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Rich Dad, Poor Dad 富爸爸,穷爸爸Most parents would probably be extremely grateful to be shown an easy way to instill into their children an appreciation of the value of money and a better understanding of how to make it. According to some critics, they can find the answer by ing a new bestselling book by financial wizard Robert T. Kiyosaki. Rich Dad, Poor Dad has the title of a novel rather than a how-to treatise, and indeed, much of the book is written in story form. Its central theme is summed up by the subtitle "What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not.? The author also strongly disparages the tendency of most people to work for money rather than "letting money work for them." Kiyosaki illustrates his point in the first part of the book by narrating a story based on his childhood experiences. The title refers to the author's own highly educated father, the "poor dad" who always had to work hard to meet the family's needs; and the "rich dad", a neighbor who had dropped out of high school but whose financial acumen turned him into a multimillionaire. The book has generated its share of negative feedback. For one thing, some reviewers have lashed out against its antieducation slant. All agree, though, that Kiyosaki is sound on the need to shake off a fearful, conservative mindset in order to make it big financially.如果有个简单的方法能帮助家长给孩子灌输重视钱的价值,以及更好地了解挣钱的办法,相信多数家长都会十分感激的。根据家的观点,父母可以在一本由财经奇才罗伯特·T·清崎所著的畅销书中找到。《富爸爸,穷爸爸》有点像小说的书名,而不像是一部入门的专著。的确,书的大部分内容以故事的形式写成。书的副标题——《富人教给孩子有关金钱的观念和穷人与中产阶级所教的相左》,归纳了该书的主题。作者也强烈蔑视大多数人为钱工作而不是“让钱为人工作”的倾向。 清崎在书的第一部分根据自己童年的经历讲述故事来阐述他的观点。书名中的“穷爸爸”是指他受过高等教育的父亲,他为了满足家庭的需求而努力工作; “富爸爸”则是指一位高中就辍学的邻居,但其敏锐的理财眼光却使他成为大富豪。本书也得到一些负面的反馈。其中一些图书家抨击了该书的反教育倾向。不过,大家都认为清崎的主张是合理的,要赚大钱就必须先摆脱恐惧、保守的心态。 Article/200803/29205The biggest news in the whole world occurred two weeks ago when Paris Hilton was sentenced to 23 days in a Los Angeles jail. The heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune, who was a favorite of the paparazzi, had been cited for driving on a suspended license, among other things.When the judge decided that she must go to jail, people everywhere voiced their approval or disapproval. The news was on the radio, TV, and the Internet. Why her situation was such worldwide news mystified almost everyone. After all, her only known value to society thus far had been her ability to party with one boyfriend after another, one week after another. As many said, she was famous for being famous—nothing more.When she finally went to jail, there must have been 100 photographers taking pictures of her. At first, the jail officials put her in a private cell, but her claustrophobia caused her to have panic attacks. They released her the next day. The following day, however, the judge ordered her back to jail to finish her sentence.The sheriff said she was treated like all the other prisoners. She ate baloney sandwiches and other nutritious food, just like the others. When she finally was released from jail, at 12:01 a.m. on a Tuesday night, dozens of photographers again congregated around her to snap the “perfect” photo. She spent the first day relaxing—and recovering—at home in her parents’ mansion.Then she went on the Larry King radio show and talked about her experience. She hadn’t liked being in jail, she said, but it had turned her life around. She had found God, and now she was going to do all she could to help needy people improve their lives. Article/201104/131651Saturday morning meant one thing for Susan—doing the laundry. She hated doing the laundry. Unenthusiastically, she took the pillow cases off all the pillows. Then she removed the fitted sheet from the mattress. She took the towel off the towel bar in the bathroom.She grabbed a couple of dirty dish towels out of the kitchen, and looked all around her apartment for anything else that needed washing.In the corner of her living room, a can of coins sat on top of the file cabinet. She fished out seven quarters. She opened the cabinet under her kitchen sink and grabbed a plastic bottle of liquid detergent.Finally, she set her electronic timer for 35 minutes. The timer would remind her that the washing was done, and that it was time to go back downstairs and put the clothes into the dryer for 40 minutes. Without the timer, Susan would completely forget to check her clothes.Susan carried the laundry basket downstairs. How happy she would be when her laundry was done for this week. As she approached the laundry room, she heard a familiar sound. The sound was the washer washing and the dryer drying. One of her neighbors had got there before her. Muttering, Susan took her basket back upstairs. Article/201103/129935PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER EIGHTEENMr. Rochester's Story[-----1-----]. I felt weak when I stood up, because I had not eaten anything all day. When I opened my bedroom door, I saw Mr. Rochester. He was sitting in a chair outside my door. He looked at me with the face of an unhappy man."I've been waiting for you all this time, Jane." he said quietly. "I've been listening. I haven't heard you shout or scream or cry, not once. Aren't you angry with me? But [-----2-----]. Can you ever forgive me?"I knew he was telling me the truth. In my heart, I forgave him immediately."Shout at me, Jane! Tell me how terrible I am!" he said."Sir, I can't right now. I am tired and weak. I need some water."[-----3-----] and carried me to the library. He put me in front of the fire and gave me some water and a galss of wine. Slowly, my body began to feel better. Mr. Rochester bent to kiss me, but I must turned my face away."What!" he cried. "You won't kiss me! It's because I'm married, isn't it!""Yes, sir.""I know you very well, Jane. I know how firm and strong you are when you've decided to do something. You're planning to destroy my chances of happiness with you. You will treat me like a stranger. You will tell yourself, 'That man lied to me, and tried to marry me when he couldn't. I must be cold to him,' and you will be!" 填空 :1、Sometime in the afternoon I woke up from a long sleep下午不知什么时候,我从长睡中醒来。2、I never meant to hurt you我本无意伤害你。3、He took me in his arms他双手将我抱起。隐藏Vocabulary Focusforgave:宽恕forgive的过去时,它的过去分词是forgiven。共有几种表达法:1、forgive sth.2、forgive sb.3、forgive sb. for sth./doing sth. Article/200905/71893This sounded better,so Alice turned back.这听起来还差不多,爱丽丝转回来。;Never get angry,;said the Caterpillar.;任何时候都别生气,;毛虫说。;Is that all!;said Alice,trying not to be angry.;就这些吗?;爱丽丝说,努力让自己别发火。;No,;said the Caterpillar.For some minutes it smoked its pipe and did not speak,but at last it took the pipe out of its mouth,and said,;So you#39;ve changed,have you!How tall do you want to be!;;不,;毛虫说。它吸着烟斗,好一会儿都没开口,最后把烟斗从嘴里抽出来,说道,;你已经变过了,对吗?你想长多高?;;I would like to be a little larger,sir,please,;said Alice.;Eight centimetres is really very small.;;我很想长高一点,;爱丽丝说。;80厘米实在太矮了。;For a while the Caterpillar smoked its pipe.Then it shook itself,got down off the mushroom,and moved slowly away into the grass.It did not look back at Alice,but said,;One side will make you taller,and the other side will make you shorter.;毛虫吸了一会儿烟斗。然后它晃晃身子,从蘑菇上下来,慢慢地爬到草丛里。它没有回头看看爱丽丝.只是说,;一边可以让你长高,另一边可以让你变矮。;;One side of what!;thought Alice to herself.;什么的一边?;爱丽丝心里想。She did not say this aloud,but the Caterpillar said, ;mushroom.;Then it moved away into the wood.她并没说出声来,可毛虫说,;蘑菇的。;然后它进了森林。Alice looked at the mushroom carefully,but it was round, and did not have sides.At last she broke off a piece in each hand from opposite sides of the mushroom.She ate some of the piece in her left hand,and waited to see what would happen.爱丽丝仔细看了看蘑菇,蘑菇是圆的,没有两边。最后,她从蘑菇正相对的两边一手掰下一片。她吃了点左手里的那片,然后等着看看会发生什么。A minute later her head was as high as the tallest tree in the wood,and she was looking at a sea of green leaves.Then a bird appeared and began to fly around her head,screaming, ;Egg thief!Egg thief!Go away!;一分钟后,她的头和森林里最高的树一样高,她看着那一片绿叶的海洋。这时,有只小鸟出现了并绕着她的头飞,尖叫着:;偷蛋的贼,偷蛋的贼,滚开!;;I#39;m not an egg thief,;said Alice.;我不是偷蛋的贼,;爱丽丝说。;Oh no!;said the bird angrily.;But you eat eggs,don#39;t you!;;不是?;小鸟生气地说。;但你吃蛋,对不对?;;Well,yes,I do,but I don#39;t steal them,;explained Alice quickly.;We have them for breakfast,you know.;;对,我吃蛋,但我不偷蛋,;爱丽丝赶忙解释。;你知道,我们早饭吃蛋。;;Then how do you get them,if you don#39;t steal them!; screamed the bird.;那么,如果不是偷,你们怎么弄到蛋的?;This was a difficult question to answer,so Alice brought up her right hand through the leaves and ate a little from the other piece of mushroom.She began to get smaller at once and, very carefully,she ate first from one hand,then from the other,until she was about twenty-five centimetres high.这个问题很难回答,爱丽丝把右手从树叶间抽出来,吃了点那片蘑菇。她马上开始变小了,然后,她小心翼翼地吃点这片,吃点那片,直到她有25厘米那么高。;That#39;s better,;she said to herself.;And now I must find that garden.;She began to walk through the wood,and after a while she came to a little house.;这还差不多,;她对自己说。;现在我得找到那个花园。;她走进树林,过了一会儿到了一所小房子面前。 Article/201203/174442

The Oakville pier collapsed Saturday afternoon at 3:30. Although hundreds of people were on the pier at the time of the collapse, no one was killed and only 15 people were injured. One person was seriously injured. That person was a 43-year-old man who suffered two broken legs, eight broken ribs, and a punctured lung.Hundreds of people gathered around to watch the rescue efforts. Three local television stations and two radio stations broadcast live from the pier. The collapse occurred after a big rig went out of control Saturday morning and slammed into one of the main supports for the pier.For public safety reasons, a city council member wanted to close the pier immediately. However, local businesses on the pier and nearby protested. Oakville officials decided to wait until tomorrow before sending out a structural engineer to investigate the damage.“The driver reeked of booze,” said a police officer who had written the truck driver a ticket for driving under the influence. “He was so drunk that he didn't even apply his brakes before he crashed into the support. It's a miracle that he didn’t kill someone,” said the officer, who took the driver to jail.City officials said it was too early to get a complete damage estimate, but that repairs to the pier would probably cost at least 0,000 and take a month or more. The local business people are very unhappy because the repair process will significantly reduce consumer purchases for the summer season.“We make 80 percent of our annual profits from June through September,” noted one T-shirt vendor. “This is going to hurt.” Article/201106/142679

What Does It Mean to Be a Lover?爱的诠释What does it mean to be a lover?It is more than just being married to someone.Millions of people are married but few are real lovers.To be a real lover,you must commit to and participate in a perpetual dance of intimacy with your partner.You are a lover when you appreciate the gift that your partner is,and celebrate that gift every day. You are a lover when you remember that your partner does not belong to you. He or she is on loan from the universe.You are a lover when you realize that nothing that happens between you will be insignificant,that everying you say in the relationship has the potential to cause your beloved joy or sorrow,and everying you do will either strengthen your connection or weaken it.You are a lover when you understand all this,and thus wake up each morning filled with gratitude that you have another day in which to love and enjoy your partner. When you have a lover in your life,you are richly blessed.You have been given the gift of another person who has chosen to walk beside you.He or she will share your days and your nights,your bed and your burdens. Your lover will see secret parts of you that no one else sees. He or she will touch places on your body that no one else touches.Your lover will seek you out where you have been hiding,and creat a haven for you within safe,loving arms.Your lover offers you an abundance of miracles every day.He has the power to delight you with his smile,his voice,the scent of his neck,the way he moves.She has the power to banish your loneliness.He has the power to turn the ordinary into the sublime.She is your doorway to heaven here on earth. Article/200909/84889

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