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椰浆饭(Nasi Lemak)Nasi Lemak is a popular Malay dish made of rice cooked in coconut milk. It is normally eaten with hot chilli sauce.椰浆饭是马来人最普遍的食品,虽然在每个新加坡的大排档都可以找得到,但只有马来人做的才是最好味、最正宗的 898

People walking outside Shrine of Hazrat Ali (Blue Mosque).在蓝色清真寺外散布的人们(译者注:蓝色清真寺位于阿富汗北部城市马扎里沙里夫,外墙镶嵌着蓝色、绿色的瓷砖,色泽饱满,光夺目,音译为“哈兹拉特阿里清真寺”) 1997No matter where the dads and their children go, that location immediately becomes a tourist destination. This has become a pattern Hunan TV’s reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? And last week the show was heading overseas a special international episode. The entry has taken place in New Zealand, which was expected to become a popular travel destination Chinese fans of the show.(《爸爸去哪儿)中的星爸萌娃们走到哪里,哪里就会立刻变成旅游胜地——这已成为湖南卫视这档真人秀节目《爸爸去哪儿的惯例而上周《爸爸去哪儿播出的海外特辑中,爸爸和孩子们就去到了新西兰——那里也许将成为中国粉丝们的下一个旅游目的地If you don’t know much about New Zealand but would like to explore it, check out our travel guide to see what kinds of activities might interest you.如果你想要游览新西兰却对它了解不多,看看下面的旅游指南,找找其中是否有你喜爱的活动! 33790

There is a sense of humor around every corner when you're driving in America. How else to explain those wacky, way-out-in-left-field roadside attractions you'll stumble upon? Muffler men, mystery spots and antigravity hills are just the beginning. Here are our top favorite offbeat spots: what are yours? 当你驾车行驶在美国,你会发现每个角落都飘着一股幽默感否则怎么解释你偶然遇到的出现在路左边的景点?围巾男子,神秘景点和反吸引力山只是开始这里是我们最喜欢的大另类景点:看看哪个是你爱的? 1. Roswell, New Mexico: If you believe The Truth is Out There, then the Roswell Incident is aly filed away in your memory banks. In 197, a mysterious object crashed at a nearby ranch. No one would have skipped any sleep over it, but the military made a big to-do of hushing it up, and a lot of folks, that sealed it: the aliens had landed! International curiosity and local ingenuity have transmed the city into a quirky extraterrestrial-wannabe zone. Bulbous white heads glow atop the downtown street lamps. Believers and kitsch-seekers must check out the International UFO Museum amp; Research Center, displaying documents supporting the cover-up as well as lots of far-out art and exhibitions. The annual Roswell UFO Festival beams down over the July weekend, with an otherworldly costume parade, guest speakers, workshops and concerts. 新墨西哥州 罗斯威尔:如果你相信“真理远在天边,近在眼前”,那么罗斯威尔事件就已经从你的记忆里面消逝了在197年,一个神秘物体在附近的一个农场坠毁没有人跳过此事去睡觉,但是军方制造了一场大的骚乱把此事掩盖起来对于一些农民来说,此事确实被封杀了:外星人降临啦!国际的好奇心和当地人的精巧设计把这个城市变成了古怪的外星人选择的地区球根状白色的头在市区路灯上面散发着红光 信徒和媚俗者一定要去查阅国际CFO物馆和研究中心,那里陈列着持掩盖的文件和很多远古的艺术和展览品每年的罗斯威尔UFO节在7月日周末举行,同时还有鬼神装游行,演讲嘉宾,研讨会和音乐会 501Frightening images of babies as young as two weeks old being flung around a therapist head have shocked millions around the world. And now the Russian woman filmed spinning the babies by their wrists and ankles has confirmed she hopes to bring the practice to the UK.治疗师将仅有两周大的婴儿在头顶甩来甩去的可怕图片,让世界各地的数百万人感到震惊不已图片中抓住婴儿手腕和脚踝旋转的这位俄罗斯女子,现在已经确认她希望把这种练习方法引入英国Lena Fokina can be seen flipping a baby over her head in her bizarre ;baby yoga; routine which has been banned from a number of websites fear that it glorifies child abuse.我们可以看到,莱娜;法姬娜在做她那套奇异的;婴儿瑜伽;常规动作时,将婴儿在头顶甩来甩去,这些图片已被一些网站禁止,唯恐带来宣扬虐待儿童的后果Many viewers believed the moves must have been permed on dolls but the 51-year-old says they are definitely real babies and she has been practising the techniques the past 30 years.许多观看者都认为这些动作一定是用玩具娃娃完成的,但这位51岁的女士表示说这些绝对是真正的婴儿,过去的30年来她一直在练这门技术Lena was tracked down at a seminar called ;Parenting the Deliberate Way; in Dahab, Egypt, where parents from across Europe were paying her to perm the same moves on their infants, some just months old.日前莱娜在埃及达哈卜举办了一次题为;作尽职父母;的研讨会,来自欧洲各地的父母花钱让她在自己婴儿身上去完成同样的动作,有的婴儿只有几个月大And while most of the babies were left screaming in tears or vomited during or after their session of ;baby dynamics;, Lena insists it is their benefit.The qualified PE teacher, said: ;It very good babies and not dangerous at all. Some babies cry at first, but they begin to enjoy it.;虽然大部分婴儿在;婴儿动力学;课中或课后被折腾得尖叫流泪或呕吐,但莱娜坚持认为这对他们有好处这位有从业资格的体育老师说:;这对婴儿很有好处,一点都不危险有些婴儿起初会哭,但他们很快就会开始喜欢的; ;Most people think young babies can only lie on a bed, eat, and cry. But babies are born with natural reflexes, which we can use to help them develop physically and intellectually.;;大多数人都认为年幼孩子只能躺在床上,吃奶,和哭泣但婴儿天生具有自然反应,我们可以利用这一点来帮助他们开发身体和智力;;I work with parents from across Europe. I hope soon I will be working with a family in England. I think there are a number of open-minded parents there whose babies could benefit from my work. According to Lena, baby yoga was first practiced by ancient African tribes ; but the modern incarnation was developed by fellow Russian Dr Igor Charkovsky, who was also present at the seminar.;;我与欧洲各地的父母紧密合作我希望不久我能和英国家庭合作一次我想那里会有一批开明的父母,让他们的婴儿受益于我的工作; 根据莱娜的说法,婴儿瑜珈最初是由古代非洲部落开始的;;但现代的方法则是由俄罗斯研究员艾格;柴可夫斯基士发展而来,他也出席了研讨会;Lena added: ;The method was originally developed to cure and correct the health of children having muscular or skeletal problems but it is also suitable healthy children. The movements are designed to improve their muscular abilities and development. And the children often turn out to be early ers, singers, talkers, swimmers. It also makes their hands stronger. We are humanists and we dont do anything wrong.;莱娜说:;该方法的设计初衷是用以治疗和矫正那些患有肌肉或骨骼问题儿童的健康状况,但它也适用于健康儿童这些动作旨在提高其肌肉能力的培养和开发接受了练习的孩子们能更早阅读、唱歌、说话、游泳他们的动手能力也更强我们是人文主义者,我们不做错事;At the camp the parents, hailing mainly from Russia and the Ukraine, also seemed entirely satisfied as they stood by and watched Lena treat their babies, usually above a gravel floor. Lena has also conducted workshops in Thailand and India where she has worked on children from all over the world.在训练营地,主要来自俄罗斯和乌克兰的父母们,似乎心满意足地站在旁边,观看莱娜训练自己的孩子,通常就在砾石地板上莱娜还在泰国和印度举办了讲习班,训练世界各地的孩子们Lena studied physical education at the University of Physcial Culture in Moscow, achieving a Master degree.莱娜在莫斯科体育文化大学研读体育教育,已取得硕士学位 318

1. Adidas customers shop in a giant shoebox在巨型鞋盒里购物的阿迪达斯迷们This pop-up, in London Shoreditch neighborhood, was only open three days in January .Designed to celebrate the launch of the company Stan Smith collection, the store included ;an interactive floor, a digital tan Yourself station, and a 3D printing post.;这家快闪店于年1月在伦敦西尔狄区附近仅开张了三天它的开张是为了庆祝公司推出的斯坦·史密斯集店里的陈设包括交互式地板,数字“斯坦站”和3D打印机 36355

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