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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!In the U.S. music industry, what is the highest category for recording sales? 在美国的音乐产业中,唱片销售的最高级别是什么?If you think you know it, then shout it out. Is it diamond, gold, platinum or tungsten? You#39;ve got 3 seconds, go.如果你觉得你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!它是钻石、金、铂金还是钨?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!A single or album that sells 10 million copies or more has gone diamond, the highest category there is. That is your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.销量达到一千万级以上的就是钻石级唱片,是现有的最高级别。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: For diamond, we#39;re talking about artists like Adele, Usher, Justin Bieber. 说到钻石级别,我们讲的是像阿代尔、亚瑟和贾斯汀·比伯这样的艺术家。Curtis Fields, not in the diamond category, but he#39;s starting to make a name for himself in the music industry, especially because of the unique instrument he used for his first big audition.柯蒂斯·菲尔兹并不在钻石级中,但他在音乐工业中渐渐崭露头角,特别是因为他在他的第一次大型试音中用到的独特的乐器。Victor Blackwell tells us how this musician is making the most of an app- ortunity.维克多·布莱克威尔告诉我们这个音乐家如何充分利用“苹果”这个机会。 /201308/253946There was now a car in every driveway,maybe 2 cars in every driveway.如今 每家的车道上都有一辆车 有时甚至还有两辆One for mom, one for dad,and maybe one for the oldest child.妈妈一辆 爸爸一辆 甚至可能给长子给留了一辆车We have this ideal of American life as the two parents, two children,我们认为理想的美国生活就是父母和两个孩子brand new gleaming American cars with fins the size of Pennsylvania coming off the rear of it.开着闪闪发亮的新车 想去哪里就去哪里 将宾夕法尼亚远远抛在身后Once Americans get into their cars, there is no going back.美国人一旦开上了汽车 便再也不想回头The Interstate Highways take them where they#39;ve never been before,州际高速把他们带到以前从来也去不了的地方meaning some places get left behind.不过这也意味着有些地方被遗弃了No one really thought about how it would fundamentally change these communities没人真正想过它将怎样从根本上改变这些社区because on Route 66, they would always say ;We didn#39;t have to travel, the world come to us.;原本住在66公路沿线的人常说,我们不用走出去 人们自然会来And overnight when the ribbon cut on the Interstate highway system,然而一夜之间 州际高速建成they were bypassing the town.绕过了这个镇And many towns died.许多城镇衰败了You know, they call it death by interstate.他们称之为州际高速之祸The interstates bypass the towns,州际高速绕过了这些城镇but they lead somewhere else to America#39;s next invention-- the suburbs.然而他们却给其他地方带来了美国的下一项发明:郊区America has always used technology to overcome the challenges of its vast open spaces.美国人总是用科技来攻克它广袤幅员所带来的挑战Carving out the environment,开拓荒野building houses for its people, shaping its future.为人们建造住房 改变未来Technology has built America.科技造就了美国Every major development in the history of America美国历史上每一项重大的发展technology has been the center of it.科技总是扮演着核心角色1607.50 million trees.1607,5000万棵树Nine million square miles of wilderness.900万平方英里荒原60 million bisons.6000万头美洲野牛This is what the first settlers were faced with.这就是第一批移民所面对的景象 /201303/229356

Just please score,I think.千万要进啊。So when you looked at Didier, he didn#39;t take a massive run-up,我看他助跑距离不长,you were thinking ;Didier, what are you doing?;我在想,你在搞什么。重点词汇: run-up例句:Pole vaulters need long run-ups.撑竿跳需要长距离助跑. 视频介绍:在罚点球时,运动员往往会采用长距离的助跑来加大射门的力量,以提高点球的命中率,所以短距离助跑是相对冒险的做法。 Article/201404/288037

听力原文[/page]These people had farming villages, and I happen to have excavated sites in the Naqada region. And we found remains of animal enclosures, as well as evidence for the consumption of cattle. We found the bones of these animals. And these items, these models of cattle, were probably produced a millennium or more after cattle were introduced into Egypt.#39; “这些人类生存在农耕村落里,我碰巧发掘过Naqada地区附近的考古遗址。我们发现了一些动物外壳遗骸,以及人类食用牛的据。我们发掘了这些动物的骨头。这些物品,这些陶牛模型,可能大概出现在驯化牛被引进埃及的千年之后。”Study of the bones of these cattle from ancient times shows the ages at which the animals were killed. Surprisingly, many of them were old, at least too old if they were being kept only for food. So unless the early Egyptians enjoyed very tough steak, these are not in our sense beef cattle. 对于这些远古时期驯化牛骨骼的研究结果告诉了我们这些家畜宰杀时的年龄。令人惊讶的是,其中大部分已经是老牛了,至少对于肉用牛而言,真是太过老了。因此除非三埃及人真的相当享受啃着又干又硬的老牛排,这些牛绝对不是我们印象中的肉用牛。And they must have been kept alive for other reasons - perhaps to carry water or possessions on journeys. But it seems more likely they were tapped for blood which, if you drink it or add it to stews, gives you essential extra protein - it#39;s something we find in many parts of the world, and it#39;s still done today by the nomadic peoples in Kenya.那么,它们肯定是人类为了其他目的而养育起来的。有可能是在人类迁徙过程中做些挑水或负重之类的工作吧。不过看上去似乎还有另一种可能性——人类的目的是牛血,例如直接饮用,或者添加到炖菜里头,可以补充额外的蛋白质。这种用途我们已经在世界上很多地区都发现了,而且如今肯尼亚的游牧人民仍旧这么做。So are our four cows a walking blood bank? The more obvious answer, that they were dairy cows, we can probably rule out, because for several reasons milk was unfortunately off the . Not only did these early domesticated cows produce very little milk but, more importantly for humans, drinking cows#39; milk is very much an acquired skill. Martin Jones again:这样说来我们那四只陶牛岂不是四只活动血库的缩影?奶牛这种更明显的我们大概已经可以排除,因为很不巧的基于若干原因,牛奶是上不了当时人类菜谱的了。首先这些早期驯化牛根本就产生不了多少牛奶,但最重要的仍是,对人类而言,喝牛奶其实是一种获得性的技能。马丁·琼斯再次说道: Article/201404/290334

Today in History: Monday, May 1, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月1日,星期三May 1st, 2003, weeks after the US-led invasion of Iraq and fall of Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush announces:“Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the ed States and our allies have prevailed.;Bush speaks from the USS Abraham Lincoln after landing on the aircraft carrier in a navy jet, but A “Mission Accomplished” banner displayed during his speech later becomes controversial as US casualties in Iraq mount.1960, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union shots down an American U-2 spy plane over its territory. The Soviets capture the plane#39;s pilot, Francis Gary Powers, holding him captive for nearly two years.1931, The Empire State Building is dedicated in New York. For the next two decades, the 102-storey skyscraper is the world tallest structure.1941, “Rose Bud…”Also in New York, ;Citizen Kane; premieres. Orson Welles#39;s first feature film remains an all-time movie masterpiece.And 1967, rock and roll singer Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu. They divorce 6 years later.Today In History, May 1st, Ross Simpson, the Associated Press. /201305/237570

Months on, and Sichuan still lies in ruins,数月过去 四川仍是一片废墟but Mike hopes to find answers而麦克希望找到埋藏于among the broken houses and upturned soil.废墟和隆起的土地之下的He#39;ll be travelling with Jing Liu, a Chinese earthquake geologist他将与自五月以来 一直致力于标注断裂带的who#39;s been mapping the rupture since May.中国地震地质学家刘静[音]一同前往The county town of Beichuan北川县城is 138km from the earthquake#39;s epicentre,距地震震中138公里but it lies in one of the worst-affected areas.但却是受灾最严重的地区之一12,000 people died here,1万2千人在这里丧生three quarters of the population.是全县总人口的四分之三Coming back for the first time since the earthquake,这是麦克在震后首次回到这里Mike is struck by what#39;s happened to the place he once knew well.这片曾经熟悉的土地 让他深深震撼It#39;s very sobering.非常惨重Um, not something that you want to see, really.不愿看到这一幕 真的On the river, there were some trees and a cafe down there,河那边 以前有许多树 还有个茶馆I used to sit and play Mahjong.我曾在那打过麻将Now it#39;s completely chock full of sediment and, er...现在完全被沉积物淹没 Article/201305/238065

When you have a monopolies market share, the company is not any more successful. 这些已经垄断市场的公司很难靠新产品提高业绩So the people who can make the company more successful are sales and marketing people.要想提高业绩还得依靠营销部门And they end up running the companies, and the product people get driven out of this decision making forms. 于是他们逐渐控制公司,而产品部门的人被边缘化And the companies forget what it means to make great products. It... Sort of the product sensibility, and... 公司就丧失了打造优秀的产品热情和能力The product genius brought them to that monopolistic position gets rotted out by people running this companies who have no conception of a good product versus a bad product.产品部门的功臣慢慢被不懂产品的人排挤They have no conception of craftsmanship that’s required … that take a good idea and turn it into a good product. 后者通常缺少研发产品的技术和能力And they really have no feeling in their hearts usually about wanting to really help the customers. 而且也并非打心底愿意替客户解决问题So that’s what happens in Xerox, the people in Xerox PARC used to call the people who run the Xerox tonerheads, 施乐公司就是这样,施乐研究院的人私底下把管理层叫做墨粉脑袋and these tonerheads would come out to the Xerox and PARC says they have no clue of what they are saying.而这些管理人员完全不明白为什么被嘲笑For our audience, toner is what?观众可能不清楚墨粉是什么?Toner is what you put in a copier; you know the toner you add to an industrial copier?就是复印机里用的墨粉。The black stuff?那个黑色的东西?The black stuff, yeah. Basically they were copier heads, just have no clue about what a computer can do, 是的,这些墨粉脑袋压根不知道计算机能做什么and so they just grabbed the feed from great victory of the computer industry, 他们不过是碰巧赶上了计算机产业的顺风车Xerox could have owned the entire computer industry, could have been company 10 times of its size, could have been IBM, Could have been IBM in the 1990’s, …. could have been the Microsoft in the 1990’s. 施乐本来有机会把规模扩大10倍,独占整个行业,就像90年代的IBM或微软So ... But anyway that’s all ancient history, doesn’t really matter anymore.不过都已经过去了,不重要了 /201306/245008

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