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永春县药流多少钱泉州人流哪做的好泉州新阳光妇科医院官网 Do you feel honored to be getting this award from the French?你对从法国获了这个奖感到很荣幸么?Oh, it#39;s very lovely of them.哦,很感谢他们。It#39;s exciting.这让人感到兴奋。I don#39;t know why they#39;re doing it, frankly.Oh, come on, are you kidding?坦白说,我不明白他们干吗非要弄这个奖。哦,别开玩笑了。#39;Cause you live long enough to hang around? -Are you kidding?因为我活的太久了么?-哦,不是吧。Congratulations. -Oh, Daphne! Oh, child!祝贺啊!-嘿,Daphne。It#39;s you they should be honoring, not me.他们不该给我颁奖的,该给你颁。Merci.谢谢。It should be Jean Luc. He#39;s the one they should be honoring.Yes.他们应该把奖给Jean Luc,他应得的。是的。He doesn#39;t want to be honored.他不想被奖励。He doesn#39;t want anything.他什么都不想要。And I#39;m amazed he accepted tonight.他今晚接受了这个奖,我都觉得吃惊。He#39;s not only Chevalier, but directly Officer, which is exceptional.他被颁这个奖是很特殊的。Very deeply, I think he doesn#39;t believe he deserves it.我坚信,他觉得自己还不够拿这个奖。That#39;s why he deserves it...even more.他这样的态度也是他得奖的原因,甚至更多。I just think it#39;s so funny that you#39;re working at your own party.你在你自己的颁奖典礼上还在工作这太有趣了。 Article/201609/460805In many ways the late Jurassic is really the golden age of dinosaurs.从许多方面来讲,晚侏罗世都可以算是恐龙的黄金时期We have a tremendous diversity of different kinds of dinosaurs, meat-eaters and plant-eaters, forms with armour.各种各样的恐龙种类非常之多,食肉恐龙、植食恐龙、有盔甲的恐龙All around the world we see these dinosaurs.世界各地都能见到这些恐龙But it wasn#39;t just the variety of dinosaurs that made this their golden age.可是它成为恐龙的黄金时代并不只是因为种类繁多The late Jurassic was also the era of the giants.晚侏罗世还是巨龙的时代We have dinosaurs of tremendous size, we have plant-eaters 40ft tall,我们发现了体型极其庞大的恐龙,有40英尺高的植食恐龙we have animals that must have weighed 50 or 60 tons,有重达50~60吨的恐龙so these are immense animals and they#39;re everywhere.所以那时有许多巨型恐龙,它们遍布世界各地But the dinosaurs didn#39;t start off like this.不过恐龙刚登场时可不是这样50 million years earlier in the early Jurassic they were very different.在5亿年前的早侏罗世,它们非常不同We have many fewer different kinds of dinosaurs, they#39;re relatively primitive looking dinosaurs恐龙的种类数非常少,它们是长相比较原始的恐龙and compared to what we see in the late Jurassic, they#39;re much less spectacular animals.与晚侏罗世的那些恐龙相比,这些动物就相形见绌了We don#39;t see the sizes and shapes and diversities that we see at that time.我们没有见到与这个时期一样的体型、模样和多样性They#39;re relatively dull looking animals compared to what we see later.与我们后来见到的那些相比,这些动物显得很不起眼And there was nothing to suggest that these early dinosaurs would grow and diversify to so completely dominate the planet for so long.没有什么能解释这些早期恐龙如何壮大并多样化,成为长久以来地球上的霸主。 Article/201704/502924泉州新阳光妇科医院

德化妇科检查需要多少钱When I believe in something,and I want to sell it to somebody,I want to put it in the best light.当我相信什么东西 并想将它销售给别人时 我会进行最好的展示I don#39;t just package it, I creatively package it.我会包装它 而且是富有想象力地包装它Morgan invites many — including his father — to see the marvel of electric lighting for the first time,knowing the demonstration will put him at the forefront of a new industry.根邀请了很多人 包括他的父亲 来见人类历史上首次电灯照明的奇迹 他深知 这次展览将会让他走到整个新工业的最前沿Ladies and gentlemen,behold the miracle of modern science.女士们先生们 请看好现代科学的奇迹The gas lamp is dead.瓦斯灯已死Long live the electric light.电灯必将不朽Every light you see is powered by electricity.这里的所有光都由电产生There is no gas, no oil, no flame.没有瓦斯 没有油 没有火焰Just a invisible stream of energy.只有一种肉眼不可见的能量流Electricity was viewed as something miraculous,and people were amazed.电被看作是一个奇迹 人们非常惊奇First of all, they didn#39;t understand how it worked,because you can#39;t see electricity,and so it was viewed as something almost magical by most people.首先 他们无法理解其原理 电根本就看不到 在很多人看来 这就像是魔法一样J.P. Morgan#39;s home is the first private residence in the world to be lit with electricity.J·P·根的家是世界上第一家用电点亮的私宅 Article/201605/443587泉州治疗霉菌性阴道炎得多少钱 泉州医院网上预约

泉州洛江区药流一般多少钱 The shapes, I mean, of these people.类似于欧洲中世纪的装。Didn#39;t someone give you your first camera?你的第一台相机是谁送给你的么?David Montgomery, an American photographer who lived and worked in London.David Montgomery,一个常年居住在伦敦的美国摄影师。We were there at his home with his wife and all for dinner one night.当时我和他还有他的妻子在一起吃晚饭。I said, ;Gee, do you have an assistant who could take a picture for me tomorrow?; Some fashion shop, I mentioned.我问他,他有没有个助手可以帮我在一些时尚店铺拍张照片。And...Yes, he sent one of his assistants out.然后他果然叫了一个助手来帮我拍照。And then when he came to New York about three months later, he said, ;Here, I brought you something.;大概三个月之后他来了纽约他说带给了我意见礼物。He said, ;Use it like a pen, like you take notes. Do it with a camera.;他说,像你用笔写字那样用相机来记录生活吧。A little Olympus half-frame. They were , and you got 72 pictures to a 36 roll of...Frame...那是一台奥林巴斯的半框相机,39美元可以拍72张照片,其中一半有帧辊。(译者注:对不起我没弄清楚相机原理这部分)Frame roll of film so I liked that even better.于是我更加喜欢这台相机了。One of the interesting things about street style...is that it emerged at the same point...that, um, Bill got a camera.街头潮流很有趣的一点在于在它兴起时Bill正好得到了他的第一台相机。And by street style, I#39;m talking about fashions that really did emerge from the street.在这种街头潮流的影响下有些时尚就真的来自于街上普通人的穿着。 Article/201608/460205泉州人流医院哪实惠安溪妇幼保健院哪个好



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