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2017年12月11日 08:27:48 | 作者:网上乐园 | 来源:新华社
The Asia Society announced on Tuesday that Kevin Rudd, the former prime minister of Australia, would lead a new research institute it has created that specializes in Asian issues and policy making, a reflection of Asias increasing global influence.亚洲协会(Asia Society)周二宣布,澳大利亚前总理陆克Kevin Rudd)将领导协会创立一家专注于亚洲事务和决策的新研究机构。这反映了亚洲日益增长的国际影响力。Mr. Rudd, 57, a longtime statesman, Asia scholar and a fluent Mandarin speaker, will become the first president of the Asia Society Policy Institute in January. His appointment was announced six months after the Asia Society formally launched the institute, which it has described as ;a new kind of think tank on the rise of Asia.;57岁的陆克文曾长期从政,是一名亚洲问题学者,普通话流利。他将于明年1月成为亚洲协会政策研究所(Asia Society Policy Institute)的首任负责人。他的任命是在亚洲协会正式成立该机构六个月后宣布的。亚洲协会称其为“旨在关注亚洲崛起的新型智库”。Based in New York and Washington, the institute has sought to establish itself as a hub for research and analysis on Asia, which accounts for 60 percent of the worlds population and is projected to account for more than half of global economic output by 2050.研究所设在纽约和华盛顿,希望能成为亚洲研究和分析的一个中心。亚洲拥有世0%的人口,其经济产出预计将050年超过世界总量的一半。Josette Sheeran, president of the Asia Society, said in an announcement that Mr. Rudd is ;the ideal choice to lead the Asia Society Policy Institute at this historic moment.;亚洲协会会长施静Josette Sheeran)在通告中称,陆克文是“在此历史时刻领导亚洲协会政策研究所的理想人选”。Mr. Rudd is a senior fellow at Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard, where he has been working on a research project on ed States-China relations over the next decade.陆克文目前是哈佛大学贝尔福科学与国际事务研究中心(Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard)的高级研究员。在该中心,他一直进行的是一个有关中美未来十年关系的项目。Mr. Rudd was Australias 26th prime minister, serving from 2007 to 2010, then foreign minister from 2010 to 2012, and prime minister again in 2013.陆克文曾是澳大利亚第26任总理,任期从2007年到2010年010012年期间,他出任了澳大利亚外长,后来又013年再度短暂出任总理。He has been internationally recognized as one of the founders of the G20 group of nations and as an early advocate of aggressive efforts to combat climate change.他是国际公认0国集G20)发起人之一,还一早期倡导大力抗击气候变化。His Labor Partys hold on power in Australia was upended by internal disputes and voter weariness. The party suffered a stinging loss a year ago to a conservative opposition coalition led by Tony Abbott, a former seminarian and Rhodes scholar who replaced Mr. Rudd.在澳大利亚,他领导的工党(Labor Party)的执政地位被内部纷争和选民的不满推翻。一年前,该党遭遇重创,败给了前神学院学生、罗德学者托尼·阿特(Tony Abbott)领导的反对党联盟。阿特继而取代了陆克文成为总理。The Asia Society was founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd.亚洲协会由约翰·D·洛克菲勒三世(John D. Rockefeller 3rd)956年创办。来 /201410/337226David Cameron admitted yesterday that Britain’s relationship with India had for too long been “imprisoned by the past as he tried to forge a new trading relationship with Narendra Modi, his Indian counterpart.英国首相戴维愠蕓David Cameron)昨日坦言,太长时间以来,英国和印度的关系一直“被过去所囚禁”,他试图与印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)建立两国间的新型贸易关系。Speaking alongside Mr Modi on the first day of his two-day visit to London, Mr Cameron said British relations with India were “not realising their true potential but insisted that would change.在莫迪对英国为期两天的访问的第一天,卡梅伦在莫迪旁边发表了讲话,他表示两国关系“没有挖掘出真正的潜力”,但他坚称这种状态会发生改变。The British prime minister claimed 9bn of deals would be signed during the visit, including a promise that India would use London as an important centre for raising funds, including for state-owned Indian Railways.卡梅伦声称,在莫迪访英期间,两国会签署价0亿英镑的合约,包括一项印度将把伦敦作为重要募资中心的承诺,包括为国有的印度铁路公Indian Railways)进行募资。As the two men held a joint press conference in the grandeur of the Foreign Office’s Locarno Suite, a crowd gathered in Parliament Square claiming Mr Modi was a killer and a terrorist.两人在英国外交部(Foreign Office)富丽堂皇的罗加诺Locarno Suite)举行联合记者会的时候,一群人聚集在国会广Parliament Square),声称莫迪是一个杀手和恐怖主义者。Many of the demonstrators were Kashmiri Muslims seeking independence for their homeland, whose historic Himalayan territory is controlled by India, China and Pakistan.其中很多示威者是克什米尔地区的穆斯林,他们试图为自己的故土争取独立,他们在喜马拉雅山脉的历史居住地被印度、中国和巴基斯坦控制。But Mr Cameron was determined to move on from previous British criticism of Mr Modi’s human rights record, notably over his alleged role in the massacre of Muslims in 2002 in the state of Gujarat, where he was chief minister.但卡梅伦决心告别此前英国对莫迪的人权记录的批评,尤其是莫迪在2002年古吉拉特邦(Gujarat)穆斯林遭遇大屠杀事件中扮演的角色,当时莫迪任古吉拉特邦首席部长。He said Mr Modi had won “an enormous mandate from the people of Indiaand that while Britain had protested at the time he wanted to speak about “the future partnership between Britain and India卡梅伦表示,莫迪赢得了“印度人民极大的授权”,同时尽管英国曾在上述大屠杀发生后提出抗议,但他希望谈一谈“英国和印度未来的合作关系”。Mr Modi insisted that “Britain never stopped me from coming hereafter the massacre. The reason he had not come to the UK for years was perhaps down to “my time constraints he said.莫迪坚称,大屠杀发生后,“英国从未阻止我入境”。莫迪表示,他多年没有到访英国的原因可能要归咎于“我的时间限制”。It is understood Mr Modi was never the subject of a formal British visa ban, although the UK authorities were unable to guarantee him immunity from arrest had he travelled.据了解,英国从未正式对莫迪实施签禁令,尽管英国当局无法保莫迪在旅行期间不会遭到逮捕。来 /201511/409969

Russia has threatened Denmark with a nuclear strike if it takes part in Nato’s missile shield, in some of the most incendiary comments yet directed at a member of the military alliance.俄罗斯威胁称,如果丹麦加入北Nato)的导弹防御系统,俄罗斯就可能对丹麦实施核打击。这是俄罗斯迄今对该军事联盟成员国发出的最为挑衅的言论。Russia’s ambassador to Denmark wrote in a newspaper opinion piece that the Nordic country had not fully understood the consequences of signing up to the Nato missile defence programme.俄罗斯驻丹麦大使在报上发表的文章中写道,这个北欧国家还没有完全明白签署北约导弹防御协议的后果。“If it happens, then Danish warships will be targets for Russia’s nuclear weapons. Denmark will be part of the threat to Russia,Mikhail Vanin wrote in Jyllands-Posten, a Danish daily.“如果发生了这样的事情,丹麦的战舰将成为俄罗斯核武器的目标。丹麦将成为俄罗斯的威胁之一,”米哈伊#8226;瓦宁(Mikhail Vanin)在丹麦《日德兰邮报Jyllands-Posten)上写道。The dramatic warning cranks up Russian pressure on countries in the Baltic region. Russian aircraft have violated the airspace of Estonia, Finland and Sweden and were involved in two near misses last year with passenger aircraft taking off from Copenhagen.这一戏剧性的警告加大了俄罗斯对波罗的海各国施加的压力。俄罗斯飞机已侵犯爱沙尼亚、芬兰和瑞典的领空,去年还两次险些与从哥本哈根起飞的客机相撞。The Danish government tried to maintain a calm front after the ambassador’s warning. Martin Lidegaard, foreign minister, called the comments “unacceptable adding: “Russia knows full well that Nato’s missile defence is not aimed at them. We are in disagreement with Russia on a number of important things but it is important that the tone between us does not escalate.”面对俄大使的警告,丹麦政府试图保持沉着姿态。丹麦外长马#8226;里德加德(Martin Lidegaard)称俄方言论“不可接受”,并补充道:“俄罗斯很清楚北约的导弹防御系统并非以俄罗斯为目标。我们和俄罗斯在一些重大事项上存在分歧,但我们对彼此说话的分贝不应升高,这一点很重要。”Mr Lidegaard indicated in August that Denmark would fit one or possibly more frigates with a type of radar that would allow the ships to be used in the Nato missile shield.去年8月里德加德曾表示,丹麦将在一艘或更多护卫舰上安装一种雷达,让这些护卫舰可被用于北约导弹防御系统。The defence shield has been mooted for more than a decade. Although Iranian missiles were mentioned when the shield proposals became more concrete in 2010-11, Russia has long suspected it would be used to neuter its nuclear deterrent. The chief of Russia’s general staff in 2012 threatened any country hosting the shield on its soil with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.这个导弹防御系统已经被讨论了10多年。尽010年到2011年间,建立导弹防御体系的方案变得更具体时,人们提到伊朗的导弹,但俄罗斯长期怀疑该系统是为了让俄罗斯的核威慑力失效012年俄军总参谋长曾威胁称,在国土上建立该导弹防御系统的任何国家,都可能面临俄罗斯先发制人的核打击。Nicolai Wammen, Denmark’s defence minister, said in August: “That Denmark will join the missile defence system with radar capacity on one or more of our frigates is not an action that is targeted against Russia, but rather to protect us against rogue states, terrorist organisations and others that have the capacity to fire missiles at Europe and the US.”丹麦国防部长尼科莱#8226;魏曼(Nicolai Wammen)去年8月表示:“丹麦加入导弹防御系统,在一艘或多艘护卫舰上安装雷达,并非针对俄罗斯的行动,而是为了抵御流氓国家、恐怖组织和有能力向欧洲和美国发射导弹的其他群体。”来 /201503/365905

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