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一个愉快的暑假 我的暑假生活英语作文 -- :3:3 来源: 一个愉快的暑假 我的暑假生活英语作文Thesummer holidaystarted on July 3th this year.I felt that i'm free,because because I don'tneed to go to school and I can enjoy myself with my friends.During the holiday,I often spend the mornings doing my homework,and watch TV in the afternoon at home because it's very hot outside.And in the evening,I go swimming with my family and then hang out with my friends.今年的暑假开始于7月3日我觉得我自由了,因为我不用去学校,可以和朋友玩我经常在上午做作业,下午在家看电视,因为外面很热傍晚,我和家人去游泳然后和朋友去逛街我很喜欢游泳In August,my parents and i traveled to Hongkong,it's a wonderful place.We visited the Disney Land and some other attractions.八月份的时候,我和我的爸爸妈妈一起去香港旅游了,香港真是个好地方我们游玩了迪斯尼乐园和其它旅游胜地What a happy summer holiday!真是一个愉快的暑假啊!A Note Asking Business Leave 因事请假条 -- :6: 来源: A Note Asking Business Leave 因事请假条Dear Miss Liu,  My mother has been ill two days, but my father has gone to Shanghai. Nobody in my family can take good care of her. So I have to write to you to ask leave of one day.Your student,Xiao Fei亲爱的刘老师:  我妈妈病了两天了,可是我爸爸去了上海,家里无人照顾妈妈,我只好向您请假一天您的学生,小菲0年月8日旅游英语词汇:交通规则 -- :: 来源: 旅游英语词汇:交通规则1. 交通规则 traffic regulation . 路标 guide post 3. 里程碑 milestone . 停车标志 mark car stop 5. 红绿灯 traffic light 6. 自动红绿灯 automatic traffic signal light 7. 红灯 red light 8. 绿灯 green light 9. 黄灯 amber light . 交通岗 traffic post . 岗亭 police box . 交通警 traffic police . 打手势 pantomime . 单行线 single line . 双白线 double white lines . 双程线dual carriage-way . 斑马线 zebra stripes 18. 划路线机 traffic line marker 19. 交通干线 artery traffic . 车行道 carriage-way 1. 辅助车道 lane auxiliary . 双车道 two-way traffic 3. 自行车通行 cyclists only . 单行道 one way only 5. 窄路 narrow road 6. 潮湿路滑 slippery when wet 7. 陡坡 steep hill . 不平整路 rough road 9. 弯路 curve road ; bend road 30. 连续弯路 winding road 31. 之字路 double bend road 3. 之字公路 switch back road 33. 下坡危险 dangerous down grade . 道路交叉点 road junction 35. 十字路 cross road 36. 左转 turn left 37. 右转 turn right 38. 靠左 keep left 39. 靠右 keep right 0. 慢驶 slow 1. 速度 speed . 超速 excessive speed 3. 速度限制 speed limit . 恢复速度 resume speed 5. 禁止通行 no through traffic 6. 此路不通 blocked 7. 不准驶入 no entry 8. 不准超越 keep in line ; no overhead 9. 不准掉头 no turns 50. 让车道 passing bay 51. 回路 loop 5. 安全岛 safety island 53. 停车处 parking place 5. 停私人车 private car park 55. 只停公用车 public car only 56. 不准停车 restricted stop 57. 不准滞留 restricted waiting 58. 临街停车 parking on-street 59. 街外停车 parking off-street 60. 街外卸车 loading off-street 61. 当心行人 caution pedestrian crossing 6. 当心牲畜 caution animals 63. 前面狭桥 narrow bridge ahead 6. 拱桥 hump bridge 65. 火车栅 level crossing 66. 修路 road works 67. 医院 hospital 68. 儿童 children 69. 学校 school 70. 寂静地带 silent zone 71. 非寂静地带 silent zone ends 7. 交通管理 traffic control 73. 人山人海 crowded conditions 7. 拥挤的人 jam-packed with people 75. 交通拥挤 traffic jam 76. 水泄不通 overwhelm 77. 顺挤 extrusion direct 78. 冲挤 extrusion impact 79. 推挤 shoved 80. 挨身轻推 nudging 81. 让路 give way 8. 粗心行人 careless pedestrian 83. 犯交通罪 committing traffic offences 8. 执照被记违章 endorsed on driving license 85. 危险驾驶 dangerous driving 86. 粗心驾车 careless driving 87. 无教员而驾驶 driving without an instructor 88. 无驾驶 driving without license 89. 未经车主同意 without the owner's consent 90. 无第三方保险 without third-party insurance 91. 未挂学字牌 driving without a "L" plate 9. 安全第一 safety first 93. 轻微碰撞 slight impact 9. 迎面相撞 head-on collision 95. 相撞 collided 96. 连环撞 a chain collision 97. 撞车 crash 98. 辗过 run over 99. 肇事逃跑司机 hit-run driver 0. 冲上人行道 drive onto the pavement 旅游英语词汇

A Note Asking Business Leave 因事请假条 -- :6: 来源: A Note Asking Business Leave 因事请假条Dear Miss Liu,  My mother has been ill two days, but my father has gone to Shanghai. Nobody in my family can take good care of her. So I have to write to you to ask leave of one day.Your student,Xiao Fei亲爱的刘老师:  我妈妈病了两天了,可是我爸爸去了上海,家里无人照顾妈妈,我只好向您请假一天您的学生,小菲0年月8日

我喜欢向日葵 I Like Sunflowers -- :: 来源: Sunflower is a kind of beautiful flower. It has golden color and a round face. It looks like the sun, that is why people call it sunflower. Besides, it looks like a warm smile, too. When you look at it, it seems smile to you. It can bring warm to people. So, I like sunflower very much. During the day, its face turns to the sun all the time. When autumn comes, it is ripe. Theree, we can eat its seeds. They are very delicious.向日葵是一种美丽的花它有着灿灿的金色和圆圆的脸蛋,看上去很像太阳,这就是为什么人们叫它向日葵而且,它看起来像一个温暖的笑脸当你看着它的时候,它好像在对你微笑它能够给人们带来温暖所以,我很喜欢向日葵白天,它总是面向太阳秋天来了,它就成熟了,我们可以吃它的种子,它的种子很好吃有关北京天坛介绍的英文导游词 -- :5: 来源: 有关北京天坛介绍的英文导游词基本上,来北京天坛参观的有两种人:早晚锻炼的退休老人和来自国内外的观光客总之,每年有00万游客来此参观北京天坛在明清时代是帝王的专用祭坛历朝历代的统治者都会在自己的都城祭祀,为什么呢?因为古代中国人相信天是宇宙最高的统治者,主宰者人类的命运Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the temple of Heaven. (After self-introduction) preserved cultural heritages of China. There are basically two kinds of visitors who come here: local pensioners who do exercises here in the morning and evening and sightseers both from home and abroad. All in all ,there are million visitors very year. Now we are going to go along the route that leads to the alter. It will take roughly one hour. Mind you ,the emperor also walked along this route to pay tribute to the God of Heaven. (Along the Southern Sacred Road leading to the Circular Mound Altar) The largest group of architectures ever to be dedicated to Heaven ,the Temple of Heaven served as an exclusive altar Chinese monarchs during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It was decreed that rulers of successive dynasties would place altars in their own capitals to worship Heaven and pray good harvest. But why ? The ancient Chinese believed that Heaven was the supreme ruler of the universe and the fate of mankind ,and thus worshiping rites dedicated to Heaven came into being. The Heaven the ancient Chinese referred to was actually the Universe, or nature. In those days, there were specfic rites of worship. This was especially true during the Ming and Qing dynasties when elaborate ceremonies were held. The Temple of Heaven was built in during the reign of Emperor Youngle of the Ming Dynasty. Situated in the southern part of the city ,this grand set of structures covers an area of 73 hectares. To better symbolize heaven and earth ,the northern part of the Temple is circular while the southern part is square .The whole compound is enclosed by two walls, a square wall outside a round one. The outer area is characterized by suburban scenery, while the inner part is used sacrifices. The inner enclosure consists of the Hall of Prayer Good Harvest and the Circular Mound Altar. (Along the Imperial Passage leading from the Southern Lattice Star Gate in front of the Circular Mound Altar) the Circular Mound Altar is enclosed by two walls ,each containing four groups of Souther n Lattice Star Gate, each in turn consisting of three doors, with marble doors altogether. Standing on the passage facing north, you will notice that with each pair of doors on is narrower than the other. This reflects the feudal hierarchy: the wider door was reserved monarchs, while the narrower one was used by courtiers. On the day of the ceremony ,the emperor would don his ritual costume and be ushered in by the official in charge of religious affairs. He ascended the three terraces in the efront to pay tribute at the alter. (Atop the Circular Mound Alter) we are now on the top terrace of the Altar, or the third terrace .Each terrace has a flight of 9 steps. At the center of this terrace lies a round stone surrounded by 9 steps. At the center of this terrace lies a round stone surrounded by 9 concentric rings of stone. The number of stones in the first ring is 9, in the second ,18, up to 81 in the 9th ring. Even the number of carved balustrades on these terraces is a multiplee of 9. But why? According to an cient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang were two opposing factors. Heaven and the odd numbers belonged to yang while the Earth and even numbers belonged to yin. Nine was the largest heavenly number accessible to man . What is more, the ancient people also believed that heaven consisted of nine layers and that the emperor` s abode was on the uppermost tier. - 有关北京天坛介绍的英文导游词五年级英语作文:A good habit --1 :00:5 来源:   In the morning. First, I get up. Next, I brush my teeth. Then, I wash my face. After that, I have breakfast. At last, I go to school.  In the evening. First, I finish my homework. Next, I have dier. Then, I pack my schoolbag. After that, hang up my clothes. At last, I go to bed.  How about you?

我喜欢的运动 My Favorite Sport -- ::39 来源: There are many kinds of interesting sports,such as basketball, football, swimming and running, but the most I like isswimming. When I was a little child, my father took me to the river which nearmy house to learn swimming. Then, I found it's really fun and cool when I swimin the water, especially in summer, It's the most exciting thing to do whensummer comes. I like swimming. It's so wonderful.有很多种有趣的运动,比如说篮球,足球,游泳和跑步,但是我最喜欢的是游泳当我还是个小孩的时候,我父亲就带我到附近的河里学游泳后来,我发觉游泳真的很有趣,在水里游的时候很凉快,特别是在夏天当夏天到来的时候,最令人兴奋的事就是游泳我喜欢游泳,感觉好极了竹子(Bamboo) -- :58:35 来源: almost everyone has seen bamboo. bamboo grows up straight and thin, with branches at the top. it has long leaves.it looks like a tree, but it is really a kind of grass.there are more than five hundred kinds of bamboo. some grow over ten meters tall, and some are only a few inehes tall. bamboo grows best in places where it is warm and it rains often.the long stem of bamboo is hollow, which makes them light and strong.people use it to build houses and bridges over rivers. it can be used to make tables,chairs, baskets and many other things. bamboo is also made into paper. the tender young shoots of bamboo are tasty. people like to eat them.do you like bamboo?Happiness -- :00:59 来源: HappinessHappiness exists everywhere. Everyone has a different definition to the true meaning of happiness. Some people think possessing a GREat deal of money is the secret to happiness, while others feel giving aid to others makes them happy. I approve of the latter there are many poor people in our society, and we can contribute some money to charities to help them. When the poor receive our assistance, their lives will improve. Smiles will appear on their faces, and this is the best reward we can get from helping others. Regardless of gratitude of price, we should help others from the depths of our hearts. When we see their happy smiles, we will be happy as well. So I think that true happiness comes from the mind.

Our School -- :58:3 来源: Our SchoolOur school is big and nice.When you come into our school,you can see two tall buildings.In the buildings there are two computer rooms,an art room,a music room a library and many classrooms.I like to go to the library,because I like ing books.My teachers often tell us:“Reading is good you.”Near the buildings there is a big playground.We can play football,basketball and games on it.We are very happy.There are many trees and flowers in our school.The trees are green and the flowers are lovely.The birds can sing in the trees.Our school is beautiful,I like it very much大餐后-- :6:6 After a big meal, everyone was full, so they finished up and left.   Jack:Hey, that food was terrific! My stomach isn’t growling at me anymore. Are you sure you don’t want another dish?   Amber:Nah, I’m stuffed. Thank you all the same.   Jack:How about you, Ethabella?   Ethabella:No thanks, I can’t eat another bite.   Jack:I know what you mean. I’m so full I could burst. Shall we go, then?   Amber:I’m all set.   Ethabella:Me too. Thanks the dinner, Jack.   :Anytime.   一顿大餐后,每个人都吃得很饱,稍做逗留之后他们离开了饭店   Jack:嘿!这顿饭可真棒啊!这下我的肚子不会再叫唤了你们确实不想再点什么菜了吗?   Amber:不用了,我吃饱了谢谢你   Jack:你呢? Ethabella?   Ethabella:不点了,谢谢我一口都吃不下了   Jack:我也有同感我都撑死了那么我们走吧?   Amber:我准备好了   Ethabella:我也准备好了Jack,谢谢你请我们吃晚餐   Jack:别客气,我随时都愿意再次请你们出来吃饭小学英语满分作文--My best friends -- :50:0 来源: 小学英语满分作文--My best friendsI have many friend.Do you know who they are?Are they my pet?No.Are they my classmates?No. Let me tell you:they are my favourit book  I like books very much.I like ing science book,cartoonbook so on.not only let me know how wonderful the word is but also teach me how to be a good person in the society,they give me great pleasure  I love books!

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