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新东方美国口语学习革命[王强主讲] Lesson 3暂无文本 /200606/7393

With regard to the LGBT community fundamental --. 的态度 发生了根本的改观 根本的Now an absolute majority of the American people are fully supportive of extending all rights to the LGBT community. 现在 美国绝大多数人 都持赋予LGBT群体所有的平等权利Including the right to choose who they marry Eleven states have aly moved on marriage equality. 包括选择其婚姻对象 十一个州通过了婚姻平等法案Thats you! Thats you! On immigration there is now overwhelming support among the American people. 这是你们 这是你们在行动 美国人现在对此是一边倒的持To bring 11 million undocumented men, women and children out of the shadows, on the path to earn citizenship. 让1100万没有得到法律认可的男人 女人和小孩 摆脱阴影 走上获得公民权的道路And thats all changed within the last four years Weve ended the war in Iraq and we will end the war in Afghanistan. 这些变化都发生在最近四年 我们结束了伊拉克战争 我们也将结束阿富汗战争And economically, we regained our footing Today, were better positioned than any nation in the world. 而经济上 我们重新站稳脚跟 如今 我们的位置比世界其它任何国家都要稳固To lead the 21st century I love to hear people tell me -- now to use the vernacular --. 引领着二十一世纪的方向 我喜欢听人告诉我 用时髦的话说;Chinas going to eat our lunch; Chinas a great nation. ;中国将吃掉我们的午餐; 中国是个伟大的国家And we should hope for the continued expansion but ladies and gentlemen. 我们当然希望看到中国的持续发展 但女士们 先生们Their problems are immense and they lack much of what we have. 他们的问题很大 他们缺少我们所拥有的很多东西201610/470333

点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!这里是Andy的广播学口语,欢迎你的准时相约。今天的句子是两个新的: Itlsquo;s the name of the game和 Itrsquo;s the run in family。看似平淡的句子,会有什么新意呢?音乐之后马上告诉你!(音乐)先来看第一个句子:Itrsquo;s the name of the game。这个句子看似很简单,不就是游戏或比赛的名字。Andy当然不能使你错了。可这不准确,name除了名字之外,还有名人的意思。比赛中的名人当然是最受人关注的。所以 the name of the game就是最重要的。 Hard work is the name of the game if you want to succeed in business。(要想生意兴隆,苦干是关键)这可是生意经啊!But whatlsquo;s the name of the game if you want to gain otherrsquo;s love?Can hard work do the same?Andy canlsquo;t tell。That depends!但赢得别人的爱什么是最重要的 ?Andy搞不懂。不过这也要你自己去想了。(音乐)下面开始第二个句子:Itrsquo;s the run in the family。可不是家庭中的奔跑啊!run在这里不是奔跑的意思,是特色的意思。所以 the run in the family 就是家庭中的特色。Whatlsquo;s the run in your family?Harmony?Tidiness?Hospitality or others?(你家有什么特色?和睦?整洁?好客还是其他的?) The run in my family is my motherrsquo;s flowers.There are various flowers.So perfume flies in our house all the year round.Do you want a go?Welcome!(我们家的特色就是妈妈的花,各种各样的花,所以我们家一年四季都飘香。想来吗?欢迎你!)如果你对自己家的特色都不了解,就赶紧去看看吧!(音乐)好了,为了给你省些时间回家,Andy就先和你说再见了。 /200605/7234

Hope to see you again next year.希望明年再见A: I've come to say goodbye.B: When do you leave?A: I'm catching the 11:00 train.B: Take care of yourself and don't forget to keep in touch.A: Goodbye. Hope to see you again next year.译文:A: 我是来跟你告别的。B: 你什么时候走?A: 我赶11:00的火车。B: 请多保重,别忘了保持联系。A: 再见。希望明年能再见到你。注解 :1) catch take 赶(乘、看),抓 例: I tried to catch a glimpse of the fireworks show, but there was a big tree in the way.我尽力想看到一眼焰火表演,但是被一个大树挡住了。2) take care of: 照顾 /200708/16422

If the axis-tilt theory had been refuted,倘若“地轴倾斜”理论被观察否定了its defenders would have had nowhere to go.它的持者们就无路可退了No easily implemented change could make that tilt没有什么信手拈来的变动能让地轴的倾斜cause the same seasons in both hemispheres.在两个半球产生相同的季节The search for hard-to-vary explanations is the origin of all progress.对难以修改的解释的探寻是所有进步之源Its the basic regulating principle of the Enlightenment.这是启蒙运动的基本纲领So, in science, two false approaches blight progress.在科学领域,有两种错误阻碍进步One is well known: untestable theories.第一种众所周知:无法验的空头理论But the more important one is explanationless theories.但更重要的却是不带解释的理论Whenever youre told that some existing statistical trend will continue,每当别人告诉你某个统计数据趋势将会延续下去but you arent given a hard-to-vary account of what causes that trend,而又不给你一个难以改动的好解释,告诉你这趋势为什么存在youre being told a wizard did it.他几乎就是在说某个大仙做了个法就成这样了When you are told that carrots have human rights当别人说胡萝卜也是有人权的because they share half our genes --因为我们有一半基因胡萝卜也有but not how gene percentages confer rights -- wizard.却不说明相同基因的比重怎么引出人权--大仙又来了When someone announces that the nature-nurture debate当有人宣布认知论中经久不息的“先天-后天”大辩论has been settled because there is evidence已经解决了,因为有据说明that a given percentage of our political opinions are genetically inherited,某个百分比的政治主张是先天遗传的but they dont explain how genes cause opinions, theyve settled nothing.但他们却不解释基因怎么导致某些意见,它们就什么也没解决。They are saying that our opinions are caused by wizards,他们只是说我们的主张是变来的and presumably so are their own.估计他们自己的也是变来的That the truth consists of hard to vary assertions about reality真理体现在对现实提出的无法轻易改动的论断is the most important fact about the physical world.这是物质世界中最重要的一个事实Its a fact that is, itself, unseen, yet impossible to vary. Thank you.这一事实本身其实也是看不见的,但却不可能被东改西改。谢谢大家。201606/451700

Alright, where are we going with this?那好,我们现在进展如何呢?What Im going to tell you next,我接下来要告诉你们的,as a lifelong researcher, represents a dream of mine.作为一个终身的研究人员,代表了我的一个梦想。I cant say thats its a promise; its a dream.我不敢说那是一个诺言;这是一个梦想。But I think we all have to have dreams to keep us pushing forward,但是我想我们都应该有梦想来鞭策我们前行,even -- and maybe especially -- cancer researchers.甚至--并且可能尤其是--针对癌症的研究者。Im going to tell you what I hope will happen with my technology,我将告诉你们我所希望用我的技术会发生的,that my team and I will put our hearts and souls into making a reality.我和我的团队将不遗余力让它变成现实。OK, here goes.这就是:I dream that one day,我希望有一天instead of going into an expensive screening facility to get a colonoscopy,不需要昂贵的筛选设备来进行结肠镜检查,or a mammogram, or a pap smear,或乳房X线照片,或制作帕氏涂片,that you could get a shot, wait an hour,而是只需要扎一针,等一个小时,and do a urine test on a paper strip.在试纸上进行一个尿检。I imagine that this could even happen without the need for steady electricity,我期待甚至可以不需要稳定的电力供应,or a medical professional in the room.或者一位医务工作者呆在诊室。Maybe they could be far away and connected only by the image on a smartphone.也许他们在很远的地方,只通过智能手机上的图像进行联系。Now I know this sounds like a dream,现在我知道这听起来不太现实,but in the lab we aly have this working in mice,但是在实验室中,我们已经在老鼠体内取得了进展,where it works better than existing methods for the detection of lung, colon and ovarian cancer.它对于肺癌和卵巢癌的检测结果比现行的任何一种方法都要好。And I hope that what this means我希望这意味着is that one day we can detect tumors in patients有一天我们可以很快检查出病人体内的肿瘤,sooner than 10 years after theyve started growing,不必等到十年后它们已成型,in all walks of life, all around the globe,在各行各业,全球各地都是如此,and that this would lead to earlier treatments,这也会让更早期的治疗成为现实,and that we could save more lives than we can today, with early detection.我们可以比现在拯救更多的生命,只需依赖早期检测。Thank you.谢谢。201607/456214

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