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青岛哪家医院看妇科崂山区哪个妇科疾病医院好山东省青岛第四人民医院门诊正规吗 The dependence on the Internet and mobile phones seems to have become profound. When cut off from these modern-day technological innovations, people tend to become anxious rather than feeling liberated, says a study.人们对互联网和移动电话的依赖似乎已经很深了。研究发现,当人们失去了这些现代技术创新时,不是感到“终于解放了”,而往往会变得焦虑不安。Researchers have found that staying in a place with no mobile phone coverage, or suffering from the Internet going down, is a cause of high stress and anxiety for an increasing number of people.研究人员发现,当呆在一个没有移动电话信号覆盖的地方,或互联网掉线时,越来越多的人会变得紧张和焦虑不安。The study, undertaken for Virgin Media by the analysts Future Laboratory, is based on a survey.这份基于调查的研究报告是由英国的《未来实验室》分析人员为《维京媒体》所作的。As many as 85 per cent of full-time mothers always have the Internet turned on at home, while a third of people said they no longer felt any sense of guilt about always being ;connected; either by having their mobile phone or computer turned on, the survey found.调查发现,在家里,有多达85%的全职母亲总是连上互联网的,而三分之一的人说,让手机和电脑总是处于“连网”状态时,已不再有任何的负罪感。The results indicated that 36 per cent of people were anxious about keeping in touch with their family if they were disconnected, compared with just 29 per cent who felt they#39;re liberated。调查显示,如果网络遭断开,就会有36%的人渴望与家人保持联系,而感到“解放了”的只有29%。When it came to work 29 per cent cent said they were anxious when cut off, compared with 28 per cent saying they felt liberated.当涉及到工作时,29%的人表示,网络切断时,他们会焦虑不安;而28%的说,他们可以轻松了。 /201507/385686Google’s new chief financial officer on Thursday promised to bring greater discipline to the company’s cost controls, as well as to its ballooning capital spending on its most ambitious “moonshot” projects.周四,谷歌(Google)新任首席财务官露丝波拉特(Ruth Porat)承诺,要对公司的成本控制和最雄心勃勃的“Moonshot”项目不断膨胀的资本出,实施更严格的管理。The comments came as shares in the internet search company jumped almost 12 per cent in after-market trading, adding more than bn to its market value, after it topped most analysts’ earnings forecasts and met expectations for net revenues in its latest quarter.在她做这番表态之际,这家互联网搜索公司的股价在盘后交易中暴涨近12%,市值增加逾400亿美元。此前,谷歌发布了最近一个季度的财报,该公司盈利超出多数分析师的预期,净收入则符合分析师的预期。Financial analysts have looked to Ruth Porat, a former Morgan Stanley CFO, for a more Wall Street-friendly approach from Google, which pledged at its IPO more than a decade ago that it would keep its sights firmly set on the long term rather than on quarterly earnings.金融分析师们期待这位根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)前首席财务官能使谷歌变得对华尔街更友好。在10多年前上市时,谷歌发誓将牢牢着眼于长期、而非季度盈利。Besides keeping a closer eye on how the company prioritises its spending, Ms Porat said she was looking into extending Google’s financial disclosure. The company’s refusal to give more information about its ever-widening range of new businesses, even as its costs have risen and its growth slowed, has become as source of frustration on Wall Street.波拉特说,除了更密切关注公司出的优先顺序外,她还准备扩大谷歌财务披露的范围。谷歌拒绝就其不断扩展的新业务披露更多信息(即便是在它的成本已经上升、增长已经放缓之际),这让华尔街感到沮丧。However, Ms Porat stopped short of setting targets that limit cost growth and expressed strong support for the financial objectives set by chief executive Larry Page, who has repeatedly brushed aside Wall Street’s concerns and stressed the growth potential in new markets ranging from life sciences to the “smart home” of the future.然而,波拉特没有设置成本目标来限制成本上升,并对首席执行官拉里椠奇(Larry Page)设定的财务目标表示强烈持。后者一再对华尔街的担忧表示不屑,并强调了从生命科学到未来“智能家居”等一系列新市场的增长潜力。“To be clear, the priority is revenue growth, but pursuing revenue growth is not inconsistent with expense management,” Ms Porat said on a call with investors on Thursday.“需要明确的是,最优先的是收入增长,但追求收入增长与出管理并不矛盾,”波拉特周四与投资者通电话时说。Google reported pro forma earnings per share of .99, up from .99 a year before, and higher than the .74 analysts had been expecting, amid signs that the inflation in its operating costs was moderating after recent quarters.谷歌的预估每股收益从一年前的4.99美元升至现在的6.99美元,高于分析师此前预期的6.74美元。目前迹象表明,经过最近几个季度,该公司营业成本的膨胀正在放缓。Google used its latest earnings call to fight back against recent fears on Wall Street that YouTube has been losing ground to Facebook in online . Total views on the site were up 60 per cent, the highest growth rate in two years, with mobile views doubling, Ms Porat said.谷歌利用此次财报电话会议回击了华尔街最近的担忧,华尔街近来一直担心YouTube在在线视频领域正在输给Facebook。波拉特说,YouTube网站的总浏览量增加了60%,为两年来的最高增速,而移动端的浏览量翻了一番。Google’s gross revenues, at .73bn, came in slightly below analysts’ consensus view.谷歌177.3亿美元的总收入略低于分析师的共识预期。 /201507/386335青岛宫外孕打胎多少钱

威海治疗不孕不育多少钱The Chinese conglomerate, whose business interests span banking to aviation, has just snapped up a near 24 per cent stake in Brazilian low-cost carrier Azul for 0m.中国海航集团(HNA Group)周一以4.5亿美元购入巴西低成本航空公司蓝色航空(Azul)近24%股权,成为最新一家利用巴西雷亚尔大幅贬值和公司估值下滑的机会,投资于拉美最大经济体的公司。海航的业务遍及业至航空业。The deal comes just three months after Azul pulled plans for an initial public offering. The airline - created by JetBlue founder David Neeleman - did not give a reason for the cancellation, but deteriorating market conditions most likely played a role.就在3个月前,蓝色航空取消了首次公开发行(IPO)计划,但没有透露取消的原因,不过不断恶化的市场状况最有可能是原因之一。该航空公司由JetBlue创始人大卫尼勒曼(David Neeleman)创建。Although some Brazilian companies - such as meat processor JBS - have benefitted from the sharp depreciation in the real, Azul, like other Brazilian carriers, are being hit by a double whammy of higher fuel costs (which are priced in dollars) and weaker domestic demand.尽管一些巴西公司(例如肉类加工商JBS)受益于雷亚尔大幅贬值,但与其他巴西航空公司一样,蓝色航空正受到燃油价格上涨(价格以美元计)和国内需求较为疲弱的双重打击。Mr Neeleman said HNA#39;s investment values Azul at .9bn and will strengthen the company#39;s balance sheet.尼勒曼表示,海航此次入股对蓝色航空的估值为19亿美元,将增强蓝色航空的资产负债表。For HNA, which owns 14 airlines with a total fleet of 561 aircraft, the deal would allow it to better tap into China#39;s booming overseas travel market.对于海航而言,这笔交易将令其更好地利用中国蓬勃发展的海外旅游市场。海航拥有14家航空公司,共运营561架飞机。Adam Tan, president of HNA Group, said: We are pleased to partner with Azul in order to bring more choice and convenience to our customers traveling to and from Brazil.海航总裁谭向东(Adam Tan)表示:“我们很高兴与蓝色航空合作,这将给我们往来巴西的客户带来更多选择和便利。” /201511/412476市南区妇幼保健医院官网 No one does predictions like Mark Anderson, whose forecasts about the intersection of the economy and technology are closely followed in Silicon Valley. He has a global view of what’s the next big thing and place along an eye for hot products and countries that about to take a dive. Anderson is head of Strategic News Service, a newsletter publisher for industry leaders and venture capitalists. It claims a ership that includes Dell CEO, Michael Dell, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Recently, Mark Anderson listed his predictions for 2015 during a gathering in San Francisco. Here are his key points:没人能像马克o安德森那样精准地洞见未来。他对经济与科技交叉领域的预言一直受到硅谷密切关注。他既能放眼全球,预判即将横空出世的“下一个大事件”和热点地区,又能够洞察哪些热门产品和国家行将过气。由安德森领衔的“战略新闻务”公司(Strategic News Service),是一家专为行业领袖和风险投资家务的通讯出版商。该公司宣称拥有众多大牌读者,比如戴尔公司首席执行官迈克尔o戴尔、特斯拉公司首席执行官埃伦o穆斯克和微软创始人比尔o盖茨。最近,在旧金山的一个聚会上,马克o安德森就2015年的科技走势发表了他的预言。主要观点如下:Tech predictions:技术预言:o Digital currencies like bitcoin will multiply and go nowhere. Currencies require the economic strength and military power of a nation to garner people’s trust.o 像比特币这样的数字货币将层出不穷,同时也会走入绝境。货币总是需要一个国家的经济实力和军事力量作保障才能赢得人们的信任。o Net neutrality, the idea that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data equally, will survive.o “网络中立性”,即互联网务供应商和政府应平等对待所有数据这一理念,将继续存活。o Pattern recognition will become the real goal of big data. A host of new tools and chips will be developed, to let people gather data and pick out trends that they would otherwise be unable to see, setting off a revolution in computing.o 模式识别将成为大数据的真正目标。将有大批新工具和芯片被开发出来,让人们收集数据,识别此前无法洞察的趋势,从而引发一场计算革命。o Following the recent series of corporate hackings, security will become a priority on CEO agendas. Companies will reverse the downward spending trend on security as the cost of poorly protected computer systems outweigh the cost of building secure ones.o 在多家公司近期接连遭受黑客攻击后,网络安全将会成为首席执行官们关注的头等大事。由于缺乏保护的网络系统可能造成的损失,远远超过打造一个安全网络所需的成本,各大公司将不再削减一紧再紧的安全开,转而加大投资。o Virtual reality will remain the domain of entertainment. Headsets that immerse people in a 3D world will not become a feature of everyday life despite Facebook’s billion acquisition of Oculus, a company that makes virtual reality headsets.o 虚拟现实领域将仍由业主导。尽管Facebook公司斥资20亿美元收购了Oculus公司,但能让人们沉浸于3D世界的头戴式装备离日常生活仍远。o Expect Amazon to stumble. Between the brawl with publisher Hachette over e-book prices, drones, and the Amazon Fire phone’s flop, losses are heading Amazon’s way.o 亚马逊公司前景不妙。由于在电子书定价问题上与Hachette出版集团争执不下,再加上前途未卜的无人机务和遭遇惨败的Fire手机业务,这家电商巨头很可能遭受巨额亏损。o Networks for devices connected to the internet (think refrigerators that let you tweet) will get off of their launchpads but remain niche. All people really want is low energy costs, lots of TVs, and one remote. People don’t want complexity replacing reliability and dumb things talking to other dumb things.o 联网家电(比如一台可以让你发微的冰箱)将进入市场,但依然不会成为主流。人们真正想要的不过是低廉的能源成本,一大堆电视屏幕和一个遥控器。在许多人看来,让一些不会说话的设备相互交流太复杂,似乎没有传统家电那么可靠。o Digital payment service Apple Pay will succeed, establishing it’s leadership in the market.o 苹果公司的数字付务Apple Pay将大获成功,在市场上确立领导地位。o Computer encryption will continue to expand as a major trend.o 计算机加密将依然是主流趋势。o Personal health and fitness and lifestyle devices will merge, and there will be a plethora of watches and fitness bands on the market. Intelligent clothing, (think: socks that are connected to the internet and can monitor your blood flow), will stay niche due to price and inconsistency.o 个人保健、健身和生活方式设备将会融合,市场上将会涌现大量手表和健身腕带。智能装(设想一下:和互联网相连、能监测血流量的袜子)由于其价格和可靠性问题,仍将属于小众产品。Economic predictions:经济展望:o Oil prices will stay low.An increased supply of alternative energy and additional oil supplies from fracking mean oil prices will stay at - a barrel, down by more than half from earlier this year. Trillions of dollars that were tied up in energy spending are now available for bridges, schools, and infrastructure. It’s a gift to the world.o 油价仍将维持低位。不断增加的新能源和水力压裂法生产的石油意味着油价将会维持在每桶50-60美元,比今年年初下降一半多。曾被能源出占用的大量金钱现在可用来修建桥梁、学校和其他基础设施。这将是送给全世界的一份厚礼。o China has a lot to worry about.China’s economy is driven by politics rather than money. Between fudged numbers in government economic reports, pollution, and the population’s distrust of food quality, China’s population is unhappy. China’s leadership is well-educated and intelligent so they’re managing to hold everything together, so it will take years for China to crumble. When it does, the fall will be hard.o 中国将面临考验。中国经济主要是靠政治而非资本驱动。政府的经济报告充斥着粗制滥造的数据,环境污染严重,人们已经不再信任食品质量。总而言之,中国人并不幸福。中国的领导人受过良好教育,非常明智。他们正在努力维持宏观经济的稳定,因此说中国会陷入困境还为时尚早。不过一旦这一天来临,那就将是一场硬着陆。o Japan is in a sweet spot.For all the talk about how Japan is in trouble—natural disasters, aging workforce—it is, in fact, doing well. Its business model of high quality exports, a strong global presence with companies like Toyota, and relatively few imports compared to other countries mean Japan’s economy is going strong.o 日本经济有望迎来复苏。尽管关于日本深陷困境的说法不绝于耳——自然灾害频发,劳动力老化等等——但它实际上状况不错。它依靠高品质出口商品的商业模式,丰田汽车公司这类跨国企业在全球的强势表现,以及相对其他国家较少的进口意味着,日本经济将会走强。o Samsung is in trouble.Samsung’s business model is based on selling modified versions of existing inventions like the iPhone rather than inventing. With the rise of Chinese competitors like smartphone maker Xiaomi gaining market share, Samsung is in a tight spot.o 三星公司将深陷困境。三星公司的商业模式是销售现有发明(如iPhone)的改良产品,而不是基于自主创新产品。随着智能手机制造商小米公司这类中国竞争对手的强势崛起,三星的好日子可能到头了。o India looks pretty good.The recent visits between US and India mean tighter military relations. US is about to give it’s blessing on India’s nuclear weapons program, which has aly produced nuclear weapons. This will be the basis for a tighter alliance in South Asia between India and the US that will make China nervous.o 印度的情况看起来不错。美国与印度领导人近期的频频互访意味着两国正在加强军事关系。美国将对印度的核武器项目加大持,而后者实际已生产出核武器。这将成为印度和美国在南亚地区结成更紧密同盟关系的基础,而这将使中国感到紧张。o The European Union is going through a cultural clash.Germany makes most of the decisions, and the question is how will the rest of northern Europe especially Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark stand for it?o 欧盟将经历文化冲突。目前绝大多数决策都是德国作出的,问题是,其他北欧国家,尤其是瑞典、芬兰、挪威和丹麦是否会持德国?o Australia’s not doing great.China owns a large chunk of Australia’s businesses. When Australia had the money to spare, it didn’t invest in it’s own industries and universities. Now, Australia is a natural resource based economy with a sliding dollar at a time when natural resource prices are plunging. Its biggest customer is China, and China is interested in owning Australian businesses.o 澳大利亚状况欠佳。中国持有澳大利亚企业的大量股权。当澳大利亚手头有钱时,它没有将其投资到自己的产业和大学中。现在,随着自然资源价格不断下跌,澳大利亚已成为一个货币不断走软、依靠自然资源为主的经济体。它最大的客户是中国,而中国的兴趣在于成为澳大利亚众多企业的主人。 /201503/361268青岛妇女儿童医院官方网站

去青岛哪个医院做无痛人流手术 The phone maker, which partnered with game company Valve for its virtual reality headset, delays the device to next year. It was supposed to launch in time for the holidays.手机厂商HTC宣布,公司与厂商Valve合作开发的虚拟现实头盔将推迟至明年发布,Vive头盔原定于在年底各大假期前发布。If you had an HTC Vive on your Christmas list, it looks like even Santa won#39;t be able to get it to you in time.如果HTC Vive原本在你的圣诞购买清单上的话,现在看来就算圣诞老人也不能让你如愿了。Phone maker HTC said Tuesday it is delaying its virtual reality goggles until April 2016, more than four months later than the original plan to offer the device for sale in limited quantities this year.手机厂商HTC周二宣布,将该款虚拟现实头盔将被推迟至2016年4月发布,比原定于今年提供限量销售的计划推迟了4个月。;We remain committed to delivering the HTC Vive to a broader group of content creators and partners, and remain focused on delivering the very best experience possible for a consumer release,; the company wrote on its website, citing speculation about the Vive#39;s planned release this month.“我们仍会向更大范围的内容创造者和合作伙伴提供HTC Vive,并且专注于在面向消费者发布该产品时尽可能提供最佳的用户体验。”公司在其官网上如是写道,并宣布了原定于本月发布的Vive头盔的最终发布时间。The company announced the Vive in March as part of a partnership with Valve, which is known for its Half-Life games and Steam online store.公司在今年3月宣布将与厂商Valve 合作开发虚拟现实Vive头盔,Valve(威乐软件)因其半条命等系列游戏和Steam在线务名声大噪。HTC#39;s delay represents just the latest bump in virtual reality#39;s long and winding road from research projects to store shelves. So far, only two headsets, Google#39;s Cardboard and Samsung#39;s Gear VR, are being offered to consumers. Others won#39;t be available until next year.HTC公司该产品的推迟发布说明虚拟现实技术从研究项目走向实体店的道路确实是漫长而曲折的。到目前为止,只有谷歌的Cardboard和三星的Gear VR这两款已面向消费者的虚拟现实产品,其他产品都需等到明年才有可能上市。We still don#39;t know the price or detailed launch dates for products like the Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR or HTC Vive, all of which are focused on high-end VR games and s.目前这些虚拟现实产品如Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR 或 HTC Vive的售价和具体发布时间还尚不明确,这些产品都将专注于高端虚拟现实游戏和视频领域。The lack of detail hasn#39;t stopped fans from eagerly hyping these devices, nor has it stopped a flood of developers from creating all sorts of content. Major streaming companies Hulu and Netflix work with the devices, while game makers like Microsoft, Harmonix and Sony are preparing to offer games.虽然还不清楚这些细节,但这并不能阻止粉丝们为这些设备的热切造势,大批开发商也迫切为这些产品创作各种内容。主要的两大流媒体公司Hulu 和 Netflix均打算与这些产品合作,而微软, Harmonix 和索尼都分别表示为这些产品提供游戏。Despite all this enthusiasm, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg -- who pushed Facebook to buy Oculus last year -- has begun lowering expectations for how quick the uptake will be for these devices. ;This is going to grow slowly,; he warned in September. ;If you think about the arrival of computers or smartphones, the first units shipped did not ship tens of millions in their first year. But they proved an idea and made it real.;尽管有这般热情,去年刚成功收购Oculus的脸书首席执行官马克扎克伯格却开始下调预期,这些新设备的最初销量可能都不会太高。他在9月份就警示,“这些新设备的进展会比较慢,想想当初计算机和智能手机问世时的情景,在第一年这些设备的销量都不会太高,但它们明了某想法是可以变成现实的。”For now, HTC said it plans to offer 7,000 more prototypes of its device to developers ahead of next year#39;s launch.目前,HTC表示公司打算在明年正式发布Vive头盔之前先向开发商提供7000多套设备样品。 /201512/415327青岛市人民医院扣扣青岛哪点有无痛人流医院




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