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1. How about your nursing education?你在护理方面受过哪些教育呢?. What do you think are the characteristics of being a good nurse?你认为好护士应该有哪些特质?3. What were the wards in which you have worked?你在哪个病房工作?. I learnt nursing through theory and practice 3 years at Hunan Nursing School.我在湖南护理学校学了 3年, 经过了理论教育与实践培训相结合的学习5. A good nurse should be compassionate, warm-hearted, and have sound professional knowledge and good communication ability.好的护士应该是热心、有同情心、业务较强、善于交际的人6. I worked in the isolation ward as a head nurse.我在隔离病房做护士长7. I was in charge of giving injections, testing temperature and blood-pressure, 我负责给病人打针、测量体温和血压、preparing patients treatment and changing sheets and quilts.为病人治疗做准备、换被褥等等8. I allocate different patients with their consent to different nurses.我的职责就是经过病人同意, 把他们分配给不同的护士照看9. And I supervise the primary nurses and help nurses to carry out their work.我监督初级护士和辅助护士开展工作. Oral temperature with clinical thermometer should not be taken by children below -5 years of age, 给 ~5岁以下的孩子测体温时不能使用口表, in case of danger of injury to mucus and danger of biting the thermometer.避免破坏小孩口腔 黏膜或出现小孩咬破体温计的危险行为 Dialogue 1对话 1A: Did you bring your certificate nursing?A: 你带来你的护士书了吗?B: Yes, here is my Certificate of Nurse.B: 是的, 这是我的护士资格A: How about your nursing education?A: 你在护理方面受过教育呢?B: I learnt nursing through theory and practice 3 years at Hunan Nursing School.B: 我在湖南护理学校学了3年, 经过了理论教育与实践培训相结 合的学习A: Can you manage English conversation?A: 你能用英语对话吗?B: Yes, pretty well. I have started learning English since primary school.B: 是的, 我的英语很好, 从小学就开始学了Dialogue 对话 A: What did you usually do as a head nurse?A: 作为护士长你的职责是什么?B: I allocate different patients with their consent to different nurses. B: 我的职责就是经过病人的同意, 把他们分配给不同的护士照看And I supervise the primary nurses and help nurses carry out their work.并且我还监督初级护士和辅助护士开展工作A: How to maintain a high standard of nursing?A: 怎样保护理的高标准?B: To maintain a high standard of nursing, we should take experience and education into consideration B: 要保持护理的高标准, 就要在考虑护士护理不同病人的职业while considering a nurse level of expertise in caring various patients.水平时考虑她们的经验和资历 360

Concerns about the vulnerability of some emerging economies and gyrations in financial markets over the past few days should not dent “cautious optimismabout the global economy this year, leading central bankers and officials said on Saturday.全球重量级的央行家和政府官员周六表示,对一些新兴经济体脆弱性的担忧以及近期金融市场的剧烈波动,应该不会挫伤人们对今年全球经济形势的“谨慎乐观”态度。In the big closing session of the World Economic Forum in Davos, they recognised risks existed and badly run emerging markets might be vulnerable to shocks, but concluded that the outlook was brighter than it has been for many years.在本届达沃斯世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)盛大闭幕会议上,与会者承认风险的存在,认为缺乏有效管理的新兴市场很容易受到危机冲击,但他们最终得出的结论是,前景是多年来最为光明的。Haruhiko Kuroday, the Japanese central bank governor said: “I think we can be cautiously optimistic about the global outlook.日本央行行长黑田东彦(Haruhiko Kuroda)表示:“我觉得我们可以对全球前景持谨慎乐观态度。”“The US economy is likely to grow by 3 per cent plus this year as well as next year.他表示:“今明两年,美国经济增长可能会在3%以上。欧洲终于在复苏。日本也正取得重大进展。印度、中国和印尼等新兴经济体以及其他国家的经济增速,可能会继续保持在高水平,还可能会加速。”Europe is finally recovering. Japan is also making significant progress. And emerging economies like India, China as well as Indonesia and others, their economic growth rates is likely to be maintained at high levels or likely to accelerate,he said.国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁克里斯蒂#8226;拉加Christine Lagarde)表示,她除了今年的全球经济复recovery)充满期待外,还对另外两个“R”感到担忧。第一个是“风险risk),她认为,一些旧有的风险(例如完成金融业改革的必要性)与美国缩减定量宽松政策的相关风险一样重要,此外还有针对欧元区可能陷入通缩等问题所新产生的担忧。Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said apart from the recovery she expected this year, she was concerned about two other “Rs The first was “riskswhere she thought some old risks such as the need to finalise financial sector reforms were as important as risks over US tapering, and new concerns such as deflation in the eurozone.她还表示,从较长期来看,另一个让她担心的“R”是“重置reset),她解释称,全球各地的货币和财政政策在回归正常之前还有很长的路要走。她补充称:“最终的重置是那些在全球各地都有必要实施的结构性改革。”She also said that in the longer-term the other “Rwas “reset by which she explained that monetary and fiscal policies around the world still had a long way to go before they could be classed as normal. “The final reset is those structural reforms that are necessary in all corners of the world,she added.在本周达沃斯年会上,政策制定者、政治人士以及商业领袖达成了这种谨慎乐观的共识,这种局面是007年以来历届世界经济论坛所不曾看到的。来 /201401/274434







  Change the order更改菜单Would you like to order now?现在点菜吗?Yes. Id like to have pepper steak and a glass of red wine.是的,我想要份黑椒牛排和一杯红酒OK, sir. What about you, miss?好的,先生您呢,?Bring me a piece of apple pie and a steak sandwich.给我一份苹果派和一个牛排三明治Would you please switch the pepper steak to the filet steak?能把我的黑椒牛排换成腓力牛排吗?Sure.当然可以 6818。


  8 Safety in the workplace8 工作场所安全A Some useful phrases.有用表达Listen to the recording and repeat.听录音,跟读You should put your ear plugs in.你应该戴上耳塞You mustnt smoke here.你不能在此吸烟You must wear goggles in that area.在那个区域你必须戴防护镜Mind out! Don’t get too close.当心!请勿靠近Please be careful when you walk across the floor.走过地板的时候请小心It might be slippery.可能滑Make sure you know how to stop the machine.确定你知道如何停掉机器Check that all the safety guards are fitted correctly.检查所有的安全设施是否安装正确Some of the materials we use are highly-flammable.我们使用的有些材料高度易燃Could you just run through the evacuation procedure?你可不可以解释一下撤离过程?When you hear the fire alarm, go to the nearest fire exit.当你们听到火警,走最近的安全出口Always shut the fire doors to prevent the fire sping.一定要关掉防火门防止火势蔓延I think he hurt his back.我想他可能伤了他的背What shall we do?我们该做什么?Ill get the first-aider.我去找急救人员Wed better not move him.我们最好不要挪动他 51


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