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In England, Arsenals Gunners went after their first English Premier League victory of the calendar year on Saturday. They took on Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates Stadium.This one didnt go Blackburns way from the very start. The club gave up a goal in the first two minutes off a poor clearance. Arsenals Theo Walcott took the ball with room to work and squared for Robin Van Persies scoring strike. The Gunners shot out to a 1-0 lead.Blackburn managed to equalise after an Arsenal foul. Morten Gamst Pedersen fired a free-kick over the wall into the top corner. But Arsenal returned fire with back-to-back goals to lead 3-1 at half-time.The hosts had their fourth right after the restart Mikel Arteta scored, then Walcott fired home the teams fifth. Van Persie got his third goal and Arsenals sixth just after the hour mark. And Arsenal star Thierry Henry came onto the pitch at 68 minutes.Hes the teams all-time record marksman and added to his tally with his first League goal since he returned to the club. Henry scored in the 90th minute.Arsenal marked its biggest win of the season and climbed from seventh to fifth in the EPL standings, 14 points behind league leader Manchester City.英超第24轮开始本轮最早一场比赛的争夺。阿森纳在主场最终以7-1狂胜布莱克本,报了首循环输球之仇。队长范佩西上演帽子戏法,沃尔科特也完成助攻帽子戏法,张伯伦初次在英超赛场进球就独中两元,阿尔特塔也有一球进账,亨利最后时刻锦上添花。维尔马伦半场结束前击中立柱。布莱克本一度将比分扳为1-1,后卫吉维特中场前因对范佩西铲球犯规被红牌罚下。阿森纳取得2012年首场英超胜仗,排名暂时升至第五。201202/170407武汉男性哪家最好武汉男科医院QqUNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Scaggs, AP English class at Valley View High School in Caldwell, Idaho.今天的“大声喊出来”来到Scaggs女士的课堂。About how much of earth is covered by water? 水大约覆盖了地球的多少?You know what to do, is it 33 percent, 50 percent, 70 percent or 95 percent? Youve got three seconds, go!你知道该怎么做!它是33%,50%,70%还是95%?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Around 70 percent of the planet is covered by water, but only a small amount of that is freshwater. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.水占地球约百分之七十的表面积,但其中只有一小部分是淡水。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: If you didnt get that one, youve got more chances now with our Earth Dayquiz: we said only small amount of the Earth water is fresh. 如果你上一题没有答对,你有机会在我们的地球日测试中答对:我们说过地球上只有一小部分的水是淡水。What percentage do you think it is? One percent? 2.5 percent, 7.3 percent or 15 percent?你认为其比例是多大?1%、2.5%、7.3%还是15%?Its not much: 2.5 percent of Earth water is fresh, and most of that is locked up in polar ice.比例并不大:只有2.5%的地球水是是淡水,其中大多数还封锁在极地冰中。Next, how many gallons of water does the average American family use in a day? 下一题,普通美国家庭一天大概用多少加仑水?Is it 25 gallons, 50 gallons? 100 gallons, or 300 gallons? 它是25加仑,50加仑,100加仑还是300加仑?This one surprised all of us. 这让我们大家都很吃惊。The U.S. government says the average family uses 300 gallons of water every day. 美国政府称普通家庭每天要用300加仑水。These questions came from a quiz that cnn.com put up on Earth Day yesterday. 这些问题来自CNN网站昨天地球日提出的问卷。You can find the link to the rest of those questions in the ;Resources; box on our home page.你可以在我们主页上的“资源”一栏中找到其它问题的链接。 /201304/236724A mobile phone is capable of all kinds of tricks, but you can use your cell for more than just photos, texts, and phone calls. Here are some great ways for messing about with your mobile handset, whether it be using a phone to unlock a car, or entering the mobile phone throwing championships. 手机本身就被赋予了各种各样的小技巧,但是你可以不仅仅用手机照相,发短信及打电话。这里就有一些曾用手机干过的蠢事,无论是使用电话解锁一辆车,亦或是扔手机锦标赛,找找看,其中有没有你曾经干过的事? Open your car 打开你的车 There is some dispute over how and when this works. It certainly depends on you having the right locking system on your car, and even the type of mobile you have, so give it a whirl and see if it works for you.这个方法存在一定争议。这当然取决于你的爱车是否有正确的保险系统,甚至关乎你手机的类型。所以试试看看它是否适合你 。If you somehow lock your cars key fob in the car, phone someone at home who has the spare. Bare in mind it must be a mobile to mobile call. Get them to press the open button whilst pointing the fob down the phone. Meanwhile, hold your phone about a foot from the car. With a bit of luck it will open. 如果你把钥匙落在了汽车里,打电话给家里有备用钥匙的人。记住必须是手机对手机。按下按钮同时放下电话。与此同时,你的电话离汽车要约有一英尺。再加上一点儿好运,车门将会被神奇的打开。 Check for a faulty microwave 检查微波炉的故障 Put a mobile inside your microwave and give it a ring. The oven is designed to keep microwaves in, so if it rings, you may well be leaking waves all over the place, and should get it checked. There is a small gap for waves to escape, but it should at least dramatically limit the signal. 给手机设定闹铃后把它放入微波炉。烤箱会保持微波,所以如果手机响起,很可能是你的微波炉出现故障,应当马上检查。有一个小的气口可以让微波进出,但它至少应该能大幅度限制信号。Mobile phone throwing 扔手机 Start training for the mobile phone throwing world championships in Sweden. This started in 2000, and marks are awarded for distance and creative choreography. 95.53m is the unofficial world record, thrown in England in 2007. The minimum weight is 220 grams, so dont try and throw one lighter than this, as that would just be silly. 瑞典是首个扔手机世界冠军赛的发起国家,这项比赛始于2000年,它的评定标准是距离和充满创意的舞蹈。在2007年于英国扔出的95.53米是非官方的世界纪录。最小重量是220克,所以不要扔比这一重量还轻的手机,因为那看起来很愚蠢。词语解释:1. award v. 授予,给予2. choreography n. 舞蹈201111/162199武汉洪山区治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

武汉年轻人有点早泄怎么办武汉哪里有割包皮多少钱zjzBT09+G4~xfZ[5bXeEBRwj)%|KHd-nVeME)orYIndustrialization is changing everyones lives.工业化改变着每个人的生活qU8U~JzSBH~_@bQy。All the mill girls make good use of their money.所有女童工的收入都得到了合理利用,The mortgage is lifted from the homestead, the farmhouse is painted.家里的抵押被赎回来了,农舍也被粉刷一新,Mill girls help maintain widowed mothers and drunken or invalid fathers.女童工的收入能贴补守寡的母亲或者酗酒或者伤残的父亲~tl5N%PuLijAp4))i。We were paid a week. Oh, how proud I was when it came to my turn to stand up on the bobbin-box.我们每周能挣2美元,当轮到我站在线筒箱上时,我是多么激动啊.Jn)fcWTMIF。When women really joined the workforce in the cotton mills and the th factories, I think it gave women an opportunity to get out, be serious about being b winners.当妇女到纺织厂制线厂真正参与生产劳动时,这使她们有机会挣脱传统束缚并认真考虑自力更生了,And it changed the whole fabric of America.这改变了整个美国的社会格局Iz1+ZzzgN+@1U[efs5S。The mills also revolutionize how Americans dress. Mass production of cheap cotton fabrics spawns Americas clothing industry.纺织工厂还掀起了美国人的装革命,廉价棉布的大量生产,振兴了美国的装业kZ[s~uIRgp38S。Previously, most families made their own clothes.以前,大多数家庭的衣都是自制的9uM88bSA_。Now, people buy y-to-wear. Eastern fashions replace buckskin.现在,人们开始购买成衣,东方潮流取代了鹿皮大衣jbCkE~uSTT[1|。By 1850, mens clothing is the largest man ufacturing industry in New York City.到1850年,装业成了纽约市最大的制造业2lYLl]Dgl@D8x。For me, what makes me proudest to be an American is that American spirit of productivity, optimism, this idea that the world doesnt have to be doom and gloom, that we can use technology to make our lives better.作为美国人,我最自豪的一点就是美国精神中的高效和乐观Zs8R6E1c%Nrmgh2@C。坚信人定胜天,前景光明,我们可以利用科技让生活更美好f~IAn*sVr*|Qj%。Fashion isnt the only innovation to come out of the mills. Technology developed here will lead straight to Silicon Valley.时装并不是来自纺织厂的唯一新事物,这里发明的技术直接导致了硅谷的诞生a_](!pgP%c7.h-f^i。Looms pioneer punch cards to produce patterned fabric. Each hole in the card tells the loom to use a different-colored th, a yes-no decision.织布机上首创了穿孔卡,用于生产带花纹的布料,卡上的每个孔决定织机是否使用不同颜色的纺线,Its binary code, the basis of all modern computers.这就是二进制代码,所有现代计算机的基础tOfr0d48lz。The birth of the computer and Internet began in cotton mills with these looms. You know, in every major development,计算机和互联网的诞生都始于棉纺工厂里的织机!NBswEYc+Kf%rPN。I think, in the history of America, technology has been at the center of it.我认为在美国历史上的每一个重要的发展时期科技都起到了核心作用N4TsYCQirQJB。Despite 12-hour shifts, the factories offer a new world of opportunity for women. They are ing more, talking more, educating themselves.尽管轮班时间长达12个小时,工厂还是给妇女们带来了无限的机遇,她们通过更多的阅读和交流来提高自己KkGzh;@l_V#~Hs~+WO。Yeah, ing books on factory time was against the rules, but we hid books in apron pockets and waste baskets. So metimes we pasted poems on our looms to memorize.没错,在上工时间读书是违规的,但我们把书藏在围裙口袋和废料桶里,有时我们也把诗贴在织机上背诵de#r)vnouKd。And for the first time in America, their voices are heard.美国社会第一次听到了她们的声音7GDmW.Uwja_@t_miu[q5。j+@u]X!bGw.kGMngUBkT mxZ;NmMb6WM.VjD2ygA[@_()0!I^h,RZ*P-8*7 /201210/202888武汉华夏男子医院割包皮怎么样Their target lay beyond the mountains,他们的目的地位于山脉另一侧over 3,000 metres above sea level, on the Antarctic Plateau.坐落在海拔3000多米的南极冰原上An unbroken sheet of ice, larger than Western Europe,这是一片面积超过西欧的完整冰盖this is the coldest, the windiest,是地球上最寒冷 风力最大the most lifeless place on Earth.生命最难以存活的地域Roald Amundsens team narrowly defeated Scotts to become罗尔德·阿蒙森的探险队小胜斯科特the first people to reach the South Pole1911年12月14日 他们代表人类on the 14th of December 1911.首次抵达南极点Nobody else successfully completed the journey此后近50年间 终未有人for nearly 50 years after that.再次成功完成这一壮举But, since 1957,不过 自1957年起there has been a permanent base at the South Pole.南极点便设立了一个永久性基地You can even land a plane on the ice runway.甚至可以在这里冰质跑道起降飞机The early explorers would be早期的探险家定会为astounded by the facilities at the South Pole today.南极如今的设施大为惊叹Construction work isnt easy when the average summer temperature在夏季平均气温仅为零下25度的环境中is minus 25 degrees Centigrade.施工并非易事But, despite the difficulties,然而 尽管存在诸多困难the most high-tech scientific research station史上最为先进的科学研究站ever built was unveiled here in 2006.还是于2006年在此顺利竣工The brand new Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is designed to全新的阿蒙森·斯科特南极站旨在cope with the worlds most extreme conditions.应对全球最为严苛的气候条件The buildings sloping edge deflects the prevailing wind.建筑外的斜边可以引导盛行风转向Beneath, there are stilts下方设有桩柱that can raise the whole building a further eight metres建筑整体被抬高八米to keep it above the accumulating snow.使得底部可以远离积雪 /201212/214924武汉做包皮手术哪家医院比较正规

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