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郴州前列腺保养郴州男科医院男性检查摘要:在中国许多人相信迷信,比如看风水,占卜,算命等等;在国外也同样充满着迷信,请看以下相关报道 相关报道:Are You Superstitious? It's been a busy week for the superstitious. Today is Friday the 13th. There was also a full moon on Wednesday.I'm not a very superstitious person, but I've taken a few precautions to help prevent jinxing future events. For instance, many Jews, including myself, forgo having baby showers or buying baby gear before the infant is born. It's to help avoid bringing bad luck to the birth of the child not counting your chickens before they hatch.Following this superstition wasn't exactly the most juggle-friendly thing to do; it meant more sleepy late-night trips to Babies-R-Us and Target to buy gear after our son was born. But on the plus side, our son was indeed born healthy and happy and we probably ended up with less useless gear since we could wait to see what we really needed.The workplace is also full of superstitions designed to ensure good, productive days or keep away the bad times. Salespeople keep lucky talismans on their desks to help make their numbers. Doctors and nurses have a wide range of beliefs; some hospital professionals are fearful, for instance, of using the word 'quiet,' worrying that it will lead to the opposite result an outbreak of trauma. Many athletes and actors also folllow a wide range of superstitions, including listening to the same, signature song before each game or performance, or avoiding uttering the word 'Macbeth' in a theater, for fear of unleashing bad luck. Such superstitions are typically harmless, but they could slow down a juggle, if they became too time-consuming.Readers, are you superstitious, at work or in general? Have your superstitions ever helped or hindered your juggle? /200903/65288郴州汝城县人民医院妇幼保健男科专家挂号 1、Ashley意思是"来自木岑树林的人"。Ashley这个名字给人的印象是,一个非常美丽的医生或律师等高级职业妇女,品味很高,道德标准也很高,娇羞但很友善。2、Jessica希伯来语中的"财富"。大部分人认为Jessica是个甜美、受欢迎的女孩;也有人认为她是个美丽骄纵的富家女孩;还有人认为她是个难以驾驭的女强人。3、Amanda来自拉丁语"爱"。Amanda表示可爱的人,人们认为她保守、美丽又纤细,甜美富有。4、Sarah希伯来语中的"公主"。她给人的感觉是保守、甜美、身材不高、待人随和,但没有什么大志。5、Brittany在拉丁文的意思是"来自英格兰"。这个名字给人的感觉是漂亮、苗条,有教养,为人很好,有时会耍耍小脾气,很有自信。6、Megan古英文中"伟大的"意思。Megan给人的印象是个像小精灵般的女孩,她可爱、充满朝气、轻快灵活、爱嬉笑。7、Jennifer源自威尔士文"纯洁"的意思,近来Jennifer已变成一个受欢迎的名字。人们认为Jennifer这个名字非常适合可爱的金发啦啦队长,受大家欢迎,并受人喜爱。8、Nicole希腊语中"胜利的人们"。人们把Nicole比作中国娃娃,意谓娇小、美丽的年轻女孩,甜美浪漫,但容易破碎;但在那美丽、纤细的外表之内,却带着一股刚毅、独立的气质。9、Stephanie同样来自希腊语,有""的意思。她代表了美丽、温柔、苗条、体贴,心思细密,有一种很特殊的风味,像是时装模特儿。10、Katherine源自希腊文"纯洁的"这个字。Katherine是个很普遍的名字,人们对这个名字有两种看法:一是美丽、优雅,处于上流社会的世故者,拘谨,严肃,举止合宜;一是普通的女人,友善,受欢迎,又有教养。 /201002/96549A survey released on Monday shows 81 percent of Americans do more than drive when they're behind the wheel.Talk on the phone while you're driving? Fix your makeup? Check e-mail? You're not alone.A survey released on Monday shows 81 percent of Americans do more than drive when they're behind the wheel.More than eight of 10 people surveyed by Nationwide Mutual Insurance said they adjust the radio or music while they drive, while 73 percent talk on the phone, 68 percent eat, 19 percent send text messages and 5 percent checked their e-mail.Personal hygiene was also a big driver distraction, with 19 percent fixing their hair, 12 percentputting on makeupand 2 percent shaving while at the controls of a car."Clearly Americans have much to do and little time to do it, so to cope with that we've become multi-taskers," said Bill Windsor, associate vice president of Safety at Nationwide."The problem with that is driving requires focus, and multi-tasking while driving puts you and your fellow drivers at risk."Drivers in the survey also admitted to changing seats with passengers, watching a movie, painting their toenails, nursing a baby and putting in contact lenses while driving.Younger drivers multi-task the most, the survey found, with 35 percent of 18-to-27 year olds saying they always multi-task in the car, compared to 21 percent of baby boomers.Windsor said the consequences for young drivers are severe, with car accidents being the number one cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 27."The bottom line is if it can be done in the kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom, it should not be done in the car," Windsor said.While some U.S. jurisdictions require hands-free devices for cellphone use in cars, most of the activities listed in the survey are not illegal unless they are determined to be the cause of an accident.The survey of 1,200 drivers between the ages of 18 and 60 found that while 83 percent believe they are safe drivers, 38 percent admitted they have driven a certain distance without any recollection of doing so. 你开车的时候你会做些什么?打电话?补妆?还是是查收邮件?本周一公布的一项调查显示,81%的美国人开车时“一心多用”。这项由全美互助保险公司开展的调查显示,80%以上的人说他们开车时调过广播或音乐,73%的人打过电话,68%的人吃过东西,19%的人发过短信,另有5%的人说他们查收过电子邮件。此外,处理个人卫生也是司机们开车时常做的事情。调查显示,有19%的人在开车时整理过头发、12%的人化过妆、还有2%的人刮过胡子。全美互助保险公司安全部副主席比尔·温莎说:“由此可见,美国人每天需要处理很多事情,但时间又总是不够,所以经常‘一心多用’”。“但问题在于,开车的时候一定要集中注意力,如果三心二意则会让你自己和路上的其他司机都面临危险。接受调查的司机承认他们在开车时曾与乘客交换过座位、看过电影、涂过脚趾甲、给孩子喂过奶,还戴过隐形眼镜。调查发现,年轻司机在开车时最容易分心。在18至27岁的司机中,有35%的人说他们开车时常会做一些其它的事情,而这一比例在“婴儿潮”这代人中则为21%。温莎说,年轻司机开车时三心二意会造成严重后果,车祸是美国18至27岁这一年龄段的人死亡的头号杀手。“问题是,如果一件事情能在厨房、浴室、办公室或卧室里处理,就不应该在开车时处理。”尽管美国一些辖区规定必须在车上安装手机免提接听装置,但此项调查中所列的大多数行为如果不是事故发生的直接原因,则都被认定为合法。这项共有1200名年龄在18岁至60岁的司机参加的调查发现,83%的人认为自己是安全驾驶,38%的人承认他们开了一段距离之后才意识到自己在开车。 /200803/32940苏仙区人民中妇幼保健医院男科大夫

郴州切包皮手术哪家医院好1. Don’t act like other people.Everyone is unique and beautiful. That should make us incredibly happy. Yet, I run into a lot of people who mimic the supposedly “cool kids.” You don’t need to emulate others to find happiness. We are all cool kids with our own interests.1、不用和其他人一样。每一个人都是独特和美丽的。这一点就应当令我们感到难以置信的幸福。然而,我遇到过很多模仿那些所谓“酷孩子”的人。你并不需要通过模仿他人而获得幸福。我们都是拥有自己兴趣的酷孩子。 /201004/101732郴州看前列腺炎好吗 悉尼APEC:领导人们今年穿什么?No skimpy bathing suits for APEC photoWill APEC leaders wear this for this week's official APEC photograph? Australian Prime Minister John Howard assured Asia Pacific leaders Monday that they would not have to parade around Sydney in tiny swimsuits and flip-flops for this week's official APEC photograph.But there is speculation the 21 government leaders will don Australian bush outfits when they line up for the obligatory Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) photograph in the host nation's traditional costume.As Australia lacks a distinctive national outfit, wags have had a field day making helpful suggestions about how to clothe the leaders in a manner that reflects life Down Under.Some want to see them clad in men's lycra Speedo swimming trunks, paired with the flip-flop sandals or thongs that are must-have wear for the Australian beach.Howard ruled out any such affront to the dignity of his honoured guests, saying only that the APEC outfit would be "very Australian"."The only Australian garb I'd rule out is Speedos and thongs," Howard said. "I don't think I'd do that, that wouldn't be very diplomatic."Think Australian. Think Australian in a very positive way, one we all identify with."The Akubra wide-brimmed hat worn by Australian bushmen is considered a strong possibility, along with oilskin coats and boots.Howard admitted the often colourful consumes selected for APEC meetings sometimes raised the eyebrows of the leaders who had to wear them, including US President George W. Bush."Looking at me and me looking at him in one of the less memorable (outfits) -- Bush said, 'Thank heavens I've just had my election.' The suggestion being that he wouldn't win very many votes being photographed in that," Howard said.The Australian leader said his favourite APEC outfit was a leather bomber jacket handed out at the 1997 meeting in Canada."It was so good, both my sons wanted to purloin it when I brought it back," he said.(AFP) 历届APEC领导人装秀参加悉尼亚太经合组织峰会的领导人们可以放心了,澳大利亚总理约翰#8226;霍华德于本周一表示,不会让他们穿着泳裤和夹指拖上阵拍本周的APEC官方“全家福”。按照惯例,参加亚太经合组织峰会的领导人们要穿着东道国的传统装拍张大合照。有人猜测,今年,21位国家领导人将穿着澳大利亚的“丛林”拍“全家福”。由于澳大利亚没有什么别具特色的民族装,一些“搞怪”人士就如何让领导人们穿得具有澳洲特色这一问题,忙着出主意。有些人建议让领导人们穿Speedo男式紧身泳裤和夹指沙滩凉拖(在澳洲被称为thongs),这些都是澳大利亚的海滩必备装。而霍华德总理则不赞成此类有损于领导人尊严的建议,他只是说,这次为领导人们准备的饰“很有澳大利亚特色”。霍华德总理说:“紧身泳裤和夹指凉拖是唯一一个我不会考虑的方案。我不可能让领导人们穿这个,因为那不太合乎与外交礼仪。”“想想澳大利亚的特色,往积极的方面去想,有一样我们都认同的东西。”有人认为极有可能是澳大利亚丛林人戴的亚古巴宽边帽及油布装和靴子。霍华德坦称,为APEC领导人们准备的五颜六色的饰有时真是会让领导人们皱眉头,美国总统布什就有过一次。霍华德说:“(当时,)他看着我,我看着他,布什说,‘谢天谢地,我已经赢得选举了。’意思是说,他要是穿着那件衣拍照,不会赢得那么多选票。”霍华德总理说,他最喜欢的APEC饰是1997年在加拿大开会时发的一件皮质飞行员夹克。他说:“那件衣太棒了,我带回来之后,我的两个儿子都想将它据为己有。” /200803/30013郴州永兴县割痔疮多少钱

郴州市人民医院泌尿科阴茎过短看了《奥巴马给女儿的信》我们一家一起冒险,很有感触,来和大家一起分享一下  Dear Malia andSasha,   I know that you‘ve both had a lot of fun these last two years onthe campaign trail, going to picnics and parades and state fairs,eating all sorts of junk food your mother and I probably shouldn‘thave let you have. But I also know that it hasn‘t always been easyfor you and Mom, and that as excited as you both are about that newpuppy, it doesn‘t make up for all the time we‘ve been apart. I knowhow much I‘ve missed these past two years, and today I want to tellyou a little more about why I decided to take our family on thisjourney。  亲爱的马莉亚和莎夏:  我知道这两年你们俩随我一路竞选都有过不少乐子,野餐、游行、逛州览会,吃了各种或许我和你妈不该让你们吃的垃圾食物。然而我也知道,你们俩和你妈的日子,有时候并不惬意。新来的小虽然令你们兴奋,却无法弥补我们不在一起的所有时光。我明白这两年我错过的太多了,今天我要再向你们说说为何我决定带领我们一家走上这趟旅程。  When I was a young man, I thought life was all about me—about howI‘d make my way in the world, become successful, and get the thingsI want. But then the two of you came into my world with all yourcuriosity and mischief and those smiles that never fail to fill myheart and light up my day. And suddenly, all my big plans formyself didn‘t seem so important anymore. I soon found that thegreatest joy in my life was the joy I saw in yours. And I realizedthat my own life wouldn‘t count for much unless I was able toensure that you had every opportunity for happiness and fulfillmentin yours. In the end, girls, that‘s why I ran for President:because of what I want for you and for every child in thisnation。  当我还年轻的时候,我认为生活就该绕着我转:我如何在这世上得心应手,成功立业,得到我想要的。后来,你们俩进入了我的世界,带来的种种好奇、淘气和微笑,总能填满我的心,照亮我的日子。突然之间,我为自己谱写的伟大计划显得不再那么重要了。我很快便发现,我在你们生命中看到的快乐,就是我自己生命中最大的快乐。而我也同时体认到,如果我不能确保你们此生能够拥有追求幸福和自我实现的一切机会,我自己的生命也没多大价值。总而言之,我的女儿,这就是我竞选总统的原因:我要让你们俩和这个国家的每一个孩子,都能拥有我想要给他们的东西。  I want all our children to go to schools worthy of theirpotential—schools that challenge them, inspire them, and instill inthem a sense of wonder about the world around them. I want them tohave the chance to go to college—even if their parents aren‘t rich.And I want them to get good jobs: jobs that pay well and give thembenefits like health care, jobs that let them spend time with theirown kids and retire with dignity。  我要让所有儿童都在能够发掘他们潜能的学校就读;这些学校要能挑战他们,激励他们,并灌输他们对身处的这个世界的好奇心。我要他们有机会上大学,那怕他们的父母并不富有。而且我要他们能找到好的工作:薪酬高还附带健康保险的工作,让他们有时间陪孩子、并且能带着尊严退休的工作。 /200910/86912 No.1 Barack Obama 巴拉克·奥巴马In the past hundred years, the U.S. presidency has veered more and more to the left--not in policy, but in handedness. Barack Obama is the latest to join a long list of left-handed presidents from the 20th century: James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Henry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton were all southpaws.在过去的一百年中,美国的总统们越来越“左倾”,这不是指他们的政见,而是他们的用手习惯。二十世纪以来一长串左撇子总统名单中,奥巴马是最近加入的一个。在他之前,加菲尔德总统、胡佛总统、杜鲁门总统、里根总统、老布什总统和克林顿总统都是左撇子。What makes lefties so electable? Some experts think left-handed people have a greater aptitude for language skills, which may help them craft the rhetoric necessary for political office. And as for the bout of recent left-handed presidents, some think it's because teachers only recently stopped working to convert lefties to righties at an early age.怎么会有那么多左撇子总统当选呢?一些专家认为,左撇子人群的语言运用能力更强,这种能力或许可以使他们在组织一些政治措辞时更为游刃有余。而至于近些年左撇子总统出现更为集中的问题,有些人认为这和教师最近停止对左撇子儿童进行右手使用纠正训练有关。No.2 Bill Gates 比尔·盖茨Claiming the nation's richest man among their number is a source of considerable pride for America's society of southpaws. In fact, the Microsoft titan and philanthropist is one of a surprising number of U.S. business moguls to be left-handed, including Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and former IBM head Lou Gerstner. But the club seems to be a guys-only fraternity-- research suggests that while left-handed men tend to earn more than their right-handed colleagues, there is no similar advantage for women. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research floated the idea that left-handed men favor "divergent" thinking, a form of creativity in which the brain moves "from conventional knowledge into unexplored association." Maybe that's what it takes to develop a net worth estimated at billion.包括美国第一首富在内的这一人群,是美国左撇子最引以为豪的。事实上,这位微软巨头兼慈善家仅仅只是美国商界左撇子巨贾中的一位,如福特、洛克菲勒和前IBM总裁郭士纳都是左撇子。不过美国商界的左撇子团体似乎是一个“女士止步”的男士联谊会,研究表面,尽管男性的左撇子商人要比右撇子盈利更多,但是这条规律却不适合于女性。美国国家经济研究所指出,左撇子男士更青睐于“发散性”思维,这是一种创造性的思维方式,使大脑“从传统的知识转移到未曾探知的联想中去”。也许正是这样的一种思维方式创造了一张价值约估为570亿美元的“网络”。No.3 Oprah Winfrey 奥普拉·温弗瑞The talk-show queen doesn't need much more to set her apart from the rest--what with her estimated .7 billion fortune and a magic ability to sell books just by glancing at them--but she also has the distinction of being a member of the left-handed club. Since men are more likely to be left-handed than women, that makes Oprah doubly impressive. She's in good company: Other show-biz ladies of the southpaw persuasion include Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie (her husband Brad Pitt is also a lefty).拥有约27亿美元的身价和仅需她瞄一眼就能把书卖到脱销的神奇力量,这位脱口秀女王已无需更多特质来使她鹤立鸡群了,但是她同样也是左撇子俱乐部中的一员。由于左撇子男性本身要比女性多,这无疑使奥普拉更为引人注目。其他与她同为女性左撇子的名人也都非常出众,包括乌比·戈德堡、茱莉亚·罗伯茨和安吉丽娜·朱莉(朱莉的老公布拉德·皮特也是左撇子)。No. 4 Napoleon Bonaparte 拿破仑·波拿巴Legend has it that Napoleon objected to the time-honored military practice of marching on the left side of the road with weapons at the y in the right hand: it put lefties like him at a strategic disadvantage. Once in power, the story goes, the French emperor--whose queen, Josephine, was also a southpaw--ordered his armies to switch sides. Civilians in countries he conquered had to do the same. Hence, supposedly, the rules of the road as we know them were born, which also explains why the British (who, along with the Prussians, defeated Napoleon at Waterloo) still drive on the left.据传,拿破仑反对士兵站在道路的左边而右手拿着武器这一经历了时间考验的军事惯例,这项惯例让像他这样的左撇子在战术上非常不利。据传说中记载,这位法国国王(他的王后约瑟芬也是左撇子)掌权之后,命令军队士兵改变左右列队位置。所有他所征的国家百姓也都必须这样做。据说,因此也就产生了我们现在所知的道路法规,这也解释了为什么英国人是靠马路左边开车的。(英国人和普鲁士人在滑铁卢打败了拿破仑)No. 5 Marie Curie 居里夫人Not only was atomic scientist Marie Curie left-handed, but she was the matriarch of a whole family of accomplished, southpaw scientists. Curie, who discovered the principles of radioactivity and won two Nobel Prizes, was married to fellow lefty Pierre Curie, who was instrumental in helping Marie's atomic research and shared one of her Nobel awards. Historians believe their daughter, Irene, was also left-handed. Irene went on to win a Nobel Prize of her own with her husband--who, you guessed it, was also left-handed.原子科学家居里夫人不仅仅自己是左撇子,她作为女家长,他们一家子都是建树斐然的左撇子科学家。居里夫人发现了放射原理,两次获得了诺贝尔奖,她嫁给了同为左撇子的科学家皮耶尔·居里,他对居里夫人的原子研究给予了很大的帮助,还和他的夫人分享了一座诺贝尔奖。历史学家相信,他们的女儿伊雷娜也是左撇子。伊雷娜也和她的丈夫一起获得了她自己的诺贝尔奖,而她的丈夫嘛......你猜对了,也是个左撇子。 Lefty scientists are hardly unusual. In addition to the Curie clan, Einstein, Newton and Alan Turing--founder of modern computer science--all were left-handed as well.左撇子科学家其实并不少见。除了居里夫人一家之外,爱因斯坦、牛顿和现代电脑科学的创始人阿兰·图灵都是左撇子。 /200908/81925郴州资兴市人民医院妇幼保健看男科好吗郴州桂阳县人民医院妇幼保健治疗阳痿多少钱



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