell him about the land where she was born and of her years as a forced labor. He smiled at this strange looking woman, he told her his name - Banicky. Banicky would walk up and down the roads of tobacco. He showed Molly how to dig places in the dirt to guide streams of water down the roads of plants. As the tobacco grew y to harvest, Molly and Benicky grew to love each other. She signed his freedom papers and a traveling religious official married them. Molly had broken colonial law by marrying a black man. But her neighbors accepted this marriage and welcomed Banicky. Years passed, Molly and Banicky had four young daughters. They had a large house and many smaller buildings on 40 hectares of land. Suddenly, there was a great sadness in the family, Banicky died. Molly held her daughters close to her. Then she taught them how to work the land. In time, she had a grandson. In her Bible, Molly wrote her new grandson's name - Benjamin Picnicker. She taught this young boy to and write. She told him about his grandfather - the son of a king in Africa and about her days as a milkmaid across the ocean in England. You have just heard the American story "Molly Banicky". Molly's grandson Benjamin Picnicker became a very famous African-American scientist and mathematician. This story was written by Alice Macgil and adapted into Special English by Karen Leggett. Listen again next week for another American story in VOA Special English. I'm Steve Ember Article/200801/23681。

  释义:There is ( are ) ... ……有虽然是最基本的表达方式,但在日常会话中占到的比例很大,可以分为多个类型进行表达。 There are ( is ) ... 表示单单的“……在”,而 Here are ( is ) ... 表示递交物品或意见。例句:There is a lot of chemistry between you and me.你和我有太多不和谐。There is nothing more important than family.没有什么比家庭更重要。Here is my card. Call anytime you want.这是我的名片。随时联系我。Here are the files you#39;re looking for.这是你在找的文件。对话:A: There is a car coming this way.有辆车向这里开过来。B: I think that is my brother.应该是我哥哥。 /201609/466931

  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) He wants a ____ family.a) bigb) small2) He says he likes ____ kids.a) playing withb) taking care of3) He has ____ brothers and sisters.a) fourb) five本期话题Topic:Do you want a big family?The question is, “Do you want a big family or small family?”Actually, personally, I would like to have a big family because I really like kids and I like to play around with them. And having a big family is good because I have been in a big family and we are like five brothers and sisters and I really like it this way.听力a b b /201510/403865

  释义:keep somebody ( sth ) off 不让某人接近就像“请不要踏人草坪”(keep off the grass ) 一样,keep off 表示“离……远点”。经常还会用成 keep A off ( of ) B 的形态,如果要表示“别碰蛋糕! ”,则可以用 Keep your hands off the cake。例句:Hey, keep off the grass! Go on and get out of here!嘿,别进草坪!快点离开!I think it#39;s a good idea to keep children off drugs.我觉得最好不要让孩子靠近毒品。Keep your hands off my son!别碰我儿子!对话:A: Why is it so quiet in here tonight?为什么今天晚上这么安静?B: We decided to keep the TV off.我们把电视关掉了。 /201702/494806

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