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丰泽区妇女儿童医院的信誉泉州新阳光医院太好了Day 55 第55天The Rainy Day 雨天Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 亨利·沃兹沃斯·朗费罗The day is cold,and dark,and dreary; It rains,and the wind is never weary; 天冷、阴暗、沉闷; 下着雨,风也刮个不停;The vine still clings to the moldering wall, But at every gust the dead leaves fall, 藤还攀附着颓垣残壁, 每来一阵狂风,枯叶附落纷纷,And the day is dark and dreary. My life is cold and dark and dreary; 天真是阴暗而沉闷 我的生活寒冷、阴郁、沉闷;It rains and the wind is never weary; My though still cling to the moldering past, 下着雨,风也刮个不停; 我的思想还纠缠着消逝的往事,But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast, And the days are dark and dreary. 大风里,我的青春希望相继熄灭, 天真是阴暗而沉闷Be still,sad heart!And cease repining; Behind the clouds is the sun still shining; 安静吧,忧伤的心!别再悔恨; 乌云后面太阳依然辉煌灿烂;Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall, 你命运和大家的一样, 每个人一生都得逢上阴雨,Some days must be dark and dreary. 有些日子必然阴暗而沉闷 835泉州妇科炎症 Dad: It time you start preparing the MCFL Test.爸爸:是时候开始准备MCFL考试了Maria: Dad, that months away! I dont need to start looking at test prep materials right now.玛丽亚:爸爸,离考试还有个月!我现在没有必要看备考资料Dad: Yes, you do. Like all high-stakes testing, familiarity with the types of questions youll be asked will help you. You need to score well on it if you want to be admitted to a good university. The MCFL is only administered twice each year, so youd better be prepared when the time comes.爸爸:不,有需要像其它大型考试一样,熟悉题型会很有帮助如果你想被一所好大学录取就必须考出高分MCFL考试每年只进行两次,所以你最好在考前做好准备Maria: I dont really believe in standardized tests. Our teacher says that they dont really measure how well youll do in college or in life.玛丽亚:我不太相信水平考试我们老师说,他们不会真的去评估你在大学或者生活中的表现有多好Dad: It doesnt matter what you—or your teacher—believe. Colleges consider test scores in admissions and that what important. Let start with some tips on answering multiple choice and true-false questions.爸爸:你或者你们老师相信什么并不重要大学只考虑录取分数,那才是最重要的我们先从单选题和对错题的备考技巧着手吧Maria: I know all about taking standardized tests, Dad. Ive been taking them every year at school and Im sick of them. Put your name here. Bubble in your answer there. Im sick to death of those tests.玛丽亚:爸爸,我知道标准化测验里的所有题型在学校每年都会考,我早就厌倦了名字写在这里写在那里我对这些考试感到极其厌烦Dad: Then youll feel perfectly comtable taking this one.爸爸:那么对于这次考试,你肯定觉得很轻松Maria: Why cant they give us open-ended or essay questions? Id do much better on those.玛丽亚:为什么不直接给我们开放式的问题或者问答题?我比较擅长这些Dad: Bite your tongue! Those would be much more difficult to study . Ready question number one?爸爸:别嚼舌根了!那些题目更难回答准备好回答第一个问题了吗?Maria: As y as Ill ever be.玛丽亚:我随时都准备好了原文译文属! 36泉州万祥医院妇科

永春县中医院妇科咨询What Wrong with American Idol?美国偶像怎么了?American Idol is no doubt one of the most popular TV shows of recent years, drawing millions of viewers.《美国偶像无疑是近年来最受欢迎的电视节目之一,吸引了数以百万计的观众But the show is misleading about what it takes to succeed as a musical artist in the modern world as it has created five myths.尽管这个节目曾创造了五个神话,但是对于如何在现代社会中成为一名成功的音乐艺术家这个问题有一定的误导性Myth 1 Industry talent scouts actively look singers and musicians to develop.神话1 行业人才发掘者积极寻找能够发展的歌手和音乐家Viewers believe that there are people out there searching talent they can mold into the next big pop star.观众们认为有人在寻找下一个能够被包装成受欢迎大明星的人才That an Old World view that simply doesnt reflect reality these days.那是过去的看法,不能反映如今的现状Instead, they look artists who are aly developing themselves, attracting fans and selling CDs on their own.相反地,他们会寻找已经自我发展的艺术家,能够吸引球迷和自己卖CDMyth Most ambitious musicians lack talent and are struggling and starving.神话 最野心勃勃的音乐家缺乏才能,还在为生计打拼The American Idol auditions, in particular, create this myth.特别是《美国偶像海选环节能够创造这个神话A huge amount of quality music is produced outside the mainstream.大量有品质的音乐的创造都是主流音乐之外的Many amazing musicians have decided theyre happier selling ,000 CDs on their own and making a hundred thousand dollars, than selling a million CDs and being broke on a major label.许多令人惊异的音乐家更乐于通过自己的力量销售000张CD,赚万美元,而不是贴上品牌标签卖1百万张CDThat the reality of today music business.这就是音乐市场的现实Myth 3 You need the approval of industry insiders to make it in music.神话3 你需要业内人士的审核,然后把它制作在音乐中Another wrong belief is that getting an industry big shot approval will make or break your career.另一个错误的信念是得到大人物的认可将要么成就你的事业要么毁灭你的事业 95福建省泉州市妇幼保健院医生的QQ号码 Britney: I was thinking of hitting up Jane a little loan. You know her better than I do. What are the chances shersquo;ll spot me a couple hundred dollars until next month?我正在想去恳求Jane来借给我一点贷款你比我更了解她什么是机会,她借给几百块钱,期限到下个月,可能性会多大?Salvador: I think thatrsquo;s a pipe dream. I wouldnrsquo;t exactly call her a cheapskate, but shersquo;s not known her generosity.我认为那是白日梦我不会确切地称她小气鬼,但她并不以慷慨出名Britney: What about Francke? Hersquo;s rolling in it. He could easily part with a couple hundred bucks without giving it a second thought.弗朗克如何?他很慷慨不用再次考虑他就能拿出几百元Salvador: Yoursquo;ve got your work cut out you if you think you can borrow money from Francke. Hersquo;s always been a penny- pincher and he always will be.如果你认为你可以从Francke借到钱,你已经能抢钱了他一直一分钱平彻,他一直是个守财奴,将来也会是那样Britney: Okay, then help me think. Who do we know who isnrsquo;t stingy? Who do we know who is big-hearted and charitable?好吧,那帮我想想我们谁知道谁不吝啬?我们谁知道谁出手大方且心地慈善?Salvador: What the heck. Herersquo;s 特别声明:该节目由未经可可许可When Tess arrived home the following afternoon第二天下午,没等苔丝回到家, a letter had aly been received by her mother.她母亲就先收到了一封信It appeared to come from Mrs d’Urberville,信像是德伯夫人写来的,and offered Tess work looking after chickens.她给苔丝提供了一份养鸡的差事Joan Durbeyfield was delighted.琼·德北非常高兴‘It just a way of getting you there without raising your hopes.“这是让你去他们那里,同时不要抱太大希望She going to recognize you as family,Im sure of it.’我相信她一定会把你当做一家人看待的”‘I would rather stay here with father and you,’“我宁愿留在家里跟你和爸爸在一起”said Tess,looking out of the window.苔丝看着窗外说‘But why?’“那又为什么?”‘Id rather not tell you, mother, I dont really know.’“还是别对你说的好,妈妈,我也不太清楚” 19 to tide you over until your next payday.搞神秘鬼这是0美元帮你解困,期限到下个发薪日Britney: Wow, thanks! You know, another would really come in handy.哇,谢谢!你知道,再借我0元,那才真正派上用场Salvador: I really think you should quit while yoursquo;re ahead.我觉得你应该见好就收 99福建泉州市中医医院在哪里

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