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黑龙江省哈尔滨第六人民医院有四维彩超吗哈尔滨市医大四院位置哈尔滨市第二医院不孕不育科 Santa Claus Championships EA look at Santa Claus World Championships in Switzerland As the song goes, he knows when we're sleeping and when we're awake and when we're bad or good. But who know he could also do this goodness sake. Welcome to the mountains of Switzerland where more than a hundred men and women competed in a Santa Claus World Championship. To win you don’t just have to look the part, but be able to belt out of your carols. (Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.) Be able to skill a chimney in no time flash and be able to cope with some donkeys through the snow. You may be asking yourselves why donkeys. It seems they just couldn’t round up a reindeer the event. There was also a sprint involving presents, but then there was this, some kind of ball toss of that. And then to make it even more surreal, contestants got into this contraption from what we can gather the Santas strap themselves to Bungee court and jump up and down on trampolines. All were trying to catch ornaments being thrown over them. At least there was drinking involved. We will let the winner explain what it took to claim the title. “We’ve trained very hard the whole year, especially mentally because we celebrate Santa Claus day our club since over an a hundred and ty years and so we were to best prepare that job as we proved today.” that they get 000 dollars and of course bragging rights. EA, the Associated Press.参考中文翻译:就像那首歌唱的,无论我们是醒是睡,是好是坏,他都知道但是谁知道,他也会做这样的事呢?欢迎来到瑞士的高山,在这里,0多名男女将要参加圣诞老人世界锦标赛如果要赢得比赛,你必须边做动作边高声吟唱圣诞颂歌(祝你圣诞快乐,新年愉快)必须瞬间穿过烟筒,能够在雪地里驾驭几头驴子你或许会问,为什么是驴,而不是麋鹿呢?问题是,怎么可能为了这个比赛就弄那么多麋鹿来呢?还有一个短跑,获胜者会获得相应的礼品,但是并不是简单的赛跑,而是必须边跑边抛球更加梦幻的是,参赛者必须进入这个奇妙的装置,这样,我们将“圣诞老人”们聚集到跳床上,他们会蹦蹦跳跳的接人们扔过来的饰品,其中包括饮料现在让获胜者介绍经验“我们一年的时间里都非常刻苦训练,尤其是精神上的训练,因为0多年前我们就开始庆祝圣诞节,所以我们尽最大努力来准备,今天我们的努力获得了回报”由于赢得比赛,他们获得了000美元奖金,当然有吹牛的资格 581Step by Step 3000. Book Two. 6. It great to be a champion.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. stand, raise, stretch, swing, touch, bend.Vocabulary. stretch, sideways, rhythm.Youre going to hear some instructions on how to do keep-fit exercises.Listen carefully, write down the important points in each step.Right, everyone. Stand straight. Feet apart. Hands by your sides. Relax. Everybody y?Right. A nice deep breath. Now raise your arms to shoulder height and stretch them out sideways.Good. Now swing you right arm down to touch your left toes.Keep your left arm stretched out.Dont bend your knees. Your legs should be straight. And up straight again.Now your left hand down to touch your right toes. And up again.Everybody happy? Now let do this with a bit of rhythm.Right down, touch your toes, and up. Left down, touch your toes, and up. And again.Right down, touch your toes, and up. Left down, touch your toes, and up. Keep those knees straight.Now keep going until I tell you to stop.B. Keywords. dash, world record, hurdles, gold medal, marathon, high jump, long jump, javelin throw.Vocabulary. dash, hurdle, javelin.Jamaica, Morocco, Bulgaria, Ethiopia,Cuba, Soviet Union, Czech Republic.Youre going to hear some of track and field world records.Complete the chart. Pay special attention to the nationality, the record and the date.1. In track events, Usain Bolt from Jamaica is the fastest man in 0 meters dash.His record is 9.69 seconds, and was set on August th, .. Florence Griffith Joyner from the U.S.A set the record the women 0 meters dash in .9 seconds on July th, 1988.3. The men 00 meters race world record was set by Hicham EI Guerrouj, from Morocco, on July th, 1998.And his record is 3 minutes, 6 seconds.. The fastest woman in the world in 00 meters race is Qu YunXia, from China.Her record is 3 minutes, 50.6 seconds and she set the record on September th, 1993.5. The world record men 1 meters hurdles was set by Dayron Robles, from Cuba, on June th, .The record is .87 seconds.6. The gold medal winner the women 0 meters hurdles is Yordanka Donkova, from Bulgaria.And her record is .1 seconds, that was set on August th, 1988.7. In kilometers race walk men, Vladimir Kanaykin, from Russia is the gold medal winner.His record is 1 hour, minutes, seconds.It was set on September 9th, .8. In kilometers race walk women, the record is 1 hour, 5 minutes and 1 seconds, which was set by Olimpiada Ivanova, from Russia, on August 7th, .9. Who is the world record holder men marathon?It Haile Gebrselassie, from Ethiopia.And his record is hours, minutes, 6 seconds.He set the record on September 30th, .. women marathon, Paula Radcliffe, from Great Britain, holds the record in hours, minutes and 5 seconds.The record was set on April th, .. In field events, Javier Sotomayor, from Cuba, is the man who jumps highest in the world.His record is .5 meters.It was set on July 7th, 1993.. Stefka Kostadinova, from Bulgaria, seized the gold medal women high jump on August 30th, 1987.Her record is . meters.. The world record men long jump owes to Mike Powell, from the USA, whose record is 8.95 meters.He set this record on August 30th, 1991.. The world record women long jump owes to Galina Chistyakova, from the mer Soviet Union, whose record is 7.5 meters.She set this record on June th, 1988.. In the men javelin throw, the world record holder is Jan Zelezny, from Czech Republic.His record is 98.8 meters, which was set on May 5th, 1996.. Osleidys Menendez, from Cuba, is the world record holder the women javelin throw.Her record is 71.70 meters, which was set on August th, .C. Keywords. happy face, men 1 meters hurdles, world record.Vocabulary. countryman, spirit, Lausanne.Listen to the following news item, and supply the missing inmation.A very happy face on Liu Xiang of China.He broke the men 1 meter hurdles world record at the meet in Lausanne, Switzerland.Liu crossed the finish line in a time of .88 seconds, breaking the old mark he shared with Britain Colin Jackson by three one hundredth of a second.American Dominique Arnold also broke the old record, but he took second place in .90 seconds.His countryman Terrence Tranmell finished third, . seconds.Jackson originally set the record in 1993, but the -year-old Liu tied it when he became China first ever Olympic spirit gold medalist at the Athens Games. 353583哈尔滨医科大学附属肿瘤医院医生的QQ号码

黑龙江省妇幼保健口碑怎样哈市妇女儿童医院医生名单 改变未来的十句警言要知道生活并非绝对公平接受既定命运,改变你所能改变的三思而后行为一时的疏忽与愤怒所付的代价是经以数年的痛苦悔恨发掘生活中无处不在的美,在大自然里,在他人中,在自己身上珍视你所拥有的一切:人、机遇、物质财富努力营造生活的乐趣:与人交往是件美妙的事情,它将留给你美好的回忆留时间给自己潇潇洒洒、无所顾忌地做点自己喜欢的事情不偏不倚地接受他人每个人都是独一无二的,个体差异实属正常宽容愤怒和仇恨远比你所憎恨的人更伤人学习勇于接受新观点新理念,不要畏惧新的尝试梦想制订计划,坚信自己,为你的梦想全力以赴大庆市第五医院专家预约

道里区妇女儿童医院怎样预约B. Keywords. salt, too much, risk, cardiovascular disease, salt reduction, daily salt intake.Vocabulary. crucial, stroke, cardiovascular, borderline.Listen to a passage about daily salt intake, and complete the research report.Salt is crucial to our health, but too much of it can put human at risk from high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.Many reports, researchers at Harvard Medical School say the significant reduction in salt intake can cut the chances of heart disease and strokes by a quarter.Here is our health correspondent, Adam Brimelow.It long been known that cutting salt can reduce blood pressure, but there has been much less evidence of what it means cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and strokes.The Harvard team followed up people with borderline high blood pressure, who taken part in two salt reduction studies, typically cutting intake from to 7 grams a day.The risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the next decade or so was cut by a quarter compared with those who didnt reduce their salt intake.And their chances of dying from cardiovascular disease fell by .In developed countries such as the ed States and the UK, the average adult daily salt intake is about grams, much of this is aly in the food the people buy, including processed foods and b.Many experts say no one should have more than 3 grams.They say the best way to cut salt is to get away from fast food, check labels and have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable.Adam Brimelow reporting. 0197 Listen to the dialogues and check the items that they have talked about.听MP3,并勾出对话中谈到的项目age hair style weight hair color skin color height1..3..5. 359黑龙江省哈尔滨八院是正规医院吗黑龙江省医院挂号预约



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