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2019年06月18日 22:56:03

Premier Li Keqiang arrived in the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) on Monday for a three-day inspection visit.李克强总理于本周一抵达特别行政区,开始了为期三天的视察访问。On landing, Li shook hands with Macao Chief Executive Chui Sai On and Ho Hau Wah, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, who is also a former chief executive of Macao.着陆之后,李克强总理与特别行政区行政长官崔世安、中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会副主席、前特别行政区行政长官何厚铧亲切握手。Lis inspection visit to Macao has received warm welcome from various sectors in the special administrative region, with media coverage saying the trip will further boost economic integration between Macao and the Chinese mainland.李克强总理赴澳视察受到了特别行政区各界人士的热烈欢迎,媒体报道称,此行将进一步促进与中国内地经济的融合。In a brief speech at the airport, Li said it was his first visit to Macao and that he was happy to see the smiling children who were Macaos future.在机场的简短发言当中,李克强总理表示,这是他第一次访问,他很高兴看到代表未来的孩子们的灿烂笑容。Li recalled attending the inauguration ceremony of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, about six years ago when he had looked at Macao from afar on the Lotus Flower Bridge in Zhuhai.李克强总理回忆起六年前他代表中央政府到广东省珠海出席港珠澳大桥开工仪式,就曾经在珠海莲花桥上远远眺望;Today, I myself step on the treasured soil of the lotus flower of the motherland, also a land that has seen the successful practice of the one country, two systems principle,; Li said, adding that he hoped to see Macaos development, folk customs and daily life during his stay.李克强总理说道:“今天我亲身踏上祖国的这块莲花宝土,更是一国两制成功实践的热土。”此外,他还表示在停留期间,希望能看一看的发展变化、风土人情与日常生活。The premier will also attend the opening of the fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries (PSCs).李克强总理还将出席中国-葡语国家经贸合作论坛第五届部长级会议开幕式。The forum was created in October 2003 in Macao, with the joint participation of seven PSCs: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and East Timor.中葡论坛0030月在创立,由安哥拉、巴西、佛得角、几内亚比绍、莫桑比克、葡萄牙和东帝汶个葡语国家共同参与。Li will also deliver a keynote speech and hold bilateral meetings with some leaders of the participating countries.李克强总理还将发表主旨演讲,并同部分与会国家领导人举行双边会见。来 /201610/470422哈尔滨治疗宫颈糜烂的最好医院During a June 13 interview on CNN, Senator Chris Murphy(D-CT) struggled to explain how more gun laws can stop terrorists.在六月十三日CNN栏目采访中,参议院Chris Murphy (D-CT)努力诠释,更多的法能阻止恐怖分子。Murphy attempted to justify more gun control aday after Omar Mateen allegedly shot and killed 50 andwounded 53 others at the Pulse Orlando nightclub.Murphy试图为管制做更多辩护,他拿“脉冲奥兰多”夜总会杀案:手Omar Mateen被射杀,同时造成50人死亡,53人受伤这一事件做论。During the interview, Chris Cuomo referencedMurphy’s strong anti-gun stance and asked, “What law would have made thisdifferent? What could have stopped this man from getting the weapon that heused to murder all these people?”在采访中,Chris Cuomo站在Murphy强烈反的立场上问道,“什么样的法律会起作用?是什么阻止了这名抢手用武器射酒吧所有的人?”Murphy responded:Murphy回答道: Cuomo then refocused and said, “What could youdo legally that would have made a difference here versus taking the steps thatyou can to address these lone wolf threats, to address the terror and deal withthat side of it–including mental health, maybe, when it’s relevant?”Cuomo转换重心继续问道,“不采取可行的具体措施,要应对这些独狼恐怖分子的威胁和恐怖活动,以及处理这方面的问题包括心理健康,也许心理健康有时候也与此相关,从法律上入手,又能做点什么有用的呢?”Murphy responded by saying:Murphy这样回答:You are right. It would be a mistake for any ofus to try to suggest that this incident and what we know so far is just anissue about guns, or just an issue about terror, or just an issue about mentalillness. It appears from what we know that this was an absolutely terribleconcoction of all three.你说得对。不论是谁,认为我们目前所了解到的该事件只是关于,或者恐怖活动,亦或精神病的问题,我想都是错误的。从我们所了解到的来看,该事件完全包含了以上三者。来 /201606/449650哈尔滨有宫腔镜的医院Donald Trump has taken his strongest swipe yet at the EU, labelling it “a vehicle for Germanyand predicting that other countries will follow Britain in leaving the bloc.唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)对欧EU)进行了迄今最严厉的抨击,称欧盟是“德国的工具”,并预测其他国家会效仿英国退出欧盟。The president-elect also warned that his trust for Angela Merkel “may not last long at all ranking the German chancellor alongside Vladimir Putin as a potentially problematic ally.这位美国当选总统还警告称,他对安格拉?默克Angela Merkel)的信任“可能持续不了多久”,将这位德国总理与弗拉基米尔?普京(Vladimir Putin)并称为可能带来麻烦的盟友。The comments, made days before his inauguration in an interview with the British Conservative MP Michael Gove and the German newspaper Bild, are likely to exacerbate fears in European capitals for the future of the transatlantic alliance.特朗普是在还有几天就将正式就职之际,在与英国保守党议员迈克尔?戈夫(Michael Gove)和德囀?图片报Bild)的一次访谈中发表上述言论的。这些言论可能让欧洲各国政府更加担忧大西洋两岸同盟关系的前景。Mr Trump’s stance contrasts sharply with that of Barack Obama, who said on a farewell tour of Europe in November that he “could not ask for a steadier or a more reliable partnerthan Ms Merkel.特朗普的立场与巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)的立场形成鲜明对比,后者在去年11月的欧洲告别访问中表示,他“无法要求一个(比默克尔)更沉稳、更可靠的伙伴了”。Washington’s ambassador to the EU, Anthony Gardner, said last week that it would be “the height of follyfor the US to become a “Brexit cheerleader He also revealed that Mr Trump’s team had called EU leaders to ask “what country is to leave next美国驻欧盟大使安东尼?加德Anthony Gardner)上周表示,美国“为英国退欧摇旗呐喊”将是“愚蠢至极”的行为。(他还透露,特朗普团队曾致电欧盟各国领导人,询问“下一个退欧的是哪个国家”。)But Mr Trump appears y to do exactly that, predicting that other countries would leave the EU largely as a result of its immigration policy.但特朗普似乎已准备好就这样干,他预言其他国家也将退出欧盟,主要原因是欧盟的移民政策。“I believe others will leave. I do think keeping it together is not going to be as easy as a lot of people think. And I think this, if refugees keep pouring into different parts of Europe?.?.?.?it’s going to be very hard to keep it together because people are angry about it.”“我相信其他国家将会退出。我真的认为,保持欧盟一体不会像很多人想的那么容易。而且我认为,如果难民持续涌入欧洲各个地区……保持欧盟一体将会非常困难,因为人们对此感到愤怒。”Mr Trump told Mr Gove: “You look at the European Union and it’s Germany. Basically a vehicle for Germany. That’s why I thought the UK was so smart in getting out.”特朗普告诉戈夫:“看看欧盟,它就是德囀?基本是德国的工具。这就是为什么我认为英国退出欧盟很聪明。”The president-elect said he was “a big fan of the UKand would “work very hardto secure a bilateral trade agreement in what would be another rebuke to the EU, with which the US has been engaging in trade negotiations for the past four years.这位当选总统表示,他是“英国的大粉丝”,并且将“非常努力地”争取达成双边贸易协议。如果达成,这项协议将成为对欧盟的又一否定。过年,美国一直在与欧盟进行贸易谈判。Under EU rules the UK cannot negotiate a trade agreement with another country until it leaves the union.根据欧盟规则,英国只有退出欧盟后才能与另一个国家谈判贸易协议。Having made criticism of globalisation a central plank of his election campaign, Mr Trump also warned Germany’s carmakers to expect to be hit with a border tax if they sought to produce cars in Mexico for export to the US market.批评全球化一直是特朗普竞选活动的一个核心,他警告德国的汽车制造商如果想在墨西哥生产汽车出口到美国市场,就等着承受边境税的打击。“I would say to BMW, if they built a factory in Mexico and want to sell cars in the US without paying a 35 per cent tax, then they can forget it. If they want to build cars for [export to] the rest of the world, I wish them all the best. They can build cars for the US. But they will pay a 35 per cent tax for every car they export to the US. What I am saying is that they should build their factory in the US.”“我想对宝马(BMW)说,如果他们在墨西哥建厂、还希望在美国卖车不必缴5%的税,那想都别想。如果他们想生产汽车出口到其他国家,我祝他们一切顺利。他们可以为美国生产汽车。但他们要为出口到美国的每辆车5%的税。我要说的是,他们应该把工厂建到美国。”Mr Trump was openly supportive of Brexit on the campaign trail, and criticised Ms Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis.特朗普在竞选期间公开持英国脱欧,还曾批评默克尔处理难民危机的方式。Many European politicians held out hope that Mr Trump’s attitudes would change, as he moved out of campaign mode and received intelligence briefings on the threat of Russia.许多欧洲政客曾冀盼随着特朗普脱离竞选模式并得到有关俄罗斯威胁的情报汇报,他的态度会有所改变。In his interview published on Sunday, Mr Trump gave mixed messages on Nato, saying the alliance was “very important to mebut adding that it “was obsoleteand that only “five countries?.?.?.?are paying what they’re supposed to在上周日发表的访谈中,特朗普谈到北约(Nato)时发出了含混的信息,表示这个联盟“对我很重要”,但同时表示它“已经过时了”,只有“五个国家……在缴纳它们该缴的款。”He suggested that he would be support lifting sanctions on Russia if Mr Putin agreed to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons. With reference to Mr Putin and Ms Merkel, he said: “I start off trusting both but let’s see how long that lasts. It may not last long at all.”他表示如果普京答应裁减核武库,他就会持解除对俄制裁。提及普京和默克尔时,特朗普表示:“我开始时会信任这两人——但让我们看看这份信任能持续多久,可能持续不了多久吧。”来 /201701/488888哈尔滨市南岗区妇幼保健所检查多少钱

哈尔滨做引产的医院哪家好哈尔滨宫腹腔镜手术多少钱Attorney-general Jeff Sessions failed to disclose during his confirmation hearings in January that he twice met the Russian ambassador while acting as a close adviser to Donald Trump during last year’s presidential campaign.美国司法部长杰夫?塞申Jeff Sessions)在今月的就职听会上,未能披露曾在去年总统选战期间两次会晤俄罗斯大使的事实。而在与俄罗斯大使会晤时,塞申斯身为与唐纳特朗Donald Trump)关系密切的顾问。Mr Sessions met Sergey Kislyak on September 8 in the then-senator’s private office in the US Capitol building, after having spoken with him briefly two months earlier at the conservative Heritage Foundation.去年9日,时任美国参议员的塞申斯曾在其位于美国国会山的私人办公室会晤谢尔盖?基斯利亚Sergey Kislyak)。此前,塞申斯曾于两个月前在保守的美国传统基金会(Heritage Foundation)与后者短暂交谈。The meetings occurred as Russian officials were mounting an increasingly aggressive effort to interfere with the US election in a bid to aid Mr Trump’s chances of winning, US intelligence agencies concluded this year.今年,美国情报机构曾经认定,上述会晤发生之际,俄罗斯官员正在以日益激进的力度干预美国大选,试图帮助提高特朗普获胜的可能性。During his confirmation hearing testimony before the Senate judiciary committee on January 10, Mr Sessions who chaired candidate Trump’s national security advisory committee was asked about published reports of continuing contacts between the Republican nominee’s representatives and Russian officials.塞申斯曾是总统候选人特朗普的国家安全顾问委员会主席。今0日,在为其就职听向参议院司法委员会做时,塞申斯曾被问及有关特朗普的代表和俄罗斯官员持续接触的公开报道。Asked by Senator Al Franken what we would do if he learnt of evidence of contacts between Trump campaign surrogates and Russian officials, Mr Sessions replied: “Im not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didnt have did not have communications with the Russians.”当时,参议员阿弗兰Al Franken)曾问塞申斯,如果他获悉特朗普选战代理人与俄罗斯官员接触的据,他们应该怎么做。对此,塞申斯回答:“我并未发现有任何此类活动,有那么一两次我曾被称为代理人,而我没有与俄罗斯人联系过——完全没有。”Late on Wednesday, as Democrats claimed that Mr Sessions had lied under oath and should recuse himself from any US Department of Justice investigation of the president’s Russian links, a spokeswoman said he had acted properly.周三晚上,塞申斯曾试图就他在参议院词中的誓言与这一新爆料的出入做出澄清。塞申斯表示,他从未“以讨论选战问题为目的”,与俄罗斯官员会晤。来 /201703/495274Microsoft founder Bill Gates has attacked Donald Trump’s brand of protectionist politics, arguing that as “the biggest beneficiary by farof globalisation, the US would suffer from any move to hinder international trade. 微软(Microsoft)创始人比#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)抨击唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)倡导的那种保护主义政治。盖茨称,美国是全球化“遥遥领先的最大受益者”,任何阻碍国际贸易的举动对美国都是不利的Mr Gates said he was also worried about the prospect of UK voters in June voting to leave the EU and other signs of Europe turning inward. 盖茨表示,他还担心英国选民6月投票决定退出欧盟的可能性,以及欧洲出现的其他闭关自守迹象“I’m not a UK voter and they get to decide,he said in an interview with the Financial Times. “[But] the benefits to the UK of being in [the EU], in my view, greatly exceed the benefits of being out.“我不是英国选民,决定权在他们手里,”他在接受英囀?金融时报》采访时表示。“但是在我看来,留在欧盟为英国带来的好处大大超过退出的好处。The billionaire philanthropist said no one in the business community was in effect arguing for the benefits of trade, despite the protectionist rhetoric in this year’s US presidential campaign. 这位亿万富豪慈善家表示,尽管今年美国总统大选的竞选期间出现保护主义论调,但商界没有人站出来肯定贸易带来的好处As a result, candidates such as Mr Trump, the Republican frontrunner, and Democrat Bernie Sanders, both of whom advocate forcing US companies to bring manufacturing home and tearing up existing US trade agreements, have been largely unchallenged. 其结果是,身为共和党总统候选人领跑者的特朗普和民主党总统候选人角逐者伯#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)迄今基本上未受挑战;这两人都主张迫使美国企业把制造业迁回国内,同时撕毁美国现有的贸易协定Mr Gates, who has supported Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate, in past elections, but who has also donated money to the Republicans, said such policies were based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the modern US economy. 盖茨表示,这种政策是基于对现代美国经济的一个根本误解。盖茨曾在以往的选举中持过民主党的希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton),但也曾向共和党捐款“Who is the monster winner of all time in scale economic business software, airplanes, pharmaceuticals, movies? Mmm. I wonder who that is?he asked rhetorically. “谁是规模经济业务(软件、飞机、制药、电影)的史上最?嗯。那是谁?”他反问道“I haven’t watched many [Nigerian] Nollywood or [Indian] Bollywood movies recently, sorry. [The big winner is] the US,he said. “We’re the big beneficiary of globalisation#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;It’s the biggest beneficiary by far.“我最近没有看过多少(尼日利亚)诺莱坞或者(印度)宝莱坞电影,对不起。(是)美国,”他说。“我们是全球化最大的受益者……而且是遥遥领先的最大受益者。Asked about the policies of Mr Trump and Mr Sanders, he argued that US economic strength was built on companies such as Boeing and Microsoft, which hire highly paid engineers and spend billions of dollars on research, since they focus on a global market of 7bn rather than a domestic one of 330m. 在被问及对特朗普和桑德斯的政策的看法时,盖茨辩称美国经济实力是建立在波音(Boeing)、微软等企业基础上的,这些企业高薪聘请工程技术人员,并向研发投入巨额资金,因为它们面0亿人的全球市场,而不.3亿人的美国国内市场That meant that the country’s capacity for innovation in areas such as pharmaceuticals was linked to globalisation, he said. 他表示,这意味着美国在医药等领域的创新能力是与全球化挂钩的“We’ve taken for granted too much that people understand that consumers being able to buy a variety of goods and having price competition on those goods and us being the big winner in these scale markets#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;is a huge thing,he added. “我们太想当然了,以为人们明白,消费者能够买到各种商品,并且受益于这些商品的价格竞争,美国还是这些规模市场的赢家……是一件大事,”他补充说“I wish for a week that we could shut down trade and then, you know, Boeing, Microsoft, Hollywood, pharma would resize their Ramp;D departments for a couple of weeks for fun. And then two weeks later people would go ‘Holy smokes, that was not a very good deal“假如我们能够停止贸易一周,然后,波音、微软、好莱坞、制药企业为了好玩,在两个星期期间调整各自研发部门的规模。然后再过两个星期,人们会说‘天哪,那不是一个划算的安排’”He compared some policies advocated in the US campaign with the attempts of countries such as Nigeria and Venezuela to erect trade barriers to defend their currencies. 他把美国大选竞选期间出炉的政见与尼日利亚和委内瑞拉等国为了捍卫其货币而设置的贸易壁垒相提并论“Shutting down international trade has real costs and somebody it shouldn’t have anything to do with either of the parties but somebody really has got to remind people why this has been good,Mr Gates said. “关闭国际贸易是有切实代价的,有人——这与两党中的哪一个党都不应该有什么关系——真的得提醒人们,贸易为什么是一件好事,”盖茨表示。来 /201604/438363哈尔滨无痛人流一般需多少钱哈尔滨医大二院电话

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