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The Origin of the Dragon Boat Festival端午节起源Quyuan#39;s poem “Li Sao” written about his own life and other important ones are all filled with his deep love for his country. At last,however,he wasso discouraged that he had to end his life by throwing himself into the Miluo River. It is said that the people rushed out in their boats to try to save him when they heard the terrible news, but it was too late. Also,they were so sad that they threw rice in the water to feed Qu Yuan#39;s spirit, so now we can see the dragon-boat races and have a kind of Chinese food named “zong-zi”for us to entertain friends, especially children, during the Dragon- Boat Festival.屈原的诗“离骚”写的是他自己的生活和最重要的是充满了他对国家的热爱。最后,然而,他是如此的沮丧,因此他投入汨罗江,以结束自己的生命。据说,当人们听到这个可怕的消息时,他们争相划他们的船只,试图挽救他,但为时已晚。此外,他们很伤心,他们在水中扔大米喂屈原精神,所以现在我们可以看到龙舟比赛,并用一种名为“宗子”的食物招待朋友,尤其是儿童在端午节期间的零食。 /201607/452787To refrigerate or not, that is the question. When it comes to eggs, it all depends on where you live. Different nations handle this food storage issue differently.对于某些食品来说,冷藏还是不冷藏,这是一个问题。而鸡蛋究竟要不要冷藏。这取决于你所生活的地方。不同的国家在鸡蛋储存的处理上是有区别的。Here in the U.S., we refrigerate — always — while our neighbors across the ocean in the U.K. (and many other countries) don#39;t. It#39;s not so much a matter of custom as it is of food safety. Here#39;s why.在美国,我们的鸡蛋一般都是要冷藏的,但是我们大洋彼岸的邻居--英国(当然还有很多其他国家)则不冷藏。这并不是因为风俗的关系,而是与食品安全有关。以下就是原因。In the U.S., all of our commercial eggs are power-washed before being packaged and shipped to a local grocery store near you. The reason for power washing is to rid the egg#39;s exterior of any harmful bacteria — salmonella is the big fear here — by rinsing off all organic matter.在美国,我们所有的成品鸡蛋都是经过强力清洗后才能打包运送到您身边的本地商店。通过清除所有的有机物,这种清洗方式能去除鸡蛋表层任何的有害细菌--其中沙门氏菌是最大的担忧。Salmonella can contaminate an egg in two ways. One, by passing from an infected hen to its egg when laid. Or two, it can get on the outside of the shell from contact with chicken feces. Power washing does away with the manure. Unfortunately, it also washes away the egg#39;s natural protective coating called the cuticle, making it more porous and susceptible to contamination. Refrigerating the eggs helps keep potentially harmful microorganisms at bay.沙门氏菌通过两种方式污染鸡蛋。第一种方式是在下蛋的母鸡已被感染,因而鸡蛋也被感染。另一种方式则是由于鸡蛋壳与鸡粪接触,导致鸡蛋感染沙门氏菌。而强力清洗则能去除鸡粪。可惜的是,这种清洗方式也会使得鸡蛋天然的保护层,我们称之为cuticle(护膜),被清洗掉,从而鸡蛋更容易受到感染。冷藏鸡蛋则能有效地防止有害微生物的滋生。In the U.K. however, eggs are not washed because it#39;s believed that washing can transfer harmful bacteria from the outside to the inside of the egg. Instead, hens in the U.K. are vaccinated to prevent salmonella.然而,在英国,鸡蛋是不清洗的,因为他们相信清洗会将有害病菌从鸡蛋表层带进鸡蛋里层。因此,英国的母鸡都会注射疫苗,防止感染沙门氏菌。Both methods are effective in keeping salmonella controlled — one is not better than the other. Just be sure to be aware of the safety regulations in whichever country you happen to be buying your eggs in.这两种方法都能有效控制沙门氏菌--并没有优劣之分。你只需要留意你要买鸡蛋的那个国家的食品安全规定就行。As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.正如有句话说得好,入乡随俗。 /201606/449923

Sweden is a lovely locale with a vibrant nightlife and friendly faces abound. Here are some tips for ladies interested in visiting this fair nation, whether you#39;re going to swim or ski. Start your journey today.瑞典是一个令人心情愉悦的地方,到处都是充满活力的夜生活和友善的面孔。以下是针对女士前往这个中立国旅行所提出的几点温馨提示。你是否打算去游泳或者滑雪呢。今天开始你的旅行吧。1. Currency1. 货币Don#39;t worry, that jar of peanut butter does not cost . Even though Sweden is a part of the European Union, it is key to recognize that Sweden does not use the Euro as its currency. Sweden has kept to its traditional Swedish kronor as a monetary unit, with exchange rates fluctuating from .08-.12 USD to 1 Swedish krona, ordinarily.别担心,一罐花生酱不是33美元。虽然瑞典是欧盟成员国,但关键一点你要注意到瑞典不用欧元作为它的货币。瑞典仍使用它传统的瑞典克朗作为货币单位,通常兑换1瑞典克朗的汇率浮动范围是0.08美元到0.12美元。You will need to exchange your dollars, pounds, or other currency for the colorful monies of Sweden in order to have cash to spend. Most places of business will also accept major credit cards, of course, but it is always good to keep some paper bills in your wallet.为了便于现金消费,你需要将美元,英镑或是其它货币兑换成五颜六色的瑞典货币。当然了,大部分交易的地方也可以使用一些主要的信用卡,但在钱包里放些纸币总归是有好处的。2. Do not be a litterbug2. 不要做一个乱扔垃圾的人During your trip to Sweden, you are sure to notice that the streets are relatively clean of garbage, even in larger places such as Gothenburg and Malm?. This is because a love of nature is deeply instilled in the hearts of all Swedish people, and their respect for nature has yielded a beautifully green, environmentally friendly society.在瑞典旅行期间,你一定会注意到街上很干净没有垃圾,即使是在更大的城市,比如哥德堡和马尔默。这是因为热爱大自然的理念已经深入每一个瑞典人的内心,正是由于他们对大自然的尊重,使得他们营造出了一个美丽的绿色环境友好型社会。3. Minding your manners3. 注意你的言谈举止While the ed States culture is somewhat pervasive in European culture, with Sweden being no exception, there are of course differences in the everyday mannerisms and what is considered to be polite in public.虽然美国文化比较普遍地渗透到了欧洲文化中,瑞典也不例外,但仍有一些日常行为方式是有差异的,在公共场合一定要注意礼节。Nonetheless, the people of Sweden are friendly and accommodating, but also generally a bit shy. You may find that folks might skirt around you in the convenience store rather than say #39;hello,#39; and waving at someone unfamiliar may cause them to avert their eyes and dart off.尽管如此,瑞典人还是非常友好和随和的,但通常也是有点儿害羞。你可能会发现在便利店里人们更多的是保持沉默而不是说;你好;,和陌生人挥手打招呼可能会导致他们躲避目光,扭头就走。译文属 /201607/453913

It may sounds like yet another ;out-there; diet, but cicadas are actually one of the most popular summertime dishes in eastern China#39;s Zhejiang province, especially in the city of Lishui.听起来这又像是一道;黑暗料理;,不过知了在中国东部的浙江省,尤其是丽水市,可是夏季最流行的小吃。;Cicadas are high in protein and low in fat; eating cicadas in appropriate quantities is also good for plants and other flora. The only problem is that most of the cicadas people eat now are wild, so it is important to ensure that the cicadas are fully cooked in case of parasites,; said professor Mo Jianchu from Zhejiang University.浙江大学教授莫建初表示:;知了含有高蛋白低脂肪,吃掉适量的知了对植物生长也有一定好处。唯一的问题是,人们吃的知了大多数都是野生的,会携带一些寄生虫,所以烹饪的时候一定要烧熟、烧透。;Jiang Yongchun, a manager from a local food company, explained that people in rural Lishui have been eating cicadas for many years. Around the end of 1980s, cicadas become a common dish in restaurants. Usually it is a seasonal dish, served from June to September.当地一家食品公司总经理蒋永春表示,丽水农村很早就有人吃蝉。从上世纪80年代末开始,蝉出现在了酒店的菜谱上。通常这是一道时令菜肴,基本在6月到9月提供。During busy times, Jiang said he can sell over 1 ton of cicadas in one day. There are at least six to seven cicada dealers in Lishui, and their daily sales total is between 6 and 7.5 tons.蒋永春说,旺季时知了每天的批发量达1千多公斤。在丽水,专门从事知了批发生意的经销商有6到7家,每天的批发量共1.2万至1.5万斤。According to these statistics, people in Lishui consume billions of cicadas in the roughly 80 days of ;cicada season.;根据初步估算,在6月到9月这80天的;知了季;里,丽水人会吃掉上亿只知了。Because of this extensive consumption, the cicadas people eat in Lishui come also from Quzhou, and even some places in Jiangxi province.由于消费量的扩大,丽水这几年还转向浙江衢州甚至江西等地收购。;Capturing cicadas in appropriate amounts is actually good for the growth of vegetation, though overconsumption does have an impact on the ecological chain. But so far the population has not been influenced, since the cicadas are not only from Lishui but also other places,; professor Mo explained.莫教授对此表示:;尽管过量消费确实会对生态链产生影响,但是适量的捕食知了对蔬菜的生长还是有利的。由于知了不仅来自丽水还来自其他地方,所以迄今为止并未受到影响。; /201607/455174

Train Like an Olympian With Lindsey Vonn#39;s Lower-Body Workout用林赛·沃恩的下肢锻炼法像奥运会选手一样锻炼Tone your legs and thighs增强腿和大腿Why not train like an Olympian? Lindsey is sharing her secrets. These moves tone and trim everything from your core to the floor. Do this series three or four times a week, and a better bottom half awaits.为什么不像奥运会选手一样训练呢?林赛在分享她的秘诀。这些动作能增强和修整你身体中心到地板的所有部位。每周这一系列做三到四次,更好的下半身指日可待。Single-Leg Box Squat单腿箱式深蹲Stand on right leg in front of a plyo box (or bench), with toes of left foot resting on box and arms at sides, an 8-pound dumbbell in each hand (A). Lower body down until right leg forms a 90-degree angle (B). Return to ;A.; Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch legs and repeat.右腿站在练习跳箱前,左脚脚趾放在箱子上,手臂放在身体两侧,双手各握8英镑的哑铃(如图A)。身体下弯直到右腿形成90度(如图B)。继续做A姿势,重复10到12次,然后换腿重复。Single-Leg Lift单腿抬高Start on hands and knees, with abs tight (A). Squeeze butt as you lift left leg up to form a 90-degree angle (B). Return to start. Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch legs and repeat.从双手和膝盖开始,腹肌缩紧(A)。当你将左腿向上抬起形成90度时缩紧臀部(B)。重新开始再做。重复10到12次,然后换腿重复Single-Leg Hamstring Curl单腿弯举运动Lie faceup with arms at sides, left heel on a Swiss ball and right leg straight up, foot flexed (A). Press hips up as you bend left knee to pull ball in toward you (B). Keeping hips up, straighten leg to roll ball back out. Work up to 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.脸朝上躺着,手臂放在身体两侧,将左脚后跟放在瑞士球上,右腿伸直,脚弯曲(A)。当你弯曲左膝将球靠近自己时,抬升臀部(B)。臀部保持抬起,腿伸直将球滚出去。做12次。然后换腿重复。Squats下蹲Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands clasped in front of you at chin level (A). Push hips back as you lower down (B). Push through heels to return to start. Repeat 10 to 12 times.站立时脚张开到与臀部宽度差不多的位置,双手在下巴距离处握紧(A)。身体下弯时臀部向后(B)。推挤脚后跟重新开始。重复10到12次。Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift罗马尼亚式单腿硬拉Stand with right foot in front of left, an 8-pound dumbbell in each hand. Shift weight forward onto right leg so that only toes of left foot are on the floor (A). Hinge forward, lowering torso until parallel to the floor (B). Reverse motion to return to ;A.; Do 10 to 12 reps; switch legs and repeat.右脚位于左脚前站立,双手各握8英镑的哑铃。将重量转移到右腿上,这样左脚就只有脚趾放在地板上(A)。身体前移,身躯下弯直到与地板平行。重新做A动作。重复10到12次,换腿重复。译文属 /201606/450007

Madrid has given permission for public swimming pools to hold a #39;no swimsuit day#39; after a campaign by nudist groups. 在一些裸体主义团体展开宣传活动后,马德里市允许公共游泳池设立“裸泳日”。The mayor Manuela Carmena has written to all boroughs in the Spanish capital to say they are allowed to host clothes free days if they think it is appropriate. 西班牙首都马德里市的市长玛鲁娜#8226;卡梅纳给该市所有区去信,告诉他们,只要他们觉得合适就可以设立“裸泳日”。The move, which has outraged right-wing politicians, came after a petition by the Association for the Development of Nudism calling for people#39;s right to practice nudism in public places.这场激起右翼政客愤怒的运动是随一次请愿应运而生的。这次请愿是由裸体主义发展协会发出的,旨在呼吁给予人们在公共场所实践裸体主义的权利。Nudist president Ismael Rodrigo said: #39;What we want to do with this day is to educate and transmit our values, which are Western values. 裸体主义团体的主席伊斯梅尔#8226;罗德里戈称:“我们想通过这些活动日宣传裸体主义的价值,使人们可以接受它。裸体主义价值属于西方价值观。”#39;There is nothing criminal about the body and the best way we can show that is to try not to wear clothes when it#39;s not necessary, and in the pool, it isn#39;t.#39; “人体并无任何罪恶之处,我们展示人体之美的最好方法就是不必要的时候就不要穿衣。显然,在游泳池里就没必要穿衣。”The mayor has insisted that signs must be erected at the entrances to swimming pools informing people that it was no swimsuit day in case parents preferred not to take their children. 市长强调,游泳池入口处必须设立告示牌,告知来游泳的人这一天是裸泳日,以防不想带孩子进裸泳场的家长误入。Children would be allowed, but only if accompanied by an adult, the mayor said. 市长表示,儿童也可参加裸泳日,但至少得有一名成年人陪同。Conservative Popular Party politician Esperanza Aguirre, who lost to Carmena in the 2015 mayoral election, said: #39;Her left-wing council only does slogans. The idea of a no swimsuit day is just one more of her crazy ideas. 保守派人民党政客埃斯佩朗莎#8226;阿吉雷曾在2015年的马德里市市长选举中败给了卡梅纳,发表看法说,“她的左翼委员会只会喊口号。裸泳日不过是她又一个疯狂的想法罢了。”Madrid#39;s City Hall said it had not yet designated #39;no swimsuit day#39; but it would probably be in late August. 马德里市政厅称还未定下“裸泳日”的具体日期,但很有可能是在八月底。 /201607/453561

A woman died at the young age of around 20 but not before giving new life not only to a pair of twins, but also to four other people.日前,一名20岁左右的女性不幸离世。但是在此之前,她不但给了自己的一对双胞胎生命,还给了其他四个人生命。Shao Ziyan had been in coma since Feb 23 when she gave birth to twin boys. After 53 days of treatment at intensive care unit (ICU), her heart stopped beating at 10:01 am April 15, Friday. Hours later, her heart, kidneys and liver were successfully transplanted to four people. Her corneas were also donated and frozen and would be used in the future, local online news portal in Zhejiang province zjol.com.cn reported last Saturday.据当地新闻门户网站浙江在线上周六报道,自2月23日生下双胞胎儿子之后,邵紫燕就一直处于昏迷之中。在重症监护病房治疗53天之后,邵紫燕的心脏终于在4月15号周五上午10点01分停止了跳动。几个小时之后,她的心脏,肝脏和两个肾成功移植到4位患者身上。邵紫燕同样捐献了她的两个眼角膜,目前两个眼角膜已经被冷冻起来,将在不久后使用。Shao#39;s story was shared on the social media last Friday night by doctors and moved many people. Donations surged since then and exceeded 230,000 yuan. Shao#39;s family launched an online donation appeal about six days ago.上周五晚上,邵姑娘的事迹被医院医生在社交媒体上广为传颂,感动了许多人。邵姑娘家人在其离世6天前在网络上发起救命筹款活动,所得款数已达到23万元。The story of the young mother who died at a blooming age is sad. She met and fell in love with hair stylist Chen Shanhai in Jiaxing, East China#39;s Zhejiang province, two years ago and they decided to marry in the second half of this year after childbirth.这位正值青春年华的妈妈的事迹让许多人悲伤叹息。两年前,邵紫燕和丈夫陈善海在中国东南部的浙江省嘉兴市相识并相爱,两人决定在孩子出生后,在今年下半年举行婚礼。However, Shao was diagnosed with acute liver enlargement due to pregnancy on Feb 22, and multiple organs failure. It was more than 40 days before the expected date of delivery, and both she and the unborn children were in critical conditions.然而,2月22日,邵紫燕被检查出妊娠期肝脏肿大以及多器官功能衰竭等症状。此时距离预产期还有四十多天,大人和孩子都危在旦夕。The boys were safely born in C-Section the next day and were hospitalised for about one month.第二天,邵紫燕剖腹产成功产下双胞胎儿子,随后她就在医院住了一个月之久,直到去世。 /201605/440791

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