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2019年11月23日 02:35:02 | 作者:时空面诊 | 来源:新华社
Beer and fried chicken-this seemingly unorthodox combo has been the most sought after late-night snack recently in Yang Xiaoqian’s dormitory on the campus of Central China Normal University.炸鸡和啤酒,这个看似怪异的搭配,最近竟成了华中师范大学学生杨晓青(音译)宿舍里最受追捧的夜宵“All of a sudden, on the tables of many dorms and in Weibo and Weixin (or WeChat) updates, the combo went viral,” says Yang, 19, a Chinese literature major at the university in Wuhan, Hubei province.“突然间,宿舍的桌上、微和微信上,这种吃法一下子火了”华中师范大学中文系学生、19岁的杨晓青这样说道Thanks to a South Korean drama currently on air, Man From the Stars, this new mix-and-match junk food trend has become popular among young audiences, despite its unhealthy nature.因为正在热播的韩剧《来自星星的你的关系,这一垃圾食品的全新混搭组合尽管有害健康,但还是受到年轻观众的追捧Indeed, South Korean TV dramas, or K-drama short, have been a major ce in the South Korean pop-culture wave that has captured the hearts of young Chinese audiences.的确,韩国电视剧(简称:韩剧),已成为推动韩国流行文化潮流的主力军,成功虏获了中国年轻观众的心According to iQiyi, a website that features Man From the Stars, by Feb , the number of views the TV drama hit a whopping 370 million in China, where the drama claimed four out of five hot topics spots on TV and on Sina Weibo on the same day.来自播放《来自星星的你的视频网站爱奇艺的数据显示,截止到月日,该剧在国内的累计播放量达到3.7亿次,与此同时,电视和新浪微上五分之四的热点话题都被该剧占据Yan Feng, professor of Chinese literature at Fudan University, in an interview with Shanghai Morning Post, believes the new wave of South Korean drama is trying to attract a wider audience.复旦大学中文系教授严峰在接受《新闻晨报采访时表示,新一轮的韩剧风潮正在吸引更多的观众群体“It is interesting to explore what elements of those dramas appeal to audiences. It’s obviously more than just pretty faces and cool poses,” says Yan.严峰表示,“探寻这些韩剧走红的因素是个有趣的过程显然,韩剧的背后不仅仅是俊男美女和帅气造型”Echoed by audiences, culture critics, academics and insiders of the industry, youth fantasy, creative storylines, cultural proximity, and well-organized production all add up to K-drama’s recipe success, along with, of course, those handsome and cute faces dressed in the latest fashion trends.从观众、文化家、学者以及业内人士的口中我们可以了解到,青春幻想、创意剧情、文化相似以及制作精良都是韩剧的成功秘诀,当然,更少不了衣着时尚光鲜的俊男美女Pretty faces and fashion俊男美女与时尚的组合“Everyone fancies a perfect partner, handsome or beautiful,” says Zhou Ying, professor of TV production at Chongqing Technology and Business University. “The South Korean TV industry is feeding this need.” After Lee Min-ho entered the spotlight his hit show The Inheritors and appeared on CCTV’s annual Spring Festival gala, he became the most famous South Korean in China. Only weeks later, Kim Soo-hyun, lead actor in Man From the Stars, swept the country.来自重庆工商大学影视制作专业的周颖(音译)教授说:“每个人都幻想着完美的另一半,希望TA是俊男或美女韩国电视产业正是满足人们的这一需求”韩星李敏镐因热门剧集《继承者们而大放异后,又现身央视春晚的舞台如今他已成为中国最知名的韩星而仅仅几周之后,《来自星星的你主演金秀贤再次风靡中国“It reinces the fantasy among young people with faces designed viewers across the spectrum: the next door girl; the rebellious, sophisticated woman; the mature gentleman; little-brother faces. You name it,” says Zhou. “Idol making keeps updating the fantasies among fans and it intentionally caters to each generation’s tastes.”“剧中的人物满足了不同观众群的审美需求,从而进一步迎合年轻人心中的浪漫情节:邻家女孩;精干熟女;成熟绅士;正太面孔,总有一款适合你”,周颖说“偶像制造不断刷新着粉丝们的幻想,同时也刻意迎合着每一代人的喜好”Apart from pretty faces, fashion is another highlight of the series. Each time actors from the series wear a new set of outfits, similar clothes experience a sales spike online, according to Xiao Yi, a Taobao store owner based in Beijing.除了俊俏的面孔外,时尚是该剧的另一个亮点演员每次出场都如同“换装秀”来自北京的淘宝店主肖逸(音译)表示,同款衣在网上十分热销Zhou says that besides economic gains South Korean appliances, make-up, food and fashion items, those pretty faces are re-constructing South Korea’s national image.周颖认为,一方面韩剧带动了韩国家电、化妆品、食品和时尚用品的热销;另一方面,俊男美女们也重塑了韩国的国民形象“South Korea is imagined in accordance with those depictions in TV dramas, which is good national branding,” says Zhou.“人们会根据电视剧里的描写来设想韩国,这是很好的国家品牌宣传”周颖说Creative narrations创造性的剧情With love triangles, incurable diseases, and Cinderella tales, storylines in South Korean dramas may seem a bit commonplace. The Man From the Stars challenges this norm by integrating aliens and time travel into these existing narrations.三角恋、绝症、灰姑娘,这些韩剧剧情似乎显得太过老套了而《来自星星的你将外星人和穿越融入到剧情当中,颠覆了韩剧剧情的定式Peng Sanyuan, a Beijing-based screenwriter, says a focus on detail is a key factor in the success of these dramas.来自北京的剧作家彭三源表示,专注细节是这些剧集成功的关键因素“In order to accurately target audiences and find emotional resonance with them, more and more female writers are emerging in the industry,” says Peng about her experience of exchanging ideas with South Korean colleagues.彭三源谈起自己曾与韩国同事交流想法:“为准确定位观众,找到与观众的情感共鸣,电视编剧行业不断涌现出女性作家的身影”Ma Ke, from Sohu.com, compares K-drama and Japanese drama. “Dramatic twists are more frequent in K-dramas, while urban love stories, a common theme, are often innovated by, example, adding an alien,” says Ma. “That gives a sense of freshness to people who just want to know how everything is sorted out in such an impossible plot.”来自搜狐网的马可(音译)对韩剧和日剧进行了一番比较“峰回路转的剧情在韩剧中更常见,而都市爱情故事这个‘老生常谈’要想出新的话,就可能会加入外星人等元素,”马可说“这给人一种新鲜感,观众仅仅是想知道在如此不可思议的情境下剧情是如何发展的”According to both experts, South Korean writers somehow make sense of these plots, no matter how unlikely it seems.以上两位专业人士都认为,韩国编剧总是有办法让这些看似离谱的剧情变得合情合理 76593

The top-earning woman in the music business has been cashing in on a massive world tour, a constant stream of hit singles and a string of endorsements with a slew of major companies, while occasionally throwing thinly veiled barbs at her chief rival.音乐界收入最高的女明星,她一直以来的赚钱方式是靠大量的世界巡回演唱会,持续不断的热门单曲和一系列主流公司的代言,而且很少露骨地讽刺她的主要竞争对手Sounds like Taylor Swift—but, in fact, it’s her frequent competitor, Katy Perry. Largely because of her Prismatic World Tour, which is now winding down, Perry pulled in million this year. She grossed more than $ million per city over the course of 6 shows in our scoring period, and added to her total through deals with Coty, Claire’s and Covergirl.听起来像是泰勒斯威夫特,但事实上,却是她一直以来的竞争对手,凯迪派瑞这主要归因为她的棱镜世界巡回演唱会现在演唱会的热潮已归于平静,派瑞今年凭此吸入.5千万美金在我们评分期间的6场演出中,她平均每个城市赚得百万美金,再加上与科蒂,克莱尔和的合约,得到了她的总共收入“I am proud of my position as a boss, as a person that runs my own company,” Perry told BES our Celebrity 0 cover story this past summer. “I’m an entrepreneur. … I don’t want to shy away from it. I actually want to kind of grab it by its b---s.”“能自己当老板,经营自己的公司,我感到很骄傲,”凯蒂在刚过去的夏天对福布斯0位名人封面故事说,“我是一名企业家,并且没有刻意回避这一身份事实上,我很珍惜自己当老板的体验”Swift has also been having quite the year, claiming the No. spot with million. More than a year after the launch of 1989—the top release of with over 3.6 million copies sold—her latest single, “Wildest Dreams,” has ascended to the top of the charts, boosted by a music with Scott Eastwood. But it was the beginning of her epic 1989 World Tour that placed her so close to the top of this list.斯威夫特今年也收获颇丰,以8千万位居第二在1989(年排名第一的专辑,卖出超过3.6百万份)的发行超过一年后,通过斯科特.伊斯特伍德拍摄的MV,她的最新单曲“最疯狂的梦”一跃成为排行榜第一位但这只是起始,她的史诗1989世界巡回演唱会最终使她极近收入最高女星榜首Rounding out the top three is Fleetwood Mac at .5 million. Though the band contains three men, it also boasts two high-profile ladies—Stevie Nicks and the recently-returned Christine McVie—rendering the group eligible this list. Its On With The Show tour included 86 concerts during our scoring period, grossing well over million per city.位于第三位的是收入5.95千万的Fleetwood Mac,尽管这乐队有三位男士,它也以拥有两位备受瞩目的女星为荣,她们是史蒂薇.妮克丝和最近回归的克莉丝汀麦克,是她们造就了本次上榜乐队的巡回演唱会On With The Show在打分期间共有86场演唱会,在每个城市平均挣得超过1百万Lady Gaga ranks fourth with million, followed by Beyoncé at .5 million. The mer played 66 shows during our scoring period, also cashing in on deals with Versace and MAC, as well as her own Fame fragrance. The latter’s On The Run tour with husband Jay Z grossed over million 19 North American dates, giving music’s first couple a nightly average comparable to that of the Rolling Stones.Lady Gaga以5.9千万位列第四,其后是5.5千万的碧昂斯前者在统计期间演出了66场,也靠与范思哲和MAC的合约获得收入,同时还有她自己的黑色香水后者与其老公Jay Z的On The Run巡回演唱会通过19天(北美日期),赚得了超过千万,创造了能与滚石相比较的第一对音乐界夫妻档夜平均的神话译文属原创,,不得转载 93

“I don’t really talk about my love life,” said Taylor Swift, interviewed Monday on A’s Good Morning America. “I kind of sing about it a lot, because I really think that it sounds more poetic and romantic with music behind it.”“我不谈论我的爱情生活”泰勒斯威夫特在接受A的早安美国节目采访时说“我歌唱它,是因为我觉得在音乐的配合下这会听起来更有诗意更浪漫”Swift was looking radiant in red, aptly enough, on the day that her new album, Red, was released. The -year-old country starlet was all smiles as she spoke with anchor George Stephanopoulus about such topics as her new album, songwriting, her parents, her favorite TV shows and her most difficult song to write.斯威夫特身着一身大方得体的红裙来宣传她的新专辑《红,这位岁的乡村歌手微笑着和主播乔治谈论她的新专辑,歌曲创作,她的父母,她最喜欢的电视节目和她最难写的歌Known writing her heart — and her real-life romances — into her songs, the singer remained mum when asked if she’d write a happy or sad song about her love life with current flame, Conor Kennedy. (It was that question that prompted the “I don’t really talk about my love life” response.)我们都知道泰勒喜欢把自己的生活-尤其是感情生活,写进歌中,当被问道她是否会写一首快乐或者悲伤的歌曲来描述她现在的爱情生活,泰勒保持了沉默(是这个问题促使她以“我不谈论我的爱情生活”这句话做回应)Swift said that Red, which is aly No. 1 on iTunes, allowed her to explore the edges of what she can do by working with different songwriters and some of her musical heroes.斯威夫特说《红的成功(已经在iTunes上排名第一),是对她尝试和不同的歌曲作家和音乐英雄合作中探索尝试新的突破的肯定Often during the songwriting process, she revealed, “I just grab a guitar and make stuff up.”谈到她的创作过程,她透露,“我就是抓了把吉他,写了些故事”“Music is my way of understanding what I’m feeling,” the songstress told Stephanopoulus regarding her frequent mentions of ex-boyfriends in her songs. “It’s carried me my whole life and allowed me to filter through complicated emotions and make them simple. ”“音乐是理解我的感受的一种途径”这位女歌手告诉主播关于她经常在歌中提及前男友“这是我的生活而且通过音乐我可以把这些复杂的情感变的简单” 9


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