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You just know your pal is making a terrible mistake. But you’re going to need more than your intuition to stop the wedding.你刚刚得知你的朋友做了一个糟糕的决定。但是要阻止婚礼,你需要的不仅仅是直觉。You Will Need你需要A calm approach冷静的态度Reasoned arguments理性的辩论Acceptance of the final decision接受最终决定Steps步骤STEP 1 Time it1.寻找合适的时机Find a time when you can speak with your friend privately, in a quiet setting. Don’t wait until the last minute (like a week before the wedding)—one to six months before the big day would be ideal.找个合适的时间,你可以和朋友在安静的场合私下谈话。不要等到最后一刻(比如说婚礼前最后一周)——婚礼前一到六个月是最理想的。STEP 2 Stay calm2.保持冷静Broach the subject calmly. Your argument is not going to hold much sway if you’re on the verge of hysteria when you deliver it.冷静地讨论这个话题。如果你表述自己观点的时候歇斯底里,你的辩论可能不会产生很大的效果。STEP 3 Be reasonable3.合理Present all the reasons you believe your pal will regret it if he or she walks down that aisle. Deliver them as you would a well-thought-out work presentation.表述出让你认为朋友走上结婚殿堂之后会后悔的所有原因。认真表述,就像在做一场工作汇报。#39;You’ll no longer be able to screw other people,#39; is not really a valid argument.“你不能再和其他人混在一起”并不是一个有效的理由。STEP 4 Anticipate objections4.预料到对方的反对Anticipate the betrothed’s objections so you’re prepared to answer protests like, #39;But my parents will lose ten grand if we cancel the reception hall this late.#39;预料到对方的反对,这样你就可以做好准备回答这样的抗议,比如“如果我们这么晚才取消招待大厅我的父母会损失很多钱。”STEP 5 Paint a picture5.描述一幅图画Paint a vivid picture of the grim life you foresee for your friend if he or she goes ahead with the wedding.如果你的朋友坚持举行婚礼,描述一幅悲惨的婚姻生活的图画。Keep referring to the wedding as a #39;travesty.#39; Research shows that if you repeat something enough, people start to believe it.坚持把婚礼比作“令人嘲弄的事情”。研究表明,如果你重复某件事情足够多次,人们就会开始相信。STEP 6 Offer support6.提供持Offer to support the person with the fallout that accompanies canceling a wedding.如果对方决定取消婚礼,提出持并陪伴他们。STEP 7 Offer a compromise7.做出让步Offer a compromise. Suggest that the person at least postpone the wedding for a while.做出让步。建议你的朋友至少把婚礼延期一段时间。STEP 8 Accept it8.接受现实If, despite your best efforts, the person decides to ignore your advice and say #39;I do,#39; accept the decision and put on a happy face. Hey, maybe your friend really does know best.如果,尽管你做出了最好的努力,对方仍然决定忽略你的建议,说“我愿意”,那就接受他们的决定,摆出愉快的表情。或许你的朋友是最清楚的。About 20% of engaged couples end up calling off their wedding.大约20%的订婚情侣最终取消了婚礼。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/332555No, honey glazing or smoke curing won#39;t help your hamstrings. But regular stretching can make them choice cuts of meat.蜂蜜抛光和烟熏并不能帮助你的腿筋。但是经常做伸展运动却可以让你更加健康。You Will Need你需要A step台阶Comfortable clothing舒适的装Steps步骤If you have been inactive for a length of time, or if you#39;ve had any recent surgery or physical problems, particularly of the muscles and joints, please consult your doctor before you start a stretching or exercise program.如果你已经长时间没有运动,或者如果最近做了手术或者身体出现问题,尤其是肌肉和关节问题,开始任何伸展运动或锻炼计划之前一定要向医生咨询。Step 1 Place heel on step1.脚后跟放在台阶上Stand in front of a step, shift your weight to your slightly bent left leg, and place your right heel onto the step. Keep your right knee slightly bent.站在台阶前,重心缓缓转移到稍微弯曲的左腿上,右脚后跟放在台阶上。右腿膝盖稍微弯曲。You can also do this with a rock, a ledge, a chair that#39;s against a wall for stability, or your desk at the office—use anything that#39;s stable and at a comfortable height.你也可以在岩石,暗礁,或者靠墙放置比较稳定的椅子上做,或者办公桌前——任何比较稳定,高度舒适的物体都可以。Step 2 Bend amp; straighten2.弯曲,伸直Bending at the hips and keeping your back straight, bring your torso forward and straighten your right leg until you feel a comfortable tension.臀部弯曲,保持背部挺直,躯干向前伸,伸直右腿,直到感觉到舒适的拉伸感。Step 3 Hold leg3.撑住腿部Hold your leg with both hands for support.用双手握住腿部,起到持作用。Step 4 Hold stretch4.坚持Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds. If it hurts, back off a bit or you may actually tighten the muscles you want to stretch.这个动作保持10-30秒钟。如果感到疼痛,身体稍微向后缩回一点,或许你确实拉伸到了想要伸展的肌肉。Step 5 Press further amp; hold5.加强伸展Press slightly further into the stretch—again, it shouldn#39;t hurt—and hold for up to another 30 seconds.稍微加大伸展幅度——保在不疼痛的情况下——再坚持30秒钟。Step 6 Come to a stand6.站立Carefully straighten your torso, remove your right foot from the step, and come to standing.小心地拉直躯干,右脚从台阶上拿下来,站立。Step 7 Repeat on left leg7.左腿重复动作Shift your weight to your right leg, place your left heel onto the step, and repeat the stretch on your left leg.将重心转移到右腿上,把左脚后跟放在台阶上,左腿重复伸展动作。Step 8 Come to a stand8.站立Carefully straighten your torso, remove your left foot from the step, and come to standing. And the best part? Totally kosher.小心地拉直躯干,将左脚从台阶上拿下来,站立。最好的程度就是当你感觉到舒适的时候。Medieval knights aimed their blows at the backs of their enemies#39; legs in order to ;hamstring; or cripple them.中世纪的骑士经常试图攻击敌人双腿后部,企图让对方变瘸。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/237620

Put that fruity drink down, it#39;s back to the grind! Here#39;s how to make the transition as easy as possible.放下香甜可口的饮料,现在应该回到工作岗位了!根据以下建议,最简单地实现过渡。You Will Need你需要Preparation准备Extra time off额外的休息时间Photos照片Good attitude良好的态度Steps步骤Step 1 Take extra time1.预留时间When planning your trip, set aside a day at the end of your vacation to decompress at home and prepare for your return to work. If possible, arrange for your first two days back to be half days to ease back into the workday.在计划返回的时候,预留假期的最后一天在家中减压,为回归工作做好准备。如果可能的话,安排重返工作的最初两天只工作半天,缓解上班压力。Step 2 Start prepping before you leave2.休假前开始准备In the days leading up to your vacation remind others that you#39;ll be out, and tie up loose ends that will distract you or eat up time when you come back.在即将休假的日子,提醒其他人你将离开一段时间,整理一些休假回来后可能会分散注意力或消耗时间的零碎工作。Step 3 Readjust your sleep cycle3.调整生物钟Go to bed and wake up early a day or two before returning to work to just your sleep cycle.重返工作岗位前一两天早睡早起,重新调整生物钟。Step 4 Go through your e-mails4.查看电子邮件Spend an hour going through your e-mail and thinning out your inbox the day before you come back to work.回到工作岗位前一天花费一个小时查看电子邮件,清理收件箱。Ask for an update on special projects the day before you return so can hit the ground running.回到工作岗位前一天,要求对特别的项目进行更新,这样你就能跟上工作节奏。Step 5 Show up early5.早点上班Show up early the first day back to prioritize your to-do list without the distraction of curious co-workers asking about your trip.假期回归的第一天早点到,列好当天的任务清单,不要因好奇的同事询问你的旅行而分心。Take your boss out to lunch on your first day back to catch up and discuss work matters one-on-one.休假回来的第一天和老板共进午餐,可以面对面地了解和讨论工作事项。Step 6 Bring your vacay back with you6.将假期心情带回来Keep a few pictures with you at work as a reminder of how great your vacation was. Last but not least, start planning the next trip so you#39;ve always got something to look forward to!办公桌上放几张照片,提醒自己这次假期多么愉快。最后,但也是非常重要的一点,开始为下次旅行做计划,这样你的心中就一直有期待了。According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American now works 160 more hours per year than in 1976.根据美国劳工统计局的数据,普通美国人每年的工作时间比1976年多160个小时。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/274716

The lipstick you just bought looked so divine on the celebrity walking the red carpet, but it makes you look like you#39;re from another planet. Get the most flattering hues for you with these tips.你刚刚买的唇膏让好莱坞红毯明星看上去如同天人,但是你涂上去却像来自另一个星球。根据我们下面的建议,选择适合自己肤色的颜色。You Will Need你需要White sheet of paper白纸White shirt白衬衣Cream-colored shirt米色衬衣Makeup化妆品Universally flattering clothing colors普遍的比较讨喜的装颜色Gold and silver jewelry (optional)黄金或白银珠宝(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Assess skin tone1.评估皮肤颜色Assess your skin tone as either cool or warm. Hold a white sheet of paper up to your face to identify the main color you see in your skin. If you#39;re still confused, put on a white blouse and then a cream-colored blouse. If you look better in the white, you#39;re likely cool-skinned and if the cream one is more flattering, you have a warm skin tone.评估一下你的皮肤是冷色调还是暖色调。把一张白纸放在脸旁,鉴别一下皮肤颜色。如果仍然困惑不解,穿上一件白衬衣,然后穿一件米色衬衣。如果穿白色看上去更好,你可能是冷色皮肤。如果穿米色更衬肤色,你的皮肤可能是暖色调。See which jewelry tone is most flattering. Silver jewelry will look best against cool-toned skin, while gold jewelry will make warm tones glow.看一下哪一种珠宝更适合你。银质珠宝更适合冷色调皮肤,黄金珠宝让暖色调皮肤更加熠熠生辉。STEP 2 Choose foundation2.选择粉底Choose a foundation and powder with blue or pink undertones if you have cool skin. Warmer skin tones should wear a yellow-based powder and foundation.如果你的皮肤是冷色调,选择蓝色或粉色基调的粉底和散粉。较暖的皮肤色调应该选择黄色基调的散粉和粉底。STEP 3 Choose blush3.选择腮红Go for a pink, beige, or tawny-hued blush if you have cool skin. Warm tones look best in plums, auburn, copper, or bronze. If you have tan skin, try peaches, corals, apricots, and oranges.如果是冷色调皮肤,选择粉红色,米黄色或黄褐色腮红。暖色调涂紫红色,赤褐色,铜色或青铜色效果最好。如果你的皮肤经过晒黑处理,尝试桃红色,橘红色,杏黄色或橙色腮红。Cool tones should generally avoid earth tones, which work best on warm skin tones.总体来说,冷色调皮肤应该避免黄土色腮红。黄土色用于暖色调皮肤效果最佳。STEP 4 Choose lipstick4.选择唇膏Select lipsticks and lip liners based on their dominant color. If they#39;re primarily warm red, brown, magenta, or purple, they#39;ll look great against warm skin. Cool skin will come alive with orangey red, light purple, and pink.根据主导颜色来选择唇膏和唇线颜色。如果主要颜色为比较温暖的红色,棕色,紫红色或紫色,用于暖色调皮肤最好。冷色调皮肤使用橘红色,淡紫色和粉红色最好。STEP 5 Choose eyeshadow5.选择眼影Choose white, silver, gray, pale blue, purple, or dark green eye shadow if you have cool skin. Warm skin will look great in bronze, coral, red, pink, cream, light brown, and soft green.如果你的皮肤是冷色调,选择白色,银色,灰色,淡蓝色,紫色或深绿色眼影。暖色调皮肤使用青铜色,橘红色,红色,粉红色,奶油色,淡棕色和柔和的绿色效果更佳。STEP 6 Choose clothing6.选择装Wear clothing colors that flatter everyone, regardless of skin tone or even hair color, due to the fact that they fall in the middle of the color spectrum -- not too cool or too warm. They are eggplant, Indian Teal, true red, and soft rose -- which is between light pink and peach.选择适合每一个人的装颜色,无论什么肤色或发色。这些颜色刚好在色谱中间,不会太冷或太暖。这些颜色包括深紫色,印度水鸭色,纯红色和柔和的玫瑰色——介于淡粉色和桃红色之间。A study by the University of Durham, England, found that athletes in sports competitions who wore red were more likely to win than contestants wearing other colors.英格兰杜伦大学一项研究发现,在体育比赛中穿红色装的运动员比穿其他颜色装的运动员更容易获胜。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/280846London Marathon Security Review Boston Police and organisers of the London Marathon this Sunday are reviewing security arrangements after the bombs in Boston. 受波士顿马拉松爆炸案影响,21日举行的伦敦马拉松赛成为关注焦点。比波士顿马拉松规模更大、影响力更远的伦敦马拉松赛是否能否安全举行?伦敦是否比波士顿安全?尽管伦敦马拉松赛的安保早有预案,但波士顿爆炸案后,英国首相、大都会警察局及伦敦马拉松赛的主办者都在第一时间发表讲话,表达了对伦敦马拉松赛正常举行的决心,同时也表示要加强针对比赛的安保。英国体育大臣罗伯逊和伦敦市长约翰逊都再次承诺,“绝对相信”伦敦马拉松赛的安全,比赛按计划举行。Along the mile, the iconic finish line for the London marathon, a chance for some to pack in(停止;放弃;结束;吸引大量观众) last minute preparations, thoughts of course with their fellow runners in Boston, but those we spoke to are determined they won#39;t be frightened off from racing here on Sunday.There is always a risk of some sort of attack, but I think London show during the Olympics there is well prepared to meet that kind of threat ahead of it and perfect the confidence here as services go to have a good state.I have been here spectating before, and there’re many of people and security around is, all is very good.I had conversation with my wife last night and she want me, she said we used to do it and I now suggest that our reservation whether she and the children, young children will come and watch.It is one of the world#39;s foremost marathons, from the very start here in southeast London, the security challenges will be considerable. More than 36,000 are expected through the start line, they are beginning to erect temperary infrastructure to cope, not just with the many runners, but their support teams and tons of equipment. This Sunday will be Adam Samoon’s first marathon, security wasn#39;t really a factor he’d considered before the event in Boston. He says he’ll certainly be more alert now.It#39;s scary what happened, I fall along with hearts and I did debate whether I want to still take part, for me I want to help out the people life, out of a great help, I will do my utmost, thinking about Boston as well as the terrible event.Pounding the 26 miles through London, there are of course the world#39;s famous landmarks where many thousands will gather to watch. Protecting those spectators is a difficult challenge, but London is well used to coping with huge events and heightened security.The events in Boston were absolutely horrific, and obviously our thoughts are with the victims and their families. But in London the police will be taking every possible precaution to make sure that those, the funeral tomorrow and the marathon at the weekend can go ahead.The ultimate destination for the runners, the finish line near Buckingham Palace, and like Boston, an area where many friends and families will gather to cheer them home, but it#39;s another vulnerable spot.We want people to enjoy this great, great exult of the city of London during what it does the best, but with that comes all the inherent problems and the risks of having the lone wolf, the idiots, the feral faction and indeed the criminals and the terrorists, so it#39;s a big, big job to manage.The organizers have shown their determination to press on with Sunday#39;s marathon, there is no specific threat and certainly it seems the vast majority of runners intend to keep calm and carry on. Mark White, Sky News. /201304/236205

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!During an NFL play, what unit has a total of seven people on the field? If you think you know it, then shout it out. 在一场NFL比赛中,哪一方一共有7个人在场上?如果你认为你知道,那就大声喊出来吧!Is it the offense, defense, special teams or officials? You#39;ve got 3 seconds, go.是进攻组,防守组,特勤组,还是裁判呢?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The referee leads a team of seven on-field officials during an NFL game. That is your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.在一场NFL比赛中,主裁判将带领一由7名场上裁判组成的队伍。这就是你的,你的“大喊”。AZUZ: NFL officials include an umpire, a linesman, a field judge. NFL裁判包括一名主裁,一名线上裁判,和一名场地裁判。But it#39;s one job where you do not usually see women. 但在这行当里你并不经常看到女性的身影。There are no full-time female NFL referees. 现在还没有全职的女性NFL裁判。That may soon change.但这状况也许很快就会改变。In Friday#39;s pre-season game between the New Orleans Saints and the Oakland Raiders, the line judge was a 39-year-old mother of three. 在周五进行的新奥尔良圣徒与奥克兰突袭者的季前赛中,一名39岁育有三个孩子的妈妈担任了线上裁判。Sarah Thomas says she did not start out to break a gender barrier.莎拉·托马斯说她此举并不是要突破性别壁垒。 /201308/253972Dentist Allegedly Exposed Patients to HIV, HepatitisPatients of Tulsa, Okla., dentist may have been endangered by unclean instruments.Health officials are saying that a tosser dentist may have exposed thousands of patients to life-threating diseases ranging from HIV to Hepatitis. A#39;s chief health and medical editor Dr. Rechard Besser is here with this disturbing story this morning.It is disturbing. You know, I have spent my career in public health and it#39;s not hard to prevent infections in dental offices. But what they found here was absolutely shocking.Dr. W. Scott Harrington has been a trusted oral surgeon for 36 years. But now authorities believe he may have exposed thousands of patients to potentially deadly infections by allegedly using rusty instruments which weren#39;t cleaned properly. Letters has been sent to 7,000 Oklahoma patients recommending they immediately be tested for Hepatitis B. Hepatitis C and HIV after one of his patients with no known risk factors tested positive for Hepatitis C. In addtion to allegations that he cleaned his instruments by improperly bleaching them which caused them to become porous over time he#39;s also accused or reusing needles and vials.The instruments that came out of the autoclave(高压锅;高压灭菌器) were horrible. I wouldn#39;t let my nephews play with them out in dirt, I mean they were horrible, they have rust on them.He even reportedly had medications 20 years past the expiration date, and allowed unlicensed assistants to give IV (intravenous) medication. We#39;ve reached out to Dr. Harrington but he did not return calls.So 7,000 patients have got these letters to get tested for HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis A. I mean, what is, what are the chances more patients are gonna test positive given those conditions.Well, yeah, I mean, there are a couple of distrubing factors here. You know, many patients in his practice have HIV and Hepatitis C.He was treating a high risk population.He was, he was. And he had instrumets set aside for those patients and other instruments for patients where he didn#39;t know there whether they were infected or not. That#39;s very dangerous. All instruments shoud be treated the same. You know, last summer there were, there were 8,000 patients from Colorado who were notified and thankfully there none of them were infected. Here there#39;s a much higher chance some people would get.But I would have thought soaking instruments in bleach would have killed anything - we keep hearing bleaches are the only thing that kills everything.Well, for a lot of things, bleaches are the way to go; but these instruments have to go into something called an autoclave which uses pressure and heat. If you use bleaches on them first it disturbs the outside of the instruments so the autoclave no longer works.And they become porous and things can get inside.They can seek bin and then the heat and the pressure don#39;t kill those germs.So what are we supposed to look for, Rechard, I mean, I got to a dentist office and usually I#39;v got so much stuff in my mouth I can#39;t see what#39;s going on.A couple clues to look for:The first thing, if you ever see rusty or old instruments, that#39;s a warning sign. The other is if your dentist isn#39;t wearing gloves or isn#39;t changing gloves between patients, find another dentist.So he should do that in front of me.Definitely. You should see that they are putting on fresh gloves, definitely.OK, I#39;ll pay attention to those instruments.That#39;s right.But thanks so much. Disturbing news. We#39;ll keep on top of that. /201304/237179

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