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Apple is getting picked on by two of its biggest competitors.苹果这次被他最大的两个竞争对手捉弄了一番。Google and Microsoft used some of Apple#39;s well-known user pain points to promote their own services in two separate TV and YouTube ads this month.这个月,谷歌和微软利用苹果最广为人知的务漏洞,在电视和YouTube上为自己的产品务宣传造势。Microsoft went after Apple by pitting its new Surface Pro 4 tablet and Cortana smart assistant against the iPad Pro and Siri.微软公司研发了全新的Surface Pro 4平板电脑和Cortana智能务来对抗苹果的iPad Pro和Siri系统。Microsoft#39;s new ad shows the iPad and Siri throwing a party for ;getting a keyboard.;在微软的新广告中,iPad和Siri因为安装了键盘而大开派对。#39;I#39;m a computer now, like you#39;, Siri says to Cortana.Siri对Cortana说道:“现在也是电脑啦,就像你一样,”#39;So you have more power, like an Intel Core processor?#39; Cortana responds.Cortana回答道:“所以你现在有更大驱动了?像因特尔酷睿处理器一样?”#39;Like I said, I just got a keyboard#39;, says Siri.“我说我只是得到了一个键盘。”Siri说。Microsoft then makes Cortana list out several other features of the Surface Pro 4, which leads Siri to concede, ;Maybe this party wasn#39;t such a good idea.;在其后的广告中,Cortana把Surface Pro 4的其他性能列了一个表给Siri,最后Siri承认道:“好吧,也许这个派对开得没什么意义。”Microsoft and Apple have a history of going after each other through marketing campaigns: For years, Apple ran a series of anti-PC commercials starring Justin Long and John Hodgman. And this year, Microsoft has been pushing its ;PCs can do more than Macs; message in commercials.微软和苹果在营销活动中上演你追我赶的戏码已经有一段历史了。之前是苹果邀请演员贾斯汀·隆和约翰·霍奇曼出演了一系列“反PC”商业大片。而今年微软将“PC比Macs更高能”的信息植入到新的一轮造势宣传中。Google took the first -- and a more gentle -- stab at the Apple in the beginning of August with a 60-second spot about its Google Photos app.谷歌在8月初关于Google Photos app的60秒广告中,就曾率先以委婉的方式向苹果挑起了“战争”。To show off its photos backup service, Google#39;s commercial includes several scenes of smartphone users about to capture a Kodak moment.为了炫耀其照片备份系统务,谷歌在广告中还展现了手机使用者捕捉“柯达时刻”的几个场景。As they#39;re about to take a picture -- when a birthday girl starts to blow out her candles and a humpback whale jumps out of the water -- a pop-up appears to stop them: ;Storage Full. There is no more room on your phone.”在广告中,当你正要捕捉过生日女孩吹蜡烛的瞬间和记录座头鲸跃出水面的经典时刻,而你的手机突然弹出“内存已满,没有空间储存照片”。While the design and message resemble what iPhone users see, it#39;s not exactly the same. Even so, it#39;s clear Google is highlighting the iPhone#39;s limited storage problem that it hopes to solve.尽管苹果用户对于设计和信息的理解不尽相同,但是很明显谷歌是在拿iPhone有限的内存问题大做文章。 /201608/462932

Facebook Inc.’s research unit Building 8 is working to make it possible for people to type using signals from their brains.脸书公司的研究机构Building 8正努力使人们用脑电波就能打字。Regina Dugan, hired from Alphabet Inc. last year to oversee the lab, said that within “a few years’ time” Facebook aims to develop a system that can type at 100 words per minute, just from monitoring the brain, without using any kind of implant. The company is working with outside academics on the issue now.去年脸书公司从Alphabet公司(谷歌重组后的“伞形公司”)聘请了雷吉娜·杜根来管理该实验室,杜根表示,脸书打算在“几年内”开发一个系统,该系统不需要任何植入,只通过监测大脑(信号)就能在每分钟内打100个字。目前该公司正与外部院校合作解决这个问题。This would give “the ability to text a friend without taking out your phone,” Dugan said Wednesday at the social network operator’s F8 developer conference. The lab also is working on a way for people to hear through their skin.这将会赋予你“不用拿出手机就能给朋友发短信的能力,”星期三杜根在社交媒体经营者参与的F8开发者大会上说道。该实验室也在研究一种使人们通过皮肤来接收信息的方式。“One day, not so far away, it may be possible for me to think in Mandarin and for you to feel it instantly in Spanish,” Dugan said.“有朝一日,我也许可以用中文思考,而你可以用西班牙语即刻了解到(我的想法),而这一天不会太远,”杜根说道。Far-fetched as it may sound, Dugan said researchers have aly found it possible to use brain waves for typing at eight words per minute.这听上去也许牵强附会,但杜根表示研究人员已经发现,用脑电波每分钟打八个字是有可能的。It’s one of many Facebook initiatives for the very long term. For its more near-term goal of making s and images more immersive, Facebook unveiled a design for two new three-dimensional cameras. The cameras will be given to some filmmakers and partners to help create more 3-D content.这是脸书公司众多长期创新提案之一。而其短期目标是使视频和图像更拟真化,脸书公司也首次展示了两款新的三维照相机的设计。该照相机将提供给一些电影制作人及合作方以助其创作更多3D视频内容。For Facebook, the research connects to its overall goals because it relates to improving people’s social experiences, Dugan said. It could also make it possible for those who are deaf or otherwise disabled to communicate more easily.对脸书公司而言,这项研究结合了其综合目标,因为它与提高人们的社交体验有关,杜根说道。而对那些失聪或残疾的人来说,这项技术也可以使他们更方便地与人沟通成为可能。 /201704/506031



  Spain's "El Gordo," the world's biggest lottery, gave out 2.2 billion euros (1.6 billion pounds) in Christmas prizes on Saturday.El Gordo, Spanish for "The Fat One", is designed so that as many people as possible across Spain get a festive windfall.The top prize this year was 3 million euros -- going to the series of tickets with the magic number 06381.Because the tickets are sold in a series of 10, only those who paid 200 euros for the whole strip get the full prize.The biggest share of winning tickets was bought by people in the town of Nava, in the north-western Asturias region.The draw lasts three-and-a-half hours and is carried live on national television with children from the San Ildefonso school, a former orphanage in Madrid, in turn chanting the winning numbers and the amount won.Lotteries have two centuries of history in Spain.The country spent 2.87 billion euros on the lottery -- 5.7 percent more than last year. Seventy percent is paid out in prizes. Most of the rest goes in costs.Eight out of ten Spaniards bought tickets for the lottery, spending on average 64 euros.Spaniards often choose lottery numbers matching significant dates although there was no particular favourite in 2007.In 2006, one of the most sought-after series was 22105, the date on which Fernando Alonso became Formula 1 world champion for the second year running. 号称世界上规模最大的西班牙“El Gordo”圣诞票于上周六开奖,奖金总额高达22亿欧元(16亿英镑)。“El Gordo”在西班牙语中意为“胖子”。“胖子”圣诞票的推出主要是为了给更多的西班牙人带来一份节日的意外惊喜。今年的头奖奖金为300万欧元,号码为“06381”。由于票是以十张一组进行销售(译者注:人们可花20欧元购买其中的十分之一),因此只有花200欧元购买了整组票的人才有机会获得全奖。位于阿斯图里亚斯自治区西北部的纳瓦市是今年的“黄金”地。整个开奖过程持续三个半小时,并通过国家电视台现场直播。在开奖现场,马德里的圣#8226;艾尔德芬索小学(原为一所孤儿院)的学生们轮流报唱号码及金额。西班牙的票历史已有两个世纪。今年西班牙的“胖子票”销售收入达28.7亿欧元,比去年增长5.7%。其中70%的收入用于返奖奖金,其余大部分为销售成本。今年西班牙全国有四分之三的人购买了“胖子票”,人均花费64欧元。西班牙人常选择有特殊意义的日期作为号码,不过2007年似乎没有什么特别受到亲睐的日子。去年最受青睐的号码是22105,因为在10月22日这一天,阿隆索连续第二年获得F1(一级方程式赛车)车手总冠军。 /200803/29700

  流浪汉变身好莱坞时尚新宠The newest sensation at the center of Hollywood's fashion scene isn't a famous designer or starlet. It's a 56-year-old homeless man who spends his days dancing on roller skates.John Wesley Jermyn has been a fixture in West Los Angeles for more than 20 years. Nicknamed 'The Crazy Robertson' and 'The Robertson Dancer,' he is a constant presence on a stretch of Robertson Boulevard that has become the city's trendiest shopping corridor and a prime strolling spot for tourists and movie stars. Among locals and online, there's much speculation about Mr. Jermyn's personal history, including one oft-repeated rumor that he's a secretive millionaire.In a plot twist worthy of Tinseltown, Mr. Jermyn now has a clothing label named after him. Since it was introduced last month, 'The Crazy Robertson' brand of T-shirts and sweatshirts, created by a trio of 23-year-olds, has flown off the shelves at Kitson, a haunt of tabloid stars like Paris Hilton. The clothes feature stylized images of Mr. Jermyn, including one design -- available on a hoodie -- that has a graphic of him dancing and the phrase 'No Money, No Problems' on the back. At the largest of Kitson's three boutiques on Robertson, shirts bearing Mr. Jermyn's likeness are sold alongside 0 'Victoria Beckham' jeans and baby shoes designed by pop star Gwen Stefani.The label's owners, who grew up in Beverly Hills, have created a MySpace page for Mr. Jermyn. It doubles as an ad for the clothing brand and their nightclub-promotion venture, which is also named 'The Crazy Robertson.' The young entrepreneurs spent months trying to forge a relationship with Mr. Jermyn -- who now goes by the name John Jermien -- before gaining his approval. They have consulted him on design decisions and had a photographer shoot him for publicity images.In May, Mr. Jermyn agreed to a deal that entitles him to 5% of 'net profit' from clothing sales, according to a copy of the contract seen by The Wall Street Journal. He signed the contract, without speaking to an attorney or family members. But so far he has refused to accept much cash, preferring to be paid in food, liquor and paper for his art projects, according to Teddy Hirsh, one of the label's founders. 'He tries not to involve money in his daily life,' says Mr. Hirsh, who says he is Mr. Jermyn's agent and manager for future endeavors.Mr. Hirsh says Mr. Jermyn has aly received several small payments, even though the company hasn't 'made much profit' so far. 'We haven't collected anything for ourselves,' says Mr. Hirsh.Mr. Jermyn's slide into homelessness is a painful subject for his sister Beverly. And so is the clothing deal. She believes 'The Crazy Robertson' founders are exploiting her brother's condition to build their brand. 'I think these guys saw an opportunity and they took it,' she says. 'I am not happy with the arrangement.'Ms. Jermyn, who lives close to the alley where Mr. Jermyn sleeps, says her brother has a form of schizophrenia. He refuses to take medication, she says, despite suffering from fits of shouting and cursing. In the years since his condition began deteriorating in the late 1970s, 'he slipped through my fingers like sand,' says Ms. Jermyn, 64, who manages facilities for Oracle Corp.In the late 1980s she testified in court in a proceeding to force her brother to seek help, but psychological evaluators found him 'lucid and gracious,' according to Ms. Jermyn. She has made countless attempts to provide him with shelter and therapy, and she still visits him twice a week with food. She also pays for his cellphone and collects his Social Security checks on his behalf.The repackaging of Mr. Jermyn as a fashion front man comes at a time of increased fascination with homelessness. The producers of 'Bumfights' -- a collection of taped street battles between vagrants -- claim to have sold more than 300,000 DVDs since 2002, and a British TV series called 'Filthy Rich and Homeless' made headlines this year for its depiction of real-life millionaires posing as London beggars.Across the U.S., a growing number of homeless people have gained attention through the Internet. More than 17,500 s on YouTube are tagged with the word 'homeless.' Leslie Cochran, a street resident in Austin, Texas, who has twice run for mayor, has 10,775 'friends' on his MySpace page. In Boston, the profile of Harold Madison Jr. -- a homeless man better known as 'Mr. Butch' -- rose through online clips and a Web site made in his honor.Mr. Jermyn was raised in Hancock Park, a historic L.A. neighborhood that's home to some of the city's wealthiest families. His father managed one of L.A.'s largest Chevrolet dealerships.A star athlete in high school, Mr. Jermyn was selected by the Kansas City Royals in the 1969 Major League Baseball draft. He attended Pepperdine University and played a season for a Los Angeles Dodgers' minor-league team in Bellingham, Wash. (He hit just .205 and made 12 errors in 63 games, according to the Society for American Baseball Research.)Joel John Roberts, chief executive of People Assisting the Homeless, which provides shelters for L.A.'s street residents, says the branding of Mr. Jermyn is 'like designing a line of clothing patterned after Iraqi refugees fleeing the war.'Mr. Hirsh and Vic Ackerman, one of the other founders of the clothing line, are sensitive to Ms. Jermyn's concerns about her brother, but say Mr. Jermyn 'specifically asked' them not to contact her about the clothing line or the contract. They view Mr. Jermyn as a 'business partner' and say they make sure he's aware of how his image is being used.'He knows everything that's going on,' says Mr. Ackerman, noting that Mr. Jermyn nixed a set of promotional photos because he didn't like his outfit and thought he 'looked a little puffy.'In conversation, Mr. Jermyn speaks softly and mixes short, lucid sentences with longer, less coherent remarks. He has been arrested more than a dozen times since 1986 for violations such as trespassing and jaywalking, according to court records. Most of his skating and curb-side dancing now takes place near Robertson Boulevard, but in the past he roamed throughout Beverly Hills and West L.A., often cradling a boombox and shimmying to loud music. 'He was always an extraordinary dancer,' says Jim Horne, a classmate of Mr. Jermyn's at Los Angeles Baptist High School.In addition to his sister, Mr. Jermyn speaks regularly with Ginny Berliner, a 64-year-old woman who befriended him when she owned an antique shop on Robertson. Mrs. Berliner, who now lives in Maryland, used to pay for Mr. Jermyn to sleep in a motel and covered his monthly coffee bill at Michel Richard, the well-known patisserie. 'He wants notoriety and glory, but he can't accept money,' she says.On a recent afternoon, clad in his trademark black leggings and visor, Mr. Jermyn said he is 'a facilitator' for the brand, and hopes it will expand into music or film. He has become a one-man marketing team, plastering company stickers and pictures of himself on a wall that faces pedestrians on Robertson.At Kitson's boutiques and on its Web site, the first shipment of 'Crazy Robertson' women's clothes -- about 35 items -- sold out in three days, and the store immediately ordered about 90 more pieces, according to owner Fraser Ross. Many of the online buyers were not from Los Angeles and presumably not familiar with Mr. Jermyn, he says. The brand may have appeal beyond L.A., says Mr. Ross, because its name includes 'Robertson,' which like Rodeo Drive is a destination associated with glamorous shopping.Mr. Hirsh says the success at Kitson has aly generated interest from other retailers. He calls Mr. Jermyn 'our Michael Jordan' and is looking into a trademark for 'the Crazy Robertson' name and logo.Ms. Jermyn, meanwhile, has different hopes. 'I don't want to see my brother get hurt,' she says. 'They're taking advantage of someone who is very vulnerable and very trusting.' /200803/32400If Back to the Future 2 holds your standards for technology there are a lot of things we should have by now -- one of them being flying cars. But while modified DeLoreans haven#39;t dotted the skies, Slovakia-based AeroMobil says we#39;ll be seeing flying cars on the markets soon as 2017.如果《回到未来2》让你把握住了科技的标准,那么我们现在应该有很多东西--其中之一就是飞行汽车。不过当改良后的德劳瑞恩还未形成燎原之势时,斯洛伐克的AeroMobil公司就已声明,飞行汽车将在2017年上市!Speaking at SXSW Interactive 2015, AeroMobil co-founder and CEO Juraj Vaculik talked about his company#39;s vision for a future where flying cars are just as ubiquitous as planes, trains, and standard automobiles.在2015年西南偏南大会上的讲话中,AeroMobil的联合创始人兼总裁尤拉伊·瓦库利克就谈到了该公司对飞行汽车未来的展望。他表示,飞行汽车将会像飞机、火车及标准汽车一样普遍存在。The company has aly unveiled a prototype for its ;Flying Roadster,; the AeroMobil 3.0. The two-seater functions as both a car and personal airplane, measuring at about 328 x 236 inches in airplane mode and 88 x 236 inches in car mode with its wings collapsed.该公司已经发布了飞行跑车AeroMobil 3.0的原型。这种双开门跑车既可以当汽车开,又可以变身为私人飞机,其大小尺寸在飞机模式时仅为328x236英寸,收起双翼变为汽车模式时仅为88x236英寸。The steel framework, carbon coating construction has a Rotax 912 engine under the hood with a top speed of 124 mph when flying and 99 mph on the road -- though Vaculik said the final version may be faster.这款车内部是钢架结构,外部是碳涂层,配置Rotax 912航空引擎,飞行时最高时速可达124英里,路面行驶最高时速可达99英里,但是瓦库利克表示,它的最终版本速度将会更快。Vaculik also emphasized the AeroMobil 3.0#39;s need for only 650 ft for takeoff and 160 ft to land -- meaning the vehicle can land in a field of grass or onto existing highways without the need for new or special airports.瓦库利克此外还强调称,AeroMobil 3.0仅需要650次的起飞测试和160次的降落测试,这意味着这部车可以降落草地、现有的高速公路上,无需新的或特殊的机场。He didn#39;t comment on the effect that having planes landing on the highways might have on rush-hour traffic but did say that AeroMobil is initially targeting medium-distance travel. It won#39;t take you cross country but it is plenty for a trip from say, LA to Vegas. Vaculik said the vehicle also runs on regular gasoline so there will be no need to find a special refueling spot.虽然没有谈到让飞机降落到高速公路上会对上下班高峰期产生影响,不过他表示,AeroMobil的最初定位是中等距离的行程。它也许不能带你横穿整个国家,但是带着你从洛杉矶到却是绰绰有余。瓦库利克表示,这部车加普通汽油也可正常行驶,所以不存在到处找特殊燃料站点的问题。While the Flying Roadster is still in development -- the working prototype is currently undergoing recommends real flight testing -- Vaculik was confident his company could hit its 2017 mark.虽然飞行汽车还处在发展阶段,但样机模型目前已经在进行真实的飞行测试--瓦库利克对他们公司可以达成2017年的目标非常自信。But those excited at the possibility of flying your car to Thanksgiving dinner in two years should start saving now. The company is initially targeting the Flying Roadster at elite consumers. The price must be very expensive.但是那些对两年之内能驾驶着飞行汽车直接飞到感恩节餐桌旁而激动不已的人,你们还是从现在开始攒钱吧。因为该公司的飞行汽车最初定位是高端消费者,而且价格将会非常昂贵。 /201607/455827

  Aftershocks rippled across the southern island of Kyushu on Sunday after a magnitude 7.3 disaster killed 41 people and brought the area’s high-tech manufacturing industry to a halt. 上周日,多起余震在位于日本南端的整个九州岛不断扩散。此前,一场里氏7.3级的地震导致41人丧生,并让该地区的高科技制造业陷入停顿。 In addition to the confirmed fatalities, more than 1,000 people were injured and 184,000 evacuated from their homes. In a graphic illustration of the earthquake’s power, the Great Aso Bridge — a single span of 206m opened in 1970 — collapsed into the ravine of the Black River below. 除了已确认的死亡情况外,还有逾1000人受伤,18.4万人被疏散至住房以外。长206米、1970年通车的单孔大桥阿苏大桥(Great Aso Bridge)崩塌,坠入了下方黑川(Black River)深邃的峡谷中,此次地震的破坏力可见一斑。 Kumamoto city, close to the epicentre, has a large semiconductor industry, while manufacturers such as Sony and Honda also have factories in the region. The quake left companies scrambling to determine the damage to their plants, sparking fears of disruption to the global supply chain. A shortage of parts out of Kyushu forced Toyota to begin temporary shutdowns at car plants across the country. 靠近震中的熊本市(Kumamoto city)拥有庞大的半导体工业,索尼(Sony)和本田(Honda)等制造商也在该地区建有工厂。地震令各企业慌忙确认工厂受到的损害,引发了全球供应链被打断的担忧。九州岛配件供应短缺迫使丰田(Toyota)在全日本的汽车工厂启动了临时的停产措施。 Sony halted production of image sensors — which are used in Apple’s iPhones and other smartphone cameras — at its Kumamoto plant after the first quake on Thursday. Production lines at two other image sensor plants in nearby Nagasaki and Oita were restored on Sunday. Sony declined to comment on whether it could make up for the lost capacity by shifting production to its other plants. 上周四发生首次地震后,索尼暂停了熊本工厂的图像传感器生产,这种传感器被用于苹果(Apple)的iPhone和其他智能手机的摄像头上。上周日,位于附近长崎和大分的另外两处图像传感器工厂的生产线已恢复运行。对于是否能通过把生产转移至其他工厂来弥补产能方面的损失,索尼拒绝置评。 Japanese companies have learnt lessons from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, when car factories from Nagoya to Alabama ground to a standstill after production halted at Renesas, a supplier of microcontrollers used in vehicles worldwide. 日本企业已经从2011年发生在东北地方的地震和海啸中吸取教训。当时,在瑞萨(Renesas)停产后,从名古屋到美国阿拉巴马州的汽车工厂都陷入停顿。瑞萨是一家微控制器供应商,全球的汽车都使用其产品。 This time Renesas stopped its plant in Kumamoto but said the building’s exterior was not heavily damaged after it strengthened the structure’s quake resistance. It also keeps a certain level of inventories to sustain production. Renesas has, however, been unable to check inside the plant because of continued aftershocks. 这次地震瑞萨关闭了在熊本的工厂,不过该公司表示其工厂建筑的外部并未遭遇严重损坏,原因是此前该公司加强了该建筑的防震能力。该公司还保持了一定量的存货以维持生产。不过,由于持续不断的余震,瑞萨未能检查工厂内部的情况。 The Kyushu region has attracted such manufacturers in part because it is supposedly less prone to earthquakes. A local government homepage to recruit companies proudly claims that the region has not suffered a quake above magnitude 7 for the past 120 years. 九州地区会吸引这类制造商,部分是由于该地区原本不那么容易受地震影响。当地政府的一个招商网页曾骄傲地宣称,过去120年该地区从未出现7级以上的地震。 Toyota, which has aly halted operations at three plants in Kyushu, said that, due to parts shortages, it would suspend production lines at other domestic assembly plants in stages between April 18 and 23. The measure would affect a wide range of models including the Camry, Corolla and Prius. 丰田已关闭了位于九州岛的三家工厂的运营。该公司表示,由于配件短缺,该公司会在4月18日到23日之间,分阶段暂停其他日本国内装配厂的生产线。这一措施或影响包括凯美瑞(Camry)、卡罗拉(Corolla)和普锐斯(Prius)在内的大批车型。 Honda said it had reduced its dependence on any single supplier and reinforced factory buildings so they can withstand strong earthquakes. It has suspended a motorcycle plant in Kumamoto due to damaged sewer pipes and lighting systems, but said the building remained intact. 本田表示已经减少对任何单个供应商的依赖,并加固了厂房建筑使其能够经受住强烈地震。该公司在熊本的一处托车厂因为污水管道和照明系统受损而暂停运转,但该公司表示厂房建筑完好无损。 The island’s shinkansen high-speed railway was suspended and its two main motorways were cut in several places by landslides. Nothing abnormal was reported at any nuclear plant. 九州岛新干线高速铁路暂停运营,两条主要的高速公路因山体滑坡有多处阻断。没有关于任何核电站的异常报告。 Experts were repeatedly forced to reassess the nature of the disaster as the death toll from Japan’s worst earthquake since 2011 rose. With rain falling and more in prospect, officials warned residents to beware of landslides, as well as further earthquakes. 这场日本自2011年以来遭遇的最强地震的死亡人数不断上升,专家们不得不一再重新评估此次灾难的性质。由于目前的降雨和未来的降雨前景,政府官员提醒居民警惕山体滑坡以及更多地震。 “As of now, lively earthquake activity is continuing from Kumamoto to Oita prefectures,” said Gen Aoki, head of earthquake and tsunami observation at the Japan Meteorological Agency, on Sunday. “There is an ongoing possibility of ground slips from more strong tremors or the rain since yesterday.” “目前,从熊本到大分县一带,活跃的地震活动还在持续,”日本气象厅(JMA)地震津波监视课课长青木元(Gen Aoki)上周日表示,“仍然存在一种可能性,即更多的强震或自昨天开始的降雨会造成地面滑移。” After a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck on Thursday, officials were taken aback when a 16-times more powerful magnitude 7.3 quake hit in the early hours of Saturday, leading them to reclassify the earlier quake as a pre-shock. 上周四发生6.5级地震后,上周六凌晨发生的7.3级地震让官员们大吃一惊,后者的强度是前者的16倍,官员们将此前的那次地震重新界定为前震。 Tremors kept sping to the north-east, striking in three different zones of active faults — a pattern the JMA said was “unprecedented”. By Sunday, it had detected more than 400 tremors since the event began. 震动持续向日本东北部传播,影响三个不同的活动断层区域——日本气象厅称这种模式“史无前例”。截至上周日,日本气象厅监测到自此次地震以来的400多次余震。 Tomoki Nishikawa, president of the Sakurajuji Hospital in Kumamoto, which has been treating those injured in the disaster as public hospitals overflowed, said that although Kumamoto felt it had survived the first quake in fairly good shape, in the aftermath of the second, much larger tremor, “the city kind of died”. 由于公立医院人满为患,熊本樱十字医院(Sakurajuji Hospital)一直在帮助救治灾难伤者,该院理事长西川朋希(Tomoki Nishikawa)表示,尽管熊本市在第一次地震后状态相当良好,在震级高得多的第二次地震以后,“这座城市可以算是死亡了”。 “I was driving around the city and in certain parts, you can see that 30 per cent of the homes are uninhabitable now. The city is still shaking and people have changed their attitudes since the second quake. They have seen crushed houses and they don’t want to go back to their own homes,” he said. “我开车在城市中四处转,在某些地方,你可以看到30%的房屋现在不适合居住。这座城市还在震动,人们在第二次地震后改变了态度。他们看到了挤压变形的房屋,不愿意回到自己的住所,”他说。 /201604/438161



  Mitsubishi Motors has admitted it deliberately altered testing data to show better fuel consumption rates for four of its mini-car models sold in Japan. 三菱汽车(Mitsubishi Motors)已承认自己故意更改了测试数据,以明其在日本销售的四款微型车具有更低的耗油率。 Japan’s sixth-largest automaker said it will halt production and sales of the four affected models, including two supplied to Nissan. The four models are the ek Wagon, eK Space, Dayz and Dayz Roox, involving about 625,000 vehicles. 这家日本第六大汽车制造商表示,将暂停这四款受影响车型——其中包括两款供应给日产(Nissan)的车型——的生产和销售。这四款车型是ek Wagon、eK Space、Dayz和Dayz Roox,总计涉及约62.5万辆车。 “We offer our deepest apology,” president Tetsuro Aikawa said at a packed news conference. “We will get to the bottom of why this misconduct was carried out.” 三菱汽车社长相川哲郎(Tetsuro Aikawa)在拥挤的新闻发布会上表示:“我们致以最深的歉意。我们将对造成这起不当行为的原因一查到底。” The company will set up a committee to look into the issue consisting of outside experts, he added. 他还表示,三菱汽车将成立一个委员会来调查此事,委员会将由外部专家组成。 An internal investigation, triggered by questions raised by Nissan, found that the company’s testing method did not comply with requirements under Japanese law. 三菱汽车展开的一次内部调查发现,该公司的测试方法并未遵守日本法律的规定。这次内部调查是由日产方面提出的问题引发的。 Mitsubishi Motors said the improper testing method was carried out for vehicles sold in Japan, and that it will also investigate cars sold in overseas markets. 三菱汽车表示,这一不当测试方法只用于在日本销售的车辆,但公司仍将调查销往海外市场的车辆。 Shares in Mitsubishi Motors fell the most in more than a decade on Wednesday, dropping 15 per cent after the Japanese carmaker called the press conference. 周三,在三菱汽车召开新闻发布会后,这家日本汽车制造商的股价下跌了15%,跌幅创十多年来之最。 The global auto industry has been rocked by scandals over the past two years, first with the mass recalls prompted by concerns over airbags made by Japanese firm Takata, and subsequently by Volkswagen’s admission last year that it had cheated US emissions tests. 过去两年全球汽车业不断受到丑闻的冲击,先是日本高田(Takata)制造的安全气囊存在的问题引发大规模召回,然后是去年大众汽车(Volkswagen)承认在美国尾气检测中作弊。 /201604/438808


  Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker that gave Apple a run for its money, is taking on the drone world with a 0 product that undercuts market leader DJI by almost 25 per cent.曾对苹果(Apple)构成强劲挑战的中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi),将凭借一款售价610美元的产品在无人机市场展开竞争。这款产品的售价比市场领跑者大疆(DJI)低了近25%。Drones are the latest gambit for Xiaomi, which launched its first phone in 2011 and, four years later, briefly became the top-selling maker in China. But its fortunes have since faded, prompting a wave of diversification spanning smart rice cookers and air purifiers.无人机是小米下出的最新一步棋。该公司在2011年发布其首部手机,四年后便迅速成为了中国市场上销量最高的手机制造商。但自那以来,小米的好运气逐渐减弱,促使其实施了一连串多元化发展举措,其产品涵盖智能电饭煲和空气净化器。Beijing-based Xiaomi said its drone would cost about Rmb4,000 (0), versus 9 for a comparable product from Shenzhen-based DJI. It plans to unveil its first drone on May 25.总部位于北京的小米表示,其无人机价格约为4000元人民币(合610美元)。相比之下,总部位于深圳的大疆同类产品价格为799美元。小米计划于5月25日发布其首款无人机。DJI was unfazed. Spokesman Wang Fan said it commanded a strong lead over the rest of the industry and superior value. “Price was never our greatest point of appeal,” he said. “Xiaomi’s new product, regardless of its price, will not have an impact on our sales.”大疆对此并不感到担忧。大疆发言人王帆表示,大疆遥遥领先于业内其他企业,品牌价值也高人一头。他说:“价格从来都不是我们的最大卖点。小米的新产品无论价格定在多少,都不会影响我们的销售。”The global consumer drone market is expected to reach .19bn by 2024, said a new report by US-based consultancy Grand View Research. While still largely novelty items, this year’s projected sales of 4m are expected to quadruple to 16m by 2020, Bloomberg said.总部位于美国的咨询公司大观研究(Grand View Research)发布新报告称,到2024年,全球消费类无人机市场的规模预计将达41.9亿美元。彭社(Bloomberg)表示,尽管无人机在很大程度上还是一种新鲜事物,但到2020年时,无人机销量预计会达到1600万架,相对于今年400万架的预期销量等于是翻了两番。Xiaomi is just one of a number of prospective entrants looking to tap into this market and emulate DJI’s success.小米只是考虑进军这一市场并赶超大疆成就的众多潜在玩家之一。That would help it offset flagging phone sales. Xiaomi said in January it sold more than 70m phones in 2015, up from 61m the year before. But that missed both its original target of 100m and its midyear revised goal of 80m.进军无人机市场将有助于小米抵消智能手机销售不振的影响。今年1月,小米表示2015年它售出了逾7000万部手机,高于上一年的6100万部。但这一数字既未达到其最初设定的1亿部的年销售目标,也未达到其年中修订后的8000万部的年销售目标。Analysts, however, reckon drones will fail to turn around Xiaomi’s fortunes, particularly given the limited market size. “There are several zeros between the drone market and the market for smartphone,” said Bryan Ma, analyst at IT consultancy IDC in Singapore.分析师们认为,无人机不会扭转小米的运势——尤其是考虑到无人机市场规模不大。IT咨询公司IDC驻新加坡分析师马伯远(Bryan Ma)表示:“无人机市场比智能手机市场小好几个数量级。” /201605/446133

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