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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? In the U.S., the federal minimum wage is .25 per hour. 这合理吗?在美国,联邦最低工资是每小时7.25美元。This is legit. States and communities may require a higher minimum wage, but this is the absolute minimum wage set by the federal government.这是对的。不同的州和社区的最低工资可能会更高,但是这是联邦政府所设定的绝对的最低工资。UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fast food workers have become a loud voice in the debate over a federal minimum wage increase.快餐店的工人在就提高联邦最低工资的问题上的辩论掷地有声。Over the last 18 months, you‘ve probably seen images on the web, in newspapers, and on TV of strikes in cities across the country. Workers are asking for an hour.在过去的18个月里,你可能在网上、报纸上和电视上看到全国的工人在城市里闹罢工的画面。工人们希望每小时工资15美元。They even took their fight to McDonald‘s corporate doorstep at the company‘s annual meeting.他们甚至在麦当劳公司开年会的时候在其办公室门口抗争。But are these protests making a difference? 但这些抗议者改变了什么吗?So far, fast food companies aren‘t doling out major pay hikes. 至今,快餐公司也没有发放大量的工资上涨。In 2013, the average pay for a food prep and service worker in restaurants was .74 per hour, or about ,000 a year. 2013年,餐厅的备料员和务员的平均工资是每小时8.74美元,也就是每年18,000美元。 /201409/327801。

They say you’ll always remember your first kiss—so try to make it a good one.人们都说初吻是永远难忘的,所以,尽量让你的初吻美好一点。You Will Need你需要A willing partner两情相悦的情侣A suave technique柔和的技巧A mirror镜子Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose wisely1.明智地选择Choose the recipient of your first kiss carefully. Ideally, you’d like it to be someone you might enjoy a nice romance with, not someone who’s going to make you feel bad right afterward by blowing you off.认真选择初吻对象。最理想的是,选择你希望和他发展一段美好的恋情的人,而不是随后拼命打击你,让你觉得很糟糕的人。STEP 2 Flirt2.调情Invest some time flirting with the object of your affection beforehand. If the person is interested in you, it will build sexual tension. And if they’re not, you’ll know it before you embarrass yourself by trying to kiss them.提前投入一些时间,与倾心对象调情调节气氛。如果对方对你感兴趣,就会营造出比较暧昧的气氛。如果他们对你没有感觉,你就可以提前发现,以免主动献吻的时候让自己尴尬。STEP 3 Just do it3.大胆主动Once you’re fairly certain that your kiss will be welcomed, just do it. There’s nothing that ruins a romantic moment more than a wimpy, #39;May I kiss you?#39;一旦你非常确信他们会喜欢你的吻,大胆地去做吧。没有什么比懦弱地问“我可以吻你吗?”更破坏浪漫气氛的了。STEP 4 Proceed cautiously4.谨慎进展Gauge how aggressive you should be by your partner’s response to you. If they’re holding back—their lips firmly planted shut, their hands rigidly by their side—proceed cautiously. But if they’re panting like a dog in August, bring on the tongue.根据对方的反应来衡量力度。如果他们退缩,嘴唇紧闭,双手僵硬地垂在两侧——那就谨慎一点。但是如果他们非常热情,甚至可以尝试舌吻。STEP 5 Break up the action5.结束动作Don’t remain lip-locked until the other person is bored or gasping for breath. Break up the action by nuzzling their neck, kissing their earlobes, or gently biting their lip.不要一直亲吻对方的嘴唇直到对方厌烦或者喘不过气。可以轻吻一下他们的脖子,耳垂,或者轻咬一下对方的嘴唇来结束亲吻。STEP 6 Check a mirror6.照镜子When you’re done, check a mirror. You don’t want to spend the rest of the night with lipstick smeared all over your face.结束亲吻后,照一下镜子。你不想剩下的整个晚上脸上都晕染着口红。The transfer of germs that occurs when you French kiss boosts your immune system.法式热吻时细菌的转移有助于增强免疫系统。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/305429。

China has dismissed four officials over a stampede at a mosque in the country#39;s northwest region that left 14 people dead.宁夏一清真寺发生踩踏事件,造成14人死亡,当地4名官员被免职。The Sunday tragedy in Xiji county of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is blamed on poor organization and management. It happened as Muslim believers flocked to the mosque for a special flatb being distributed to commemorate a religious figure.周日,宁夏回族自治区西吉县发生悲剧,该踩踏事件被认为是因组织和管理不善而造成的。当日,为纪念某宗教人物,当地一清真寺分发一种特殊面包,而正当穆斯林信徒蜂拥进入该清真寺时,该悲剧发生。Those sacked includes the head of county government Ren Lixin, as well as the county#39;s director of religious affairs, deputy police chief, and a township head. The mosque#39;s administrator was detained on suspicion of criminal negligence Tuesday.被任免的官员包括西吉县县长任立新,宗教事务办主任,公安局副局长,西吉县涉事乡乡长。该清真寺管理员于周二因涉嫌过失犯罪而被拘留。 Article/201401/272288。

Show off your pictures to the max. Clean Picture Frames to provide the best finish for those loving memories, great views, or special artwork.最大限度地展示自己照片的风采。做好相框清洁工作,最好地记录那些美好的回忆,宏伟的景观或特别的艺术品。Step 1: You will need1.你需要rubber gloves橡胶手套a feather duster羽毛掸子a water spray喷水壶a glass cleaning spray玻璃清洁喷雾and paper towels纸巾Step 2: Dust2.灰尘Use a feather duster to lightly dust around the top and edge of the picture frame. Shake the duster out of the window prevent the dust particles from settling elsewhere in the house.用羽毛掸子轻轻扫去相框顶部和边缘的灰尘。在窗外抖掉掸子上的灰尘,防止灰尘颗粒落在房间内其他地方。Very carefully remove the pictures.轻轻地取下照片。Step 3: The frames3.框架Dampen a paper towel with a little water, anything else may harm the finish on the frame. Wipe around the edges, paying attention to corners as this is where the dust collects. Re-hang the picture. Then move on to the next one.用少量水湿润纸巾,其他材料会对相框造成损害。擦拭相框边缘,特别注意一下角落,这里比较容易聚集灰尘。重新把照片逐一放进去。Step 4: The glass4.玻璃When you have re-hung all the pictures you will be able to see any smudges and finger prints on the glass. Spray a little glass cleaner in the centre of each pictures and clean off with a paper towel. Jacqueline advises using paper towels for this job and they polish well without leaving behind any lint.重新挂好所有照片后,你会清楚看到玻璃上的污渍和手指印。在每张照片中心的位置喷一点玻璃清洁剂,用纸巾擦拭。Jacqueline建议用纸巾来擦,因为抛光效果很好,不会留下任何痕迹。Step 5: Have a good look5.仔细查看View the pictures from all angles to make sure there are no remaining smudges or finger marks. If you see any remove them with a paper towel.从各个角度审视一下这些照片,确保没有遗留的污渍或手指印。如果有的话,用纸巾擦干净。Good enough for a gallery.现在,你的相框干净得简直可以开画廊了。Thanks for watching How To Clean Picture Frames.感谢收看“如何清洁相框”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/253172。

She had an accident with a boat. It was a hit from behind.她遭遇了意外 一艘船撞上了她的背She lost three ribs and her spine was damaged.她断了三根肋骨 脊柱重伤It#39;s now in the process of healing back together.现在我们正全面治疗她的背伤Shella#39;s injuries have affected her buoyancy.希娜的伤影响了她的浮性She#39;s healed well她恢复良好 and to encourage her to exercise her flippers properly,为鼓励她正确使用鳍she has, every day, a little trip to the seaside.她每天都会被带到海边We usually take Shella for a sea bath on a daily basis,我们通常每天都带希娜洗海水浴and the reason for doing that那样做的原因在于is to give her enough room to get exercises.给她足够的锻炼空间She gets an opportunity to eat her natural food.她可以吃原来的食物We believe it keeps her fit and the other thing is,我们认为那能让她保持健康 而且she gets to use her rear flippers quite often.她可以经常使用后鳍了For Kahindi, it#39;s one of the rewards for all his hard work.对卡辛迪来说 这是他努力的回报之一 Article/201408/320842。

And they#39;ve taken it quickly.他们迅速把球传至前场。It#39;s a corner.是个角球。Free header.头球攻门。Liverpool are level,1-1.利物浦队把比分扳平,一比一。Goal-scorer for Liverpool,number 25,Igor Biscan.利物浦队进球,二十五号,比斯坎。重点词汇:corner 角球例句:David Beckham#39;s corner kick is a threat to England#39;s opposition.贝克汉姆的角球对英格兰的对手构成了一定的威胁。 Article/201406/306172。

有人说,一名长者逝去就如一座图书馆被焚毁。人类学家伊丽莎白·林赛,国家地理研究员,收集了作为故事和传说流传的深厚的文化知识。 Article/201405/294902。