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Show off your pictures to the max. Clean Picture Frames to provide the best finish for those loving memories, great views, or special artwork.最大限度地展示自己照片的风采。做好相框清洁工作,最好地记录那些美好的回忆,宏伟的景观或特别的艺术品。Step 1: You will need1.你需要rubber gloves橡胶手套a feather duster羽毛掸子a water spray喷水壶a glass cleaning spray玻璃清洁喷雾and paper towels纸巾Step 2: Dust2.灰尘Use a feather duster to lightly dust around the top and edge of the picture frame. Shake the duster out of the window prevent the dust particles from settling elsewhere in the house.用羽毛掸子轻轻扫去相框顶部和边缘的灰尘。在窗外抖掉掸子上的灰尘,防止灰尘颗粒落在房间内其他地方。Very carefully remove the pictures.轻轻地取下照片。Step 3: The frames3.框架Dampen a paper towel with a little water, anything else may harm the finish on the frame. Wipe around the edges, paying attention to corners as this is where the dust collects. Re-hang the picture. Then move on to the next one.用少量水湿润纸巾,其他材料会对相框造成损害。擦拭相框边缘,特别注意一下角落,这里比较容易聚集灰尘。重新把照片逐一放进去。Step 4: The glass4.玻璃When you have re-hung all the pictures you will be able to see any smudges and finger prints on the glass. Spray a little glass cleaner in the centre of each pictures and clean off with a paper towel. Jacqueline advises using paper towels for this job and they polish well without leaving behind any lint.重新挂好所有照片后,你会清楚看到玻璃上的污渍和手指印。在每张照片中心的位置喷一点玻璃清洁剂,用纸巾擦拭。Jacqueline建议用纸巾来擦,因为抛光效果很好,不会留下任何痕迹。Step 5: Have a good look5.仔细查看View the pictures from all angles to make sure there are no remaining smudges or finger marks. If you see any remove them with a paper towel.从各个角度审视一下这些照片,确保没有遗留的污渍或手指印。如果有的话,用纸巾擦干净。Good enough for a gallery.现在,你的相框干净得简直可以开画廊了。Thanks for watching How To Clean Picture Frames.感谢收看“如何清洁相框”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/253172。

Each year, enough water flows from the Tibetan plateau to fill the entire Yellow River, the mother river of Chinese civilization.每年充足的水从青藏高原流出,注入了黄河--中华文明的母亲河。Today in China alone, 300 million people depend on water from the Tibetan plateau.现如今仅中国就有3亿人依靠从青藏高原流下的水生活。With its profound effect on Asia#39;s weather and water systems, the Tibetan plateau helps to sustain almost half the world#39;s population.由于对亚洲气候和水资源体系的深远影响,青藏高原养活了差不多一半的世界人口。For the moment, at least. Close to the summit of Mount Everest, a forest of ice once covered much of the area. But now, thanks to climate change, much of it has gone.至少在现在就是这样。在接近珠穆朗玛峰峰顶的地方,冰层曾经覆盖过大部分的地域。 但是现在由于气候的变化,大部分冰层消失了。Within the next 30 years it#39;s predicted that 80% of the Tibetan glaciers could disappear.在接下来的30年里,预计西藏80%的冰川将会消失。In many ways, Tibet#39;s fragile environment is the barometer of our world. What happens to it today, in time, will affect us all.从许多方面来说,西藏脆弱的环境是世界生态的晴雨表。它今天发生了什么,迟早会影响到所有人。 /201404/283786。

医学教科书为人体各组织标上颜色以便未来的外科医生学习,而真实的人体组织却不是那样的。但是现在情况改变了。在TEDMED 上,Quyen Nguyen 向大家展示分子是如何照亮肿瘤使其呈氖绿色,向外科医生标明确切需要切除的部位。 Article/201306/242817。

Our guess was basically, what you#39;d call...我们的预测基本上 怎么说呢...um, ambitious or optimistic.太大胆或者太乐观了It wasn#39;t until September 28th 2004直到2004年9月28日that the earthquake finally struck,地震终于来袭了and when it came,而当它来临时it wasn#39;t what the scientists were hoping for.并不像科学家所希望的那样It was like the fault was quiet quiet quiet断层一直悄无声息and then it broke,然后突然断裂了and it was sort of, it was a fairly negative result.可以说是一个相当令人失望的结果You know, we were sort of waiting to catch that precursor我们一直在等待时机想利用设备with all these instruments, and nothing happened.捕获前兆迹象 但却什么都没有发生Instead of finding signals that might predict an earthquake,没有找到能够预测地震的信号all that the Parkfield experiment seemed to prove相反 所有帕克菲尔德实验结果似乎都was that these natural disasters明了这种自然灾害were far more complex than anyone had ever imagined.超乎想象地复杂You know it was sort of taken as a negative result实验结果被认为是失败的and some people were saying有人开始说;Time to put the nail in the coffin.可以盖棺论定了;Earthquake prediction is dead. ;地震预测根本没戏And I think that#39;s a bit extreme.我认为这样说有些极端 Article/201304/237548。

OK, so you screwed up royally. Take a deep breath, and then follow these job-saving measures.好吧,你犯了非常严重的错误。深呼吸,遵循以下步骤,尽量保住工作。You Will Need你需要Honesty诚实An apology道歉Solutions解决方法Steps步骤Step 1 Admit it1.承认错误Tell your boss you messed up without delay. It will be worse if they hear it later from someone else.第一时间告诉老板你犯了错误。如果他们后来从其他人口中得知你的错误,情况会更加糟糕。Step 2 Take it like an adult2.像成年人一样面对Take full responsibility. Don#39;t try to explain it, minimize it, or justify it. Just say you#39;re sorry and move on to damage control.承担全部责任。不要试图解释,掩饰或找借口。简单地说抱歉,努力控制损失。Don#39;t be a tattle. The boss will admire you for your maturity, and you#39;ll win points with colleagues for taking one for the team.不要无聊闲话。老板会欣赏你的成熟,你也会因为与同事精诚合作而获得加分。Step 3 Offer solutions3.提供解决方法Explain how you#39;re going to correct the problem. If it#39;s something that#39;s not easily remedied, offer several options.解释你将如何纠正问题。如果不容易更正,提供其他选择。Let your boss know you#39;ll make the necessary fixes on your own time so there#39;s no further loss of productivity.让老板知道,你将利用自己的时间来做出必要的弥补,这样不会进一步影响工作效率。Step 4 Learn from your mistake4.从错误中吸取教训Tell your boss what you#39;ve learned from your mistake, and assure them it won#39;t happen again.告诉老板你已经从错误中吸取教训,向他们保这种情况不会再发生。Step 5 Move on5.继续前行Move forward. Trust us: No one is thinking about your blunder nearly as much as you are!继续前行。信任我们:没有人会像你一样一直想着你犯的错误。Did you know? Twenty-eight percent of U.S. workers polled said lack of sleep causes them to make mistakes at work.不知道吗?28%的受调查美国工作人员表示缺乏睡眠导致他们在工作中犯错。视频听力由。 Article/201401/273378。