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North Korea’s defiant stance in the face of international condemnation over its rocket launch Sunday and its nuclear test last month are in some ways strengthening Kim Jong Un’s position at home and abroad.国际社会对朝鲜星期日发射火箭以及上月进行核试验予以谴责,而平壤当局对国际谴责所持的强硬立场在某种程度上加强了金正恩在国内外的地位。Domestically, the young leader is portrayed by the North’s tightly controlled state media as a strong leader defending the country’s sovereignty against hostile American and South Korean forces.在朝鲜国内,受到严格控制的国家媒体把这个年轻的领导人描绘成捍卫国家主权、对抗美国和韩国势力的坚强领袖。And Sunday’s rocket launch is described by state media outlets as a great technological achievement by a rapidly advancing nation that fills many North Koreans with pride.朝鲜国家媒体把星期日发射火箭称之为快速发展的朝鲜取得的伟大科技成就,使很多朝鲜人感到自豪。The U.S. Joint Space Operations Center says North Koreas rocket launch put two objects in orbit, but it is unclear if either is sending out signals.美国联合太空合作中心说,朝鲜火箭把两个物体送入轨道,但不清楚它们是否在发送信号。The ed Nations Security Council Sunday condemned North Korea for testing ballistic missile technology under the guise of a satellite launch that contributes to the “development of nuclear weapon delivery systems.”联合国安理会星期日谴责朝鲜打着发射卫星的幌子试验弹道导弹技术,而这种技术可用于发展运载核武器系统。Pyongyang’s recent rocket launch and nuclear test sends a clear message to the international community that North Korea will not give up its nuclear deterrent.平壤近来发射火箭和进行核试验,这种举动向国际社会发出一个清晰的信息,即朝鲜不会放弃其核威慑力量。来 /201602/425849The US media have given their verdict on who won the second presidential debate after Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton engaged in attack and counter-attack.共和党人唐纳#8226;特朗普和民主党人希拉#8226;克林顿在第二次总统大选辩论中再次交锋,对于谁赢得本场辩论的胜利,美国媒体各有评断。While opinion is divided, Mrs Clinton is largely thought to have come out on top in Sundays debate in St Louis. But columnists raised the issue of her failure to tackle Mr Trump effectively, allowing him to ;exceed expectations;.尽管存在意见分歧,但是大部分人认为希拉里在圣路易日的辩论中占了上风。不过,专栏作家们指出了希拉里的问题,称其没能有效地反击特朗普,令他的表现“超出了人们的预期”。Fox News concludes that Mr Trump managed to pull off a surprising performance, although the news channel does not explicitly state that the Republican candidate won the debate.福克斯新闻虽然没有明确表态称这位共和党候选人赢得了此次辩论,但认为特朗普的表现惊人。The conservative network says he performed well, pivoting and manoeuvring through questions, allowing him to save his presidential hopes.这一保守派电视台表示,特朗普表现得不错,巧妙地周璇,转移问题,为他的总统梦挽回了一线希望。Mr Trumps decision to launch a blistering attack against Hillary Clinton and her husband is described by Fox as the equivalent of ;Hillary dropping Alicia Machado on Trump; in the previous debate.福克斯新闻称,特朗普向克林顿夫妇疯狂开炮的决定就像是在前一场辩论中“希拉里向特朗普抛出了艾莉茜#8226;马查多。This could be one of the biggest knockouts Ive seen“这可能是我见过最猛的制胜一击”That was the line used by Breitbart news, which is in a minority in handing the title to Mr Trump.布莱巴特新闻网使用了上面这段文字,这是为数不多的一家将特朗普视为赢家的媒体。In a leading story ing comments from former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, it reports that Mrs Clinton was ;pounded on bad decisions;.该网站一篇援引前纽约市长鲁迪#8226;朱利安尼的头条新闻报道称,希拉里“因为错误的决策而备受抨击”。It refers to accusations from Mr Trump that Mrs Clinton and the Democratic Party helped ;create the vacuum in the Middle East; that allowed so-called Islamic State to form.这里指的是特朗普指控希拉里和民主党制造了“中东真空地带”,致使所谓的“伊斯兰国”组织的建立;All Hillary Clinton had to do was remain upright for 90 minutes.;“希拉里#8226;克林顿所要做的就是把自己的正直形象保0分钟。”The Washington Posts verdict is that the debate highlighted an ;increasingly isolated; Mr Trump during an ;unusually dark and bitter face-off;. Over the past year, the newspaper has been at the forefront of investigations into Mr Trump, and has published several editorials condemning the candidate.《华盛顿邮报》认为在异常肮脏和激烈的辩论中特朗普显得“更加孤立”。过去一年里,这家报纸一直是调查特朗普的先锋,并发表了许多抨击他的社论。On the news sites Right Turn blog, Jennifer Rubin says Mrs Clinton had very little to do in order to go ;the last little way in wrapping up the election;.在其网站的“Right Turn”客栏目中,詹妮弗#8226;鲁宾称希拉里无需费太多力就可以走完大选的“最后一公里”。She writes that Mrs Clinton handled the audience well when answering questions, adding that the former secretary of state effectively won the debate early on by ;simply keeping her cool;.她写道,希拉里在回答问题时很好地应付了观众,而且这位前国务卿仅靠着“保持冷静”就已经提前在事实上赢得了这场辩论。Issues ranging from Mr Trumps tax payments to his foreign policy have, according to the Post, given Mrs Clinton plenty of material for a new raft of political ads.华盛顿邮报称,从纳税到外交政策,特朗普存在诸多问题,这为希拉里给自己作新一轮政治宣传提供了大量素材。A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers handed Sundays victory to Mrs Clinton. But the results also showed that Mr Trump managed to exceed expectations.CNN和ORC对电视观众进行的一份联合民调认日辩论胜利属于希拉里。但是结果还显示特朗普表现超出期待。Ron Fournier, whose coverage of US politics dates back to the days of Bill Clinton, writes that Mrs Clinton did about as well as anyone could while dealing with a ;barking; opponent and ;pouting menace;.#8226;福尼尔(前美联社政治员,译者注)从比尔#8226;克林顿时期就开始报道美国政治,他写道在“大吼大叫”的对手和“厉色的恐吓”面前,希拉里的应对不比任何人差。Mr Fournier said that throughout the debate the controversial Republican ;failed to patch together his collapsing campaign;.福尼尔称,整场辩论中,这位备受争议的共和党人“没能将他正在瓦解的竞选团队重新凝聚在一起”。来 /201610/470849

China is fully prepared to export a full supply chain of high-speed railway technology, according to industry experts.据行业专家表示,中国已做好准备出口高铁技术全套供应链。China Railway Corp, the national rail operator, said exports of railway equipment and railway construction projects are proceeding well, and breakthroughs are being made in a number of projects overseas.国家铁路运营商中国铁路总公司表示,铁路设备出口和铁路建设项目正在顺利开展,大量海外项目都实现了突破。Among the projects, the first full-chain commission, the Jakarta to Bandung high-speed railway in Indonesia - which includes technology, design, construction, equipment manufacture, supply of resources, operations management and staff training - has been granted a construction permit and work is proceeding smoothly.在这些项目中,首个全链委员会--印尼雅加达至万隆高铁--包括了技术、设计、施工、设备制造、资源供应、运营管理和人员培训,已经获得了建设许可、工作进展顺利;Chinas railways have established a comprehensive and advanced technology system, which is able to provide overseas customers with solutions from many different perspectives, including financing, construction, operations, and research and development,; said Yang Zhongmin, the CRCs deputy chief engineer, who added that Chinas railway system is competitive in terms of technology and economy of use.中国铁路总公司副总工程师杨忠明表示:“中国的铁路已经建立起了完善、先进的技术系统,能够给海外客户从多种不同角度提供解决方案,包括融资、施工、运营、研究和开发。”他还表示,中国的铁路系统在技术和使用经济上很有竞争力。According to Yang, the nations railway equipment and infrastructure service businesses have entered markets in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.据杨忠明表示,中国的铁路设备和基础设施务企业已经打进了亚洲、欧洲、北美和非洲的市场。Last year, Joko Widodo, president of Indonesia, and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, rode Chinese-made bullet trains.去年,印尼总统佐科·维多多和马来西亚总理纳吉布·拉扎克乘坐了中国制造的子弹列车。Yang Hao, a professor of rail transportation management at Beijing Jiaotong University, said China has a major advantage in that it is able to export a full range of railway technology: ;For example, it is inconvenient to import the technology for the signaling system from one country and civil engineering technology from another.;北京交通大学铁路运输管理教授杨浩表示,中国在这方面的一个主要优点是可以出口全方位的铁路技术:“举例来说,从一个国家进口信号系统技术,从另一个国家进口土木工程技术很不方便。”来 /201701/489272

The US Navy is considering espionage charges against an officer involved in intelligence collection who is suspected of passing secret information to China and Taiwan. 美国海军(US Navy)考虑以间谍罪控告一名负责情报收集的军官,这名军官涉嫌向中国大陆和台湾传递秘密信息Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin, a naturalised US citizen born in Taiwan, worked on naval spy aircraft, according to US officials. As well as potential espionage charges rare for a member of the military on active duty Lt Cmdr Lin is facing accusations of adultery and hiring a prostitute. 美国官员称,海军少校爱德#8226;Edward Lin)是一名生于台湾的归化美国公民,曾在海军侦察机上工作。除了面临可能的间谍罪指控(美国现役军人很少受到这种指控),林少校还面临通奸和召妓指控The charges were aired last Friday at a so-called Article 32 hearing, the military equivalent of a grand jury, and have been published in heavily redacted form. The case was first reported by USNI News, which is managed by the US Naval Institute. 这些指控是在上周五的所谓“初步听会Article 32 hearing)上宣布的,而公开发布的指控内容经过大量的编辑。此案是由美国海军研究所(US Naval Institute,简称USNI)管理的《USNI新闻USNI News)率先报道的Lt Cmdr Lin, who joined the Navy in 1999, spent two years as a congressional liaison for an assistant secretary of the Navy and had a tour on the USS Eisenhower, an aircraft carrier. In his most recent job he worked at the headquarters of a Hawaii-based group that operates intelligence aircraft, including the EP-3E, one of the navy’s most secret aircraft, according to USNI. 林少999年加入美国海军,曾为一名助理海军部长作了两年的国会联络官,还曾在艾森豪威尔USS Eisenhower)航母上待过。根据美国海军研究所的说法,他最近的岗位是在夏威夷一个机构的总部工作,该机构掌管着包括EP-3E在内的一些侦察机Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, confirmed that a US Navy officer was being held at the Navy Consolidated Brig in Chesapeake, Virginia, and was facing potential espionage charges. A US official said there were suspicions Lt Cmdr Lin had passed information to both China and Taiwan. 白宫发言人乔#8226;欧内斯特(Josh Earnest)实,一名美国海军军官被关在弗吉尼亚州切萨皮Chesapeake)的美国海军联合禁闭所(Navy Consolidated Brig)、并面临可能的间谍罪指控。一名美国官员表示,林少校涉嫌向中国大陆和台湾传递信息The redacted charge sheet said he was being investigated on two counts of espionage and three of attempted espionage and was accused of communicating secret information “with intent or reason to believe it would be used to the advantage of a foreign nation 经过编辑的指控书称,林少校正因两项间谍罪和三项间谍未遂罪指控接受调查,他还被控传递“有意或有理由认为会被用来使他国获利”的秘密信息He also faces accusations of hiring a prostitute, committing adultery and not disclosing foreign travel to the US government, which he later lied about. The document gives no indication of the identity of his legal representative. 此外,他还面临召妓、通奸、以及未向美国政府披露境外旅行并在事后撒谎的指控。这份文件未披露林少校法定代理人的身什?In 2008 Lt Cmdr Lin was profiled in a navy publication in an article about his naturalisation as a US citizen. “I always dreamt about coming to America, the ‘promised landhe was ed as saying, revealing that he had left Taiwan at the age of 14. “I grew up believing that all the roads in America lead to Disneyland.2008年,美国海军一份刊物在一篇文章中描述了林少校归化为美国公民的情况。文章援引他的话称:“我一直梦想来到美国这块‘应许之地’。”文章披露他4岁时离开的台湾。“我从小就认为,在美国,条条大路都通往迪士尼乐Disneyland)。He told the publication a translator had to help him register for school, including filling out the required paperwork. “I was barely able to spell ‘A The only name that I knew back then as an American name was Eddy,he was ed as saying. 他还向该刊表示,他报名上学时不得不求助于一名翻译,包括帮他填写必要的文件。文章援引他的话称:“我几乎只会拼写‘A。那时候我知道的唯一一个美国名字是埃迪(Eddy)。”来 /201604/437347

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