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昂仁县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养齿缘龟买一只多少钱浦城县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养 Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People德拉克拉瓦:《自由领导人民》We#39;re in the Musee du Louvre and we#39;re looking at Delacroix#39;s Liberty Leading the People. This is one of the most historically important paintings in this collection.我们在罗浮宫,我们正在欣赏德拉克拉瓦的《自由领导人民》。这是这系列收藏品中在历史上最重要的画作之一。And it#39;s important to remember, I think, how radical this painting was. Its Republican Revolutionary politics were palpable, a little bit, perhaps, lost to us, I think, today. The painting shows the revolution of 1830 on the streets of Paris. And what we see is a barricade, which was a makeshift blockade.重点是要记得,我认为,这幅画作有多么激进。其共和革命中的政治活动是很明了的,也许有一点点不在我们今天的理解范围内。这幅画显示了巴黎街头1830年时的革命。我们看到的是一道街垒,那是个临时的路障。And remember that Paris at this time was really a medieval city, and so that the streets were narrow, and they were winding, and it was easy to block off French troops. And they were made of furniture, they were made of wagons, they were made especially of cobblestones. And you can see the cobblestones down in the very foreground.记得这时的巴黎确实是个中古世纪的城市,所以那些街道都很窄,它们蜿蜒曲折,且很容易阻碍法国军队。它们是以家具筑起的、它们是以马车堆起的、它们特别是用鹅卵石叠起的。你可以看到鹅卵石就在下方这个前景里。Over those cobblestones strides a figure who one would not have actually seen on the streets of Paris. So we have this mixture of the real and the unreal, because we have this allegorical figure of Liberty herself carrying the French tricolor flag, which represents equality, fraternity, and liberty—the values of the revolution.在那堆鹅卵石之上,一个人们不曾会在巴黎街头看过的人物迈开步伐。我们有这个真实与虚幻的综合体,因为我们有这个象征自由女神本身的角色举着法国三色旗,那代表平等、爱、与自由--革命的价值。So in the ed States, we would recognize this figure as the Statue of Liberty, not a specific individual, but in fact, the embodiment or personification of an idea—the idea of freedom.所以在美国,我们会认出这个人物是自由女神像,不是一个特定的个人,但事实上,是一个理念的具体化或拟人化--自由的理念。So it#39;s important to remember here that what#39;s happened is a monarchy had been restored in France that was very politically oppressive. And the revolution in July of 1830 was against that restored King Charles X and brought into power a constitutional monarchy, presumably, a king that would be more friendly to the needs of the middle class.所以这里重要的是要记得,发生的事情是一个非常带有政治压迫的君主政体在法国被重新建立起来。1830年的七月革命是对抗复辟的国王查理十世,并让君主立宪政体掌权,照理来说,是一位对于中产阶级需求更加友善的国王。So there were three days of, beyond protest, of an open warfare in the streets of Paris. Charles X actually flees France, and his cousin Louis Philippe is put on the throne, and Delacroix is watching this from his window.所以除了抗议,在巴黎街头还有一场三天的公开冲突。查理十世确实逃离法国,他的表亲路易·菲利浦被推上王位,而德拉克拉瓦正从他的窗口观看这些事。And the violence is really frightening. We have in the foreground dead members of both sides of this fight.那暴行确实很吓人。我们在前景有这场争斗中双方丧命的成员。The figure on the left is really brutal. If you look closely, it#39;s clear that he#39;s in his night shirt. And one of the practices of the repressive government was to go after the opposition in their homes, beat them to death, and drag them to the streets as a reminder: ;Do not do this.; There#39;s a very famous Daumier: Rue Transnonain that shows a family that has been killed in their bedroom.左侧的人物是非常残忍的。如果你看得仔细些,很明显他穿着他的睡衣。而镇压政府的行动之一是追到反对派者的家中、打死他们、并把他们拖到街头好似个提醒:“别这样做。”有个非常知名的杜米埃的《特兰斯诺南街事件》,那画出一个在卧室被杀害的家庭。And on the right, a member of the other side of the king#39;s forces, who#39;s dead or wounded in the foreground.在右侧,另一边国王军队的成员,在前景他是死亡或受伤的。And that#39;s important because, I think, that#39;s a reminder that even the royal troops are not invincible.那很重要,因为,我认为,那是个提示即便皇家军队都不是刀不入的。Liberty strides forward. She#39;s incredibly powerful. And importantly, Delacroix is giving her kind of realism. That was very important, I think, in terms of this message. I think if the figure had been an ancient Greek looking figure, we would have lost some of the strength of this image.自由女神向前跨步。她是不可思议地强大。重要的是,德拉克拉瓦正赋予她的一种现实性。那是非常重要的,我认为,就这个讯息而言。我认为如果那角色是个古希腊样貌的角色,我们会失去这画面的某些力度。We see her in profile, starkly lit, with a kind of Caravaggio-esque lighting, her arm forward with the flag, the other arm carrying the bayonet, striding over the barricade, a figure that leads the people on with this idea of liberty.我们从侧面看她,明显地被打亮,以一种卡拉瓦乔式的打光手法,她的手臂向前举着旗子,另一只手携带着刺刀,跨过街垒,一个有着这自由理念带领人们向前的角色。So, I think I see exactly what you#39;re saying, but I also disagree, because I think that Delacroix isn#39;t viewing this figure with all of those very human attributes that we#39;re talking about, all of that sense of leadership, and all of the allegorical power that she represents.所以,我认为我完全看到你说的东西,但我也不同意,因为我认为德拉克拉瓦不是用那所有那些我们正在谈论的人类特质、用所有领导的概念、以及所有象征性的力量来看待这个人物。But at the same time, I think Delacroix is actually very consciously drawing on the ancient tradition. The perfect profile, which is the most noble way of representing the face according to the classical world, reminds us of Roman coinage, for instance.但同时,我认为德拉克拉瓦确实是非常有自觉地在运用古代的传统。那完美的侧面,根据古典世界那是呈现面孔最高尚的方式,使我们想起罗马货币,举例来说。So it#39;s not as if Delacroix looked out of his window and actually saw this, and that#39;s not just because of the allegorical figure of Liberty. The figures are carefully composed in the shape of a pyramid. And Delacroix has also included very different types of figures intentionally, showing the range of people who participated in the revolution of 1830.所以并不是好像德拉克拉瓦望出他的窗子并确实看到这个,还有那不只是因为自由女神这象征性的人物。那些人物被仔细地组成金字塔的形状。而德拉克拉瓦同样也故意放入了非常不同类型的人物,显示出参与1830年革命人们的阶级范围。So not only do you have the man wearing the top hat, a member of the bourgeoisie, of the middle class, but next to him is a craftsman—a workman—in his shirtsleeves, who probably can#39;t afford that nice rifle. But they are together opposing the monarchy.所以你不只有戴着高帽子的男人--资产阶级的、中产阶级的成员,但在他旁边的是一名工匠--一位工人--只穿着他的衬衫,他也许无法负担得起那把好步。但他们在一起对抗君主政权。And so there was a real political message here of the power of the people to overthrow a government. And the government of Louis Philippe that came into power purchased this painting, but later this message started to feel a little bit uncomfortable.所以这里有个真正的政治讯息是有关人们的力量去推翻一个政府。而获得政权的路易·菲利浦政府买下了这幅画,但稍后这个讯息开始感到有点不舒。A little too radical.有点太激进了。A little too radical. In fact, the government of Louis Philippe, although a constitutional monarchy, still only a very small fraction of the French people were able to vote. We#39;re talking about a government that was still favorable only to the interests of real elite. And so the power of the people that we see here in this painting became dangerous, and the painting was taken down and not exhibited again until the revolution of 1848.有点太激进了。事实上,虽然是个君主立宪政体,路易·菲利浦政府还是只有非常小部分的法国人民可以投票。我们在讲的是一个仍然只对真正精英的利益有利的政府。所以我们在这幅画中看到的人民力量变得危险,而这幅画被取下,且不再展出直到1848年的革命。We#39;ll look, for instance, at the extreme right side of the canvas, and you can make out the two towers of Notre Dame rising above the smoke of battle. And if you look very closely, you can see the tricolor on that symbol of the monarchy. And so this was such a radical image.举例来说,我们会看到画布右侧末端,你可以辨别出圣母院的两座塔从战场的烟硝中扶摇直上。如果你非常仔细看,你可以看到那个君主政体象征上的三色旗。所以这是这样的一个激进影像。Liberty is moving directly into our space, leading the people forward. You can see why this painting ended up going essentially into storage.自由女神正在直接地移动到我们的空间,带领人们向前。你可以知道为什么这幅画最后必须待在仓库里。 Article/201503/363442英语非常道 第31期:看片段,猜电影通过播放不同电影片段,不断的给出电影周边信息,帮助观众猜测电影片 Article/201510/396109卢龙县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养

挺胸龟养殖技术方法吃什么新宾满族自治县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养 If we look at the tetrapod we have the pit now gone altogether我们再看一下四足动物,凹陷已经彻底消失and here#39;s that lower blood vessel hole there in the tetrapod,这里有个四足动物颚骨的下行血管出口so in this respect livoniana kind of agrees with the tetrapod.就这一点而言,文塔螈比较接近四足动物On the other hand, we find that in the fish另一方面,我们发现在鱼的颚骨上a bone from the outer surface of the jaw comes round down to here and ends颚外面有一块骨头向下延伸,到这里就结束了and it#39;s, it abuts against another bone up here called the pre-articular.与之毗邻的这块骨头叫做前关节骨In the tetrapod, the bone from the outer face comes all the way up here.在四足动物的颚上,外面的骨头一直延伸到这上面,It forms a big tongue extending backwards so and it comes all the way up here beneath it, so quite a different arrangement.形成巨大的舌床,从后面开始,一直延伸到这下面,所以是很不一样的结构Livoniana here has got the junction and the bone exposed on the surface文塔螈有接合部,骨头暴露在外面just like the fish, so in this case livoniana agrees with the fish,这和鱼很相似,就这点而言,文塔螈比较接近鱼so as you can see depending on which characteristic you look at因此,根据观察到的这些特征it either lies sort of halfway between or it agrees with the tetrapod, or it agrees with the fish.它处于二者之间,它或者比较接近四足动物,或者比较接近鱼,Exactly what you would expect from an intermediate form.正是人们期盼的中间物种Ahlberg believes livoniana really is an elusive transitional form, almost exactly half fish and half tetrapod.Ahlberg认为文塔螈确实就是难得一见的过渡型物种,几乎就是半鱼半四足类的动物It is certainly the only fossil yet discovered that shows the process of change between the two actually taking place.它是迄今发现的反映二者演变过程的唯一一块化石。 Article/201703/500333包头市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养

刚察县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养 Around 1974,大约1974年they started doing product at Motown that perhaps wasn#39;t the best.城的产品开始有点差强人意As a fan, l loved songs like The Boogie Man is gonna get you,我是粉丝 所以很喜欢The Boogie Man会来抓你and lookin#39; through the Windows, and skywriter,Lookin#39; through the Windows 与 Sky Writerbut these songs weren#39;t hits.但这些歌都称不上是畅销曲Joe mentioned to me乔对我说several times that he felt like Motown was taking the group over,有好几次他都觉得城要接手taking them away from his direction.将团体带离他心中所想的方向What happened was that不久之后Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson马文与史提夫·汪达 还有史基·罗宾逊were writing and producing and doing a lot of things at Motown开始替城创作与制作许多歌that the Jacksons had begun to want to do for themselves.杰克逊五人组也开始有所打算And to see how Motown treated other artists目睹城如何对待其他歌手and how the other artists was making it,以及其他歌手如何成功it was kind of disillusion.其实有点理想破灭The company was being run at that time by Ewart Abner,公司那时的营运由伊维·艾伯纳Berry Gordy Was making movies with Diana Ross.贝瑞·戈迪正忙着与黛安娜·罗丝拍电影And Abner felt pretry strongly伊维·艾伯纳深深的认为that they should not be writing and producing their own music,他们不应该自己创作与制作音乐that they should just accept the material that came their way应该给他们什么就唱什么and just do a good job with it in the studio.着重在录音室里把歌唱好Michael Was vety disillusioned.迈克尔整个梦想幻灭He wanted to not only write his own material他不但想自己写歌but produce it as well.还想自己制作He realised他发现if he was to reach these goals, he would have to go somewhere else.自己必须要到别处才能完成这些梦想 Article/201509/398371本溪市黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养东部箱龟能活多少年多少钱一只2019



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