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青岛乳腺科医院胶南市人民医院体检现实版睡美人:嗜睡症?英女子每天睡小时 -- :51: 来源:   Teenagers are known their ability to sleep hours on end.  人在青少年时期总能一连睡上好几个小时  But one young woman suffering from a rare condition gets up to hours of shut-eye a night.  但是英国一年轻女子太能睡了,她每天要睡个小时  Beth Goodier, , suffers from Kleine-Levin Syndrome, also known as 'Sleeping Beauty' syndrome.  这名年轻女子名叫贝丝·古迪尔,今年岁,她患有克莱恩-莱文综合症,即俗称的睡美人症  The neurological condition - which began when she was - means she sleeps, on average, 18 hours a night.  贝丝在岁患上此病的,那时候开始她平均每晚要睡18个小时  When an episode strikes, typically every five weeks, she can sleep anything between one and three weeks - and requires hour care.  睡美人症通常每隔5周发病一次在发病期间的1到3周时间里,古迪尔随时可能睡着,需有人小时看护  Even when she wakes, she can be in a child-like state, confused and not able to tell the difference between reality and dreams.  发病期间,即使醒着的时候贝丝也处于一种类似孩童的状态,迷迷糊糊的,分不清现实与梦境的差别  It's thought only around 1,000 people worldwide suffer from the disorder, 70 per cent of them male.  据统计,目前全球约有00人患有克莱恩-莱文综合症,其中70%为男性患者  It is not clear what causes it and there is no cure.  目前并不清楚该症的成因,也没有有效的治疗方法  Miss Goodier, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, appeared on B Breakfast this morning to discuss her situation, which triggers episodes every five weeks.  贝丝,来自英国大曼彻斯特斯托克波特,1日早晨来到B早间新闻,向大家讲述了她的病情  Discussing her frustration at the situation, she said: 'I spend half of my life in bed. The onset most people is adolescence, when you are at college, university, getting a job, finding out who you are.  谈到该病所带来的困扰时,贝丝说:“我一生中有一半时间都花在睡觉上,而大多数同龄人都在上大学、找工作、思考探索‘我是谁’的问题”  Mrs Goodier, who has been ced to give up work to care her daughter, explained the family tries to make the most of the time between the episodes.   贝丝的妈妈古迪尔女士不得不辞去工作在家专门照顾女儿,她说全家都希望能好好利用贝丝不发病的时间   Kleine-Levin Syndrome has had a devastating effect on Miss Goodier's life, stopping her from moving out of home or attending university, the B website reports.   克莱恩-莱文综合症严重影响了贝丝的生活,使她无法迈出家门、无法上大学   Because the condition causes her to often be in a child-like state when awake, she must be supervised by her mother.   发病期间,因为醒着的时候会处于类似小孩的状态,所以贝丝需时刻被母亲看护着   During such an episode a sufferer may be irritable, childish, disorientated and want to eat excessive amounts of food.   且在这种状态下,患者会表现的易怒、幼稚、无判断力,并有暴食的倾向   The disease tends to strike at a key time of life - during adolescence - and sometimes begins after an infection or illness.   克莱恩-莱文综合症常会在人生的关键时期---青少年期间发病,有时会在患某种疾病之后患上此病   Episodes can come on very quickly and last between a few days to a few weeks.   该病症发病速度很快快,且发病一次会持续数日到数周   There is no known cure the sleeping disorder, and the main treatment is watchful waiting at home by loved ones.   目前克莱恩-莱文综合症还没有有效的治疗方法,病人只能呆在家里,主要依靠家人看护   Miss Goodier added: 'I want to be able to do something productive in the time when I'm well.I want to productive society.'   贝丝表示:“我希望在我不发病的时候能够多做些有意义的事情我希望自己能对社会有用”   However she hopes by talking about her illness, she can raise awareness. 'There are Facebook groups, which have really helped. '   但同时贝丝也希望通过在节目上讨论病情能够引起大家的关注“在Facebook上创建讨论组,这有很大帮助”青岛哪里做人流便宜好 泰国创意微缩情侣照浪漫温馨 --30 18:: 来源:sohu Ekkachai Saelow是一名泰国婚礼摄影师他的摄影方法字面上解作为「矮小的人」,实际上他专门把快乐、甜蜜的情侣,变成住在放大世界里的迷你居民他从照片中剪下顾客的形状,然后把他们放置入一个恰当的环境最后, 为了营造出迷你和宏观的对比, 他使用了「移轴镜摄影技术」正如你看到的这些照片,成品往往也能表现出超现实的甜蜜感觉, 简单但又令人惊叹的浪漫温馨 Ekkachai Saelow is a Thai wedding photographer. His photography business literally translates as ;Small Person,; and he specializes in turning happy couples into miniature inhabitants of over-sized worlds. He does this by cutting his clients out of their original pictures and inserting them into a small scale environment bee applying an effect known as tilt-shift photography in order to give them that miniature macro look. And as you can see from these pictures, the end result is as sweet as it is surreal, and as simple as it is stunning. 拜托不要捉走我的老公! 如果你敢偷食的话,我一定不会放过你! 快点把戒指弄下来,要不然不嫁你啰! 看来我比你重,不行! 老婆放心, 我捉住你了 童真不灭 English Source: boredpanda外国青年眼中的习大大 --6 1:: 来源: 外国青年眼中的习大大说起习大大,每个中国人都知道他是谁而且,这个昵称已经传遍外媒,被译成了Uncle Xi近日,习大大正在对美国进行首度正式国事访问在他出发之前,人民网采访了一些在国内的外国留学生,问了他们几个跟习大大有关的问题他们眼中的习大大是什么样的呢?-Who is Xi?习大大是谁?-A very humble leader,powerful Chinese leader, a highly respected person, always smile in public, very well-educated, super charismatic...非常谦逊、强有力,受尊敬,时常面带微笑,受过良好的教育,超有魅力......说到习大大,一位美国姑娘说习大大去过她们学校,她还给习大大读过诗嗯...这个记忆可以长久保存!-If you meet Xi Dada?如果你见到习大大,会怎么样?-I would be really honored if we can play a match one day.如果能跟习大大一起踢场球,我会很荣幸-If my future husband is like him, I will be happy.如果我未来的丈夫也像他一样的话,我会幸福-Xi Dada, I wanna invite you to take a pizza in Chicago.习大大,我想请你来芝加哥吃一个披萨(视频来源:人民网,编辑:Helen)山东省青岛人民医院男科

青岛中心医院药房泰国旅游部长称将会终结色情业 致力优质旅游 -- 18::31 来源:chinadaily Thailand has promised to eradicate its notorious sex tourism industry as it attempts to reinvent itself as a female-friendly travel destination. 为重塑泰国适宜女性游客的旅游胜地形象,泰国政府承诺将终止臭名昭著的性旅游业 Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, the country’s first female tourism minister, made the pledge following a series of police raids on Thai brothels last month, amid concerns over human trafficking and underage sex workers. 当前人口拐卖与雏妓问题日益引起社会关注,泰国首位女性旅游部长科甘;瓦他那朗恭承诺将终止性旅游业,上月警方对泰国的一些妓院进行了突击检查 “We want Thailand to be about quality tourism. We want the sex industry gone,” Ms Kobkarn told Reuters. 科甘女士在路透社的采访中指出:“我们希望泰国提供高品质旅游活动,我们呼吁那些色情产业赶紧关门” “Tourists don’t come to Thailand such a thing. They come here our beautiful culture.” “游客来泰国不是为了进行性交易,而是来感受泰国灿烂的文化” Prostitution has been illegal in the south-east Asian country since 1960, but the industry employs more than 0,000 sex workers, with authorities frequently accused of turning a blind eye. 自1960年以来,东南亚国家便将性交易视为非法活动,但这一行业仍有超过万名性工作者,而政府也经常被指责对这一现象视若无睹 Ms Kobkarn began her drive to clean up Thai tourism’s image soon after arriving in office in , singling out the seedy resort city of Pattaya as a pilot project the country at large. 科甘女士自年上任后就开始美化泰国旅游业形象,在全国范围内,她从乌烟瘴气的芭堤雅着手,以该城市为试点进行改革 Pattaya has more than 1,000 bars and massage parlours, many of which are fronts illegal brothels. 芭堤雅有00多个酒吧和会所,而它们基本上都是为非法色情产业打的幌子 But last month’s police raids, in which police closed down a high-profile Bangkok massage parlour and arrested more than 0 sex workers employed there – of whom were underage – could mark a turning point the industry. 但是在上个月的警方突袭检查中,警方关闭了一所曼谷高级会所并逮捕了0多名性工作者——其中有位是未成年人——这一事件成为整个色情行业的转折点 Although clients are predominantly Thai men, eign tourists and expats also flock to brothels in Bangkok, Pattaya and other cities. Almost a million Britons visit the country each year. 尽管主要顾客是泰国人,但是外国游客和移民也经常出没于在曼谷、芭提雅和其他城市的性工作场所每年有近一百万英国人来泰国旅游 In an attempt to diversify the industry, Thailand is starting a “month women travellers” campaign in August, in which female-only pink immigration lanes and parking zones will be set up in international airports. 为了使旅游业多元化,泰国计划在八月发起一项“女性游客月”运动,到时国际机场会专门为女性开辟一道粉色的入境通道与停车区域 The campaign is timed to coincide with the birthday of Thailand’s Queen Sirikit on Aug . 这项运动也恰好赶上了泰国王后诗丽吉8月日的生日 Other travel sectors including wedding and honeymoon tourism, and eco-tourism, are also being pursued. 泰国政府同时也持发展其他旅游项目,比如结婚旅行、蜜月旅行以及生态旅游青岛处女膜修复多少钱医院 上海一高校男生被曝偷拍女乘客裙底 -- :00:6 来源: 近日,上海某高校大学生被指控在地铁站等车之际偷拍前方女乘客裙底,有网友将该名学生的相关据发布到了新浪微上 A university student has been accused of taking upskirt photographs of a young woman at a Shanghai subway station, and incriminating evidence posted to social media.近日,上海某高校大学生被指控在地铁站等车之际偷拍前方女乘客裙底,有网友将该名学生的相关据发布到了新浪微上The incident took place as the photo-taker and victim were about to board a Line train at the Shanghai Metro’s Century Avenue station on Friday, according to People’s Daily Online.据人民网报道,该事件发生在5月7日,当时偷拍者和被拍的女乘客正在上海地铁号线的世纪大道站处候车Weibo user ’Phillipa Vans’ posted images of the man in an orange shirt caught in the act, and other users quickly identified him as a student from a university in Shanghai.据微主“Phillipa Vans”爆料的图片显示,照片中的偷拍者身着橘黄色衬衫,拿着手机疑似偷拍照片一经发布,有些网友立即认出该名男子是上海某高校的一名大学生The man’s alleged actions were not noticed by the victim herself but Weibo commenters raised their outrage and condemned his actions retrospectively.该名男子的这一行为并未被前方女乘客察觉,然而微上发布的照片却引起众多网友的愤怒,许多网友纷纷指责该男子的行为One user wrote: ’If he was just queuing, he should have left more space and should not have stood so closely to the woman. Will anyone with a normal mind hold a mobile phone like this?’一名用户道:“如果他只是在排队候车的话,他应该与前方保持一定距离,不应该离那位女乘客那么近正常人会像他那样拿手机吗?”Another, ’RUANMIN_’, added: ’No matter if he was taking the pictures or not, he should not have stood so closely to the woman, it was not polite.’一位名为“RUANMIN”的用户补充道:“不管他是不是真的在偷拍,他都不应该离那位女士那么近,终归是不礼貌的”The post went viral across China and has since received ,000 shares and over 6,500 comments.自爆料该男子的微发布之后,立即在网络上流传开来至今已被转发00次,网友高达6500条However others doubted the credibility of the photographs, saying it was difficult to confirm whether the man was taking upskirt shorts or merely holding his phone in a strange way.然而,也有一些网友怀疑这些照片的真实性,并认为很难从照片中就判断出该男子究竟是在偷拍女乘客裙底,还是只是单纯拿手机的方式有些奇怪A user said: ’If he were really to take upskirt pictures, he would have done it in a crowded train, not doing it so openly.’一位网友说道:“即使要偷拍,也应该是在车厢内人多拥挤的时候下手,谁会在排队的时候左右都是人看着的时候明目张胆地拍?”Another said: ’It might just be a misunderstanding. In the future it’s better to catch him on the spot and check his mobile phone. If he was really doing something bad, then you can have him arrested on the spot.’还有一位网友表示:“其实也有可能是个误会其实以后碰上这种事情条件允许的话可以第一时间查看手机,如果是坏人就第一时间捉住,好人的话也不会被冤枉”A group even went as far as to criticise the photographer not taking more action.还有一些网友甚至因为拍摄者没有进行进一步行动而对其进行谴责Tang liao liao’ wrote: ’Why didn’t this Weibo user go up to stop the man, but took a picture of his behaviour instead?’一位名为“Tang liao liao”的网友道:“为什么这位拍照片的主不去阻止这名男子,而是单单拍了照片呢?”In a statement released on May , Shanghai Institute of Technology the man is one of their students.5月日,上海应用技术大学发表声明,公开表示该名男子正是自己学校的学生It said on Weibo: ’Our university has noticed the Weibo post shared by Phillipa Vans today and confirm that the man in the picture is a student of our school.校方在微上表示:“我校已经通过主‘Phillipa Vans ’的照片知晓此事,并确定该名男子正是我校的学生”Our school will actively work with the police to investigate and deal with the matter. Our university strongly condemn any secret filming in subway.’“我校将会积极配合警方对此事进行调查,同时我们也强烈谴责此类地铁偷拍行为”The Shanghai transport police confirmed they have launched an investigation into the allegations.上海交通警察已表示他们已经投入警力对此事展开调查In April , a man was detained 5 days taking upskirt photos on the Shanghai Metro.年月,上海地铁也曾发生过类似偷拍裙底事件,嫌疑人曾被拘留五天Meanwhile last month, another was spotted at a bus station in Hefei, Anhui province, casually walking around taking upskirt photos of four or five women in short skirts.上个月,安徽合肥一辆公交车上也曾发生或类似事件该名嫌疑人在车内随意走动,趁此机会偷拍四到五名女乘客的裙底青岛哪家医院看乳腺最好

李村妇女儿童医院看病贵不贵女性手提包脏过马桶圈 -- :1: 来源:chinadaily The contents of a woman's handbag have long remained a mystery to men around the world.全球各地的男性都好奇女生的手提包里装了些什么But the truth is a lot dirtier than one could ever have imagined.但真相却比任何人想象的都要“脏”得多German research found ,000 different bacteria are present in just a few square centimetres of handbag, making it dirtier than your average toilet seat.德国一项研究显示,手提包里面仅仅几平方厘米的面积里,就生活着约1万种不同的细菌,脏的程度甚至超过一般的马桶座圈So how does your bag get so disgustingly filthy?那么你的包包是如何变得如此肮脏,让人厌恶的呢?The Herald Sun spoke with My Bag Spa owner Alex How from Melbourne, who has found food scraps, rubbish and even dog or cat urine in handbags.《先驱太阳报采访了“包包水疗”的店主,来自墨尔本的亚历克斯-豪,他在女性手提包里发现过食品残渣、垃圾甚至猫的尿液'Dog and cat pee are the worst and we have to wear gloves and a mask to remove those smells or else our skin starts to itch,' Mr How said.豪先生说,“猫的尿液是最糟糕的情况,我们不得不带上手套和口罩来清除异味,否则皮肤会开始发痒”'Some bag users put rubbish in their bag and totally get about it.“一些包包的主人把垃圾放在包里,之后完全忘了这回事”'Wine, all sorts of food scraps and sauces and cigarettes are things that build up over years. It can be quite ugly when the bags come in service.'“这些年,我们在手提包里发现的酒渍、各种食物残渣和酱汁、以及香烟等物品越来越多这些手提包送来接受务时实在太难看了The bacteria from your hands can also contaminate your bag's lining, with much of the dirt trapped between the lining and the leather exterior.手上的细菌也会污染手提包的衬里,大部分污物夹在衬里和外皮之间The Herald Sun spoke with online cleaning agent Helpling partner manager Roxanna Pelka, who said handbags are dirtier than your average toilet, as toilets are cleaned more regularly.《先驱太阳报还采访了在线家政务提供商Helpling的商户经理洛克珊娜-佩尔卡,她说手提包比一般的马桶要脏,因为人们更经常地清洁马桶She ed the Science World Report that revealed handbags have about ten times the amount of microbial activity than a toilet seat.她引述《年科学世界报告的话说,手提包上的微生物活性大约是马桶座圈上的倍But not all handbags are rife with bacteria, with a bag's quality mainly dependent on the user.但并非所有的手提包都遍布细菌,手提包的质量主要取决于主人Vocabularylining: 衬里,内层microbial activity:微生物活性英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编审:yaning 南方暴雨肆虐,国家气象台发布高温黄色预警 --6 ::9 来源: 连日来,中国南方地区遭遇了强降雨灾害,多地受洪涝灾害影响严重于此同时,国家气象台还发布了高温黄色预警,长江以南和北方中部大部分地区将迎来39摄氏度的高温 Intense downpours and hailstorms have caused havoc across several Chinese provinces, resulting in casualties, disrupted traffic and inundation.全国数个省份已经经受了暴雨和冰雹的肆虐,造成人员伤亡、交通中断、洪水淹没In addition to a fatal tornado and hail storm, which claimed 98 lives in east China’s Jiangsu Province on Thursday, many urban areas in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality are reporting flooding.除了本周四江苏发生的致命龙卷风冰雹灾害外(已经造成98人死亡),重庆许多市区也报告被洪水淹没A section of a rail track linking Chongqing with Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, was also flooded. Railway authorities have diverted trains as repair work is underway.成渝铁路的一部分也被淹没目前排险修复工作正在进行,铁路部门已经将趟火车改道In the rural district of Yongchuan, downpours damaged 6 houses, resulting in one death and another missing. Rain on Thursday night flooded a section of the outer wall of Yuxi Prison cing the relocation of 1,00 inmates over night. The prison authority has reinced security and ensured provisions.在永川农村地区,暴雨摧毁了6间房屋,造成一人死亡,一人失踪周四晚上的暴雨淹没了玉溪监狱的一段外墙,迫使00名囚犯连夜转移监狱当局加强了安全保障规定Zhutuo Hydro Station on the Yangtze, which runs through Chongqing, warned that the water level had risen by 1.91 meters in one day.长江朱沱水电站报告说,水位在一天之内上升了1.91米In east China’s Jiangxi, workers on Friday morning repaired a 6-meter breach in a dike in Poyang County.江西省,工人们在周五早上修复了鄱阳湖排水沟上一段6米长的堤坝Aided with some 0 pieces of heavy machinery, more than ,000 workers have worked around-the-clock, 6 hours, to mend the breach.在0多件重型机器的辅助下,00多名工人争分夺秒地抢险,历时6个小时,终于修复了这截堤坝In the county, two reservoirs sustained damage, 189 river bank breaches were found, and 6,000 houses were either inundated or damaged.在该县,两个水库仍然受损未被修复,在河堤上发现了189处破损的地方,6000间房屋被洪水淹没或损坏China’s national observatory on Saturday morning renewed its yellow alert a heat wave in some southern and northern areas, where temperatures of between 35 and 39 degrees Celsius are predicted the daytime.本周六早晨,国家天文台对南北方部分地区再次发布了高温黄色预警,这些地区白天的气温预计将达到35至39摄氏度China has a four-tier warning system severe weather, with red being the most serious, followed by orange, yellow and blue.中国对极端天气有四级预警系统,其中红色最严重,其次是橙色、黄色和蓝色During the daytime on Saturday, high temperatures of above 35 degrees Celsius are expected to scorch a vast region south of the Yangtze River and central parts of north China, the National Meteorological Center said.据国家气象中心报告,周六日间,35摄氏度以上的高温在长江以南和北方中部大部分地区肆虐Some parts of Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces will see up to 39 degrees Celsius of high temperatures.广东、江西和福建部分地区的最高气温将会达到39摄氏度The center cautioned that local people should take precautions against high temperature.国家气象中心警告说,当地人民群众应该采取高温预防措施The center also warned parts of Anhui, Zhejiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Hainan and Guizhou should brace heavy rain from Saturday morning to Sunday morning.国家气象中心还预警说,从周六早上到周日早上,安徽、浙江、西藏、青海、海南和贵州部分地区应当准备好应对暴雨的袭击无痛人流青岛哪家医院最好烟台怀孕检测多少钱



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