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哈尔滨道里区中心医院妇产科怎样黑龙江哈市第十医院正规的吗3D Food Printer3D食物打印机Feel like eating a hamburger? Or would you rather have a pizza? No problem, the 3D food printer will create anything you want, literally at the click of a button.你想要吃个汉堡包?还是想来份匹萨饼?都没问题,只需按下按钮,3D食物打印机就可以做出任何你想要的美味。Scientists at Cornell University in New York are developing a commercially viable 3D food printer, which uses raw food ;inks; that are fed into the printer and once you load the recipe and press the button, voila!纽约康奈尔大学的科学家们正研发一款可商用的3D食物打印机,它以食物原料作;墨水;。待原料放人打印机内,用户只要输入食谱,按下按钮,瞧,如此简单,大功告成!An electronic blueprint states exactly what materials go where and are drawn up using traditional engineering computer-aided design (CAD) software.科学家拟定的;电子图纸;详细说明了食物原料的调配方法,该图纸是用传统工程学中的计算机辅助设计(CAD)软件绘制而成的。;FabApps would allow you to tweak your food#39;s taste, texture and other properties. Maybe you really love biscuits, but want them extra flaky. You would change the slider and the recipe and the instructions would adjust accordingly,; the Daily Mail ed Dr. Jeffrey lan Lipton as saying.英国《每日邮报》援引杰弗里·伊恩·利普顿的话说使用FahApps食物打印机,你可以调整食物的味道、口感和其他特性。或许你很爱吃饼干,但又希望它们更薄,这时你可以拖动控制饼干厚度的滑块,调整食谱,打印食物的指令也就随之更改了。;So anything that can be loaded into syringes-liquid cheese,chocolate and cake batter-can be printed out! So far, they have had some success creating cookies, cake and ;designer domes; made of turkey meat.因此,任何可以被装入灌注器的食物——比如液体奶醋、巧克力和煎饼——都可以被打印出来。迄今为止,科学家已成功;打印;咄出了饼干、蛋糕以及火鸡肉制作的;特制肉塔;Homaro Cantu, chef at Chicago#39;s Moto, has ;printed sushi using an ink jet printer;.芝加哥Moto餐厅的大厨荷马洛.坎图已经;用食物打印机做出了寿司;。;You can imagine a 3D printer making homemade apple pie without the need for farming the apples, fertilising, transporting, refrigerating, packaging, fabricating, cooking, serving and the need for all of the materials in these processes like cars, trucks, pans, coolers, etc., said Cantu.坎图说你可以设想一下,使用3D食物打印机自制苹果派,而无须种苹果、施肥、运输、冷藏、加工、烹饪、上菜,而且不必使用相应的这些生产过程中会用到的汽车、卡车、平底锅、冷藏器等工具。;;3D printing will do for food what e-mail and instant messaging did for communication.;;3D食物打印机可以方便地制作食物,就如同电邮和即时通讯工具可以使人们快捷地交流沟通一样。; /201410/334009哈尔滨依兰县人民医院妇科地址 CUPERTINO, Calif. — Apple may well be the only tech company on the planet that would dare compare itself to Picasso.加州,库比蒂诺——苹果公司或许是这个星球上唯一一个敢把自己和毕加索(Picasso)相提并论的技术公司了。In a class at the company’s internal training program, the so-called Apple University, the instructor likened the 11 lithographs that make up Picasso’s “The Bull” to the way Apple builds its smartphones and other devices. The idea: Apple designers strive for simplicity just as Picasso eliminated details to create a great work of art.公司的内部培训计划被称为“苹果大学”,在其中一堂课上,导师将11张构成毕加索《公牛》(The Bull)的版画与苹果公司打造智能手机及其他产品的方式联系起来。他的意思是:苹果设计师像毕加索一样追求简洁,去掉繁琐的细节,创造出伟大的艺术品。Steven P. Jobs established Apple University as a way to inculcate employees into Apple’s business culture and educate them about its history, particularly as the company grew and the tech business changed. Courses are not required, only recommended, but getting new employees to enroll is rarely a problem.史蒂夫·P·乔布斯(Steven P. Jobs)创立苹果大学的目的是向员工灌输苹果的商业文化,并传授公司的历史,特别是公司的发展和技术经济的变革。课程并非必修,只作为推荐课程,但是吸引新雇员来听课从来就不成问题。Although many companies have such internal programs, sometimes referred to as indoctrination, Apple’s version is a topic of speculation and fascination in the tech world.许多公司也有类似的内部培训,有时会被视作“灌输”,而苹果公司培训的主题则是思考与技术世界的魅力。It is highly secretive and rarely written about, referred to briefly in the biography of Mr. Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Apple employees are discouraged from talking about the company in general, and the classes are no exception. No pictures of the classrooms have surfaced publicly. And a spokeswoman for Apple declined to make instructors available for interviews for this article.培训高度保密,几乎没有人写过相关的东西,只是在沃尔特·艾萨克森(Walter Isaacson)为乔布斯所做的传记中略有涉及。公司不鼓励雇员们公开谈论公司,这些课程自然也不例外。没有任何课堂上的照片公之于众。苹果公司的一位女发言人拒绝提供导师们的联系方式,供本文作者进行采访。But three employees who have taken classes agreed to speak to The New York Times on the condition that they not be identified. They described a program that is an especially vivid reflection of Apple and the image it presents to the world. Like an Apple product, it is meticulously planned, with polished presentations and a gleaming veneer that masks a great deal of effort.但是三位上过课的雇员同意接受《纽约时报》匿名采访。他们描述的课程特别能够鲜明地反映出苹果公司的状况,以及它呈现给世界的形象。和苹果公司的产品一样,苹果大学的课程也经过精心设计,有着精美的呈现和闪亮的装饰,其下掩藏着相关者付出的巨大劳动。“Even the toilet paper in the bathrooms is really nice,” one of the employees said.“就连卫生间的厕纸都很高级,”一位雇员说。Unlike many corporations, Apple runs its training in-house, year round. The full-time faculty — including instructors, writers and editors — create and teach the courses. Some faculty members come from universities like Yale; Harvard; the University of California, Berkeley; Stanford; and M.I.T., and some continue to hold positions at their schools while working for Apple.和其他许多公司不同,苹果公司的内部培训常年开课。设计和教授课程的教学人员都是全职,其中包括教师、作家和编辑。有些教学人员来自耶鲁、哈佛、加州大学伯克利分校、斯坦福和麻省理工等大学,有些人在自己的学校保留教职,同时又在苹果教课。The program was devised by Joel Podolny, then the dean of Yale School of Management. Mr. Jobs selected him when the program was founded, in 2008, and he remains head of the effort.该项目由乔伊·波多尔尼(Joel Podolny)设计,他当时是耶鲁大学管理学院的院长。培训计划于2008年开始创立时,乔布斯选择了他,如今他仍然领导着这项工作。On an internal website available only to Apple staff members, employees sign up for courses tailored to their positions and backgrounds. For example, one class taught founders of recently acquired companies how to smoothly blend resources and talents into Apple. The company may also offer a course tailored specifically to employees of Beats, perhaps including its founders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Neither Apple nor Beats would comment.在只对苹果公司员工开放的内部网站上,员工可以登记为自己的职务与背景量身定做的课程。比如其中有一门课专门向新近收购的公司的创始人们开放,教他们如何平稳地将原公司的资源和人才融入苹果。苹果公司恐怕也专门为Beats公司的雇员开设了一门课程,其创始人Dr. Dre和吉米·艾欧文(Jimmy lovine)可能也在学员之中。苹果公司与Beats公司拒绝对此作出。Some of the courses teach case studies about important business decisions that Apple made, one of the employees said, including the one to make the iPod and its iTunes software compatible with Microsoft’s Windows system. This was a topic of fierce debate among executives. Mr. Jobs hated the idea of sharing the iPod with Windows, but he eventually acquiesced to his lieutenants. It turned out that opening the iPod to Windows users led to explosive growth of the music player and the iTunes Store, an ecosystem that would later contribute to the success of the iPhone.一位雇员说,有些课程的内容是案例研究,就是苹果公司如何作出重大商务决定的事例,比如让iPod和它配套的iTunes软件与微软的Windows系统兼容的决策。当时这在管理层中曾激起很大的争论,乔布斯不喜欢iPod与Windows兼容的想法,但最终还是默许手下这样做。最后iPod向Windows用户开放的做法为这种音乐播放器与iTunes商店带来了爆炸式的增长,形成了一种生态系统,后来对iPhone的成功大有裨益。The classes are taught on Apple’s campus in a section of buildings called City Center and are as thoughtfully planned as an Apple product, the employees said. The rooms are well lit and built in a trapezoid shape; seats in the back rows are elevated so that everyone has a clear view of the instructor. Occasionally, classes are given in Apple’s overseas offices, like one in China, and the professors travel there to teach.雇员们说,授课地点是在苹果工业园内一个名叫“城市中心”的建筑群,这些建筑和苹果的产品一样,经过精心设计。房间照明良好,设计成梯形,后排的座椅是升高的,让所有人都能清楚地看到教师。偶尔也会在中国等海外办公室授课,教授们会出国讲课。Randy Nelson, who came from the animation studio Pixar, co-founded by Mr. Jobs, is one of the teachers of “Communicating at Apple.” This course, open to various levels of employees, focuses on clear communication, not just for making products intuitive, but also for sharing ideas with peers and marketing products.兰迪·尼尔森(Randy Nelson)是“苹果公司的沟通”课程的教师之一,他来自皮克斯动画工作室,乔布斯是该公司的创办人之一。这个课程向不同等级的雇员开放,主要内容是清晰的沟通技巧,不仅要凭直觉制作产品,也要与同伴们分享想法,为产品做市场推广。In a version of the class taught last year, Mr. Nelson showed a slide of “The Bull,” a series of 11 lithographs of a bull that Picasso created over about a month, starting in late 1945. In the early stages, the bull has a snout, shoulder shanks and hooves, but over the iterations, those details vanish. The last image is a curvy stick figure that is still unmistakably a bull.在去年的沟通课上,尼尔森放了毕加索“公牛”的幻灯片,那是毕加索在1945年底期间,于一个月内画出的11幅公牛图案。早期阶段的公牛有口鼻、肩膀和蹄子,但是随着一次次的再创作,这些细节渐渐消失了。最后的图像是曲线构成的形状,但仍让人能看出是一头公牛。“You go through more iterations until you can simply deliver your message in a very concise way, and that is true to the Apple brand and everything we do,” recalled one person who took the course.“经历一次次再创作,直到你能把信息以非常简洁的方式传达出来,苹果品牌,乃至我们所做的一切都是这样,”据一个参加过这门课程的人回忆。In “What Makes Apple, Apple,” another course that Mr. Nelson occasionally teaches, he showed a slide of the remote control for the Google TV, said an employee who took the class last year. The remote has 78 buttons. Then, the employee said, Mr. Nelson displayed a photo of the Apple TV remote, a thin piece of metal with just three buttons.尼尔森有时还会教另一门名叫“苹果何以成为苹果”的课程,一个去年上过这门课的雇员说,他会在课上放出谷歌电视遥控器的幻灯。这个遥控器上有78个按钮,然后尼尔森拿出了一张苹果电视遥控器的图,它是一个薄薄的金属片,上面只有三个按钮。How did Apple’s designers decide on three buttons? They started out with an idea, Mr. Nelson explained, and debated until they had just what was needed — a button to play and pause a , a button to select something to watch, and another to go to the main .苹果的设计师们是怎么决定只设三个按钮的?尼尔森解释说,他们一开始先有了一个创意,然后继续讨论,直到实现了他们所需要的东西——一个按钮用来播放和暂停视频,一个按钮作为选择键,另一个按钮用来回到主菜单。The Google TV remote serves as a counterexample; it had so many buttons, Mr. Nelson said, because the individual engineers and designers who worked on the project all got what they wanted. But, Apple’s designers concluded, only three were needed.谷歌电视的遥控器则是反例,它有太多按钮了,尼尔森说,这是因为参与项目的工程师和设计师们都实现了自己想要的东西。但是苹果的设计师们达成了一致:只有三个按钮是必需的。“The Best Things,” another course, takes its name from a ation by Mr. Jobs. Its purpose is to remind employees to surround themselves with the best things, like talented peers and high-quality materials, so that they can do their best work.还有一门课程叫做“最好的东西”,这个名字来自乔布斯的一句话。它的目标是提醒雇员们,要让最好的东西围绕在自己身边,比如有才华的同伴和高品质的材料,这样才能在工作中做到最好。One of the teachers for this course, Joshua Cohen, a Stanford professor, brought up Central Park in New York. The space for the park was originally a rocky swamp. But, Mr. Cohen said, its designers wanted to transform it into an area that gave urban residents the experience of nature.这门课的教师之一乔舒亚·科恩(Joshua Cohen)是斯坦福大学的教授,他在课上举纽约的中央公园为例。公园起先是一片岩石和沼泽,但设计师们想把它改造成一片供城市居民体验自然的地方。The comparison was to one of Mr. Jobs’s goals: to make complex computer technologies feel understandable and natural.这种对比正是乔布斯的目标之一:把复杂的电脑技术变得让人容易理解,变得非常自然。Ben Bajarin, a consumer technology analyst for Creative Strategies, said Apple University would take on more importance as Apple continued to grow.本·巴贾林(Ben Bajarin)是创意战略公司的消费者技术分析师,他说,随着苹果持续发展,苹果大学会变得更加重要。“When you do the case studies on Apple decades from now, the one thing that will keep coming out is this unique culture where people there believe they’re making the best products that change people’s lives,” Mr. Bajarin said. “That’s all cultural stuff they’re trying to ingrain. That becomes very difficult the bigger you get.”“研究苹果迄今几十年的案例,你会发现它们始终保有这样一种独特文化——相信自己在创造能够改变人们生活的最好产品,”巴贾林说。“他们想植入的完全是文化上的东西,公司越大,要做到这一点就越困难。” /201408/322982哈医大附属第二医院妇产科怎样

香坊区妇女医院收费贵吗BlackBerry is making its latest attempt to regain its once-trusted place in the pockets of the business user with an unusual square-shaped smartphone designed for ing spsheets and documents.黑莓(BlackBerry)发布了一款外形独特的方屏智能手机,该手机专为读取电子表格和文档而设计,这是黑莓重获商业用户信赖的最新尝试。Revealed yesterday at events in Toronto, London and Dubai, the Passport is the company’s first global phone launch since John Chen took over as chief executive in November.黑莓Passport昨日在多伦多、伦敦和迪拜的发布会上亮相,这是自程守宗(John Chen)去年11月接任黑莓首席执行官以来,该公司首次举行全球手机发布会。The company hopes to win back its following among office workers with a large 4.5 inch square screen for viewing and creating content such as emails and business documents.该公司希望凭借4.5英寸的方形大屏幕,赢回上班族的认可,这款屏幕适于查看和创建电子邮件及业务文档等内容。The much-loved tap keyboard is also back, but this time with a second use as a touch pad, while a digital assistant can help organise meetings and manage apps. The wide screen of the Passport can display the details of a Microsoft Excel document for an office worker, for example, or an X-ray image for a doctor.Passport重新启用了倍受欢迎的实体键盘,但这次的按键还带有触控功能,它还搭载了数字助理,可以帮助组织会议和管理应用。Passport的宽屏可为办公室职员显示微软(Microsoft) Excel文件的详细信息,或为医生显示X射线图像。BlackBerry said that it wanted to “arm mobile professionals with tools that make them more productive”.黑莓表示,它希望“为流动性专业人群提供工具,让他们更有效率”。Mr Chen has made clear that the device is not aimed at the consumer market, where its share has dwindled to a negligible level over the past few years. Its success will be closely monitored by investors as the Canadian group attempts to claw back sales in a market dominated by rivals such as Apple and Samsung.程守宗明确表示,该设备不针对消费市场,黑莓在该市场的份额已在过去几年里缩水至微不足道的水平。这家加拿大公司试图在苹果(Apple)、三星(Samsung)等竞争对手主导的市场上夺回销量之际,Passport的成功与否将受到投资者密切关注。The phone met with broadly positive reviews on launch, even if some analysts warned that it could end up only taking a small share of its target market of the “regulated industries” of finance, healthcare, and government.Passport发布后获得广泛好评,即使一些分析师警告称,它最终可能只能在金融、医疗和政府等“受监管产业”的目标市场取得少量份额。 /201409/332257哈尔滨卵巢囊肿流产治疗要多少钱 哈市妇儿医院是公立医院么

道里区中医医院顺产多少钱 Boeing and the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation are the winners in the competition to carry Americans astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA announced Tuesday.美国航空航天局(NASA)本周二宣布,在运送美国宇航员到国际空间站(International Space Station)项目的竞争中,波音(Boeing)和太空探索技术公司(Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)成为了赢家。The awards reflect a fundamental shift in NASA’s human spaceflight program, relying on private companies rather than the traditional hands-on approach, in which the space agency designed and operated the spacecraft.此举反映了NASA载人航天计划中的一个根本性转变,即把设计和运行航天器的任务外包给私人企业,而不是像以往那样亲力亲为。The first flights could take off as soon as 2017.该项目的首飞最早可于2017年开始。“We have credible plans for both companies to get there by that period of time,” Kathryn Lueders, the manager for NASA’s commercial crew program, said during a news conference on Tuesday. “We will not sacrifice crew safety for that goal.”“我们有可靠的计划,让这两家公司能如期提供务,”在本周二的新闻发布会上,NASA的商业乘务计划经理凯瑟琳·吕德斯(Kathryn Lueders)表示。“我们不会为了实现那个目标而罔顾机组人员的安全。”Boeing received a .2 billion contract. Space Exploration Technologies — better known as SpaceX, of Hawthorne, Calif. — received a .6 billion contract.波音公司获得了一份42亿美元(约合人民币258亿元)的合同。位于加州霍桑的太空探索技术公司获得了一份26亿美元的合同,该公司更广为人知的名字是SpaceX。“Today we’re one step closer to launching our astronauts from U.S. soil on American spacecraft and ending the nation’s sole reliance on Russia,” said Charles F. Bolden Jr., the NASA administrator.“我们希望在美国本土上用美国航天器运送宇航员,不再处于只能依靠俄罗斯的境地,今天我们向这个目标迈近了一步,”NASA负责人小查尔斯·尔登(Charles F. Bolden Jr.)说。Since the retirement of the space shuttles in 2011, NASA has had no way to send its astronauts to orbit, relying on the venerable Russian Soyuz spacecraft for transportation to and from the International Space Station at a cost of million per seat.自航天飞机在2011年退役后,NASA就无法自己将宇航员送入轨道,一直在依靠高龄的俄罗斯联盟号(Soyuz)航天器往返国际空间站,每个座位的价格为7000万美元。That became a politically uncomfortable arrangement after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and support of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚,并持乌克兰的亲俄分裂分子之后,再这么做在政治上就不太妥当了。John Mulholland, the commercial crew manager at Boeing, said NASA called just before the news conference to tell him his company had won the competition. “It was a real mixture of inspiration and humbleness,” he said.波音公司乘务经理约翰·穆赫兰(John Mulholland)表示,就在新闻发布会开始之前,NASA致电告诉他,波音公司赢得了合同。“我感到既振奋又荣幸,”他说。Under the contracts, Boeing and SpaceX will finish development of their spacecraft. Boeing’s CST-100 capsule, configured to carry up to five people, will launch on an Atlas 5 rocket. SpaceX’s Dragon 2 capsule, a sleeker, updated version of the capsule aly carrying cargo to the space station, will ride on top of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.根据该合同,波音和SpaceX公司将完成各自的航天器研制。波音公司的CST-100太空舱最多可载五人,将通过阿特拉斯5型火箭(Atlas 5)发射。SpaceX公司的龙2型(Dragon 2)太空舱将使用该公司的猎鹰9号(Falcon 9)火箭发射,相比于已经用来运载货物到空间站的太空舱,这个更新型号的外形更加美观。The bids from the two companies covered the same tasks. Boeing’s proposal was more expensive, in part because the Atlas 5 is more expensive than the Falcon 9. “We basically awarded based on the proposal that we were given,” Ms. Lueders said.两家公司为同样的任务进行了竞标。波音公司的方案价格比较高,部分原因是阿特拉斯5型比猎鹰9号更昂贵。“我们基本上是依据方案来选取公司的,”吕德斯说。A third company, Sierra Nevada Space Systems, of Louisville, Colo., had proposed a design that resembled a mini-space shuttle that would land on aircraft runways. A statement from the company said it would review its options.内华达山脉太空系统(Sierra Nevada Space Systems)是参与竞标的第三家公司,位于科罗拉多州路易斯维尔,它的设计方案是使用一架小型航天飞机,它能够在飞机跑道上降落。该公司发表声明,称将检视其手中的各个选项。Much of the money allotted to SpaceX and Boeing in the next three years will go to meeting NASA’s certification requirements for performance and safety. As part of that process, each company will conduct a test flight to the space station with a crew that is to include at least one NASA astronaut.未来三年内,在NASA拨付给SpaceX和波音公司资金中,将有很大一部分被用来满足NASA对性能和安全认的要求。作为该过程的一部分,两家公司将进行一次前往空间站的试飞,机组人员中将包含至少一名NASA宇航员。Once the companies are certified, NASA has promised each at least two missions. The full contract amounts will be paid if NASA orders six missions from each company.NASA已经承诺,只要两家公司通过认,每家公司至少能获得两次飞行任务。如果NASA给两家公司各分配了六次飞行任务,它将按合同金额的全款付费用。Mr. Mulholland said NASA had yet to discuss its plans in detail, but space agency officials in the past have said they expected two flights a year to the space station. If flights begin in 2017 and each company flies one a year, the contracts could run through 2023.穆赫兰说,NASA还没有就计划进行详细讨论,但其官员之前曾表示,他们预计每年会飞往空间站两次。如果从2017年开始,每家公司每年各承担一次飞行任务,该合同将一直持续到2023年。With each flight taking four astronauts, the space station crew will be able to grow to seven, from six. NASA officials said that additional crew member would allow it to double the amount of science conducted.由于每次飞行可以运送四名宇航员,空间站中的人员就能从六名增加到七名。NASA官员说,新增一名成员之后,空间站的科学研究量可以翻倍。The Boeing and SpaceX capsules will also serve as lifeboats for the space station crew in case of an emergency. The commercial crew program came out of the cancellation of an earlier program started under the Bush administration to send astronauts back to the moon.如果出现紧急情况,波音和SpaceX公司的太空舱也可以作为救生艇,供空间站人员使用。这个商业乘务计划,是在之前一个派遣宇航员重返月球的计划被取消后形成的,那个计划始于布什执政期间。That effort relied on two rockets designed and operated by NASA. The Obama administration concluded that approach was too expensive and canceled the rockets.该计划需要NASA设计和运行两枚火箭,奥巴马政府认为它的成本过于高昂,于是取消了火箭项目。Instead, the Obama administration built upon another Bush-era NASA initiative. NASA had hired two companies, SpaceX and the Orbital Sciences Corporation of Vienna, Va., to fly cargo to the space station. Beginning in 2010, NASA began a similar competition to choose companies to carry astronauts, not just cargo.不过,奥巴马政府推进了布什时代NASA的另一个项目。NASA雇用了两家公司,SpaceX公司和弗吉尼亚州维也纳的轨道科学公司(Orbital Sciences Corporation),把货物运送到空间站。从2010年开始,NASA采用类似做法,让公司竞标运送宇航员,而不仅仅是货物,到空间站。The hope is that the commercial approach will spur a space travel industry far larger than just NASA.人们希望,这种商业模式不仅能促进NASA的发展,还将大大刺激空间旅游业的规模扩张。Boeing, for example, hopes that the fifth seat in its CST-100 capsule could carry a paying tourist to the space station. “We’ll be working with NASA to try and bring that to reality,” Mr. Mulholland said.例如,波音公司希望利用CST-100太空舱的第五个座位,把付费游客运送到空间站。“我们将与NASA合作,努力让这个构想变为现实,”穆赫兰说。Both Boeing and SpaceX are working with Bigelow Aerospace, a Las Vegas company that plans to launch private space stations into orbit, to be leased to nations or companies.波音和SpaceX公司正与的毕格罗宇航公司(Bigelow Aerospace)开展合作。该公司计划把私人空间站送入轨道,供国家或公司租用。“We’re going to be aggressive to cultivate the business beyond NASA,” said John Elbon, vice president and general manager for space exploration at Boeing.“我们将积极进取地发展NASA之外的业务,”波音公司的太空探索副总裁兼总经理约翰·艾尔本(John Elbon)说。 /201409/329418哈尔滨人流一个月又怀孕怎么办讷河市妇幼保健院检查白带多少钱



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